Your weekly SportsChumpdate featuring Brett Favre, Michael Vick, Mark Buehrle, Emeka Okafor, Roy Halladay, David Ortiz, Tiger Woods and Urban Meyer

football-25x25Brett Favre has retired yet again and this time he means it… we think.  Then again “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter” was supposed to be the final Jason movie.  No word whether ESPN will shorten their SportsCenter broadcasts to thirty minutes with lack of new Favre material to cover.  The Favre Will He/Won’t He reality series could be out soon.  Favre not joining the Vikes was not even the worst news they received this week.  Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson suffered a minor MCL sprain when a lineman rolled over his leg in practice.  First Favre, now this. Viking quarterbacks are dropping like flies.  Perhaps they should just snap the ball directly to either Adrian Peterson or Percy Harvin.  Then again, Michael Vick is still available.


football-25x251Speaking of Mike Vick, the nation and PETA protestors alike wait with bated breath to find out which NFL team will give Vick a shot at redemption.  As the NFL season rapidly approaches, no franchise has yet to announce they’ll sign him.  In fact, the only person to back Vick is Tony Dungy.  Unfortunately for Vick, Dungy is no longer a head coach in the league.  Dungy’s support, along with Vick’s contrition after meeting Commissioner Goodell, was a major reason Vick was allowed back into the league.  With my bad credit, I’m wondering if Coach Dungy can accompany me to the closest bank for a loan.


baseball-25x25-2After pitching a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays last week, Mark Buehrle continued his hot streak by retiring the first 17 batters he faced in his next start.  Buehrle set the major league record of consecutive retired batters at 45.  His streak finally ended when he walked Alexi Casilla in the sixth inning.  Buehrle’s perfect game was only the 18th in major league history.  That’s almost as many NFL teams that have expressed disinterest in Michael Vick.


basketball-25x25The New Orleans Hornets and Charlotte Bobcats completed a swap for number two draft picks.  No, not Darko Milicic for Sam Bowie.  New Orleans sent disgruntled center Tyson Chandler to Charlotte for Emeka Okafor.  Okafor has averaged 14 points and 10 rebounds per game for his career.  Expect those numbers to increase when playing with the best point guard in the league, just as Chandler’s did when he started playing with Chris Paul in 2006.  Fantasy team owners should likely draft Okafor over Chandler this season if they know what’s good for them.


baseball-25x25-21Even though the most coveted arm in the majors, Roy Halladay, was not moved by the trading deadline, baseball’s rich still got richer.  The Philadelphia Phillies landed Cliff Lee from the Indians.  The Boston Red Sox landed Victor Martinez.  The White Sox got Jake Peavy from San Diego.  Detroit traded for Jarrod Washburn.  All four of those teams are competing for post-season position and those acquisitions should help dramatically.  In the meantime, Halladay remains in the rotation of a team looking up at its competition.


baseball-25x25-22Like water torture, more names have been leaked from baseball’s secretive list of 104 players that failed a 2003 drug test.  What’s ironic is that this was a random sampling, meaning more than 104 actually used some sort of performance enhancing drug when the test was given.  What’s more ironic is that Major League Baseball think fans still care.  The big name this time?  Red Sox power hitter David Ortiz.  To make matters worse for Boston, the Globe reported that two team employees were fired when steroids were found in one of their automobiles.  Just when Commissioner Selig thought he had resolved his sports’ drug problem.


golf-25x251Tiger Woods is at it again, proving that when he’s on his game, he’s untouchable.  Tiger won the Buick Open on Sunday finishing 20-under, firing a 63 on Friday and a 65 on Sunday.  I also shot a 63 on Friday… then I teed off on 12.  Tiger wins over one-quarter of the events he enters, a statistic unheard of in golf.  The event was a tune up for the PGA Championship to be held in two weeks at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota.  Minnesota?  While he’s there, perhaps he should drop off an application at the MetroDome.  I hear the Vikings could use a quarterback.


football-25x252Domers pipe down.  The University of Florida made Urban Meyer the highest paid coach in conference history and the third highest paid coach in college football, behind only USC’s Pete Carroll and Notre Dame’s Charlie Weis.  Meyer’s contract is reportedly worth 6-years, 24-million dollars.  If only that money could buy another Tim Tebow.

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21 Replies to “Your weekly SportsChumpdate featuring Brett Favre, Michael Vick, Mark Buehrle, Emeka Okafor, Roy Halladay, David Ortiz, Tiger Woods and Urban Meyer”

  1. Chris

    Most within Gator Nation for now don’t see it as a problem. Well as long as they’re winning. But I ask you this question. How can the university justify laying of staff (academic & ancillary) , then raising tuition fees as well as cuttinh academic programs in line with what Meyer is now said to be getting ? Isn’t there something inherently wrong there ?

    That’s the real question one ought to be asking at this juncture. I know it’s not just here in Florida that this is now said to be happening.

    Even many of the Ivy League schools are now doing that. Especially as their endowments are now on the decline not only from alumni but also from corporate benefactors.

    Alan Parkins

  2. Chris

    Meyer isn’t now earning more than Saban and Les Miles as of now ? Once this new contract is set , that may well be the case. But I know that Miles in particular annually has his salary increased wherein it’s higher than that of his nearest rival within the SEC by $10,000. That’s a fact that’s unbekown to many around the SEC.

    Saban at Alabama has a similar clause also written into his contract as well. This’ll throw things into a real mess within the SEC for the future .

    Alan Parkins

    Alan Parkins

  3. Al… I’ll play devil’s advocate.

    The raise wasn’t all that much. He was already making 3.3 mil anyway so this was just a nice bump to keep him happy and squash the Notre Dame rumors.

    Oh… and one more thing. How many professors from the University of Florida can you name? If anything, Meyer’s bringing income into the city and school system.

  4. Actually, the school might have gotten off easy. If he’s already garnered two championships in three years… and is in line for another, I mean, how much should they be paying for that sort of success and why would any other coach be making any more than him?

  5. Chris

    Most aren’t concerned about the names of the professors. It’s more about the quality of the education and that of the professors that are there teaching.

    When budgets are being cut allround you can’t tell me that’s a good thing . And not only that the tuition fees are now becoming even less affordable. I understand that a college education isn’t a right more so if anything it’s a privilege to an extent. But at least it ought to be made somewhat more accessible to those with an interest of making it a part to a career goal. Well that’s how I view it.

    For me thanfully, after leaving the military. I had enough saved whereby I could’ve afforded it. But luckily enough the institution that first hired me straight out of the military paid for my education. I garnered myself two degrees and an MBA to boot , at their expense.

    Appearance also Chris, counts for a lot in that context. The monies may well have been derived from the UAA . But then ask Machen to explain all the budgetary cuts while then paying a football coach $4m a year ? You may well feel that those benefits far outweigh the criticism that may well take place. But it does appear to smack of just of Bernie Machen wanting to secure Meyer long term in order to stop him jumping off elsewhere. I do believe in rewarding excellence , don’t get me wrong. But it’s also the perception as to what’s morally right at the time.

    I’m in Miami at present working alongside colleagues from the Orlando and Miami offices on a deal for a Latin American client of the firm. Don’t worry everything is above board. It’s not about smuggling dope in or out of the country . It’s a prospective merger and acquisition.

    Here are links to two of my most recent pieces. As and when you’re ready I’ll look forward to reading your comments. One of them also deals with the ponies. I don’t if you’re that much of a horse racing buff , if at all ?

    Weekend Sports Update ….

    J P Ricciardi Is No Poker Player Infact This Guy Is Better Off Being A Local Dog Catcher If That At All …

    Alan Parkins

  6. Miami, Al? Be sure to hit Mango’s on South Beach while you’re there.

    The Meyer signing raised some eyebrows but it would have raised more had they lost him.

    It’s not the University’s fault the economy’s in the crapper. I actually think the raise was in good taste and I’m out of work. Hey, I don’t want Dr Denslow coaching my team for $125,000.

  7. Chris

    First of all as we all know USC pays its players and coaches, commensurate as to their skills. Well at least that’s how they go about things on the West Coast. I think that it might’ve been something of a step down for the likes of Bush , Leinart and Palmer to be now be paid a mere pittance , without any of the luxuries to boot ! LOL,LOL, LOL !!!

    And one can’t help but wonder how arduous those extra classes must’ve been for Leinart. I mean ballroom friggin’ dancing ? I’m surprised that he didn’t do needlepoint as well ? I mean his a_s has spent more time toiling on the bench for the Cardinals seeing how the quarterback position ought to be played . Hopefully he’ll learn something from Kurt Warner to begin with.

    As to your question on the USC Trojans. It’s all about the alumni , corporate boosters. And the fact that their AD and the NCAA has basically looked the other way . While much of the misdeeds have gone on. I mean how else can one explain it all ? The cash cow when it comes to collegiate football. And without them on tv , hardly anyone watches the games nationally. I know that there are the hardened Wolverines’ , Buckeyes’ and Irish fans out there. But in terms of consistency in recent times. None of those programs can match USC. Hence the reason why the networks fawn over them. Therein also, you have the bias as to the pre-eminence as to the PAC-10 .

    As for Bush this year he’s going to have to step up to the plate and prove that he’s an elite running back . And not just some kid with all of the hype and very little else to back it all up.

    Terrific game last night by the Rays , if you’re an ardent Rays’ fan. If you’re a die-hard Red Sox fan then it was a tremendous disappointment. It’ll be tough for them (Rays) to capture that wild-card berth. They’ve left themselves I believe , just a little too much to do.

    Below is my latest piece . It’s on the Knicks and their alleged interest in former Heat point guard Jason Williams.

    Like Water For Chocolate

    As to hitting Mango’s . I’ll be doing that if my itinerary permits it. I’ve already been to Opium and the Mynt. I’ll be heading home either Friday or Saturday night , dependent up on whatever else needs to be done to get this deal closed out to the clients’ satisfaction.

    Alan Parkins

  8. Chris

    Well with Favre not returning to the NFL , this season. You can be sure that the likes of Fox, HBO, ESPN/ABC , CBS and the NFL Network will be pursuing him, with regard to him becoming an analyst, merely for this season. They probably feel that he’ll be able to provide some insight.

    Whoever lands are sure to be looking at something of a ratings’ boost for their show or shows as the case may be.

    Whether or not he’ll prove to be a success is dependent upon how you view him . As of now I’m not sure that with the vast majority of NFL fans it’s all that favorable to begin with. But I really doubt the programmers’ll really care. To them it’s all about the money ad revenues that they can additionally gain from his presence.

    Alan Parkins

  9. Al… so does that mean in some way USC is indirectly responsible for putting Kim Cardashian on the air? I’m not sure whether I should thank them or hate them.

    You’re not suggesting a reality tv show or Favre mowing his lawn, are you?

  10. Chris

    Whatever’s said to have taken place between Kim and Reggie is their own business. I’m just looking forward to the sex tape that’ll no doubt be leaked by her PR people , with Reggie waxing that a_s .

    Unless Favre’s going country , I expect to see him one of the ubiquitous NFL tv shows. I may well be in need of a dictionary to comprehend what he might be saying from time to time , because of the Mississippi drawl of his.

    Though admittedly I’m a fan of USC. I can’t hide my contempt for what’s gone on at all ! It sends the wrong message and underscores what competitive collegiate athletics is meant to be about. Is it any wonder why we’ve got cheating in all levels of sports in some form or another ?

    Here’s my piece on the Giants’ Eli Manning and his new 6 yr deal said to be worth close to $100m. Nice piece of cheddar for those who can get it !

    For $97m You’d Better Be Able To Guarantee Me Something ……

    Alan Parkins

  11. I’ll be over to check out the Manning piece.

    And the more I think about it, the more I think the Rays did an incredible job locking of Longoria when they did. That kid can ball.

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