Weekly SportsChumpdate feat. Rick Pitino, Kevin Youkilis, Tiger Woods, Kurt Rambis, Pedro Martinez, US Soccer and the New York Yankees

basketball-25x251Coach should have opted for the cannoli.  University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino acknowledged having consensual sex after-hours in an Italian restaurant with a woman named Karen Sypher six years ago.  Pitino is married with children.  Sypher’s story differs from Pitino’s, alleging that he forced himself on her that night and that she got pregnant.  She has since been charged with extortion.  Pitino allegedly told police that he gave Sypher $3000 for an abortion but his attorney later claimed the money in question was for insurance.  Pitino’s status at Louisville remains uncertain, however his contract allows him to be terminated for “moral depravity.”  Ironically, Pitino’s website, rickpitino.com, contained a restaurant review section.  No word on whether the adult reviews are found at the back of the website behind the swinging doors.


baseball-25x25-23The Yankees are coming, the Yankees are coming.  Never mind that, they’re already here.  The largest payroll in baseball is finally living up to its potential.  Since the All-Star break, the Yankees are 20-6.  Over that stretch, they boast separate seven and eight game- winning streaks, including a four-game sweep of the Boston Red Sox.  With less than fifty games remaining, the Yankees have the best record in baseball.  Since the American League won this year’s All-Star Game, the Yankees would get home field advantage in the World Series if they make it that far.  Now if they can only sell those vacant $2,000 seats behind home plate.


baseball-25x25-24After losing six straight, the Red Sox have rediscovered their mojo, however it came at the expense of a Kevin Youkilis five-game suspension.  After being beaned in consecutive games by Detroit Tiger pitching, Youk had had enough.  The imposing 6’1”, 220 lbs. Youkilis charged the mound Tuesday, tackling then rolling around with pitcher Rick Porcello.  Porcello should not be confused with Porcini, the Italian restaurant where Pitino and Sypher allegedly rolled around. 


golf-25x252Tiger Woods is good.  After winning the Buick Open and Bridgestone Invitational in consecutive weekends, he goes for his third straight victory at the year’s final major: the PGA Championship.  Last Sunday, Tiger came from three strokes behind to beat Padraig Harrington.  The final round came down to a semi-controversial ending when a PGA Tour referee warned the final group of Harrington and Woods they were on the clock as they were 17 minutes behind schedule.  Isn’t that like fast forwarding through the end of Casablanca?  Let them play!  After the official warning, Tiger birdied the 16th and Harrington finished with a triple bogey, dropping out of contention.  Tiger later criticized the official for calling time on the twosome.  Several media outlets incorrectly reported that Tiger was fined for his statements.  Tiger announced that he had heard from the Tour for his comments but was not fined.  Considering he could probably buy the Tour, it was probably a wise move to let Woods go unpunished.


baseball-25x25-25The Phillies welcomed a healthy Pedro Martinez to their starting rotation this week.  With plenty of early run support, the three-time Cy Young Award winner pitched five strong innings to earn his first victory in almost a year.  Martinez threw 99 pitches, allowing three runs and striking out five.  Despite his failed stint with the New York Mets, Pedro could give the Philadelphia rotation the boost, and the Jheri curl, they need heading into the post-season.


basketball-25x252The Minnesota Timberwolves named former Lakers assistant coach, Kurt Rambis, their next head coach.  Rambis reportedly signed a four-year, $8 million deal.  Rambis replaced Kevin McHale as the ninth coach in T’Wolves history.  Only one of those coaches, Flip Saunders, has a winning record.  With limited talent and the unsigned Ricky Rubio threatening to play in Spain, Rambis will be hard-pressed to become their second. 


soccer-25x25US Soccer is slowly becoming accustomed to heartbreak.  While they’re not in jeopardy of failing to qualify for the 2010 World Cup just yet, Wednesday’s loss to Mexico didn’t help.  After taking a 1-0 lead early in the match, US allowed a goal midway through the first half, then an 82nd minute goal to Mexico’s Miguel Sabah to seal defeat.  The United States has not won a soccer game in Mexico in 24 tries.  With Honduras’ victory over Costa Rica, things have become crowded atop the North, Central America and Caribbean division with all four teams battling for three spots.  US Soccer next plays El Salvador on September 5 in what appears to be a must-win game.

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20 Replies to “Weekly SportsChumpdate feat. Rick Pitino, Kevin Youkilis, Tiger Woods, Kurt Rambis, Pedro Martinez, US Soccer and the New York Yankees”

  1. Chris

    Was this Pitino’s own eaterie or what ? I’d hate to see him around the stable girls that he’s got in his employ . Being that he’s also an avid race horse owner and breeder. If it’s not in the Zagat guide then I’m not interested.

    The Yankees have most definitely arrived. I thought that if anything their achilles’ heel may well have been their pitching. Instead that’s been one of their strengths. And for me their season MVP without a doubt is Robinson Cano.

    Since when did Youkilis become Porcello’s bit_h ? He threw him to the ground like a damn rag doll. I’ve always maintained that baseball and NBA players are the softest guys in all of sports. They fight like eighty year old female geriatrics.

    The T’wolves’ll struggle that’s for sure. But much of the blame lays with GM David Kahn and the owner Glen Taylor. They make Donald Sterling and Elgin Baylor seem MIT grads when it comes to running an NBA franchise.

    I hear that US soccer next strategy will be grant citizenship to anyone with the desire to play for the national team. Granted they’d have to deal with the Dept of Homeland Security first. But I’m sure if they spread enough of the wealth around. Something amenable can be worked out before the 2010 World Cup comes around . LOL, LOL ,LOL !!!!

    All Good Things Must Come To An End ….

    In light of the NFL preseason getting into the full swing with there being four games tonight. The above is a link to my most recent piece.

    Alan Parkins

  2. Not sure about who owns Porcini, Al, but I trust you’ve seen Goodfellas. I’m sure Pitino had a tab going. What, I’m like a clown funny, I amuse you?

    The Yanks are hot and scary. We’ll see if they’re peaking too early. Nasty lineup.

    Re: Youk and Porcello, there’s still no charging the mound like Robin Ventura against Nolan Ryan. I could watch that for hours.

    The TWolves are a long way from being competitive. But at least they got rid of Mchale. That’s a start.

  3. Rick Patino is still a basketball God. It won’t hurt his recruiting a bit.

    I would love to see a Cards v Yanks WS this year. It’s been too long since the two have met!

    Rambis won’t last the full four seasons and it won’t be his fault. Ownership doesn’t give coaches the TIME they need anymore to build a winner.

  4. Chris

    NBA and MLB players can’t fight , period ! I’ve seen WWI vets with more gumption than those p_ssies , that’s for sure. With regard to Ventura and Ryan those are guys from a bygone age who knew how to throw down.

    Today’s guys act as if they’re rehearsing for either Met or Bolshoi Ballet .

    When someone now says to Pitino zip it coach ! Does he actually do that literally ? I’m surprised that he hasn’t pulled a Duchovny and claim that he’s got a sexual addiction.

    McHale was never in large part the problem for the T’wolves. Just look at what Taylor and Kahn did over the years with McHale as a subordinate. They were spendthrifts when it came to team personnel. Much of the decision making wasn’t all McHale. It was primarily Kahn as the team’s Head of Basketball Ops. As he the majority of the time had the final say.

    BTW doesn’t Karen Sypher look a lot like Linda Hogan ? Hulk’s ex. Now there’s a dysfunctional family if ever there was one. Brooke’s a wannabe singer. Hulk’s now nailin’ a Linda look alike. Linda’s suddenly found her inner cougar by dating one of her son’s best friends . And Nick’s so _ucked up that it doesn’t bear talking about.

    Alan Parkins

  5. E… there’s no denying Pitino’s legacy in the NCAAs, not to mention the family tree of coaches that he’s spawned, i.e., Tubby, Donovan, Sendek, etc. That being said there may be some kids’ families who at least think twice about sending their kid to play for him when they might not have before.

    Yanks and Cards look like front-runners altho I wouldn’t count out Boston, Anaheim, LA or Philadelphia just yet.

    And I agree… Rambis is set up to fail.

  6. Zip it. Nice. I like it.

    NBA guys don’t know how to throw a punch but then again, neither do I. That’s okay, I know you got my back.

    I’m telling everyone you watch the Hulk Hogan reality show. If you flip through the reality channels quickly enough, you can’t tell whether it’s Hulk Hogan or Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife.

  7. Schadenfreude – …largely unanticipated delight in the suffering of another…

    As the most intense Celtics fan in the world, it gives me great joy when Prick Pitino has his troubles. I don’t give a rat’s ass how great he is as a college coach. The guy couldn’t succeed in the NBA if his life depended on it.

  8. That Kevin McHale clothesline of Kurt Rambis was pure delight. Good thing it happened back in the 80s. Today, McHale would have drawn a lengthy suspension. That moment was just as good as Larry Bird dumping on Ralph Sampson in 86 or Bird decking Bill Lambier in 88. All three incidents should go to the hall of fame (shame).

  9. I remember the Sampson-Sichting fight. Glorious.

    NBA TV’s been showing the old Celtics-Lakers Finals for us joneses.

    Talk about starting lineups, damn.

    Ainge, Bird, McHale, DJ and Parrish vs. Green, Magic, Kareem, Scott and Worthy.

    Doesn’t get much better, old school.

    Now don’t go clotheslining Tami to commemorate.

  10. Great stuff again Chris.

    Would’ve been sweet for McHale to give Clark Kent one more clothesline as a welcome to Minnysotah.

    Vick and Pedro both in Philly. *Shiver*
    What a tag team.

    Used to have a girlfriend that managed an Italian restaurant. Something about the smell of garlic….right Rick?

  11. Ouch.

    I never thought Rambis should have gotten rid of the thick rims. They gave him his identity.

    He’s gonna need some superpowers this season, Han, because the rest of the Western Conference is going to be his kryptonite.

  12. Chris

    Pitino’s beggin’ to keep his job was hilarious. As for James Ramsey and the AD Tom Jurich. They may well end up being in bulls’ eye if the fallout becomes worse than it already is. One has to remember that all of the dirty laundry is going to come out once the federal trial begins. And it ain’t gonna be pretty for Pitino or the university if any of Sypher’s allegations can be proven.

    That’s why I stated that he ought to have taken a leave of absence until the mess is sorted out. As it is he’s going to have a hard time getting recruits. Not with the aftermath of this. His credibility or what there is left of it has been shot to hell.

    Rambis would’ve been better off hangin’ unto Phil’s coat-tails for the foreseeable future. Instead he’s going to struggle with the T’wolves.

    Alan Parkins

  13. Like Rome mentioned today, Pitino needs to thank Lurie for taking him off the front pages.

    Again, let’s keep things in perspective. Pitino screwed up. Big time error in judgment. There’s no getting around that. Not sure that warrants him being fired even though the school has the right to under the terms of his contract.

    ‘As long as they’ll have him?’ He put that program back on the map. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, unless of course, he goes back to Porcini.

    Speaking of Rome, did you catch Lane Kiffin on today’s program? He was dripping with sweat. Looked like he was doing that interview from a sauna.

  14. Chris

    The only reason Lane Kiffin was dripping with sweat. It is infact that he heard that he’s not on a tight rope as far his job is concerned.

    As to Pitino he’s not out of the woods yet. If there’s anything that comes up in the federal trial that proves he’s been disingenuous or even lied. Then he’ll lose his job for sure. I know with the University being first and foremost a Catholic teaching institution. In no way can they hide the fact or even try to excuse his actions. Which is for all sense and purpose what Ramsey and Jurich are in effect doing. They’ve not admonished the guy at all. Nevermind the fact that he’d lied to them concerning this before coming out with his statement.

    So make of it what you will.

    Alan Parkins.

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