Pete Rose’s third strike


One of the greatest sports arguments of all-time has finally been resolved. I’m not quite sure how many times I’ve written about Pete Rose in the past but this may be the last time I ever do. As you all Continue reading

The world of sports gets a jolt. Three actually.


What an uppity week it’s been for sports.  With all the stimulants being passed around, it’s amazing anyone can catch a bit of sleep. From Poland to Las Vegas to Cooperstown, athletes have made headlines for dipping into the supply Continue reading

Pete Rose Hall of Fame chatter reemerges with election of new baseball commissioner


Last week, we bid the first, long-awaited adieu to Bud Selig, a man who will mistakenly go down as one of the better commissioners baseball has ever seen.  Rob Manfred will soon take his place. Manfred has worked for Major Continue reading

Debating Instant Replay with my Uncle Alex

umps gather for instant replay

The e-mail string started simply enough. I received an email from my Uncle Alex with nothing in the text.  The subject line read “Still like instant replay?” Years ago, right on this very website, he and I debated the merits Continue reading

Divisional Renaming: A SportsChump-J Dub Collaboration – Edition One: Major League Baseball

baseball realignment

I have a friend.  His name is J-Dub.  He’s kinda weird, an ornery fellow if I may. We’ve never officially met but he runs a website just like mine, except his has a lot more curse words. He is one Continue reading

SportsChump Motion Pictures proudly presents Alejandro

According to recent reports, Major League Baseball’s performance-enhancing prototype, Alex Rodriguez, is dropping his appeal, taking the year off and heading to Mexico.  Good for him.  I’m surprised Bud Selig didn’t offer to drive him to the airport.

Two guys we hate and the game we once loved: Baseball’s continuing saga of Alex Rodriguez and Bud Selig

Welcome to my 27th post about steroid and PED use in Major League Baseball.  To be honest, I thought that number would have been higher as all we ever talk about these days is what athletes do off the field Continue reading

Sorry, dinosaurs. Party’s over. Major League Baseball to expand instant replay

I remember having a debate with my uncle about a year or so ago.  My old uncle Alex is a lifelong baseball fan and a consummate purist, a stark contrast to his otherwise sensible nature.

Bud Selig? Well, I never!

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig recently told a member of the media that he has “never sent an e-mail and never will.”  I guess that explains why the sport he oversees remains stuck in the Stone Age.  Selig probably Continue reading

A SportsChump original screenplay: A Rough In The Diamond : Act One, Scene One

Setting: A dimly lit, smoke-filled room.  A scrawny, grey-haired, spectacled gentleman sits at his desk, contemplating retirement while tapping his loafers on the Plasticine that protects his plush, office carpet from the rolling wheels of his chair.