Things we would like to see in sports, Part 2: Roger Clemens tell the truth, a Kobe-LeBron Finals, Cy Young being bested, a college football playoff and the return of the heavyweight division

Roger Clemens telling the truth Roger Clemens, the greatest pitcher of our generation, has gone into hiding.  His defiance led him there.

A juicing Big Mac: Mark McGwire’s steroid use leaves more questions than answers

I don’t like movies that are predictable. Like the typical romantic comedy where the couple who despises each other falls in love in the end or the true-crime thriller where we know the killer’s identity from scene one. Scriptwriters may Continue reading

Deny, deny, deny: Mistruths and fabrications in professional sports

  “Would I lie to you?  Would I lie to you, honey?  Now would I say something that wasn’t true?

Steps Towards a Less Steroid-Phobic Society: Everybody Grab a Syringe

  What’s all this fuss about steroid use? So what if Manny Ramirez recently tested positive for estrogen and fertility drugs? Who cares if Alex Rodriguez lied… then lied… then lied again about ingesting some unknown, under-the-counter, Dominican growth hormone? Continue reading