This week’s caption contest celebrates Kimbo Slice, Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian and 15 minutes of fame


Due to the overwhelming response of our last caption contest, has decided to host yet another.  Last time around, soon-to-be-married Damion, Uncle AF, Frank, G Mony, Monteau, Top Hat Al, Han the Man, Rosco, Daybreak, Will Salas, Larry Hughes and Fritchie all received honorable mention.  You all are a bunch of sick, twisted individuals… and I love it.


This week’s caption contest pays tribute to Fifteen Minutes of Fame by honoring the Lamar Odom-Khloe Kardashian nuptials and Kimbo Slice losing in his Ultimate Fighter debut.


Once again, the person who submits the winning caption for each photo will get their name in lights and win fabulous, yet famously fictitious prizes from the bargain bin.  Ultimately, we promise t-shirts to the winner, but the only ones in print are currently being hogged up by the creator of the site.


Show me what ya’ got, boys and girls.







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13 Replies to “This week’s caption contest celebrates Kimbo Slice, Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian and 15 minutes of fame”

  1. Kimbo…if you had lifted your arm up like that during the match you surely would have knocked out your opponent.

    Khloe, just cuz I said your dress was too tight doesn’t mean you have to throw up on my best shirt.

  2. And you shall know the mediocralypse cometh when the third most attractive Kardashian weds the third most talented Laker.

  3. Frank… I think the courtship and engagement lasted less than a few weeks.

    For a guy like me that likes to take his time, that’s an entirely different language.

    But then again, so is getting married at all.

  4. Very nice, D.

    Ya know, just because all the Lakers are doing it doesn’t mean you have to.

    Just kidding. Congratulations and I’ll try to make it up to your LSU-Florida shindig next weekend.

    Playoff time in the Wasylow household could be fun when the Lakers play the New Orleans Hornets.

    She can cook, right?

  5. “Uh…you do know that you lost, don’t you, Kimbo? But, the good news is that they’re making a new ‘A-Team’ movie.”

    Re: Odom’s tee shirt, shouldn’t Khloe be the one wearing the money shot?

  6. Ouch… a money shot reference on a family website? We’ll just let that one slide by.

    And good call on Kimbo. He’d be perfect but I think they already casted Rampage Jackson.

    He’s won more bouts.

  7. Chris

    ‘Hey mama look at me now I’s beat a white man and I’s being paid to do it’. Kimbo Slice

    Lamar to A Khloe
    ‘Girl your _)*chie better taste like a bottle of Cristal or I’m out of here ! You feelin’ me ?’

    ‘Lamar why you always disrespectin’ me like that ? You know I only douche once a week . Cause that’s the way I know you like it .’ Khloe

    Alan Parkins

  8. I have attempted to post a comment here and every time I try the form times out the comment or provides an error. Do you think the webmaster could possibly look into the reason this is happening?

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