Baseball’s division winners and an NFL over/under update: SportsChump declares a repeat champion

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

–          The Who, Won’t Get Fooled Again

Good Will HuntingSome people are just smarter than others.  That’s the way of the world.

Like Matt Damon playing the role of janitor genius in Good Will Hunting, some people can just see a problem and solve it.

Dee Dee is one of those people.

One of my most faithful female readers, Dee Dee will stroll into the Chumposphere like a cowgirl bursting into a saloon, pushing open the swinging bar doors, spurs jingling as she walks in, and scoff at all the testosterone and chest-swelling that comes with a male-dominated, sports website.  She strikes fear into the hearts of my other readers, making a mockery of us all.  That’s why we love her.

Earlier this season, I asked us all to pick Major League Baseball’s division winners.  Guess who won.

DeeDee&SCYou got it, Dee Dee.

So not only is she better looking that all of us, she also happens to know more about sports than us.  It’s a good thing we kept our day jobs.

I’d offer her another t-shirt but she’s already won one in the past, making her (I’ll have to confirm this with my furious staff of fact-checkers) the first SportsChump faithful to win two contests.  Kneel before Zod.

Here are the results from the submissions earlier this year.  Oh, and kudos to her boy, Yaz, who failed to pick even one division winner correctly.  Here’s hoping he has better luck on the poker table.


MLB Picks

And now onto our NFL over/under pick ‘em contest.

With every passing week, the NFL playoff picture becomes a little clearer although with only five weeks remaining in the regular season, few teams have already cashed in on their over/under number which means, as usual, Las Vegas was spot on with their predictions.

The only teams to have reached their number eleven weeks into the season were the Kansas City Chiefs (over 7.5), the Atlanta Falcons (under 9.5), the Arizona Cardinals (over 5.5) and the Houston Texans (under 9.5).  Wins in Week 12 meant the Saints and Panthers also landed over their projected win total.

As you can see from the predictions below, it’s unlikely any of us will be hired by Las Vegas sports books any time soon, although Dwindy has already cashed in on three of his picks (KC, NO and Arizona all over).  Our standings will become clearer with each week so stay tuned as we will soon celebrate entry for one more reader into the SportsChump Hall of Fame.

And if it’s Dee Dee again, we all might just want to give up.

 revised 2012 nfl over unders

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14 Replies to “Baseball’s division winners and an NFL over/under update: SportsChump declares a repeat champion”

  1. Congrats to Dee Dee!

    Chump, something is amiss on my football score. If I picked Carolina ‘under’ then I should not be getting points. If I picked them ‘over’ and the ‘U’ is just a typo, then carry on.

  2. Hello there Triple SC;-) I’m busting open that saloon door for sure. Sports and spirits; what more does a gal need?

    Seriously, Thank you. Thanks guys. Yep, Im a proud owner of an SC shirt and since I found it Fenway Park worthy, you must know how much I love it! Spending time with you during ALDS and you buying us drinks was prize enough. I’m surprised your shoulder and shirt survived me yanking /punching it during that walkoff HR. Were you bruised? I can hear you now saying “AHA, that’s what was wrong with my shoulder”!

    I enjoyed seeing you in my rear view in NASCAR too. And believe me, I have my eye on you in the NFL pickems!

    Happy Thanksgiving Super Cool-Supreme Champ-Sportschump:) and to all you Sportschumpateers.
    Dee Dee , Your 2013 Baseball Division WINNER! giggle giggle;-) You and Yaz know what’s coming, dont you? I’m singing to Sweet Caroline….
    Sweet Victory..bah bah bah
    Winning always feels so good so good so good!!!!

  3. Chris

    Like the man said , “it’s back to the drawing board ” .

    How much money should anyone now dole out to watch Pacquiao fight because he beat a tomato can as if he were playing on a drum kit ? Not only that, but the Filipino fighter now has tax problems in his home country , said to owe several million dollars in back taxes .

    Thanksgiving Day and the NFL schedule are synonymous with really lousy games . So enjoy the festivities while you can , Thanksgiving that is , not the games scheduled to be shown on television .

    Happy Thanksgiving to you , the family and your many patrons of this site ! Have a safe one !

    tohatal ………..

  4. I was wondering where this was… was thinking I would brag about my Arizona pick as a 10… then realized what my three were following it… and decided to zip it. And wow, that day I thought to make the baseball picks I made… those didn’t go so well.

  5. KP…

    I actually thought about placing a wager on the Falcons over this season.

    I mean, they added both Steven Jackson and Osi Umenyiora.

    I heard pundits say they’d stink. I scoffed.

    Let’s just say it’s a good thing I didn’t place that wager.

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