Kobe’s Last Stand

Kobe glare

I have this friend with whom I used to tend bar for about four years. Having worked there long before I ever stepped foot in the joint, Mr. K was a mainstay.  Servers would come and go and he would Continue reading

Former Fox Bloggers finally meet, cure writers block… at least for a day


This article is meant to prove a point, a point that writer’s block is merely a speedbump inconveniently paved into the long road to somewhere.  It’s also a story of friendship, commitment, writing, podcasts, websites, golf rounds, day jobs, cold Continue reading

SportsChump succumbs to Fantasy Football demands; requests helping hand from readers


“I’ve become what I despise.” -Nick Nolte as Coach Pete Bell in Blue Chips After all these years, I’ve finally given in. I don’t know how many times I’ve written about how much I don’t care for fantasy football.  In Continue reading

There’s no such thing as a freak accident


I’m 46.  On Monday, I’ll be 47.  As any of you that are around that age have probably come to understand, at this point in my life, most of my movements are deliberate. There’s a good reason for this. My Continue reading

An odd thing happened on the way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll

As most of you know, I tend bar for a living. One of the keys to being a good bartender, in my mind at least, is the ability to strike up thought-provoking conversation amongst your customers, particularly during the slower Continue reading

Sports Snobbery, Episode Six: Chris Webber, the time out, a car wash and the pregnant lady who wanted none of the above

Chris Webber time out

Dear God, help us all. The world as we know it is crumbling all around us with people literally knowing nothing about sports.  I can see I’m going to have to start handing out more business cards. Last Sunday started Continue reading

Lost promise: The disturbingly parallel paths of Donnell Harvey and Chris Walker

chris walker

The year was 1999. A young Billy Donovan was starting to cut his teeth at the University of Florida.  Anyone who saw Billy the Kid play college ball at Providence under Rick Pitino knew it was only a matter of Continue reading

Sports Snobbery, Episode 5: The meaning of “In the Clubhouse”

Spieth leads

I hate having to do this.  I really do.  But I feel these conversations are for the good of humanity.  I’m only here to help those less fortunate.  Like BB King once tried to help Blacks without Soul, consider this Continue reading

My newest bestie: A follow-up to Because Hockey

Lightning organ

There’s a scene in “The Cable Guy” where the needy, clingy and downright frightening Jim Carrey tries to secure his fledgling friendship with the far more subdued Matthew Broderick.  It is at that moment that Broderick tells Carrey he “just Continue reading

Is it live or is it bothersome: The time and space continuum according to my stepfather


I sent my mother a text the other night. CNN was airing its very first episode of a series they call “The Seventies.”  Their first installment covered the golden age of television, an era that gave us such legendary and Continue reading