Sox-Rays: A Blossoming Rivarly

  Rivalries are not born overnight.  They must be genuine and not artificially created.  The greatest historical, sports rivalries like Red Sox/Yankees, Ohio State/Michigan and Duke/North Carolina are built upon decades of competition and hatred.  Memorable victories and devastating losses.  Continue reading

Your weekly SportsChumpdate featuring Brett Favre, Michael Vick, Mark Buehrle, Emeka Okafor, Roy Halladay, David Ortiz, Tiger Woods and Urban Meyer

Brett Favre has retired yet again and this time he means it… we think.  Then again “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter” was supposed to be the final Jason movie. 

“Things We’ll Never See” Caption Contest — WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!

 The winning submission for each caption will receive their name up in lights along with fabulous SportsChump.Net prizes…. to be named later.