presents They Said What? featuring Ron Artest, Allen Iverson, Rafael Palmeiro, Bill Plaschke, Andy Roddick and Tiger Woods

basketball-25x25The Lakers announced they were for trading Trevor Ariza to the Houston Rockets for Ron Artest.  In a recent Sportscenter interview, Artest told ESPN he thinks L.A. “can definitely win a championship.”  Someone may want to inform Artest the Lakers just won the NBA Finals only a few weeks ago, so if they don’t repeat, the man who will forever try to shake the image of the Malice at the Palace might just be considered the weak link.


basketball-25x251Allen Iverson recently stated he “would like to play for the Memphis Grizzlies,” marking the first time in league history those words have ever been uttered.  After failed experiments in both Denver and Detroit, Iverson has proven what many of us feared all along: he’s still difficult to build a team around.  It is safe to say his market value has dropped considerably in these, the waning years of his career.  At least he’ll keep the fans of Memphis entertained.  If they do sign him, you may want to pick him up for your fantasy team as he should go back to scoring thirty a night.  Someone on that team has to.


baseball-25x25-2In an interview with ESPN’s Pedro Gomez, a somewhat dejected Rafael Palmeiro admitted that he “didn’t really understand what he was taking” and that “whatever he took was tainted” in regards to his alleged steroid use.  He also predicted that his name would not be found on the infamous list of 104 baseball players who tested positive for steroids.  Congratulations to Rafi for inventing yet another distortion of the truth baseball fans have not yet heard.


baseball-25x25-21Upon Manny Ramirez’ return to the Dodgers’ lineup after a 50-day suspension for steroid use, L.A. Times sportswriter Bill Plaschke described the fans at Chavez Ravine as so animated, it was as if they “were welcoming home troops from Iraq.”  I don’t have any children who have fought overseas so personally, I wasn’t offended by the comments.  In fact, I thought they were quite apropos.  What about you?  Is it wrong to compare sport to something so much more serious?


tennis-25x25In a post-match interview, a dejected Andy Roddick was asked if he had just lost the Wimbledon Final to the greatest tennis player ever.  He answered with a curt “Yes.”  Roddick gave it his best to defeat Roger Federer, but in a fifth set that lasted over ninety minutes, Roddick fell just short of winning his first Wimbledon title ever.  Federer broke Roddick only once the entire match but it was enough to give him his fifteenth major victory, the most in tennis history.


jordan-25Memo to the most dominant athlete of this generation.  Never tell the most dominant athlete of last generation there’s something he can’t do.  Three weeks ago, Tiger Woods said “no amateur golfer could break 100 at Bethpage Black” where this year’s US Open was held.  Shortly after those comments, Michael Jordan went out and shot a cool 86.  Ben Roethlisberger shot an 81 and Justin Timberlake brought sexy back with an 88.

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32 Replies to “ presents They Said What? featuring Ron Artest, Allen Iverson, Rafael Palmeiro, Bill Plaschke, Andy Roddick and Tiger Woods”

  1. `Well Chump, it just goes to show that people in sports say dumb things on par with actors and super models. And we know how dumb they are.

  2. Just like the rest of us, huh, Snake?

    I was also gonna add Marbury to his list when he said he’d likely not be back with the C’s next year.

    I’m sure you’re heartbroken. Think there’ll be a press conference? he he

  3. Chris ….

    If your poll had included both Laver and Sampras. Then the debate could be viewed as more meaningful. But I do believe his record speaks for itelf. He’s been in 16 of the last seventeen Grand Slam Finals. And not even Laver or Sampras was ever able to achieve that sort of run.

    So if we’re going to really debate this then let’s put all of the facts out there to begin with.

    Here’s my take on McNair as well as who’s the best player between Manny, Pujols and A-Rod.

    As and when you’re ready let me know what you think as to the merits of both pieces ?

    Tragedy When It Strikes It Makes One Think Of Their Own Mortality ….

    Alan aka tophatal

  4. Al… I just wanted to keep that simple.

    I know we as fans, and the media as well, have a tendency to say any modern dominance is the greatest of all time.

    Federer is just a silent assassin. He doesn’t make mistakes. And he has rolled over the men’s division for years.

    I’m sorry to tell his competitors, he’s far from done.

  5. Chris

    Federer stays in the game for another two or three years. Then he and Nadal will rule the roost. However much of that’ll be predicated upon how quickly Nadal returns from injury and whether or not he’ll be the same player we saw before.

    Artest with the Lakers gives them a third legitimate scoring option behind Kobe and Gasol. And defensively it makes them all the more resolute.

    Allen Iverson with the Grizzlies ? Hang on I hear that both Tara Reid and Paris Hilton’ll be attending Harvard ?

    In MLB when is a 50 game suspension meaningless ? When you’re still allowed to play in the minors. WTF ? And we’re meant to take this game seriously and any piece of crap that either Bud Selig or Donald Fehr told us ? Gimme a break !

    As for Tiger I bet he’s now willing to spot those three 8 shots and still beat their asses into the ground ?

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal

  6. At that rate, it’s safe to chalk up another 3 or 4 Slam titles to Federer’s resume rather easily.

    Does the Artest signing have any bearing on keeping Odom?

  7. Chris

    I don’t know that it does or doesn’t . But anything that makes this team better then I doubt that you’ll hear any outright refrain from Kobe. As for Lamar Odom . He knows that he can’t get the sort of money he’s looking for elsewhere.

    His game doesn’t demand it and nor should he get it. He’s far too inconsistent a player. And in today’s economic climate , teams aren’t going to overspend to get a player of Odom’s talent at a premium price. Especially when he’s worth marginally less than the market average.

    Alan Parkins

  8. I’m just not sure I entirely understand the move. Was it a reaction to all the other moves made?

    It just seemed drastic and while Artest’s a talent, he’s always a half step away from a meltdown.

    Sure, Phil has coached headcases in the past and got the most out of them but he’s getting too old for that crap.

  9. Chris

    Trevor Ariza was looking to get paid. And he felt that the Lakers could up the ante. Wherein Artest just wants to play for a legitimate contender. And in the Houston Rockets you may no longer have that. Wherein the situation concerning McGrady and Yao seems uncertain as to their immediate future.
    That’s all one really needs to know.

    And that’s inspite of the fact that the Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey has some really big decisions to make.
    They’re now on the edge of a prepice looking not to fall into obscurity and oblivion.

    Alan Parkins

  10. Chris

    In sports it all comes down to the business of making money. Success is merely the bye product of it all. And that’s what these owners are as such primarily care about. To make money and then the chase for the success. Now much of that’s also predicated upon the management staff you’ve got in place to begin with. Without that then you’re not going to go all that far at all.

    See the following organizations to realize what I’m talking about. Pirates, Clippers, Browns , Mariners, Flames , Coyotes and LA Galaxy. The last organization has all the money in the world. But in terms of business acumen and common sense. Then you might as well be working with a bunch mentally challenged individuals.

    Alan Parkins

  11. Chris

    Is it me or are the idiot analysts who cover the sport of tennis merely blinded by one performance by Roddick ? To suggest that he’s closed the gap between he , Federer and Nadal.

    It’s like suggesting that Tara Reid or Paris Hilton can become members of MENSA. I long for the days when they would offer an opinion that has some merit to it. Rather than stating something that’s so asinine.

    But then again that’s what happens when you’ve got the likes of Carillo, John and Patrick McEnroe offering up commentary and their own out of touch opinions. Punch Drunk Love is what they call it I believe ?

    But I think that in their case they’ve had one or two more shots of tequila than is normally prescribed.

    Alan Parkins

  12. The Rockets are in a world of hurt and it’s too bad because the franchise did everything right to build a contender. They just had some bad luck.

    I almost can’t blame Ariza for wanting to jump ship and get paid. He’s young, he already has his ring and if he thinks he can be the focal point of a team, let him go for it.

    Of course, he’ll be on a 25-win team next season and at that point he can look back and determine whether he made the right decision.

  13. Ultimately, tho, Al, I would think winning would translate into financial success and vice versa.

    For fringe teams that don’t have avid followings, particularly in this economy, I would think franchises would have to put forth a winning product for anyone to even give a damn.

  14. I think that was as good as it gets for Roddick and it still wasn’t enough to beat Federer. And Nadal hasn’t even reached his full potential yet.

    I’d dare to guess Roddick does not win another major, not that I’d mind seeing him win this year’s US Open, which is probably his best bet.

  15. Chris …

    Putting forth a winning product ? Then how’d you explain the Clippers under Donald Sterling and Eligin Baylor ? Now that’s an oxymoron when it comes to success or lack of it thereof.

    And they’re still making money albeit by the alacrity and largesse of the NBA by way of the luxury tax. So don’t kid yourself for one minute a truly successful product has to place unto the field of play in order for some teams to make money. Less you forget Naimioli and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays ? Or Culverhouse and the Bucs ?

    Alan Parkins …

  16. Chris …

    In light of the post Wimbledon joy. Here’s my piece on the event.

    Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

    Now with the US Open at Flushing, New York , coming up. It’ll be interesting to see where the games of the Williams sisters stand. As too that of Roddick , Federer and in particular that of Nadal’s. Knee injuries if not fully healed can play havoc with a player’s career. Just ask the likes of Gustavo Kuerten and Michael Chang ?

    Alan Parkins

  17. I agree with that, Al. I’m not sure which teams are making money and which aren’t.

    I would imagine some markets, like the Clippers, are exempt, which is hard to believe since that franchise has been characterized by possibly the worst decision-making in professional sports.

    That organization would make for a great reality tv show.

  18. Chris

    I won’t go there as I think I know which head you’re thinking with ? LOL, LOL ,LOL !!!

    Their records are comparable but Serena may well have the slightest of edges, merely because she’s got a career Grand Slam.

    Reality show ? Have you seen TO’s show 4th And Long on Spike TV ? Now VH1 are said to be giving him another show. Whereby they’ve been covering him ever since he was signed by the Buffalo Bills.

    No one knows how to garner the pub’ like Terrell Owens . Absolutely no one ! Mind you it helps that he’s got a scumbag of an agent in Drew Rosenhaus .

    Alan Parkins

  19. Chris


    Tiger doesn’t have to have a sense of humor when he’s making upwards of $100m a year. Would you ?

    Alan Parkins

  20. Next Question!

    Speaking of overrated athletes on television, I no longer have HBO, so you’re gonna have to tell me how Hard Knocks with the Cincinnati Bengals is…. if you can bear to watch.

    And if I made that much jack, I’d be funnier than Don Rickles.

  21. Hey come on Sportschump, i would like to play for the Memphis Grizzlies….wouldn’t you? That was classic funny by the way.

  22. Funny that you mention that.

    I actually rewrote that sentence. At first it was going to be ‘the first time an NBA athlete has ever uttered those words.’

    I would love to play for the Grizz. Can you imagine using that line in a bar? “Hi, my name is Chris and I have two career points in the NBA.”

    That’s a can’t miss, brother.

    Dude, let’s hit the links soon. You haven’t even seen my pad yet.

  23. Chris

    Iverson saying he wants to play for the Grizzlies. Is that like a hot chick saying she’d let you have sex with her just this once ’cause she likes you ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

    <a href=”” Say You’ll Stay ?

    Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

    Alan Parkins

  24. Actually, Al, I would liken Iverson saying he wants to play for the Grizz as telling an ugly girl you really want to be with her because she’s the only one showing any interest.

  25. Chris

    You’ve got to remember even the ugly chicks’ve got to have some lovin’ . Some of that actual real tenderoni type of lovin’ mind you.

    Myself, I prefer a chick(athletic in stature and sexually diverse) that’ll at least want to have a meaningful conversation afterwards. Not like somethin’ like …..’ that’ll be $50 and you can call me anytime’.

    This McNair situation is really casting an ugly side and it’ll most definitely tarnish his legacy and reputation. As for that moron Skip Bayless believing that he warrants a place in Canton. Let’s just say he’s been messing around with too much of the household domestic solvents.

    And low and behold in my native Britain. We’ve got Bernie Ecclestone singing the praises of Adolf Hitler in saying that “he knew how to get the job done”. What a douche_bag the guy is ! Now he’s saying as such his remarks were taken out of context ?

    Alan Parkins

  26. Chris

    You’ve to remember for Tiger fun is subjecting his peers on the golf course to a proverbial as_s whupping. And if it should happen in any of the majors then he’s even far more happier.

    I can’t wait for the British Open to start up at Turnberry Isle , Scotland. I think he’ll be in with a great chance . Just as long as he keeps his tee-shots on the fairway. Other than that he ought to do well.

    Alan Parkins

  27. San Juan is the shiznit as usual. You gotta catch me up on the news.. I heard about the Artest deal. Henry has mixed feelings about that…

  28. Donny C, as a Lakers fan, I would think Henrietta’s torn. I have yet to find a Lakers fan that 100% behind the move.

    I’d Brotha E, but we’re still not exactly sure which team or teams he roots for.

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