The end of an era in a major way

Roger Tiger Phil

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have been among the most dominant athletes we’ve ever seen. From 2004-2008, Roger Federer was the best tennis player in the world.  He held his sport’s Continue reading

Did someone say something about an 88?

In only a month, my quest is complete, my Holy Grail has been attained, total glory stenciled onto my scorecard. Where to begin?

Phil Mickelson wins one for the thumb at Muirfield

“I actually think the back is playing a little bit easier.”

Beau knows golf

I was 17 years old once.  That was a long time ago. At 17, I was finishing up high school, had fallen in love for the first time and was consistently, yet fruitlessly, trying to get my dad to loan Continue reading

Who needs heavyweight boxing when we have Federer, Nadal and Djokovic?

Soon after his retirement, basketball junkies everywhere craved the second coming of Michael, so much so that we dubbed every player after him who could jump out of the gym “The Next Jordan.” 

Book Review: The Swinger by Michael Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck

For those of you who have missed seeing Tiger Wood’s face plastered all over the tabloids, you are now in luck. A book has hit the shelves (a work of fiction, I believe) to satisfy your innermost Tiger cravings.

Memorable moments of 2010: The SportsChump Year in Review

The final days of 2010 are upon us, which means that SportsChump has completed its first full calendar year.  Thanks to all who have come and gone and ahem… come again. SportsChump first went viral in April, 2008 which means Continue reading

Phil Mickelson, the Masters and the reasons we watch sports

We have all played sports at some time in our lives.  Most of us, however, have never dunked a basketball, hit a 90 mph fastball or shot a round of golf under par.  We simply can’t relate to the lives Continue reading

Live golf blog/chat – 91st PGA Championship

  1:38 – Tiger shows up to golf course in plush, black Buick.  Does not valet.  Caddy Steve rides shotgun.  Tiger wears traditional Sunday red, patterned shirt and black pants.  Means business, look out field.    

Your weekly Chumpdate for July 16 feat. Carl Crawford, Willie Mays, Richard Jefferson, Antoine Walker, Pedro Martinez, Matt Cassell and Barack Obama

  St Louis hosted this year’s All-Star Game, a contest which the American League won 4-3.  This marks the twelfth straight time the AL has won the Midsummer Classic.  Can you say domination?  I knew that you could.