De’Andre strikes: One night out that changed everything

Night out

“Nothing good ever happens after midnight” -Herm Edwards “I’m not saying he should have killed her… but I understand.” -Chris Rock on OJ Simpson, Ron and Nicole Wow! God bless the world of sports for relentlessly providing us with never-ending Continue reading

Mama Mia! The Ladies of MMA Sure Know How to Sell a Fight

Say what you like about MMA, those guys know how to get themselves noticed. When it comes to ramping up the hype, these fighters pack every bit as big a punch as they do in the cage. The Ronda Rousey Continue reading

Is Serena Williams the most dominant athlete of this generation?

Serena trophy

With all this talk about Michael and LeBron, Money and Manny, A-Rod and Roids, Brady and Manning and whether Tiger will ever return to prominence, one person has dominated their sport this century more than any of them.   And it’s Continue reading

Sexual innuendo in sports

sports and sexual innuendo

SportsChump has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to hardcore, provocative sports analysis. This, my friends, is another one of those times. Please allow me to turn the lights down low, slip some Marvin Gaye onto the Continue reading

No Shit, Sherlock: Volume One

No Shit Sherlock 660 has a new mascot.  His name is Captain Obvious.  His pitch in their relatively entertaining, television spots is that using their website to book a vacation is the obvious choice. Years ago while hosting Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, Continue reading

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet

Jaws movie poster

I found an interesting article on Yahoo the other day, another one of my sources for all things bizarre.  Seriously, Yahoo has become the National Enquirer for all news unfit to print. I guess some marine biologist not named Costanza Continue reading

Chumpservations, Vol. 34: Draft picks, cookie monsters and the last great boxing match any of us will ever see

chumpservations new height

Draft Picks Gone Bad You see some disturbing things while surfing the internet but this week, disturbing just kicked it up a notch. I don’t know whether draft busts Sam Bowie or Ryan Leaf have ever sunk so low as Continue reading

Dubsism turns 1000, doesn’t look day over 950

dean martin roast jdub

A friend and colleague of mine recently celebrated his 1000th post.  He had this silly little idea to compile some of his friends together for a roast in his honor.  Right about now, I have a feeling he’s regretting that Continue reading

Book Review: You Can’t Make This Up by Al Michaels and L. Jon Wertheim

You Can't Make This Up

Dominique Wilkins recently told of his early days in the NBA and the first time he had to play against Larry Bird.  Laughing as he reminisced, ‘Nique said the trash-talking that came out of Bird was like nothing he had Continue reading

14 Tweets for 14 seconds: Twitter celebrates the dominance of Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is a bad woman.  Think about it.  She would literally kick the shit out of you, me and pretty much every one we know in a matter of minutes. My stepbrother complains that I don’t write about MMA Continue reading