Will Qatar Be Stripped of the 2022 World Cup?

Ever since the announcement back in 2010, the decision to award Qatar with the privilege of hosting the 2022 World Cup has been an area of debate with many agreeing that it doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Traditionally, Continue reading

Twitter Blatter: Internet has field day with ex-FIFA prez

Blatter steps down

This just in!  Soccer’s corrupt. Wait, you already knew that.  That’d be like telling you the sky is blue or Adrian Peterson has poor parenting skills. In news that came as a shock to no one, FIFA’s Sepp Blatter resigned Continue reading

What the hell is going on in… ?


What the hell is going on in Philadelphia? Chip Kelly is 51 years old.  He’s been around football a long time.  He’s coached in high school, college and now the pros.  I’m pretty sure if he’s a racist, we would Continue reading

Lionel Messi, Jerry West and the gut-wrenching uselessness of the individual accolade

Messi golden ball

The World Cup is finally over much to the chagrin of soccer fans that eat, drink and breathe the sport but much to the enjoyment of Americans who still can’t grasp concepts like offside and stoppage play.  (Think outside the Continue reading

A tale of two cities

Miami map

Argentinians took to the streets of Miami this week in celebration of their World Cup semifinals victory over the Netherlands.  Blue and white shirts and flags adorned the streets of South Beach with every last Argentine partying until last call Continue reading

A fever-inspired, sports world turned upside-down Chumpservations, Vol. 32

Thinker sick

I’ve been bed-ridden lately with a pretty nasty fever so I apologize for not contributing my usual batch of internet clutter.  The good news is that my doctor has ruled out mono, halitosis, gingivitis and chronic tardiness so I got Continue reading

World Cup Fever strikes even in America

USA World Cup fans

I strolled into my bar the other day, five to ten minutes late for lack of sleep but still confident I could set up the place in time to show every customer, from my first to my last, the finest Continue reading

The biggest eff yous in sports: 2011 edition

“I see you drivin’ ‘round town with the girl I love, and I’m like….” -Cee Lo Green

Caption contest celebrates Spain, the World Cup, bullfighting, Julio Aparicio and the bull that got the upper hand

To celebrate Spain reaching the Final Four of the World Cup, this week’s caption contest focuses on one of the country’s most popular sports: bullfighting.

The SportsChump Reality TV Challenge

It’s summertime.  Basketball season is over, football is still a few months away and the United States has been eliminated from the World Cup, leaving us sports fans with little on TV to watch other than reality shows about snobby Continue reading