SportsChump’s Third Annual NFL Futures Contest

Lombardi TrophyIt’s that time of the year again, my friends.  Preseason is underway, several key players have already been lost to injury and Tim Tebow continues to be ridiculed for his inability to throw a football.

That can only mean two things.  Less than a month until football starts and, at long last, the third annual SportsChump over/under contest has finally arrived!!!

Everyone’s favorite contest of the year has met with rousing support in the past and promises to again in 2013, so put on your thinking caps, people, and pick me some winners.

The rules are the same as they’ve been in the past.   An NFL future is how many wins, out of a 16-game season, Las Vegas thinks each team will tally.   You are to choose over, or under, that number.  Ties will go to the runner.

You must select TEN TEAMS from the list below and assign them confidence points, ten being the team you’re MOST confident about and one being the least, then list them in the comments section.  You will be awarded those points if you correctly guess over or under for that particular team.  It’s just that simple.  For the tiebreaker, I need your projected win total for the three Florida teams: Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Miami.

This year, I’m going to give you a head start by doing something for you other sports websites won’t.  In addition to this year’s projected totals, below you will also find Las Vegas’ over/unders and actual win totals for 2011 and 2012 for you to use in making your selections.  Just remember that history will teach us nothing.

Once again, this year’s contest winner will not only receive bragging rights and a fabulous prize pack (including the Library of Congress’ soon to be released Football Nation) but a seat next to Hanahan and Ravenous in the SportsChump NFL Pick ‘Em Hall of Fame.

All entries must be received by kick-off of the opening game September 5.

Best of luck.


2011 2012 nfl o u

2013 NFL Over/Unders

                       ARI CARDINALS                 o5½                       

ATL FALCONS                     o9½

BAL RAVENS                       o8½

BUF BILLS                            o6½

CAR PANTHERS                 o7½

CHI BEARS                           o8½

CIN BENGALS                     o8½

CLE BROWNS                     o6½

DAL COWBOYS                  o8½

DEN BRONCOS                  o11½

DET LIONS                           o8½

GB PACKERS                       o9½

HOU TEXANS                     o9½

                       IND COLTS                           o7½                       

JAX JAGUARS                    o4½

KC CHIEFS                            o7½

MIA DOLPHINS                 o8½

MIN VIKINGS                     o7½

NE PATRIOTS                     o10½

NO SAINTS                         o8½

NY GIANTS                          o8½

NY JETS                                 o6½

    OAK RAIDERS                     o5½       

PHI EAGLES                         o7½

PIT STEELERS                      o9½

SD CHARGERS                    o7½

SF 49ERS                              o10½

STL RAMS                            o7½

SEA SEAHAWKS                o10½

TAM BUCCANEERS          o7½

TEN TITANS                        o5½

WAS REDSKINS                 o7½

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42 Replies to “SportsChump’s Third Annual NFL Futures Contest”

  1. And before we continue, I’d like to announce the winners of some previous contests.

    Both these gentlemen kept their answers short and sweet, proving once again that “fewest words possible” is a credo to live by.

    Aero won our Hate the Heat contest and picked himself up a copy of Craig Carton’s “Loudmouth” and Bleed conquered my Gary Player caption contest and won himself a stylish SportsChump t-shirt. I’m assuming I’ll have to order a XXXL for the occasion.

    Gentlemen, please e-mail me your snail mail addresses and I’ll have my secretary drop these well-deserved prizes off at the post office at her earliest convenience.

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  3. Okay then…

    10. Cleveland Browns (6.5) Over…
    9. New England Pats (10.5) Under…
    8. Jacksonville Jags (4.5) Under…
    7. Kansas City Chiefs (7.5) Over…
    6. New Orleans Saints (8.5) Over…
    5. Arizona Cardinals (5.5) Over…
    4. Minnesota Vikings (7.5) Under…
    3. Pittsburgh Stealers (9.5) Over…
    2. Philadelphia Eagles (7.5) Over…
    1. Dallas Cowboys (8.5) Under…

  4. 10. Denver Broncos- over
    9. New England Patriots- over
    8. Detroit Lions- under
    7. San Francisco- over
    6. Houston Texans- over
    5. Dallas Cowboys- under
    4. New Orleans Saints- over
    3. New York Giants- over
    2. Green Bay Packers- over
    1. Philadelphia Eagles- under

    Tie Breaker- 18

  5. 10. Indy (Over)
    9. San Fran (Over)
    8. NY Giants (Over)
    7. Green Bay (Over)
    6. Dallas (Under)
    5. Seattle (Over)
    4. Tennessee (Over)
    3. New Orleans (Over)
    2. Houston (Over)
    1. San Diego (Under)


  6. Dwin is officially in. I just need your tiebreaker, sir.

    Nice to see he hasn’t lost his touch for football just by moving West.

    And all his marbles on the Browns over 6.5? I take that back. Maybe he HAS lost his touch for football.

  7. The Beag is also in. Must be a slow week for NASCAR.

    I will say she’s got some interesting picks by selecting all the favored teams (Denver, Pats, Niners, Texans, Saints, Giants, Packers) to finish OVER their projected number. You’d have to assume at least one of them would up for a letdown, no?

  8. Not a slow week in NASCAR, just not interesting since Tony Stewart is out for the remainder of the season 🙁

  9. Yeah, Beag, from a distant observer, the whole Stewart thing was an interesting case study.

    If an NBA or NFL player gets caught riding a motorcycle or skydiving in their spare time, and that activity results in injury, their entire contract can be voided.

    I guess since Tony Stewart is what, self-employed? Owns the race team? the only person that can penalize him for his actions is himself.

  10. Tiebreaker (sorry I skipped this… I figure to be so far ahead it won’t be necessary! LOL!)…

    Anyway… Tampa 6, Miami 6, J’ville 3 for a total of 15…

  11. Chris

    For what it is worth , here are my picks .

    1) Atlanta 11
    2) Patriots 12
    3) Texans 10
    4) Niners 11
    5) Rams 7
    6) Broncos 11
    7) Seahawks 10
    8) Jets 7
    9) Raiders 8
    10) Jaguars 6

    Tie breaker :13

    Broncos` Vonn Miller gets a six game suspension rater than the mandatory 4 game suspension . Was his idiocy actually worth it ? As a rookie, prior to even having played his first game in the NFL , he failed a drug test .

    tophatal …….

  12. Al…

    As usual, there’s a problem with your entry.

    I’m assuming this is what you meant?

    ATL O 9.5
    NE O 10.5
    HOU O 9.5
    SF O 10.5
    STL U 7.5
    DEN U 11.5
    SEA U 10
    NYJ O 7
    OAK O 5.5
    JAX O 4.5

    And did you want most of your confidence points on Atlanta or Jacksonville?

  13. 10. PIT 9.5-Under

    Total Fla wins-21

  14. PY from the movement is in with some pretty interesting picks.

    Down year to Pittsburgh, another solid year for Indy and Both Arizona and Tennessee predicted at under 5.5 wins.

    Is it possible that both those teams can be that bad?

  15. 10. CIN BENGALS 8½ over
    9. WAS REDSKINS 7½ over
    8. ATL FALCONS 9½ over
    7. BAL RAVENS 8½ over
    6. HOU TEXANS 9½ over
    5. NE PATRIOTS 10½ over
    4. PHI EAGLES 7½ under
    3. SF 49ERS 10½ over
    2. BUF BILLS 6½ under
    1. MIA DOLPHINS 8½ over

  16. 10pts NOR over
    9 OAK under
    8 PIT under
    7 NYG under
    6 WAS over
    5 JAX under
    4 SEA over
    3 DAL under
    2 DET over
    1 TAM over

    Tie Breaker 19

  17. Bets is in.

    At first glance, I like your picks.

    I would have gone so far as to call you an early favorite to win this thing… until I saw you picking the Buccaneers over, he he.

  18. Teams are a bit more balanced this year than last year, but here are BS’ picks.

    10. Texans – Over
    9. Panthers – Under
    8. Saints – Over
    7. Cardinals – Under
    6. Falcons – Over
    5. Browns – Under
    4. Jets – Under
    3. Redskins – Over
    2. Bills – Under
    1. Ravens – Over

    Thanks for the invite again.

  19. 10. Atl. Over
    9. Buf. Under
    8. Jax. Over
    7. Jets Under
    6. Mia. Under
    5. Pit. Under
    4. SF. Over
    3. Bucs Over (gotta do it)
    2. Den. Under
    1. Was. Over

    Tie breaker: 21

  20. Aero is in giving us eight, working on CDR/BS right now.

    Aer, not sure if you read the comments section above but email me your address and I’ll get that book out in the mail to you if you like.

    Oh, and we’ll see if that Bucs pick costs ya’.

  21. The Surface is also officially in, giving us nine entries without mine.

    On a side note, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a Cleveland Browns fan with your annual over/under number being low and everyone and their mother thinking your team will finish even below that number.

  22. XXXL? Damn. Either you meant hat size or took my rant on competitive eating to heart. Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t even crack 185lbs and still play basketball 3 times a week despite the torn ACL a couple years ago. Whatever… A win’s a win, T me up, Chump.

    10. ATL over
    9. Texans over
    8. SF over
    7. Indy over
    6. Oak under(Commitment to Excrement)
    5. Jax under
    4. Jets under
    3. NO over
    2. Buf under
    1. Cin over

    Tie Breaker: 20

  23. 10. Pit under
    9. NO over
    8. Balt over
    7. Ind over
    6. SD under
    5. Atl over
    4. Car under
    3. NYJ under
    2. Oak under
    1. NE over

    Tie Breaker 20

    Thanks for the game.

  24. Bleed is in, expecting more of the same. Good teams staying good (Atlanta, Houston, San Fran, New Orleans) and bad teams (Jets, Jags, Raiders, Bills) staying bad.

    Doesn’t leave much room for surprise, does it?

  25. And here are the Chump’s picks:

    ATL O 9.5
    MIA U 8.5
    STL U 7.5
    HOU O 9.5
    NYJ U 6.5
    TB U 7.5
    GB O 9.5
    DAL O 8.5
    SD U 7.5
    NO O 8.5

    I’m low-balling my tiebreak as I don’t expect much from any of the three Florida teams.

    16 wins is my tiebreak.

  26. 10. Falcons – Over
    9. Seahawks – Over
    8. Jets – Under
    7. Colts – Over
    6. Ravens – Over
    5. Cardinals – Over
    4. Bills – Under
    3. Raiders – Under
    2. Chargers – Over
    1. Steelers – Under

    Tiebreaker: 20 Wins

  27. OK, here goes nothin’….

    10 – Cardinals – OVER
    9 – Jets – UNDER
    8 – Raiders – UNDER
    7 – Redskins – OVER
    6 – Colts – OVER
    5 – Ravens – OVER
    4 – Seahawks – OVER
    3 – Packers – OVER
    2- 49ers – OVER
    1 – Steelers – UNDER

    Tiebreaker: 18

  28. KSP and Joey are both in, giving us 14 participants so far with a week to go.

    Early thoughts on the picks.

    Lots of Jets under, lots of Steelers also under.

    And not too many of us see a drop off for either San Fran or Seattle.

    Nor do any of us see the three Florida teams winning more than a combined 21 games.

  29. 10 NYG O

    9 IND O

    8 DEN U

    7 CHI O

    6 STL U

    5 MIA U

    4 ARI O

    3 KC U

    2 NO O

    1 PIT O (You knew it was coming :))

    Tiebreak 17

  30. Alright, all you guys, and gals, competing for 2nd place, let’s keep it clean out there. There can only be one winner… no hate. The once and future champ is here!

    10… Bills ~~~~~ under
    9…. Panthers ~~ under
    8…. Browns ~~~~ under
    7…. Chargers ~~ under
    6…. Steelers ~~ under
    5…. Jaguars ~~~ over
    4…. Jets ~~~~~~ under
    3…. Seahawks ~~ over
    2…. Bengals ~~~ over
    1…. Raiders ~~~ under

    tie breaker ~~~ 24

  31. Yaz and Han both in under the wire.

    I find Yaz’s Giants bet intriguing.

    Pretty much everyone has stayed away from them, maybe only four people so far have even touched ’em, and Yaz puts his full ten on them over?

    Does he know something we don’t? Or is he just not paying attention.

    Han, you ready for Florida-Miami?

  32. 10- Baltimore over

    9- San Francisco over

    8- New England over

    7- New Orleans over

    6- Atlanta over

    5- Green Bay over

    4- Miami under

    3- Buffalo under

    2- Washington over

    1- Philadelphia under


  33. Hello Triple SC,
    Whew, I’m so glad you offered up until the kickoff to post these NFL picks! And, let me assure you, I did not check out other posts. I scrolled quickly down so I could give you what I worked on without the influence of others. So here are Dee Dee’s Pickems for 2013 NFL Wins Over/Unders:
    10 NO SAINTS o8½ over
    09 JAX JAGUARS o4½under
    08 NY GIANTS o8½ over
    07 GB PACKERS o9½ over
    06 CHI BEARS o8½ over
    05 NY JETS o6½ under
    04 ATL FALCONS o9½ over
    03 SEA SEAHAWKS o10½ under
    02 NE PATRIOTS o10½ under
    01 PIT STEELERS o9½ under

    Tie Breaker – Total wins for Dolphins, Jags and Bucs : 18

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