SportsChump’s Eleventh Annual NFL Over/Under Pick ‘Em Contest

Ooh, what’s that smell?

Can’t you smell that smell?

Ooh, that smell?

The smell of football season!

With all apologies to Lynyrd Skynyrd, I thought I’d let the southern rock legends lead us into this year’s contest as… THE ANNUAL SPORTSCHUMP NFL OVER/UNDER CONTEST IS BACK!!!

And this year, these go to eleven!

That’s right, Spinal Tap, fans.  Welcome to the eleventh year those of us at SportsChump have run this contest, some might say, into the ground.  At eleven years old, we’re not quite bar mitzvah-ready but we’re at least preparing for our Haftorah.  Go ahead, I dare you to find another sports website that mentions Skynyrd, Spinal Tap and Synagogues all within the opening paragraphs.

Before we get to the rules, let’s review last year’s results.

In retrospect, we saw very few surprises, meaning Las Vegas very likely took it on the chin.  Injuries kept a slew of teams from reaching their goals but that happens every year and this is a no excuse league #NextManUp.  Dak Prescott’s ankle kept Dallas from a successful season as did the injury to Joe Burrow in Cincinnati.  The uninjured but clearly distracted Deshaun Watson led his Texans to a disappointing 4-12 record.  Apparently, he had other things on his mind.  The Jags, Lions and Jets all finished under their projected total (shocker) and the Chiefs, Saints, Packers, Steelers and Seahawks all finished over.  If you couldn’t see that coming a mile away, then you weren’t paying attention. 

Let’s see who was…

Here are your standings, in reverse order to build suspense:

J-Dub (20 out of 55 points): Dubs had no faith in the Rams, Browns or Washington football team that shall still remain nameless.  Dubs also holds the distinction of finishing last in this contest the most times.

Fibbs (29 out of 55 points):  Fibbs had the Jets winning over seven games.  Fibbs lives in New York City.  One would think Fibbs would know better.

TJ (30 out of 55 points): Putting all your eggs in the Broncos basket is never a good idea.  Teej must be smoking what everyone else in Denver is smoking who thought the Broncos would once again be contenders.

SportsChump (33 out of 55 points): A non-believer in Kyler Murray, I had the Cardinals finishing under their projected total.  I may draft him in fantasy this year as punishment.

Joey Mills (35 out of 55 points): Picking Houston and Jacksonville over their projected win totals were his demise.  Someone should probably tell him the Titans own the AFC South, as they had twice as many wins last year as Houston and Jacksonville combined.

Speadbeagle (40 out of 55 points): Beags had the Ravens winning over 11.5 games.  They finished with exactly 11 wins.  That one screwed a lot of people.

Sauze Bauze (42 out of 55 points): A valiant effort to reach the top five but fell short by betting the wrong way on Houston and Minnesota.

KP (47 out of 55 points): Our only two-time champion sent me a text this week saying he thought he won the contest.  Someone might want to break it to him that he did not.

BCole (49 out of 55 points): A third place finish for my fantasy football muse.  She also does a better Godfather impression than me.  More on that at a later date. 

Deacon Blues (52 out of 55 points): So close and yet so far away.  Deac missed his one and two pointers, both Florida teams.  He had Miami under and Jacksonville over.  See, folks?  Those one-point games still matter.

And for our winner…

A laurel and hearty handshake go to… BNR Moose (55 out of 55 points):  As is tradition with this site, I give pushes the points.  The Chicago Bears were the only team to land exactly on their number: they finished with 8 wins and their projected win total was 8.  Regardless, Moose had everything else in the pool right on so we’re giving him the nod as our newest champion.  Sharp shootin’, Tex.  E-mail me your particulars and I’ll get you out a hot off the press SportsChump t-shirt for your troubles.

Congrats to Moose for joining our NFL Over/Under Pick ‘Em Hall of Fame, which includes Hanahan, Ravenous, SpeedBeagle, Buck Fenson, KP (twice), SportsAttitudes, yours truly, and the only other person to go ten-for-ten, the incomparable Ronbets.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the 2021 season. 

If you’ve entered this contest before, you’re likely familiar with the rules.  If you haven’t, here ya’ go.

Every year, Las Vegas releases its projected over/under for NFL team win totals.  Your job is to select ten teams and assign them confidence points (ten being the most, one the least) for whether you think their final win total will be over or under that projected number.  Please list your predictions clearly in the comments section below.  Remember, folks, there are 17 games this regular season.

Please get your picks in by kick-off of the first game.  As always, include your tie-breaker with your picks, which is the total wins combined by all three Florida teams. 

Without further ado, here are this year’s over/unders.  As always, good luck and may all your wagers be winners.

Kansas City Chiefs           12.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  12

Baltimore Ravens            11

Buffalo Bills                      11

Los Angeles Rams           10.5

San Francisco 49ers        10.5

Cleveland Browns           10.5

Green Bay Packers          10

Seattle Seahawks            10

New England Patriots     9.5

Los Angeles Chargers     9.5

Miami Dolphins               9.5

New Orleans Saints        9

Tennessee Titans            9

Indianapolis Colts           9

Dallas Cowboys               9

Minnesota Vikings          9

Pittsburgh Steelers         8.5

Arizona Cardinals            8.5

Washington Football Team         8.5

Denver Broncos               8.5

Chicago Bears                  7.5

Carolina Panthers           7.5

Atlanta Falcons               7.5

Las Vegas Raiders           7

New York Giants             7

Jacksonville Jaguars        6.5

Cincinnati Bengals          6.5

Philadelphia Eagles         6.5

New York Jets                  6

Detroit Lions                    4.5

Houston Texans               4

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18 Replies to “SportsChump’s Eleventh Annual NFL Over/Under Pick ‘Em Contest”

  1. I don’t remember saying that this week – feel like it was a month ago or more. Either way, congrats to Moose on the impressive run last year. I’ll just have to try to become the first three-time champ this season.

  2. KP…

    It was July 24th.

    Let’s agree to disagree, especially when you’re wrong.

    Hit me up if you wanna collaborate on some pick ’ems this year, sir.

  3. Always a bridesmaid never a bride.
    Oh well, I’m number 2 so I’ll try harder.
    I’m such a baby,the Dolphins make me cry. One more drink before they drowned you. Ooh,ooh that smell.

  4. REV – I’m lucky to remember August 12. Either way, I’m in for pick ’ems. Texting you now. I’ll eventually circle back and participate in this contest, as well… later man

  5. Good luck this year, Deac.

    Usually I rag on the Dolphins in the post. It’s an annual, pre-season ritual. But this year, I might stay away from their number.

    Ten wins? Hmmmmm. This is the sound of me thinking.

    Here’s hoping Fuller stays healthy for ya’.

  6. Never fear, the last place entry is here…

    10) Philadelphia Eagles 6.5 – Under
    9) Jacksonville Jaguars 6.5 – Under
    8) Minnesota Vikings 9 – Under
    7) Arizona Cardinals 8.5 – Over
    6) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12 – Under
    5) New Orleans Saints 9 – Under
    4) Indianapolis Colts 9 – Over
    3) Green Bay Packers 10 – Over
    2) Seattle Seahawks 10 – Under
    1) Tennessee Titans 9 – Over

    Tie breaker – 21

  7. Well here is an attempt at something:
    10 – Buffalo Bills 11 – Over
    9 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12 – Over
    8 – New York Jets 6 – Under
    7 – Tennessee Titans 9 – Over
    6 – Kansas City Chiefs 12.5 – Over
    5 – Green Bay Packers 10 – Over
    4 – Denver Broncos 8.5 – Under
    3 – Jacksonville Jaguars 6.5 – Under
    2 – Cincinnati Bengals – 6.5 – Under
    1 – San Francisco 49ers 10.5 – Under

  8. I’m staying away from the Florida teams this season. Bad vibes. So,

    10. Chiefs – over
    9. Packers – over
    8. Rams – over
    7. 49ers – under
    6. Saints – over
    5. Seahawks – over
    4. Bills – under
    3. Titans – over
    2. Colts – under
    1. Jets – under

    Tie breaker: 22

  9. Here goes nothing. Best of luck, sports fans…

    Tennessee Titans over 9 wins for 10 points
    Indianapolis Colts under 9 wins for 9 points
    Baltimore Ravens under 11 wins for 8 points
    Pittsburgh Steelers over 8.5 wins for 7 points
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers over 12 wins for 6 points
    Jacksonville Jaguars under 6.5 wins for 5 points
    Chicago Bears under 7.5 wins for 4 points
    Green Bay Packers over 10 wins for 3 points
    New England Patriots under 9.5 wins for 2 points
    Seattle Seahawks over 10 wins for 1 point

    Total wins for the three Florida NFL teams tiebreaker: 27

  10. Pats under 9.5 for 10
    Bengals under 6.5 for 9
    Bucs over 12 for 8
    Cards over 8.5 for 7
    Saints under 9 for 6
    Seahawks over 10 for 5
    Falcons under 7.5 for 4
    Browns under 10.5 for 3
    49ers over 10.5 for 2
    Ravens over 11 for 1

    Tiebreaker 26

  11. The Moose’s picks – let’s see if I can go from 1st to worst:

    10 cp – Patriots over
    9 cp – Lions under
    8 cp – Eagles under
    7 cp – Titans over
    6 cp – Panthers under
    5 cp – Steelers over
    4 cp – Vikings over
    3 cp – Bills over
    2 cp – Packers over
    1 cp – Jaguars under

    Tiebreaker: 26

  12. Here goes nothing… – KP

    Green Bay Packers OVER 10 wins for 10 points
    Tennessee Titans OVER 9 wins for 9 points
    Pittsburgh Steelers OVER 8.5 wins for 8 points
    Los Angeles Chargers OVER 9.5 wins for 7 points
    Atlanta Falcons UNDER 7.5 wins for 6 points
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers OVER 12 wins for 5 points
    Washington Football Team OVER 8.5 wins for 4 points
    Arizona Cardinals OVER 8.5 wins for 3 points
    Cincinnati Bengals UNDER 6.5 wins for 2 points
    Detroit Lions UNDER 4.5 wins for 1 point
    Tiebreaker (Florida Teams): 28 wins

    P.S. The WIFE still HATES sports

  13. Ravens – under 11 for 10 points
    Bucs – over for 9 points
    Seahawks – over 10 for 8 points
    Titans – over 9 for 7 points
    Giants – over 7 for 6 points
    Raiders – over 7 for 5 points
    Rams – under 10.5 for 4 points
    Saints – under 9 for 3 points
    Dolphins – over 9.5 for 2 points
    Texans – over 4 for 1 point

    Tie breaker – 28

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