“Things We’ll Never See” Caption Contest — WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!

 The winning submission for each caption will receive their name up in lights along with fabulous SportsChump.Net prizes…. to be named later. 



 Winner – Frank Irizarry: “Cash for Clunkers?”






Jokers Wild: “30 to 1 he gets in.”

Frank Irizarry: “If I autograph this hat and jersey, I wonder how much I can get for themon eBay.” 




Anonymous: “Philadelphia, this dog needs a home.  Oh, and can you find a home for the puppy too?” 




 Winner – Jokers Wild: “After this speech, I’m eating a box of Cocoa Puffs.  I’ve got the munchies.”





 Frank Irizarry: “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are”

Gene Haddock: “Knock the dust of it please.”




 Winner – Gene Haddock: “Stop! Thief!”





 Winner – Jokers Wild: “If the golf glove don’t fit, you must acquit.”


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32 Replies to ““Things We’ll Never See” Caption Contest — WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!”

  1. Harsh, bro, harsh!

    We have seen that last pic. Still working on his slice, I guess.

    Top pic will also be seen later this year. Maybe a different uni, but he’ll be back like cooked crack.

  2. Han… thanks, man. Just a little fun with photoshop.

    I received permission to use the Favre Vikes photo from someone in my blogroll. I just added the OJ pic for effect.

  3. Hysterical! That picture of King James is priceless. I do think we may see Pete Rose in the HOF some day but as for those others……

  4. Thanks, Franco.

    I thought I’d show off a little of my (un)artistic side.

    Think Rose will get in in his lifetime, and will Shoeless Joe get in with him?

  5. Honey…..You are right abouthe Pirates. I laughed out loud when I saw that. ROTFLMAO

  6. Chris

    I know that Vick’ll be back in the league. But I’ve no wish to see him around any animals whatsoever.

    As for OJ I’d wish him the same fate as MJ. Merely ’cause I know that he’s no interest in searching for the real killer of his ex-wife.

    I think that Brett’ll be back this time next year still wanting another chance to return to the NFL.

    As for Phelps he’s proven that he’s no longer invincible and by no means the best Olympian ever. As far his personalit is concerned. It borders on being far from intellegentcia.

    LeBron talks about wanting to be a global icon. How ’bout leading his friggin’ team first to a championship before thinking about himself , first ?

    Alan Parkins

  7. Gorilla… I’m with you, man.

    Although, as I’ve said, with so many PED users eventually becoming eligible, the HOF will be looking to admit someone or the tourists and descendants upon Cooperstown will dwindle considerably.

  8. Al… I think Favre’s worn out his welcome this time, man. I mean, what team in their right mind would jeopardize their future on his indecision. It’s not like he’s a guarantee.

    This weekend’s golf tournament looked like Tiger and a bunch of minor leaguers.

  9. Chris

    The only thing that I’ve found boring about the whole Favre saga . It’s been the obeyance shown by the idiots within the halls of ESPN. They’ve spent as much time on this story with Werder , Palantionio and Mortensen giving you the long & short of it all. Now if only they’d show as much friggin’ insight as to the NFL . I might find some of their analysis more convincing and insightful to begin with !

    As for Woods , he’s got to win the PGA this month at the Hazeltine Course in Chaska, Minnesota. If his season isn’t to be viewed as a failure by his own lofty goals. Winning the money title and Player of The Year, counts for nothing without at least the winning of one or two of the major Grand Slam events.

    J P Ricciardi Is No Poker Player Infact This Guy Better Off Being A Dog Catcher If That At All ……….

    Alan Parkins

  10. Well, Al, it has to be the program director at ESPN who’s making the call to send those guys out. I’ll have another piece up on it shortly. I think it’s safe to say he’s out of tune with what his viewers want… or is he?

    I agree, Tiger needs to finish the season with a bang.

    I’m behind on my sportschump.net emails but I’ll be over there to catch up on my reading soon.

  11. Chris

    I wonder if it’s the same sport’s programming director that’s not yet prepared to shop the Erin Andrews’ tape as of yet ? I know it’s gone viral on You Tube. And I’ve not yet seen it. But then again Andrews up close and personal can’t be such a bad thing now can it ?

    Erin Andrews This is just the montage of pics . I’m not going down the route of posting the vid.

    If ESPN can’t find something worthwhile within the NFL to report about . Other than the size of Favre’s sphinctre and whether or not he wants to return to the NFL. Then I guess I’ll have to start to make more use of the mute button on my remote control.

    I see the Sox trade for Victor Martinez is already starting to pay dividends for the team ? Do you think that he’ll ultimately succeed Varitek behind the plate ? Or will they be more inclined to play him at 1st base or have him play DH when Big Papi needs a rest day ? I for one like the idea of him at 1st or behind the plate !

    And how ’bout Phelps ? He seems to be a happy guy once again ? Well it may well be ’cause his suit’s now said to be doing most of the work for him . LOL,LOL,LOL !! Technology does have its uses afterall. Just like Viagra, Cialis and Extenze . What’s an extra inch or three between you and the female you want to share it the most with ?

    Alan Parkins

  12. Al… Varitek is probably a better career catcher for the Boston Red Sox than Carlton Fisk, making him the best catcher in team history. There I said it. Eventually, however, Cap will have to be replaced. We’ll see if VM is the answer.

    I’m not so sure I understand all the hoopla about Phelps and his swimsuit. I get way more attention when I wear my banana hammock out to the coast.

  13. For the Pete Rose pic –

    30 to 1 he gets in.

    Michael Phelps –

    After this speech i’m eating a box of cocco puffs man I ‘ve got the munchies

    The OJ –

    If the golf glove don’t fit you must aquit

  14. No complaints here, man. Celebrating the fact that we locked up the Urbanator.

    May be pulling double duty tomorrow: Afternoon training camp with the Bucs and evening with the Sox Rays.

    Life is good.

  15. Here’s my submission for the captions Chris:

    Favre – “Cash for clunkers?”

    Rose – “If I autograph this hat and jersey, I wonder how much I can get for them on ebay.”

    Vick – “Why couldn’t I just bet on cockfights like Pedro Martinez?”

    Phelps – “The munchies are killing me. I could eat this microphone right now.”

    Pirates – “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are…”

    Lebron – “Fuck you Skip Bayless! Witness this!”

    OJ – “The real killer is hanging out at Amen corner. Off to Augusta!”

  16. Chris,
    I’ll give it a shot.

    Favre: “Damn, I was never this constipated in Green Bay!”

    Rose: “No Mr. Selig, I’m not being an ass kisser.”

    Vick: “I hate Olin Mills Studios”

    Phelps: “Could you use it in a sentence?”
    “Hey Phelps, stop Bogarting the Bong!”

    Pirates: “Pitiful. Pathetic. Pirates Baseball.”
    (The current slogan is “Pride. Passion…

    LeBron: “What was this thing for again?”

    OJ: “Hi A.C. I need you for another job!”

  17. Ah, Cowlings is actually in another foursome, desperately trying to get away from OJ.

    As for the Pirates, I’m a longtime fan (I’ve been alive for the last three World Championships; although in 1960 I was cheering Maz’s winning homer from my playpen!). I’ve suffered greatly through the seemingly endless parade of washed-up has beens the Pirates have paraded through here, then every five years being told “we’re committed to a five year rebuilding plan”. I’m ready for a winner; so I tend to be “extra” sarcastic.

  18. Captions….

    1…”I feel pretty, so pretty, and witty, and gay.”

    2…”Twenty years of ego have kept me out of the Hall. Sigh.”

    3…”Jab with your left and follow with your right.” No wonder he didn’t win many dog fights.

    4…Just say no….to that outfit Paul Reubens.

    5….Knock the dust off it please.

    6…Stop! Thief!

    7…”See ya, warden. I’ll be back Monday…maybe.”

  19. Chris

    Forgive me when I say this but I do hope you’re not T-baggin’ it by either doin’ a Bruno or Borat in the swimwear ? I don’t think that the chicks’d dig that to begin with. Especially if there’s not enough that’s swingin’ in the hammock to get ’em interested to begin with . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

    Alan Parkins

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