Commercials we’re tired of, Vol. 1: Castrol’s “Think with your dipstick” campaign (video)


For those of us whose channel never leaves the Worldwide Leader in Sports (unless it’s to see what’s on ESPNews or ESPN Classic), I think I speak for all of us when I earnestly request removal of that ridiculously annoying Castrol Oil commercial.  For those of you who haven’t yet had the displeasure of seeing this advertisement, simply tune to ESPN at any given moment in time, then wait about five minutes as it’s on virtually every commercial break.  It’s enough to make a guy switch over to Lifetime.




Castrol’s recent advertising slogan features a man with a red beard, tan jumpsuit and Scottish accent violently whacking people across the legs, face or chest for not purchasing his preferred brand of motor oil.  He shouts at oil buyers and car owners, telling us to “Think with our dipstick!”  Isn’t that exactly what our fathers told us not to do in high school?


Who’s the genius that thought up this marketing campaign and aren’t Scottish people in the least bit offended by this?  Some violent, roaming stereotype on a rampage beating us senseless to the tune of some whistling Scottish music just for not putting a specific, synthetic oil in our cars?


When most of us pull up to the local Jiffy Lube, we generally go with whatever brand the mechanic suggests.  If we happen to change our own oil, in this day and age, we’re more likely to pull the cheapest oil off the shelves.  If that happens to be Castrol, so be it.  It’s not like we’re going to cough up the extra dollar for Castrol because we’re afraid some Scottish lunatic is going to come up from behind us and give us a good thrashing with his dipstick.


If some stranger in a cap and jumpsuit accosted me with a random piece of metal in a nearby Discount Auto Parts for not selecting the lubricant of his choice, I’d most assuredly beat the fake accent off him and make him drink his Castrol.  Not that we at preach violence, but hey, he started it.  I was merely defending myself and my freedom of choice in automotive products.


As sports fans, I think we’d rather be subjected to the relentless Brett Favre and Terrell Owens updates the network is so fond of airing.  Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World doesn’t get this much airplay but at least doesn’t go around violently striking random consumers upside the head to get them to drink his beer.  These Castrol advertisements are more violent than Wile E Coyote cartoons.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to run to the Jiffy Lube and remain totally unaware of what motor oil they’re putting in my car. 


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17 Replies to “Commercials we’re tired of, Vol. 1: Castrol’s “Think with your dipstick” campaign (video)”

  1. Did I do something wrong, I already watch Lifetime and love it. My wife hates it… HEHEHEHE… Bro, that’s why they have so many channels on cable, so you don’t have to watch these stupid — commercials. GOOD NIGHT NOW!

  2. Go Daddy’s Danica Patrick….I don’t care what she’s pushing. I’ll give it a second look every time!

  3. What’s funny is that you really did go get your oil changed!!! Sublminal advertising works apparently.

  4. Hmmm… No Fat Chicks. Why do I have the distinct feeling that comment came from an old poker buddy of mine who has been known to secretly bed a fat chick or two?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  5. DB… I go synthetic and I was about 5,000 miles over. And for the record, I have no idea what brand of oil they put in my car.

    Donny C… that and the Golf Channel is all he ever watches when he comes to visit.

  6. Good thing you’re not a race fan – that EXTENZE commercial airs every 15 minutes on SPEED! lol

  7. Chris aka sportschump ….

    Obviously every ad out there tends to send some sort of subliminal message. That’s the art of good marketing and advertizing in enticing the consumer to buy the product.

    However what can get boring for the viewer is the total lack of creativity and innovation shown when it comes to ad’s creation and then its showing on tv.

    My own personal favorites are the Dorito’s ads with Ali Landry , the State Farm ads with Dennis Haysbert (’24’… Pres. Palmer in the 1st season of the series) and finally the GEICO adds with the Gekko.

    What the hell is Silverman thinking in berating the Rays’ fans for not attending home games ? It wasn’t that long ago they didn’t have a pot to pi_ss in and a window to throw it out of. Less he forgets one winning season doesn’t a champion make. Until they start to show real consistency over a prolonged period of time. Then he’d better be thankful for what he’s got and keep his mouth shut !

    Alan ……….

  8. Chris aka sportschump …

    How is that the major sport’s franchises owners within the Tampa Bay area can all on appearance be so friggin’ stupid ? You’ve got the Glazers unwilling to admit that they’re in dire financial straits.

    You’ve got Silverman now berating the Rays’ fans for not turning out in droves at the Trop.

    And to top it all you’ve now got Oren Koules and Len Barrie going at each other like two rabid dogs . Never mind the fact that GM Brian Lawton is lying his as_s off when he states that Lecavalier is not on the trading block.

    All the three franchises at present
    are either meltdown or on the verge of it one way or another. See my NHL piece on the Coyotes and Lightning and let me know what you think as to the piece’s merits ? As and when you’re ready I’ll look forward to reading your comments.

    It Just Sreams Idiocy …

    I think I now going and join Julias Peppers’ entourage. Man is he getting paid or what ? He’ll be big pimpin’ now that’s for sure !

    Alan …………

  9. sportschump

    If TO’s meant to be so athletic . Then how is it that his as_s was the first to be kicked off the new remake of the reality show The Superstars. I thought he was meant to be all that and a bag o’ chips ?

    He looked like a newborn baby taking its first steps the number of times he kept on falling flat on his as_s.

    What a puss !

    As for Jim Brown I think he’s still somewhat livin’ in the dark ages. Here he is berating Tiger for not being enough of a social activist. But then I say to myself what the f__k has Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson done over the last thirty five years to further the cause of African Americans ?

    Alan ……….

  10. I was hoping the Bucs might make a serious play for Peppers. That really would have stuck it to Carolina.

    Let me know if they replay that Jim Brown interview. Guy hasn’t smiled in a lifetime.

    How is that Battle of the All-Stars show anyway? Is it watchable if even for the bikinis?

  11. Chris aka sportschump …..

    You of all people ought to know that the Bucs’ve never been known to pay top dollar even for a marquee player. And that includes the likes of Peppers. They’ve become cheap and appear to be out of their league.

    And now with talk of them pursuing Plax. I for one’ll believe it when I see it !

    It seems Christmas has come early for the Magic as they’ve traded for the Nets’ Vince Carter ? In exchange Alston , Battie and Courtney Lee head up to New Jersey.

    Alan ………..

  12. Not so sure I agree on that. I think in this day and age, organizations are coming to the realization that they will have to cough it the cash to compete.

    It was reported the Bucs were willing to pay for Haynesworth and Winslow didn’t come cheap.

    Still shook up by this Michael Jackson news.

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