Debunking the Clean Slate Myth

Clean Slate

How many times have you heard it? It’s the beginning of the football season and “every team starts with a clean slate.” That’s laughable. While it’s certainly mathematically logical to say that all 32 NFL teams have a chance at Continue reading

Ten pressing questions for the 2015 NFL season

NFL turf

If we had a crystal ball to tell us what’s going to happen this NFL season, we’d all be millionaires.  Unfortunately, Lady Cleo and Dionne Warwick have cornered the market on clairvoyance so you and I are going to have Continue reading

Lance Briggs was placed on the IR list, and it might be his last season

On Friday, the Bears put LB Lance Briggs on the IR list due to an injury to the groin, and this 2014 season will probably be his last one with Chicago – something that wouldn’t come as a surprise to Continue reading

Tampa Bay Buccaneers get their man

Honeymoons are fun.  At least I imagine they are; I’ve never been hitched.   The flowers haven’t wilted, piles of wedding presents remain unwrapped and the romance is alive and kicking.

Second Annual NFL Playoff and Super Bowl Pick Em Contest

We had so much fun with this contest last year that we’re hosting it again in 2012. Plus I like giving stuff away.

Schwartz v. Harbaugh: A tale of four Jims

For those of you who failed to tune into Sunday’s Wrestlemania, er… NFL game of the week between the 4-1 49ers and the 5-0 Lions, you missed some fireworks, not only during the game, but afterward as well.  I call Continue reading

Our First Annual Super Bowl XLV Contest

Super Bowl XLV Contest: Pick the winner and get fabulous prizes Continue reading

NFL Preview: Part 2 (NFC)

Here’s part 2 of my NFL preview. To see part one click here. NFC East Gotta be the best division in football, right?

What to watch this weekend (Nov. 7 – 9)

Remember those sharply dressed fellows in last week’s What to Watch? You know… the ones desperately trying to gain entry into that South Beach BCS night club? Their names were Iowa, TCU, Cincinnati, Boise State and LSU. Well, the lights Continue reading

The good, the bad and the fugly: An NFL quarterly

  What have we learned in the first four weeks of this NFL season other than we’re damn glad football is finally back?  We know there are a number of quality teams that are playing some really good football.  Then Continue reading