This week’s caption contest featuring Jim Tressel, Terrelle Pryor and Serena Williams

Due to the overwhelming response of our last caption contest, has decided to host yet another.  Get your imaginations ready.


This week’s caption contest features images from two of last weekend’s most riveting sporting events:  Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor of the Ohio State Buckeyes and Serena Williams from the U.S. Open.


Once again, the person who submits the winning caption for each photo will get their name in lights and win fabulous, yet famously fictitious prizes from the bargain bin.


Have at it, folks.  Show me what ya’ got.






















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52 Replies to “This week’s caption contest featuring Jim Tressel, Terrelle Pryor and Serena Williams”

  1. No pithy comment for Terrelle, although Tressel’s hand is getting uncomfortably close to that towel.

    Serena: “Let me have another ball; I’m pretty sure I can get two of them down there!”

  2. I’ll take a shot at the Serena picture…

    “What do you mean you think Taylor Swift’s video was better than Beyonce’s!”

  3. Damion…. Very nice!

    AJS… Also nice, although I’m sure our girl would have used a little more profanity in that quote given her circumstance.

    Frank… Is your team hosting a ‘Burn Kanye’s Vinyl’ night?

  4. That’s it Terrell…keep your eyes focused ahead of you… you won’t feel a thing.

    Serena: u want some of this…ua ain’t seen crazy yet!

  5. This one was sent in as a long distance dedication from the Dingfelder clan….

    “Hey, did you hear that Kanye and I are getting married?… and Rep. Joe Wilson is performing the ceremony.”

  6. Serena: “Biatch! I got yo nappy headed ho!”

    On a side note, what’s up with Roger getting of the hook for his potty mouth yesterday?! Glad to see some new blood win.

  7. Chris

    1) ‘Coach I thought you said this’d be easy ? You even told me that I’d be in the running for the Heisman . But that’s all bulls_it !’ ‘Look Terrelle , I can’t help it but when it comes to the Trojans , much like my wife I’ve no use for them. I tend to go bareback because they tend to get under my skin’.

    2)’Look when I said I’d stuff the ball up her a_s – I meant it in a nice way. It’s something that Martina Navratilova told me she once experimented with. And she said the experience was so enjoyable. But I guess in Belgium they tend to use a certain type of vegetable ?’

    Alan Parkins

  8. Chris

    I dropped this piece with regard to boxing. Make sure you watch both the Arum and King videos in their entirety. Their rants are as asinine as they come. Especially Arum’s , which was filled with some venomous racial and homophobic diatribe.

    And Don King, who in the hell understands nowadays, what he’s trying to say ?

    A Sad State of Affairs …………

    Alan Parkins

  9. Seren’s Caption: “I mean everyone kills people or murders people, steals from you, steals from me!”

    Terrell Pryor’s Caption: “I will F…ing kill them! Next year!”

  10. Ohio State:

    We are on this side of the field. You have to carry the ball over to that side of the field with ou being tackled.


    What you mean I gotta ride a horse to hit the ball? This is tennis. Not polo

  11. DB…. quite abstract. Only few knew about Pryor and his paying respect for Vick on his eyeblack, then having it ‘silenced’ by the school.

    They might want to focus on their gameplan instead.

    Notice how Meyer gagged the Gators prior to the UT game? No blackboard material.

    He learned how to coach in Ohio.

  12. Chris

    I’m in the midst of doing an SEC piece on the matchup between the Gators and Vols. Once done I’ll provide you with a link to the piece.

    Alan Parkins

  13. Serena
    Don’t make me show you my other two balls!

    Terrelle Pryor
    But coach you know I’m afraid of anything with both Orange and Blue.

  14. Al… I’ll be up there this weekend cheering on my boys.

    Be sure to write a piece to fire me up. Although, like Coach Meyer says about Brandon Spikes, do I really need to motivate a player like Spikes to play against Tennessee.

    Similarly, I’m already counting down the hours.

  15. Chris

    The WSOP final table . When does it all resume ?

    The players aren’t yet set are they ? I know they’re still in the process of elimination as the ‘Final Table .

    I’m still banking on Phil Ivey to be there at that Final Table.
    I’d love to see him win it all and have WSOP Final Table bracelet along with the cash !

    Alan Parkins

  16. Coach Tressel I as an Ohio State fan feel that you is going away from the very thing that got you the first national title with OSU, and that is power football. That has aways been Ohio State football and Midwest football. Since trying to run this spread as are base formation we haven’t been much of an offense. I say go back to two and three receivers sets, I formation, double tightend, overload linemen, basically power/Ohio State football and we will be ok. Protect you’re QB, like how you coached with Criag Krenzel

  17. Al… I think they pick up again in November. Not only is Ivey at the final table but so is Jeff Shulman, the published of Card Player magazine. That guy knows what he’s doing and has a bigger chip stack than Phil.

  18. Al… re: the poll, that’s why I asked the question. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to jump on the Sanchez bandwagon yet, but the kid looks pretty good. I’m still waiting for Carson Palmer to become some sort of leader.

  19. TFish… I think the main beef with Jimmy T is that he’s not coaching to his talent. He’s not adjusting.

    I don’t think you guys have the manpower for 3 yards and cloud of dust.

    Personally, I’d take the reins of Pryor and see what he can do.

  20. Chris

    Someone voted for Cassel ? It wasn’t Jessica Simpson by any chance was it ? I hear that her ‘Papa Joe’ feels that she needs to do the rounds of the NFL once again ?

    As to the WSOP, that’s going to be one hell of a final table ! I still like Ivey , come what may. He’s won several tournaments this season . But as to the Big One. Let’s just hope that fate will be on his side just this once .

    Silence of The Lambs …..”you put the lotion in the basket.”

    So former Eagles’ player Hank Basket is now a member of the Colts ? Does that mean his wife Kendra will become a Colts’ cheerleader ? I mean being a former Playmate and one of Hef’s former girlfriends must have its advantages when you’re married to an NFL player.

    Dropped this baseball piece .

    Well How Did Things Work Out For Your Baseball Team This Season ? …………..

    Click on either of the texts to view.

    Alan Parkins

  21. Chris

    Injuries notwithstanding what’s the last memorable thing you witnessed from Carson Palmer as a player in the NFL ? More to the point do you think that T J Houshmanzadeh made a mistake signing with the Seahawks ?

    That NFC East division is brutal ! No real qualities teams to look at – at all !
    Except per say the Cardinals ? And they may well fall back to earth this season.
    The Seahawks will only go as far as Matt Hasselbeck can take them. One slight injury to him and they may well be doomed for failure.

    Alan Parkins

  22. Al… if Jessica Simpson is making her NFL rounds, I don’t see why it’s unacceptable for me to stalk Serena. Even with her tirade, I’m still interested.

    Is that so wrong?

  23. I know I put in an entry for the caption contest but I’s sure like to amend my caption and submit a new one for Serena:

    “Hey line-judge, what do you mean I should keep fucking that chicken!”

  24. Ohio St….
    “Don’t worry coach, we can win the rest against these other high schools and make it to another BCS bowl game. Maybe we can keep the score within 2 touchdowns of the 3rd best SEC team.”

    “Those needles belong to my sister, she has an allergy…NO…I DO NOT TAKE STEROIDS!”

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