Sports world hinges on Brett Favre’s return (video)


An old high school buddy of mine recently e-mailed me and asked that I “please write something about what a prick Brett Favre is and why he needs to go away.”  So Kid Sheraton, this one’s for you.


I generally don’t like to write about Favre, mostly because there’s never anything other than pure speculation to write about.  Coverage of him must be sexy though, since his recent surgery is all that’s ever reported on the four-letter.  I hear ESPN is starting an all-Favre network soon which makes sense since on their Sunday night broadcast, the Favre surgery actually preceded Tiger’s Sunday round of 65 at the Memorial and Roger Federer’s victory at the French Open.  Perhaps a weekly Favre update will drive traffic through the roof.  Stay tuned.



Actually, I did write an article on Favre several months ago in which I listed him as the third most egotistical athlete, behind only Terrell Owens and the football player formerly known as Chad Johnson.


Of Favre, I wrote…


“Despite missing the playoffs in Favre’s absence this year, many Green Bay faithful have to secretly be thankful they don’t have to be glued to his every press conference waiting on his ‘final’ decision.  Favre’s had more farewell tours than The Who.  It’s bad enough we’re submitted to his incessant Wrangler commercials.  Does anyone really care whether he returns?  Michael Jordan didn’t retire this much.  Yes, he’s good and the Jets are better with him behind center. But spare us all the melodrama of your indecision.  Make your call to stay in the game or retire and be done with it.”


Then out spilled the Favre-mania in all its splendor.  Here’s a glimpse at some of the comments I received from that piece.  I am not making these up.


  • “You missed dozens of NFL players who have ego and cancer far surpassing Farve’s. Waffling on retirement is on par with T.O.’s methodical destruction of 3 teams chemistry. Try again!!”


  • “So you really think the Packers fans would rather not make the playoffs with Rogers than be in the playoffs with Favre? Come on don’t let the fact you dislike Favre blind you. How many Packer fans did you survey to get that information?”


  • “Favre’s accomplishments aren’t even in the same league as the others and he has every right to be indecisive about his life calling, it’s his life after all! He will go down as one of the best QB is all of the NFL history and to top it off, everyone that knows him describes him as a “Great Man” not just an outstanding player. Don’t confuse talent and grace with ego.”


  • “How dare you speak of Brett that way! In no way does the definition fit Favre. And don’t speak for the fans about how we feel! Brett and his family did a lot for Green Bay and Wisconsin. Why not report the good and be thankful and happy for his family’s blessings, they surely deserved some good news! Get your facts straight! Favre fans forever!!”


  • “Favre does not come close to being on this list. I think you just felt the need to add a player ‘not of color’ – shame, since Favre is actually a great guy, and very fan-approachable.”


  • “This is so pathetic! Another lame attempt to minimize Favre. Brett does NOT belong on this list. He is too honest and tells people how he feels, while others lie. Favre is the biggest star in the NFL.”


  • “Favre is NOT ego-driven. Those people who live in Wisconsin know this. He’s always been a team first guy. He simply loves to play the game. Mike Holmgren who knows him well, said he is one of the most humble guys he’s ever met. He is SO NOT A DIVA. Leave the guy alone. He has played hurt. He never complains. He never demanded anything from the Packers while he played for them. He’s structured his salary. He’s offered to give up his salary for other players. He’s given fans a lot of enjoyment over the years. He’s never blamed a coach or another player. He’s always taken responsibility for his own actions on and off the field. He gives generously to charities and has a great charitable foundation that does a lot of good.”


  • “Brett Favre died for our sins”


Ok, so I made that last one up, but the rest are ACTUAL comments from ACTUAL readers.  I have to admit… I love reading those.  But the man-love for Favre borders on fanatical.  John Hinckley wasn’t this obsessed with Jodie Foster!


I hereby declare a moratorium on any further Brett Favre posts unless he does something actually newsworthy.  His potential return to a mediocre team, competing in a slightly above average NFC North division, is a Favre cry away from noteworthy.  In fact, I’m going to pull a page out of Bill Parcell’s playbook and refer to Favre from here on out simply as ‘the player.’ 


Look, I’m not questioning the player’s sincerity or valor.  I’m sure he’s a great guy.  I understand he’s not entirely to blame for the constant media coverage.  But one simple statement or press conference from the player would put speculation to rest.  He doesn’t even have to cry during the announcement if he doesn’t want to.  A simple “Yes, I’m having surgery in an attempt to come back” or “No, I have no more desire to play the game” will suffice.  Boom, that’s it.  End of story.


Minnesota Vikings head coach is getting a crash course in media relations, having to answer the constant ‘will he, won’t he’ questions from rabid reporters.  Meanwhile, current lame duck quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are forced to live in an air of unknowing.


Unfortunately, this summer, we’ll be subjected to continued speculation about his return.  Those of use whose channel never sways from ESPN will just have to grin and bear it.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hire some bodyguards before the Favre faithful begin banging down my door.

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24 Replies to “Sports world hinges on Brett Favre’s return (video)”

  1. Sweetie, he’s having a mid-life crisis. Take notes, you might hit mid-life one day! lol

  2. Athens…
    Most guys’ mid life crisis’s tend to stem from inadequacies. In the case of Brett this is more about ego than anything else.

  3. Chris aka sportschump…..
    What with the poor shape of sport’s reporting ne’ journalism coming out of Bristol Ct. via ESPN. Is it any wonder we see them reporting on this crap around the clock 24/7 ? If they had their way this’d be front page news and story that they could carry for the entire 365 days of the whole friggin’ year , the morons that they are !

  4. Chris–

    Wow! This is fantastic stuff. I can’t stomach the Favre watch on ESPN and NFL Network and I think he is a melodramatic and ego-maniacal human. Heck, I think I’d put him in the same group as T.O and Chad Johnson because the same way thay seek attention actively, he just goes about it a bit more passively. He could end all speculation with a three sentence press release or by empowering his dithering agent Bus Cook to comment on his status.

    For a gut that won a single Super Bowl (thanks to Reggie White) and is the all-time NFL leader in interceptions, he is one of the most overrated players in sports history.

    I love the idea of referring to him as “The Player.” Classic stuff Chris.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  5. The Great Debater makes an appearance in SportsChump land!

    Frank, how’s the radio biz and G’ville?

    Good to hear from ya’. I’m still in touch regularly with Lisa and KSP who I’m sure would love for you to get us all back on the radio…. ya ‘know, kind of like getting the band back together?

  6. Chris …..aka sportschump

    If I’m about to start a network. It’ll be geared toward the adult oriented fare . As they say. Sex seems to sell and rules almost everything that’s purveyed on the planet. You’ve only got to look at the marketing strategies of many of the Fortune 500 companies to see what’s been exhihibited over the years.

    As for Favre , Childress and the Vikings. May their fates now be forever intertwined in mediocrity from hereonin. I don’t think that I can put it any more succinctly than that. Thanks for chiming in on that piece on the Heat and Dwyane Wade. As always it was appreciated. I threw up a piece on last night’s woes with regard to the Magic.

    Who Says Defense Doesn’t Win Championships ..Well Converting Free Throws Also Helps As Well …….

  7. It’s Friday…is he retired or not? I’ve been to Green Bay…small town (but spread out) and die-hard football fans there.

    They live on every Brett F’s word. I give them another year before they start hating on him like LA Rams fans starting hating on the St. Louis Rams.


  8. Is not 2nd place the 1st loser. (kelly from lills says you are always a loser in her book)

  9. Watch what you say Chris…I’m sure somewhere in Green Bay, someone has taped Brett Favre’s head over Jesus’, and they’ve amended their bible and any history books to say that Brett turned water into wine, parted the Red Sea, invented electricity and the telephone, and won the Revolutionary War all by himself…then went out and threw six touchdown passes without breaking a sweat.

  10. Favre is more annoying than Joe the Plumber. He should just buy a new Corvette and ride into the sunset.

  11. Tophat… I’ll try not to tear up when I read your post but I may have a Federer moment.

    Lisa… even you had to be surprised by the Favre-love though. I think only Kobe dans would elicit a scarier response.

  12. Big Gu… Kelly’s married to Hickey. Nuff said.

    MJ… but what year would that ‘Vette be and how much rust would it have on it. I’m betting no muffler.

  13. I agree with Frank and wanted to add to his comments. Farve has a great arm and is a gritty competitor but, as someone that loves to bet on football games, I can tell you from painful first hand experience, this guy throws way too many INT’s. He always has. There was never any consistency with Farve’s game. Bottom line……don’t bet on this guy.

    Besides, he has one Super Bowl….BFD. One! That’s as many as Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and Mark Rypien.

    The great professional quarterbacks throughout history all have that certain intangible that Farve has, however, he lacks arguably the most important element……CONSISTENCY!

    The great ones had it. The guys you would bet on and win week to week. Montana, Elway, Brady, Staubach, Bradshaw(these last two admittedly before the genesis of my short term investment portfolito)…… could any right minded, somewhat impartial, sports junkie argue that Farve belongs in this class. I’ll throw Marino in here too and he doesn’t even have a Super Bowl ring. But man I won a lot of money on this consistent mother f—–.

    Farve is fun to watch, definately entertaining, but just ain’t that great.

    He does make for great drama though. And that’s all the hype is.


  14. Wow, you mentioned my name in an article. I better enjoy my 15 minutes of fame. I wonder how those die hard Packer fans will feel when he suits up in a Viking uniform. Will they turn? Hope so. He needs to go away. But he won’t. He can let go just like many others before him. Montana, Marino etc. Now that I’m here I like it. I really enjoy the mountain top. No, I’m staying, no leaving, no staying, leaving,….

  15. Super Carrier…. damnit, man. I can’t wait til football season now that I know what floats your boat. Great Farve comparison to Dilfer, Johnson and Rypien.

    Here’s the question. If you were the Vikes and you had a QB you had invested your future in, is it really worth the gamble to upset the applecart and bring in Favre for a season? I’m not sure how Favre behind center ‘guarantees’ a Super Bowl.

    Dude, you know I live in town now. Are we going to cocktail it up already or what?

    Quieres jugar picionario?

  16. Kid Sheraton… Wait until I tell the world the story of how we kept hitting oversized tennis balls onto the court where Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg were playing.

    Llamame, loco. How are Mikey and Ariana?

    Y que pasa con los negocios en Charlotte?

  17. Cocktail it up we will. I’ll call you later. Have no plans this weekend……how about you?

  18. Have a golf buddy coming into town to crash with me on Friday and Saturday. Unfortunately, we’re nowhere near Supercarrier status on the links. Only in the beverage cart. Was thinking about taking him to South Tampa. We’ll give you a shout.

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