What to watch this weekend (Sept. 18-20)


Back by popular demand, sportschump.net has once again decided to preview the weekend’s most important match-ups.  For those of you who don’t eat, drink and sleep SportsCenter, here’s what you should be watching this weekend.


pat-hill-fresno-state1(10) Boise State at Fresno State – (Friday, 9:00 pm – ESPN – BSU minus 7.5)

The Boise State Broncos leave the friendly confines of their blue turf and travel to Fresno to face their division rival Friday in prime time.  Fresno State, who is coming off a heartbreaking-loss at Wisconsin, hosts a stingy Boise State team that has only allowed 8 points in two games.  While this will be one of the more difficult, road tests for Boise State, many expect them to roll through their schedule unblemished on their way to a BCS berth.  That means style points could be important.  The Broncos have won their last three against Fresno State and six of their last eight.  The Bulldogs have lost their last nine games against ranked opponents.  All this does not bode well for Fresno State but then again, that’s why they play the games.


brandon-spikes1Tennessee at (1) Florida – (Saturday, 3:30 pm – CBS – Florida minus 29.5)

Remember growing up when you mouthed off to your father and he’d turn around and wallop you right in the kisser, reminding you who was boss.  That’s exactly what could happen in the Swamp on Saturday.  Upon being hired this off-season, Lane Kiffin added fuel to an already heated rivalry when he accused Urban Meyer of cheating and proclaimed Tennessee would sing ‘Rocky Top’ all night long when they beat the Gators.  Well, he’s finally going to get his chance.  This date has been circled on both team’s calendars since those comments.  Since losing to Ole Miss last year, Florida has covered every point spread but one.  They’re favored by more than four touchdowns.  Vol fans, who are more nervous than Buckeye fans before the USC game, hope that trend does not continue.  Florida will be going for a school record 13 consecutive victories while Kiffin and company try to make their bold prediction come true.  Expect a raucous Swamp filled with Gator fans who can smell blood. 


frank-beamer(19) Nebraska at (13) Virginia Tech – (Saturday, 3:30 pm – ABC – Va Tech minus 5)

This game, the weekend’s only matchup between ranked teams, features two storied football programs with contrasting styles.  Over the past few years, Nebraska has been one big win away from proving the program is back where it needs to be.  A victory in Blacksburg, where Frank Beamer and Virginia Tech have beaten 31 straight non-conference opponents, would be another important step in that direction.


dave-wannstedtNavy at Pitt – (Saturday, 6:00 pm – ESPN – Pitt minus 7.5)

Even though Navy gave Ohio State a scare two weeks ago, it’s tough to determine how good Navy is, simply because we don’t know how good, or bad, Ohio State is.  Or do we?  This week, Navy faces a balanced rushing and passing attack that has already put up some gaudy numbers: 92 points in two games.  In only five years at Pitt, Dave Wannstedt has made the program relevant again.  Navy may be battle tested but Pitt may have too much firepower for the Midshipmen.


tony-pike(17) Cincinnati at Oregon State – (Saturday, 6:45 pm – Cincy minus 1)

Bearcat senior Tony Pike is the best quarterback you’ve never heard of.  Don’t be surprised to see him playing on Sundays in the near future.  Thanks to Pike and his favorite target, Mardy Gilyard, the Bearcats are fifth in the nation in total offense.  In Pike’s first two games, he has completed 77% of his passes and thrown for six touchdowns.  He and head coach Brian Kelly have made Cincinnati more than just a basketball school.  They’re likely the best team in the Big East.  This week they face a difficult road test, however, having to travel 2500 miles to Corvallis, Oregon to face the Beavers.  Oregon State, also undefeated, has won 26 consecutive non-conference home games, meaning something has to give.


bobby-bowdenFlorida State at (7) Brigham Young – (Saturday, 7:00 pm – BYU minus 7.5)

A victory against struggling Florida State would go a long way toward legitimizing BYU’s national title aspirations.  It would also continue the rumblings in Tallahassee that Bobby Bowden should finally step aside.  BYU has already bested one national champion this season (Oklahoma) and will look to tackle another in Florida State, but the Seminoles are a far cry from their ‘90s dominance.  They lost to Miami and struggled to beat Jacksonville State at home last week.  BYU has won 18 straight at home, but nothing would please the Bowden faithful more than a victory in Provo to prove the Seminoles can rebound from what already seems to be another difficult season.


drew-breesSaints at Eagles – (Sunday, 1:00 pm – FOX – pick ‘em )

The Philadelphia Eagles have gone from having two Pro Bowl quarterbacks on their preseason roster to having none that can start in Week Two.  Donovan McNabb suffered a broken rib against the Lions and Michael Vick is not eligible to play until next week.  Even though the Eagles signed another Pro Bowler, Jeff Garcia,  Kevin Kolb has been named the starter.  The Eagles defense, consistently one of the best in the league, will try to halt a dangerous Saints offense, led by Drew Brees who threw for six touchdowns last week.  The NFC South went 0-2 against the NFC East last week with Philly beating Carolina and Dallas beating Tampa Bay.  The Saints will look to buck that trend.  New Orleans’ ability or inability to score against Philadelphia will be a good measuring stick to see exactly how good the Saints really are.


philip-riversRavens at Chargers – (Sunday, 4:15 pm – CBS – Chargers minus 3)

In another matchup of contrasting styles, high-powered offense versus stifling defense, the Ravens travel to San Diego to face Philip Rivers, LaDanian Tomlinson and the high-flying Chargers.  Last year with rookie Joe Flacco leading the way, the Ravens proved they’re not only about defense, but could put some points on the scoreboard as well.  San Diego’s window of opportunity may be closing soon.  The distinct favorites to win the AFC West need this home win in the hopes of establishing themselves as one of the best teams in the conference.


tony-romoGiants at Cowboys – (Sunday, 8:20 pm – NBC – Cowboys minus 3)

Both Super Bowl contenders are coming off impressive Week One victories.  Both teams look to keep that momentum alive.  This Sunday night game will be the first played in the new Cowboys stadium.  The league is still waiting to see how the low-hanging scoreboard will come into play.  Everybody get ready for the NFL’s first do-over in history.  The winner will have a leg up in the race for supremacy in the toughest division in football.

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26 Replies to “What to watch this weekend (Sept. 18-20)”

  1. Chris
    For the love God what happens when the Gators run Lane Kiffin and his Vols out of town ?
    Hopefully there won’t be any excuses on his part ?

    That Saints vs Eagles’ game could become a real barn-burner. Two high powered offenses. And the Eagles’ defense can really bring it when asked to meet the need. That O-line of the Saints had better protect Brees’ a_s.

    As for my Pats. Well let’s just say that Rex Ryan isn’t in Brady‘s good graces at present. Could be a close run thing , merely because the Pats’ defense has yet to get clicking on all cylinders.

    Pats and Jets not necessarily a game made in heaven. But it’s close as the Jets’ fans’ll ever get to it.

    Thanks for chiming in on that piece on the Marlins. I’d left you a response with regard to the business aspects as to their plight. It differs from all of the other franchises completely and that’s why they’re at a complete disadvantage to begin with when compared to the other franchises.

    Alan Parkins

  2. Lane’s gonna get what he asked for. I love that the Gators are respecting Urban’s gag order. That’s signs of a mature team.

    Usually there’s always one player that mouths off to give the opponent some bulletin board material. But not this team.

  3. Wow.. We’re giving 29 1/2??? Nice!! I expect you will be in Gainesville at least a pint of J.D. down by noontime..

  4. Chris

    Well here’s one thing you’re not expected to see this weekend and that’s Michael Crabtree suited up for the 49ers. What in the wide world of sports is going on there to begin with ?

    Great win by the U ! Through these first two games Jacory Harris looks like ‘the real deal’ . Hopefully he can maintain that presence and confidence. It’ll serve him and the team well.

    I’ve always maintained …. ‘let your actions on the field speak for itself then afterwards it’s you right to do all the trash talking you want’. Well that’s if you win, that is.

    Dropped this concerning Crabtree and the 49ers.

    The Plot Thickens Or Has Stupidity Really Ran Amok …….

    Alan Parkins

  5. Wannstedt’s still on probation with me…same guy that choked away the opener last year to Bowling Green (!?) and basically ran Da Bears and Da Dolphins into da ground. Beat Cincy, then we’ll talk.

  6. The Crabtree situation makes absolutely no sense to me.

    What is he holding out for? How far apart are he and the 9ers in the contract negotiations?

    This guy has nothing to gain by holding out. San Fran is holding all the cards.

  7. Yazoo… is there any team in Pittsburgh you don’t like?

    I’ve always been skeptical of Wannstedt as well but I do think he’s done a decent job so far.

    I still think Cincy’s the best team in that conference though.

  8. The Chargers better play better on Sunday vs. the Ravens than they did up in Oakland Monday night.

    LT is hobbling already, but lil’ Darren Sproles has to be the best #2 RB in the league. Bolts will beat Baltimore, but it probably will be a tight game.

    p.s. Thanks for adding PJ!

  9. I think they will, Jonesin’.

    That’s assuming LT and Sprowles can live in harmony.

    What LT needs to realize is that additional Sprowles carries a) gives them a better chance to win abd b) will likely extend LT’s career.

    Get along, LaDanian, and keep your eyes on the prize.

  10. Chris

    How far apart are the Niners and Crabtree ? Well what’s the distance between the earth and the moon ? His agent is sport’s and entertainment attorney, Eugene Parker. Obviously that explains it all. He must feel that his client is some big time movie star . Instead of some pi_s ant college player who’s yet to do jack s_it in the NFL.

    Now if this isn’t the reason for there to be a rookie salary cap on tap within the NFL. Then I don’t know what more can be done. I suppose that the NFL and NFLPA will try and work something out ? But then again neither side can be trusted to begin with.

    LT’s eyes has always been on the prize. Ask one of his relatives ?

    Dropped this after last night’s game ‘tween the Yellow Jackets and the Canes.

    We Put The ‘U’ Back Into U As In ‘U Can’t Touch This …..!

    Alan Parkins

  11. Chris

    Just a reminder to becareful while you’re up there in Gainesville.

    It’s my reply to your comment on my piece about Lane Kiffin.

    Chris Humpherys

    ”You do realize that throwing a plastic bag of fecal matter and urine at a coach or a member of the public is against the law ? It’s got absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech whatsoever. LOL,LOL, LOL !!! You’ve been forewarned .

    Enjoy it all whilst you’re there.I won’t be doing a post-fight piece as such on the Mayweather Marquez bout as such. But I’ll probably just post some pics of it.
    I for one don’t believe that Mayweather has this all in the bag . Marquez could pull a surprise upset win if Floyd becomes cock-sure of himself and is complacent. But on the other hand Floyd could KO Marquez.”

    Alan Parkins

  12. I’ll take ‘It’s all good’ for $100, Alex.

    The answer is, “As good as it gets.”

    What is, “Watching FSU get an epic beatdown?”


  13. Chris

    Apparently at Texas Tech business wasn’t part of any of his electives in college. But then again Crabtree on the face of isn’t all that bright to begin with.

    Alan Parkins

  14. Nice game, BYU. Did your bus show up yet? This just makes Miami’s win over FSU look even better.

    My CFB Top 25 picks this week…7-13-1!

  15. Al… just got back in from the weekend in Gainesville. Post forthcoming when my head is less cloudy and I can gather my thoughts.

    Crabtree’s thoughts are clearly clouded as well.

  16. Han… Things were a little hazy by the time that FSU-BYU game came on but I did like FSU to pull off that upset.

    That’s two totally different types of football being played.

    Now I’m really wondering how good U Miami actually is.

  17. Al… I wasn’t surprised one bit to see Texas exact revenge for last year’s loss to Texas Tech.

    Although the game was closer than I thought, I’m not sure Crabtree still at school would have helped them any.

    I do know Florida misses Percy Harvin.

  18. Chris

    Harvin and Crabtree the difference is night and day. One wants to play the game whilst the other thinks that he already is the game .

    Great game ‘tween the Gators and Vols. Though Timmy did make it interesting with that fumble near the end. He tends to try and do too much. When only the simple things would be all the more necessary at times.

    What an as_ whuppin’ Mayweather put on Marquez ? Can’t wait for he the Pacman to get it on !

    Dropped these two pieces.

    Ghetto Heaven We’re Trying To Get Back to Ghetto Heaven …………….

    I’ll Make It Rain, I’ll Make It Rain , So Says ‘Money’ Mayweather ……

    Alan Parkins

  19. While Crabtree might be known mostly for once big catch, Harvin had a college career in which he established himself as the most dynamic offensive football player in Florida’s history.

    I’m gonna watch the Gator-UT game a second time and have a post up on it within a few days.

  20. Great site! Where did you come up with the information in this post? I’m pleased that I found it though. I will check back soon to see what other articles you submit.

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