They said what?!? Andy Reid on Kevin Kolb, Roger Staubach on the NFL and Phil Jackson on the Miami Heat.

Wherefore art thou, Donovan?

In a post-game press conference only two weeks ago, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid uttered the words “Kevin Kolb is [our] number one quarterback” for all to hear.  Funny how a couple of NFL victories can change one’s mind.

One year ago, Michael Vick was the most reviled man in the NFL.  One month ago, Kevin Kolb was the future of the Philadelphia Eagles.  One concussion and six touchdowns later, Vick finds himself as the official successor to Donovan McNabb while Kolb is relegated to carrying a clipboard on the sidelines.

Kolb isn’t the first quarterback to lose his job to injury and he won’t be the last, but for now, Michael Vick has been awarded the Eagles’ starting position.  His play has spoken for itself.  ESPN’s Michael Wilbon went so far as to proclaim Vick the season’s MVP to date.  Vick also has the support of his teammates, making Coach Reid’s decision to start him that much easier.

Rest assured Vick will be placed on a pretty tight leash.  (Ouch, did I just say that?)  For ten years, Coach Reid never had to deal with a quarterback controversy.  Now he’s smack dab in the middle of one.  Look at the bright side, coach.  At least you’ve got more job security than Wade Phillips or Tom Coughlin.

Zen at it again

As if LeBron’s “Decision” and the ensuing Carmelo Anthony trade rumors weren’t enough to get us fired up for the upcoming NBA season, the Zen Master is once again up to his old tricks.

Only three teams, the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, have a legitimate chance to win this year’s title, pretty much eliminating the need to read any season preview.  Someone tell Street and Smith to take the year off.  In fact, if you can find ANYONE to take the field and let you take those three teams, jump at the opportunity and bet it big.

In response to Miami’s newest acquisitions, Lakers coach Phil Jackson commented that talent doesn’t always win championships.

“I always refer to when Wilt Chamberlain was traded from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and that put Baylor, West and Chamberlain together — three of the top scorers in NBA history — and they never won a championship together the four years they were together. It’s not always scorers and talent that wins it. But it’s teamwork that does it.”

While he has a point, he’s also writing a pretty stout check he’s hoping Kobe Bryant can cash.  After five championships for Kobe and eleven for Phil (as a coach), there is no doubt a Finals victory over the 2011 Miami Heat would be their most gratifying to date.

One concussion too many

I’m all for paying aging NFL veterans their due but sometimes they say the dumbest things.

With the NFL smack dab in the middle of a concussion controversy, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach recently called the NFL a “wussy game.” Apparently Mr. Staubach has never met Ray Lewis.  How sweet would it be to see Roger Goodell do his best David Stern impression and levy a senility fine on Staubach thirty-five years retroactive.

Staubach’s critiques of the modern game came after a few roughing-the-passer penalties allowed Peyton Manning to lead the Colts on a touchdown drive.  Apparently Staubach never received such preferential treatment in his day.

Everyone knows the NFL is a quarterback-driven league.  It makes no apologies for doing its best to protect the health of its star players, but it’s far from a wussy league.  Any spectator not named Staubach winces with every collision.  Players these days are bigger, stronger and faster than in Staubach’s era.  While there’s no quantifying toughness, few would agree the National Football League is comprised of a bunch of softies.

Perhaps one of Staubach’s career twenty concussions caused him to say something so asinine.  Had the league had such rules in place back then, Staubach might be able to think more clearly today.

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20 Replies to “They said what?!? Andy Reid on Kevin Kolb, Roger Staubach on the NFL and Phil Jackson on the Miami Heat.”

  1. I’m still waiting for Vick to have a bad game. Once he plays some defenses that remember his flaws he will be exposed again, but with so many weapons on that team maybe teams won’t be able to expose those old weaknesses.

    Are you already counting the Magic out!?!

    The NFL isn’t necessarily a wussy game, but it has mellowed out a little since the early years, hell, since the 90’s! I think Rodger’s just bitter that he probably couldn’t keep up in today’s league…

  2. Ah, so many dog jokes so little space.
    Basketball season hasn’t even started yet and I’m already tired of it.
    From the looks of his helmet, proper headgear would have helped also.

  3. Chris

    What is there really to disagree about concerning Longo’s statement based on last night’s evidence they gave away 20,000 tickets and still the Trop wasn’t filled ? I rest my case this town and the fans aren’t that enamored with the game despite the hardcore base of 15,000 and that’s not enough to make the Rays viable . And any idiot can see that unless they’re b retarded that is ?

    tophatal 🙂

  4. Of course back in the day when Roger was playing they had the likes of Jack Lambert, Mean Joe, Deacon Jones, etc. to worry about… Each era had it’s demons. I don’t think Vick would have been reinstated back in the day for what he did… If he continues to perform at the level he’s been he could easily earn the MVP (especially if the Eagles make the post season)… Then it will be BIG contract time baby! Then what? Will Michael transgress? I’m thinkin’ he has the temperment to…

    The NBA needs to shove their season back until the beginning of winter… If they want to run it until the end of August that’s fine. Hooray for the NBA…

  5. That Skins-Eagles game will be a hoot, Chap. Personally, I see the Skins winning it. But you’re right. Vick’s highlights last week were uncanny. He’s passing better than he ever has.

    No, I’m not counting the Magic out. Wait, yes I am. Until Dwight and the gang can show me they can execute, there’s just no way I see them beating both Boston and Miami.

    Re: the wuss… I don’t envy Goodell. He’s torn between doing his best to protect his players, and the league’s image, while still maintaining the brutality and physicality of the sport.

  6. Longo post still in the works, Al. And as usual, I’m behind on my reading.

    But I’ll be there and we’ll hash it out.

    I have a feeling we’re going to agree to disagree.

  7. Chris

    That their figure ? ’cause it’s been a long time coming considering it’s one of the few times that they’ve had that many inside the Trop this season . Capacity is 40,000 isn’t it ?

    tophatal …. 🙂

  8. The organization will never meet the business plan that they envisaged as the support isn’t there for the team. Functionally they can’t exist on having 15,000 hardcore fans and you know it . So what else is there to explain at this juncture ?

    As the saying goes ‘a fool and his money are easily parted’ .

    The troubling here is that Sternberg is losing money hand over fist and it’s no longer sustainable. How much will he lose before he gets it into his head that he simply can’t exist in that locale, be it Hillsborough or Pinellas County ?

    tophatal 🙂

  9. Chris

    Oh by the way that sellout is a misnomer as the organization gave away 20,000 freebie tickets by way of PR exercise. So on the face of it that’s not a sellout.

    tophatal 🙂

  10. Pingback: Two Quick Things… « Doin Work

  11. I was reading the other day that Vick worked out all summer with a sprinter to get his legs back, sure looks like he did!

    I wouldn’t count the Magic out, but wouldn’t call them a favorite of any kind!

  12. Chris

    Is LeBron proving that he’s just as much of a _ick as many thought him to be ? Now he’s using the ‘race card’
    to explain one of the reasons for his departure from Cleveland ? My god how low is this guy prepared to stoop to get the last word ? Even Al Sharpton and Jessie are said to be disgusted that he’s sunk so low . And by all accounts Whitlock is now prepared to kiss his _ss . Now news whether or not Stephen A kiss his sphincter as well .

    The Boogie Man Came Out And There Wasn’t A Hooded Man In Sight

    tophatal 🙂

  13. Bobbo…

    I had replied to your comments but somehow my response got lost in cyberspace. Who’s running this damn site anyway?

    I agree. If he keeps this up, Vick stands to make a HUGE payday. I’ll be interested in seeing whether the Eagles will try to sign him before the season is up or whether Vick and his agent will try to max out. I’m sure there’s some team out there that will give him what he wants.

  14. Chap… Here are the odds for this year’s NBA title. As you can see, Miami and L.A. are huge favorites.

    I’m actually surprised to see Boston at 9:1. I’m also quite surprised to see Oklahoma at that same number.

    L.A. CLIPPERS +10000
    L.A. LAKERS +200
    MIAMI HEAT +125
    NEW JERSEY NETS +12500
    PHOENIX SUNS +4000
    UTAH JAZZ +2000

  15. And Al…

    I’ll have something up about the LeBron interview soon but first I tackle Haynesworth playing the race card.

    What in wide, wide world of sports is going on around here?

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