Why SEC fans and New Orleans simply don’t mix: A video ensemble

Oh, to be the proud child of the football fan below.  Mommy, how was your trip to New Orleans and why do you have handcuff marks around your wrists?

Jon Stewart, Jason Collins and one awfully, funny presidential faux pas (video)

I haven’t addressed Jason Collins’ recent announcement of his homosexuality, mainly because Mr. Collins’ sexual proclivities aren’t any of my business.

The Miami Heat shake things up (video)

The Heat homer strikes again.

Mark Wiebe reminds us golf is a four-letter word (video)

Golf is a great game.  It’s also a tremendously frustrating one. Golf can take the coolest, calmest guy in the lot and turn him into a bumbling, raving, profanity-laced lunatic. 

Who or what is an NOC and how are they so damn funny?

I don’t know who these guys at NOC are, nor do I know what NOC stands for, but after watching a few of their videos, consider me a new subscriber.

SportsChump goes hip-hop (video)

I am hip-hop.

Celebrate the Disgraced Sports Superstar with MC Hammer

1991 was a simpler time in America.

Blake Dunks, World Awaits (video)

Vince Carter once dunked over Frederic Weis in international play. Weis stood seven feet tall and Carter cleared him.  To this day, that is Weis’ claim to fame and commonly considered one of the greatest dunks of all time.

Reasons we love sports, Vols. 1 and 2: Fruit baskets and breakups (video)

Listen to the next few stories and follow along, as if you haven’t already.  They might help you sports fans on the fringe understand why so many of us on the other end of that spectrum tailgate on Saturdays, huddle Continue reading

Blake Griffin dunks violently over Kendrick Perkins (video)

I’ve seen dunks and I’ve seen dunks, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything thing quite like this.