Your Daily SportsChumpdate – June 17, 2009: Sosa, Favre, Stallworth, Hedo, Smoltz, Rockies, Tiger and Shaq

ball-25SAY IT AIN’T SOSA  The New York Times recently reported that former National League MVP Sammy Sosa failed a drug test in 2003.  Surprise!  I’ve never failed a drug test before… but I’m pretty sure my employer wouldn’t wait six years to tell me that I had.  Sosa’s name was on the same infamous, and supposedly anonymous, list of 104 names that also outed Alex Rodriguez.  Sosa allegedly told reporters in perfect English that he still looks forward to his Hall of Fame induction. 


ball-251FAVRE FROM RETIRED – In an HBO interview, Brett Favre once again graced viewers with a “Maybe” when asked whether he would play next season.  ESPN reported that the Minnesota Vikings sent a team trainer to Mississippi to check on Favre’s health after recent shoulder surgery.  What’s a little plane fare when compared to the future of your franchise?  Vikings fans are probably more excited about screwing over Packer faithful than they are looking forward to winning a Super Bowl.


ball-252DONTE PUT AWAY (FOR A MONTH) –  Donte Stallworth was sentenced to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to DUI manslaughter stemming from an horrific incident where he struck and killed a pedestrian earlier this year.  Stallworth faces a lifetime drivers license suspension and must perform 1,000 hours of community service.  An undisclosed financial settlement was reached with the family of the deceased.  Anyone else in the room think he got off light?


ball-253FREE HEDO – One day after the Orlando Magic lost the NBA Finals, small forward Hedo Turkoglu announced he would test the free agent market.  This move was as surprising as the failed Sosa drug test and another Favre comeback.  The most surprising news came when the Magic announced they were willing to pay the luxury tax to keep Turkoglu on their roster.


ball-254SMOLTZY TAKES THE MOUND – The Boston Red Sox announced that former Atlanta Brave and Cy Young Award winner, John Smoltz, is ready to pitch and will take the mound on June 25.  He is poised to join an already dominant staff.  Smoltz told management he’d either start or come out of the bullpen, whatever the team needed.  Refreshing, huh?


ball-255STREAKIES – The Colorado Rockies have just run off an eleven-game winning streak, besting Houston, St Louis, Milwaukee and Seattle over that stretch.  Then they invited the Tampa Bay Rays to Colorado.    Apparently the skiing in Denver is as fine as the thin air as the Rays knocked in 12 runs on 17 hits to end the Rockies winning streak. 


ball-256TIGA WOOThe US Open begins this Thursday at BethPage Black in Farmingdale, NY.  Not only is Tiger Woods the defending champion but he also won the Open the last time it was played on this course (2002).  He is a significant favorite to win at just under 2:1.  Phil Mickelson is a distant second at 14:1.  Tiger hit 18 of 18 fairways two weeks ago, but at those skewed odds, if you’re a gambling man, it might be wise to pick someone else in the field if you’re looking to make any money.


ball-258FUTURE MUPPETS? – Rumors abound that the Cleveland Cavaliers will look to trade for Shaquille O’Neal in the off-season.  Cleveland is reportedly offering Sasha Pavlovic and the possibly retiring Ben Wallace in exchange for the Big Cactus, but the Cavs are more interested in acquiring Delonte West.  Any disagreement could cause a snag in the trade although Phoenix GM Steve Kerr has been known to make bad decisions in the past.


ball-259A.L. BEAST – For those of you interested in the best division in baseball, the Red Sox currently lead the New York Yankees by two games, with the Rays and Jays closely sniffing their behinds.  All four teams are over .500.

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21 Replies to “Your Daily SportsChumpdate – June 17, 2009: Sosa, Favre, Stallworth, Hedo, Smoltz, Rockies, Tiger and Shaq”

  1. Chris aka sportschump …

    Will Sosa’s comprehension of the English language now become misplaced when he’s next asked about the sterioid allegations ? No habla Inglais !

    As for Favre’s appearance on the Joe Buck Show (HBO) What a complete waste of time ! Buck as a talk show host just meanders all over the place. He’s best suited to just providing on air analysis , sports commentary and not much else. As a talk show host this guy makes Larry King seem cerebral. And that’s saying a lot !

    The Stallworth situation is deplorable and Miami Dade DA Katherine Fernandez-Rundle ought to be ashamed of taking a plea agreement to begin with. This isn’t real justice. It’s justice at a price ! It’s basically …”pay as you go if you can afford it “

    Muppets in Cleveland ? What then happens when Shaq and LeBron have a parting of the ways ? Does Shaq then ask LeBron to smell his sphinctre as a matter of ill will ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

    Well the US Open at Bethpage Black ought to be filled with thrills one way or another. It’ll either be another coronation of Tiger. Or someone else in the pack’ll step to the fore and win it outright.

    The AL East will turn out to be a three horse race . But a lot of that may well be predicated on the moves made prior to the trade deadline . As we all fully expect the Yankees and Red Sox to make the prerequisite moves to fill their arsenal of requirements. As for the Rays are there any real moves that they need to make ? Other than perhaps sitting Kazmir . The guy just can’t be trusted at all at this juncture. I’d also say the same for Gabe Kapler. Even though he’s now actually hitting. He’s still a liability in the field , however.

    Alan aka tophatal …

  2. I’m not a huge fan of Dan Patrick (anymore) but he did a great job with that Sosa interview back in the day. He didn’t push things, he just let Sosa bury himself.

    Buck n Favre? Two guys I can’t stand watching. Needless to say, I missed the interview. Did you hear Artie from Howard Stern go after Buck? Now THAT was quality tv.

    Regarding the US Open, I’m just hoping we actually get to watch Thursday and Friday rounds on tv and that the golf channel isn’t showing the Nike Tour instead.

  3. You mean you’re awake? Nice of you to come out among the living. Chumpdate? Since it didn’t mean what I thought it meant, I guess I’m required to say something analytical. I just remember Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire from the home run race in the late 90s. Give him a break if it was 6 years ago!

  4. Chris aka ….. sportschump

    Yeah, I’d heard about it and it was also mentioned on Silio’s show this morning on 620WDAE as well. Like I said Buck isn’t a talk show host. He’s best suited as on air analyst and commentator. Anything else outside of his sphere is way beyond him. It’s like throwing a lamb into the lion’s den.

    I’ll be watching the US Open as well . But that’ll be predicated upon the time I’ve got on my hands. I’d started a new job with a law firm working in their Corproate Affairs Dept. I basically now provide analysis with regard to mergers and acquisitions . I’m working alongsisde several corporate lawyers in this particular field. And with my background in Int’l Finance, Economics and abritrage derivatives. It all bodes well for me at this juncture I hope.

    They’re a worldwide based concern with offices in Orlando , Miami , New York , Los Angeles and nationwide . And they’ve offices overseas as well.

    I trust that after googling Megan Fox , you’ve stopped drooling ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!
    And like you said she’s definitely hot ! That’s one chick I’d definitely kick out of bed on a cold dark night !

    Alan aka tophatal …..

  5. Chris ………

    That should read I wouldn’t kick out of bed on a cold dark night . Pardon the mistake as I’m still trying to dampen my ardor for all things Megan Fox.

    Alan ……….

  6. Ath… I have a feeling baseball is not gonna give him a break.

    Al… good luck with the new gig. And before I continue drooling over images of Megan Fox, how old is she? I mean, I already know I’m a dirty old man. I just don’t need everyone else to know that.

  7. She’s 23, so you’re in the clear.

    I was in a store not too long ago, and the clerk was playing Transformers in the TV in there. He rewinds not once, not twice, but three times to the car scene early in the movie.

    One can only imagine what he went to do when he went on his lunch break.

  8. Chris aka sportschump……

    You needn’t worry as Megan’s above the age of legal consent. (23) So rest assured she’s well worth tappin’ ! Less I forgot to let you know as well she’s loves the girls as well ? So what’s not to like ’bout that ? Yum , yum !!

    As to the new gig at least it gives me the chance to place my feet back in the water after all those years away from the world of high finance. I’m enjoying it all and the guys and gals that I work alongside aren’t too bad either.

    Here’s the latest piece I’ve up within the site . As and when you’re ready I’ll look forward to reading your comments. In order to view just click on the text below.

    Credibility It’s Something Now That The NFL Has Now Got To Be In Search Of ………

    Alan ………..

  9. I still flashback to about 10 or 11 years ago when Henry, Anthony & I were in Nikki Beach in Miami and Sosa came up to us and flashed his trademark sign apparently thinking that since we didn’t smooze up to him, we didn’t know who he was. Solid cut guy back then.. Henry & I both said that night in the club that he was juicing. He looks nothing like the way he looked back then.

  10. Chris aka … sportschump

    I’ve no pics of Megan on the site. But I’ll definitely be throwing up something on her perhaps over the weekend. But it’ll be on my own personal site. Dependent upon my schedule. As it stands now I’m not so sure as to censorship ideals Joey’s got with regard to content material.

    Alan aka tophatal ………

  11. Chris aka sportschump ….

    You do remember what happened to Wallace when he met his untimely death don’t you ? He was allegedly placed out an pallet , castrated , quartered and then disemboweled. So at this juncture be careful what you wish for . LOL, LOL,LOL !!!!!

    Thanks for the visit over at the expanded site. Not much going on at work here at present. I can only surmise no one really wants to spend money buying major corporations . Much less medium size businesses at present.

    Credibilty: It’s Something That The NFL Has Now Got To Be In Search Of ……….

    Alan aka tophatal ….

  12. Chris aka sportschump ….

    If you remember a while back I suggested that the Glazers were lining up all of their ducks in row ? And that there was a remote possibility that they’d entertain the idea of selling the Bucs. Well let me know what you think as to the merits of the following ? As it relates to the family and their holdings in the soccer team Manchester United. As you may well be aware they’ve accepted a world record bid of $140m plus for the team’s best player in Cristiano Ronaldo. So as things now stand there may well be in for an even greater fallout amongst the fans . I know they say ..” business is busines”. But this is taking it to extremes . Considering the debt that they saddled the team with when they took them over.

    We May Make A Lot Of Money So We Can Spend A Lot Of Money………

    Alan aka tophatal ….

  13. Chris aka sportschump …….
    You do realize what befell Wallace at his death don’t you at the hands of the English ?

    As for Goodell I see that he’s come down harder on Stallworth than the law was ever prepared to do ? Katherine Fernandez-Rundle as the Miami-Dade Co DA ought to be ashamed of taking the plea agreement to begin with. And the mere fact that we’re now finding out that the player himself had already been a part of the league’s drug abuse program only brings to light how egregious his crime actually was to begin with.

    Alan ………….

  14. Chris aka sportschump …….

    I saw the sense in the investment itself. But for the life of me the way they went about it had to have hurt them immensely. They leveraged the club and now have a debt that’s growing by minute. And though the club is viewed as a cash cow. That debt has to be paid down . And at the same time the banks and the precarious position that many of them find themselves in won’t be all that willing to renegotiate the debt payments.

    Whoever at the time appeared to be giving the Glazers advice. Clearly they were out of their league. They bought the club for $1.5bn and the debt today still stands at just over $1.01 bn. Obviously they’re still struggling in the endeavor. And now with the sale of Ronaldo , the team’s most popular player by far. They’re now going to feel the wrath of the fans to be sure.

    As I’d alluded to a while back in a piece I’d done over at Fox. Whereby I hinted that Eddie De Bartolo was an interested party in buying the Bucs at the right price. It wouldn’t surprise me now if they were to offload the soccer club given their present predicament. They said that they were in it for the long haul. But I’m not so sure that’s now still the case. Just look at the penny pinching now said to be going on within the Bucs’ organization.

    This is a piece by me concerning the merits as to the who’s better player between the two, LeBron or Kobe. Let me know what you think as to the merits of the piece ? In order to view just click on the text shown.

    Greatness And The Legacy That Comes With It Or More To The Point The Labels The Fans And Pundits Choose To Affix To A Player ..

    Alan aka tophatal …….

  15. Chris aka sportschump …….

    Well for me the US Open has become one big bore. And I merely say this from the aspect of the weather as such dampening the whole event. Other than Barnes it’d appear some players may well have got use to the idea of staying around just to pick up a pay check.

    It look as if Lefty could put up something of a challenge. And it’ be looked upon as something of a fairy tale should he end up winning the tournament . Given the fact of the ongiong pressure that he’s still under.

    As for Tiger , his game has fallen of somewhat. And it’s been his errant play that is much to blame in this instance.

    This is my piece as I see it with regard to the event itself.

    Excuse Me But I’m Bored No Tiger And The US Open Now Becomes Mute ………….

    Alan aka tophatal ……………..

  16. TopHat… I think Tiger got screwed with his early tee time the first day. Getting rained out after a mediocre early half did him no favors.

    The PGA Tour did the best they could under the circumstances, I guess.

    The fairways look awfully narrow but I’m still not sure the golf course warrants a warning label like most dangerous golf courses. Golfers aren’t getting killed out there, are they?

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