Sports Snobbery, Episode Seven: Super Bowl? What Super Bowl?

Sports Snobbery

As I’m prone to do on slow nights behind the bar, which are fortunately becoming more and more infrequent, I’ll strike up random conversations about this or that with my customer base.  With the Super Bowl approaching, I chose the Continue reading

Progress: No longer trapped at the Trop, Rays free to look for new home

the Trop

There’s a Major League Baseball stadium that nobody goes to.  It’s about 38 miles from my house. A pretty good and consistently competitive baseball team plays there.  That team is the Tampa Bay Rays.  That stadium is Tropicana Field. 38 Continue reading

The contest to end all contests, so to speak


Oiled up, buns up, I lay there on the massage table.  After all, tending bar for forty-plus hours a week and writing for nearly that many requires some painstaking, preventive maintenance. As she and I always do, the official licensed Continue reading

Kickers and pleasers: Just another Sunday wagering on professional football

The kick

Ah, the never-ending joy of wagering on the NFL. One thing many people overlook about the sustained success of both college and professional football is not only the excitement and unpredictability the sport brings and the gladiator-like nature of the Continue reading

Fixing the Super Bowl Half Time Show once and for all

Rock and Roll

Any successful business owner will tell you they don’t want to hear complaints from their employees.  They want solutions.  Routinely present well devised plans to your supervisor instead of bitching in their ear and you’ll find yourself on the fast Continue reading

Reasons we love sports, Vols. 5-8: Bartolo Colon’s workout video, Johnny Manziel’s wig and ‘stache, Mike Tyson’s Christmas present and a Buffalo Bills fan’s flaming backside

Billy Manziel

Here is yet further proof that the insanely wacky world of sports never ceases to provide us with the type of quality entertainment that simply cannot be fabricated.  And you wonder why I watch so intently. Bartolo Colon just released Continue reading

The inexplicable whys of hating Brent Musburger


I have this very dear friend.  He goes by the name Jackal. Jackal and I were having a relatively meaningless conversation about sports (and probably girls) the other day when he mentioned something in passing that I found kind of Continue reading

NBA’s big guns gun down gun violence for the holidays

Curry shoots he scores

Not long ago, in the wake of the Ray Rice domestic violence incident, the NFL ran a series of public service announcements entitled “No More.”  In conjunction with the Joyful Heart Foundation, a slew of present and former NFL greats Continue reading

Gimmicks, colorblindness and NFL onesies: The current state of the nation’s most popular sports league

Jets Bills color blind

There must be something wrong with my television set. Wait, that can’t be.  Years ago for Christmas, I splurged on a fancy (because I’m fancy), flat screen that would keep me out of sports bars on Sunday.  So far that Continue reading