Hulk Hogan inserts wrestling boot even further into mouth


Accountability. It’s amazing how few of us refuse to accept it. In the latest episode of Hulk Hogan’s sinking ship of a career, we find a whimpering, bleach blonde, bandana-wearing icon begging for our forgiveness yet still refusing to take Continue reading

Betting the underdogs: A season-long experiment in hope and money lines


I’m going to try a little experiment this year. If I had any balls at all, I’d put my money where my online wagering account is and do this thing for real but considering the fact this experiment could cost Continue reading

SportsChump enters karaoke competition, wows crowd, gets robbed.

karaoke singer

Karaoke is a sport. Okay, okay, so karaoke isn’t a sport but karaoke competitions are by their very nature – and the second word of the phrase – a competition. Over the years, we’ve argued about what constitutes a sport Continue reading

Steve Sarkisian and Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey: A marketing match made in heaven


Coaches say the darnedest things. Coaches liquored up on Fireball kick it up a notch. You’ve probably heard by now that USC Head Football Coach Steve Sarkisian had one too many cinnamon whiskey shots at a pep rally recently, then Continue reading

Meteorologists suck and other tales from the Sunshine State

Rain on the Bucs

A good friend gave me his VIP tickets to the Buccaneers pre-season practice the other day.  Although I’m salivating over the upcoming NFL season like every other, red-blooded American and have been a Buccaneers fan for years, I’ve never been Continue reading

SportsChump gauges success/failure of Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ RED movement by polling his female readers

Bucs female fans

As you probably know by now, SportsChump is quite popular with the ladies. I’m not sure I can say the same for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers… or at least they’re not as popular as they think they should be.  Their Continue reading

SportsChump embraces his inner geek at Comic Con

SportsChump at Comic Con

Growing up, I had a pretty substantial collection of both comic books and baseball cards.  What can I say?  I was a geek.  Past tense, of course.  I even had my own collection of Dungeons and Dragons dice. I mean, Continue reading

Place your bets, place your bets! SportsChump sets odds on the next ESPN personality to be suspended

Disney ABC

I’ve never been able to work at a place where I couldn’t say “fuck.”  Don’t get me wrong.  In the board room, such language is clearly inappropriate… unless the CEO says it first.  It’s not like I can’t control my Continue reading

Woe is the Orlando Magic (fan)

Orlando Magic fans

I woke up to news the other morning that the Orlando Magic had traded for Shabazz Napier. Shortly thereafter, I Tweeted “As an Orlando Magic fan, someone other than Shabazz Napier’s mom tell me why I’m supposed to be excited Continue reading

Kobe’s Last Stand

Kobe glare

I have this friend with whom I used to tend bar for about four years. Having worked there long before I ever stepped foot in the joint, Mr. K was a mainstay.  Servers would come and go and he would Continue reading