SportsChump’s NFL Picks Against the World – Week Five

Week Five NFL 2015

Textbooks in hand, I walked nervously into my advisor’s office, some million moons ago.  He wasn’t so much my advisor as much as he was the designated advisor for about 30,000 other students a year who chose to study liberal Continue reading

SportsChump announces winner of Second Annual MLB Division Winner Pick ‘Em Contest

World Series trophy

So you think you know everything about sports?  Try entering one of my pick ‘em contests. It’s belittling. Before we get to the winner of this year’s MLB Divisional Pick ‘Em Contest, let’s take a brief look at some of Continue reading

Twitter eases the pain of another sordid Sunday

Twitter football

Ah yes, the frustration of the Sunday afternoon for those of us who root for NFL teams that are, shall we say, lacking.  I’m becoming convinced the reason so many of us play fantasy football is because the real-life teams Continue reading

Reason to celebrate, Part Two: Roadies, rivalries and reunions – Just another Saturday in the SEC


After a long celebratory Friday evening at work, I woke up late the following morning.  Stumbling to my phone, I rubbed my eyes to see if I had received any messages.  I was taking a rare Saturday night off.  My Continue reading

Reason to celebrate

the bar

Wow!  Just fucking wow! I moved to Tampa about six-and-a-half years ago with two specific goals in mind: start a successful, sports-related website and get back into the service industry. I guess one out of two ain’t bad. I was Continue reading

SportsChump’s NFL Picks against the world – Week Three

Week three 2015

It takes skill to be this bad. Any copper coin when flipped can pick half the games right or better according to Kevin Paul’s lucky and clearly rigged quarter that went 14-2 in Week One.  Someone call Commissioner Goodell. To Continue reading

Upset specials in the NFL

Underdog sportsbook

Earlier this year, just on a whim, I decided to take a season-long look at how the underdogs would fare against the favorites.  It’s the way I’ve always liked to bet so I figured why not look at how much Continue reading

Just when we thought we’d had enough Lovie Dovey

Lovie the pirate

I don’t know about you guys but last week, I was ready for a tirade. I’m not talking about a Jim McElwain kind of blowup where you yell at your player until your hair shakes, face turns red and a Continue reading

How to win friends and influence people by USF head football coach Willie Taggart

Willie Taggart USF coach

I tend bar in Ybor City (pronounced EEH-bor) and have on and off for over six years. Like any part of this beautiful country of ours that is known for its nightlife, Ybor City has its issues.  We had another Continue reading

Bucs embarrass, fans boo: Same old, same old in Tampa Bay.

Its a Bucs Life

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose Jean Baptiste Alphone Karr, 1849   I’ve set down bad books before.  I couldn’t get through them so I just chalked up the final, unturned pages to writing better left unread.  I’m Continue reading