SportsChump proudly presents your University of Kentucky Basketball Caption Contest


This one’s gotta sting for Kentucky fans.  38-1.  Ouch!  So close and yet so far away. Not long ago, I hosted a caption contest.  It didn’t draw much attention. This one should for it celebrates Kentucky’s now imperfect season. Along Continue reading

Twitter celebrates reemergence of Adam Morrison

Adam Morrison at Gonzaga game

Adam Morrison is an easy target. The former Gonzaga, NCAA Co-Player of the Year was spotted at his alma mater’s Elite Eight matchup against the Duke Blue Devils.  Ironically, it was former Dukie JJ Redick with whom he shared that Continue reading

The beauty of calling upsets in March

NC State upsets Villanova

Here’s a little known fact.  When Andy Williams sang “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” he was not actually referring to Christmastime.  He was referring to March Madness and the NCAA Tournament. After all, it makes perfect sense. Continue reading

The “What We Should Have Done” Approach to March Madness

Looking back at march madness

We un-crumple the brackets we tossed to the floor in disgust only a day into the tournament.  We look at them again, hoping, begging for a chance.  There’s not one.  We wonder how things could have gone so horribly wrong.  Continue reading

The Fourth Annual SportsChump March Madness Bracket Bonanza

sportschump madness 660

O March, how we love thee. Yes, friends, it’s that time of the month again where our dreams of becoming the first person to ever correctly pick 63 games, and have the entire planet declare us the smartest person alive, Continue reading

Round Two Recap/Round Three Pick ‘em: The Madness Continues

Look!  Up in the sky!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  Wait, it’s a… pig? 

Opening weekend contest recap and Tourney Pick ‘Em Part Two

Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially crowned a new champion.  The worst thing about it is, not only does he know more about college hoops than you, but he’s also probably a better golfer than you as well.

A March Madness-inspired caption contest

There are fans and there are fans.  And then there’s wearing a mascot outfit to an NCAA tournament game for millions to see.  Hi, mom, please send money.  I blew the last hundred you sent me on this cool costume, Continue reading

The Third Annual SportsChump March Madness Contest: Part One

This year’s March Madness Contest is brought to you by the good folks at Press Box Publicity and that’s good news for the closely-knit, SportsChump community… because it means prizes, people!!!

SportsChump and the The Wife Hates Sports talk writer’s block, Penn State football, Super Bowl predictions and the pros and cons of being single during football season

I have this friend who perpetually suffers from writer’s block. He’ll e-mail me from time to time, asking me for ideas or ways to generate more traffic to his site.