What if?

what if

What if Ronda Rousey fought Floyd Mayweather… and won? What if a member already in Baseball’s Hall of Fame admitted to using steroids regularly to get an edge? What if Joe Maddon wins a World Series with the Cubs? What Continue reading

There’s no such thing as a freak accident


I’m 46.  On Monday, I’ll be 47.  As any of you that are around that age have probably come to understand, at this point in my life, most of my movements are deliberate. There’s a good reason for this. My Continue reading

Sports Snobbery, Episode 5: The meaning of “In the Clubhouse”

Spieth leads

I hate having to do this.  I really do.  But I feel these conversations are for the good of humanity.  I’m only here to help those less fortunate.  Like BB King once tried to help Blacks without Soul, consider this Continue reading

Is Serena Williams the most dominant athlete of this generation?

Serena trophy

With all this talk about Michael and LeBron, Money and Manny, A-Rod and Roids, Brady and Manning and whether Tiger will ever return to prominence, one person has dominated their sport this century more than any of them.   And it’s Continue reading

No Shit, Sherlock: Volume One

No Shit Sherlock 660

Hotels.com has a new mascot.  His name is Captain Obvious.  His pitch in their relatively entertaining, television spots is that using their website to book a vacation is the obvious choice. Years ago while hosting Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, Continue reading

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet

Jaws movie poster

I found an interesting article on Yahoo the other day, another one of my sources for all things bizarre.  Seriously, Yahoo has become the National Enquirer for all news unfit to print. I guess some marine biologist not named Costanza Continue reading

The Masters: A Review

Jordan Spieth won the 2015 Masters tournament with a dominant performance from start to finish at Augusta to win his first major at just 21 years old. The American, who finished joint-second on his debut in the prestigious event last Continue reading

‘John Daly’s random casino sighting and the missed opportunity at a caption contest’ caption contest


I’m pissed. I went to the casino after work the other night to unwind with a well-needed cigar and who do I see walking near the center bar but none other than the golden-haired, occasionally alcoholic, former British Open champion, Continue reading

#AskJameis campaign teaches lesson in cruelty and other ill-advised Twitter forum ideas

Twitter Jameis

Florida State University and its Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Jameis Winston, recently realized that Twitter can have more of a bite than Shark Week. In keeping with the 21st century, someone in charge of the Florida State athletic brain trust Continue reading

What Woods needs: A little bit of Daly in his life

John Daly Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods had just finished his opening round of the 2014 PGA Championship after shooting a disappointing 2-over 74.  He stood in the Valhalla parking lot stretching his back, joshing with friends and loading his clubs into the back of Continue reading