You don’t get to pick your nickname

Doug Rushes

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a running back on their roster.  His name is Doug Martin. A few years ago, Martin looked like he might be the tailback of the future.  In 2012, his rookie season, Martin played in all Continue reading

Lost promise: The disturbingly parallel paths of Donnell Harvey and Chris Walker

chris walker

The year was 1999. A young Billy Donovan was starting to cut his teeth at the University of Florida.  Anyone who saw Billy the Kid play college ball at Providence under Rick Pitino knew it was only a matter of Continue reading

Will Qatar Be Stripped of the 2022 World Cup?

Ever since the announcement back in 2010, the decision to award Qatar with the privilege of hosting the 2022 World Cup has been an area of debate with many agreeing that it doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Traditionally, Continue reading

Dr. Milhouse suggests trading Stamkos may reap long term gain


Ladies and gents, back by popular demand, the ever-controversial Dr. Milhouse… Last week, I wrote an article about the joy of shouting for the team I grew up with: The Lightning. Now, I come to speak the unspeakable. The Bolts Continue reading

Pete Rose’s third strike


One of the greatest sports arguments of all-time has finally been resolved. I’m not quite sure how many times I’ve written about Pete Rose in the past but this may be the last time I ever do. As you all Continue reading

Sports Snobbery, Episode 5: The meaning of “In the Clubhouse”

Spieth leads

I hate having to do this.  I really do.  But I feel these conversations are for the good of humanity.  I’m only here to help those less fortunate.  Like BB King once tried to help Blacks without Soul, consider this Continue reading

My newest bestie: A follow-up to Because Hockey

Lightning organ

There’s a scene in “The Cable Guy” where the needy, clingy and downright frightening Jim Carrey tries to secure his fledgling friendship with the far more subdued Matthew Broderick.  It is at that moment that Broderick tells Carrey he “just Continue reading

Is it live or is it bothersome: The time and space continuum according to my stepfather


I sent my mother a text the other night. CNN was airing its very first episode of a series they call “The Seventies.”  Their first installment covered the golden age of television, an era that gave us such legendary and Continue reading

Book Review: Vindicated by Jose Canseco

Canseco book

Just when you thought the conversation about steroid use in baseball was over and done with, Alex Rodriguez continues to break Major League records with every at-bat.  This season, he passed Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time home run Continue reading

LeBron James Westward bound

LeBron pats chest

Weeks ago, we all gathered around our television sets and witnessed something that hadn’t happened in nearly forty years: American Pharoah won horse racing’s Triple Crown. Very soon, we’re about to witness something that’s happened even less frequently than that. Continue reading