Sexual innuendo in sports

sports and sexual innuendo

SportsChump has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to hardcore, provocative sports analysis. This, my friends, is another one of those times. Please allow me to turn the lights down low, slip some Marvin Gaye onto the Continue reading

Kentucky Derby 2015: Early Indications

Horse racing is one of the trickiest sports in the world to predict, because in any given race there are about a million factors at play. It’s not just about which horse or jockey is most capable. It’s about the Continue reading

Infographics R Us

As a highly successful sports website (in my own mind, at least), I am frequently bombarded with offers from advertisers, contributors, hyper-linkers, book distributors and a wide range of others wanting to promote their product in this construct we call Continue reading

Tales from the Hard Rock, Vol. 4: Calling time at the poker table

Few things set me off when I’m in the poker room. I’m a grinder, a patient man.

Tales from the Hard Rock, Vol. 3: Playable hands for the right price

On a random night after work, with nothing to lose and a little change in my pocket going jing-a-ling-a-ling, I found myself with a hankering to play some cards.  Next stop: Hard Rock Casino poker room.

What Should You Look for in a Sportsbook?

With only one game left in the NBA season and at most four games left in the NHL season–yes, there are still people out there who watch hockey, there’s going to be little to fill the plates of many mainstream Continue reading

Out of Season Brain Training

When you’re obsessively following football for two thirds of the year, creating your own fantasy league and working out the points accrued and lost every week, don’t you find there’s an empty space come the summer and the season ends? Continue reading

When relatives Scrabble: One man’s quest to become a Master of the Tiles

Competitive Scrabbling is serious business.  If you don’t believe me, I suggest you check out one of their traveling tournaments. 

Book review: Trading Bases by Joe Peta

“Nothing about playing table games in a casino is anything other than gambling as entertainment.  On the other hand, risking money while possessing an edge, and while exercising prudent risk management, makes someone a trader.”

Increasing Number of Arab Players in Online Gambling

The internet is growing faster than ever, and what is fueling the growth is available content. Up until recently, most of the content on the internet was in English. With globalization and localization, more and more people have reasons to Continue reading