This week’s Caption Contest featuring Derek Jeter, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers

As usual, it’s another tremendous week in sports. To celebrate the beginning of the NBA season, the arrival of what should be a riveting World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees and Brett Favre’s long-anticipated return to Lambeau Field, we have brought back our Caption Contest.

The first image features the NBA’s newest dynamic duo as Shaquille O’Neal will try to help LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers win an NBA title. They’re already off to an 0-1 start, having lost to the Celtics on opening night. The second image features Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor, a champagne-soaked Derek Jeter, being interviewed in the Yankees locker room shortly after clinching the American League Championship Series. The third image shows Brett Favre and current Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers both still in Green Bay uniforms.

Start your imaginations, boys and girls. As usual, the winner of this particular caption contest will receive fame, fortune, honorable mention in the SportsChump Hall of Fame and of course, eternal consciousness. So you’ll have that going for you…. which is nice.







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30 Replies to “This week’s Caption Contest featuring Derek Jeter, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers”

  1. Chris

    Here are my submissions.

    1) ‘ Hey Shaq how do you feel when a looks at you in the shower ‘?
    Shaq responds ‘Well Kobe did want to spoon my my a_s once . I told him no !’

    2)’Hey Derek any truth to the rumor that you’ve had sex with Kate Hudson and does A-Rod know ‘?

    3)’Kid you’re gonna learn a lot from me , mark my word ‘!
    Aaron Rogers responds ‘Does that mean I’ll have your job one day’ ? Favre ‘ Fu_ck no who do you think you are’ ?

    Alan Parkins

  2. Caption #1: Oh,… it’s so pretty when it goes in like that, don’t you think big guy?
    Caption #2: Which one of you S.O.B.’s goosed me?
    Caption #3: Did you really think this day would ever come? That it would come to this?

  3. Gentlemen, gentlemen. Need I remind you both that you’re each a half a century old. The best you can come up with is homo-erotic humor?

    You guys can do better than that… unless there’s something you’d both like to tell me.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  4. Caption 1
    “Damn Lebron, how do you get those free throws to actually go in???

    Caption 2
    “Next I hope to win a Grammy by doing a duo with my new sweetheart.”

    Caption 3
    “Man I hope I can put that many points on the board even after throwing 3 picks like you did today!”

  5. 1) Yeth, we can beat the Thelticth tonight.

    2) Did we win in 6 games or 7?

    3) I don’t look good in green. I think purple is my best color, it makes my eyes look so much bluer. What do you think, Aaron?

  6. Chris

    C’mon now ! I think all of my captions were appropriate , given the sentiment and pics in question. I mean ? Of course Jeter’ll no doubt have a whack at Kate , given A-Rod’s known sexual proclivities when it comes to women. It’s widely known that he’s into spreading the wealth around when it comes to the chicks.

    And who can question my answer with regard to the ‘Holy One’ and Aaron Rogers ? It’s the truth isn’t it ?

    As for Shaq and LeBron , I’m sure that discussion too has come up as to the relationship that they’ll no doubt have. As Shaq in one way or another tends to burn bridges once he departs from a franchise. You can’t tell me that his relationships with <Kobe and D-Wade aren’t frosty at best ?

    Dropped this as a precursor as to the start of the World Series tonight.

    Batter, Batter, Batter, Batter Up …..

    Alan Parkins

  7. Chris

    So the Yankees and Sabathia couldn’t quieten the bats of the Phillies then ?
    That (6-1) beatdown was well worth wstching, if only to see the Yankees’ fans in attendance squirm in their seats there at Yankees Stadium !

    And what in the wide world of sports in the Chiefs’ Larry Johnson thinking ? Just because Dorothy got to leave Kansas with Toto . It doesn’t mean he gets to do the same thing by disparaging the organization as well as certain members of the gay community. WTF ?

    Dumb A_s ! Dumb A_s ! Dumb A_s !

    My take on Johnson and his idiotic antics .

    Alan Parkins

  8. Chris

    And should the Yankees go down (0-2) you can’t say we weren’t forewarned. This series is nowhere clear cur as some might believe . Overall there’s not much to decide between the two teams in terms onfield talent. If anything it’ll be out the intangibles and the mindset of both coaches . And that’s where the Phillies have the distinct advantage.

    Alan Parkins

  9. Be right over to check out the LJ piece.

    I guess one good thing about the Twitter phenomenon is that it gives athletes one more venue to show their true selves.

  10. Chris

    Little did I realize that Nittany Lions can “tweet” ? Who’d have guessed that Johnson was that bright ? I can’t !
    What the hell was ‘Joe Pa’ thinking to begin with ? Surely there must’ve been signs there to begin with ?

    I’d have to say that the Cavs are off to the worst start. You have to remember their ‘first home loss’ last season wasn’t until either late Jan’ or I believe early Feb’ ?
    So that ought to tell you something from the get-go. They’ll hit their stride by mid November.

    I hear that Shaq has been stayin’ fit by mixin’ it up with some of the guys in MMA ? What next as a way staying agile, he’ll take up ballet ?

    I’d dropped this piece as precursor to last night’s game one in the World Series.

    Batter, Batter , Batter, Batter Up ……..

    As I’d stated earlier , this series isn’t as clear cut as some people believe it to be. With this win the Phillies may well have the Yankees and their fans running scared. If Burnett implodes there’s no reason to believe that Pettite can be the team’s savior from a pitching standpoint. And what with ‘Pedro’ set to go in game two for the Phils. If he pitches lights out stuff , be ready to see the Yankees’ fans leap off the Brooklyn Bridge like lemmings .

    Alan Parkins

  11. I think there’s reason to be concerned in Cleveland.

    Will these last few years of his career tarnish Shaq’s legacy? The Phoenix experiment was a dramatic failure and now he’s a 20 million dollar drag.

    This could cost Paxson his job and could cost Cleveland LeBron in the off-season. I’m thinking Shawn Marion would do that roster well.

    Meanwhile, in Orlando, the Magic looked like world-beaters against Philadelphia. Too bad the Bronx Bombers didn’t have the same luck.

  12. Chris

    Nino Brown is alive and well ,living in the heart of America. The only thing is, he goes by the name of Jesus Brown , now. It’s the American Way . He now controls the Mexican drug cartel supply lines that’s all. Don’t be scared …’s just business. The DEA ,Justice Dept ,Homeland Security and the government just don’t have a clue. They couldn’t even buy one , even if they tried. That’s how dumb they’ve now become !

    Is it me but the Glazers now playing ‘fast and loose ‘ as to their financial situation . It’s been rumored that they may well have lost in excess of $40 million in the Madoff ponzi scheme ? Now one can understand why it is that they’ve failed to be upfront with the fans concerning the Buccaneers’ organization and the maneuvering that has taken place.

    Memorable qotes by Nino Brown, Pooky ,Nick Peretti,Scotty Appleton,Old Man and G-Money

    Nino Brown ‘ Sit your five-dollar ass down before I make change’.

    Old Man ‘Idolater! Your soul is required in hell!’
    [Shoots Nino]

    Scotty Appleton ‘I wanna shoot you so bad, my dick’s hard!’

    Nino Brown ‘You gotta rob to get rich in the Reagan era.’

    Pooky ‘Scottie, help me – I’m gonna die! ‘

    G-Money ‘You know what happened to it. “The world is mine.” Remember that? “Everything is mine. Everything!” Even my woman.

    Scotty Appleton’ What? All he gets is a year? No, this ain’t happening. I should have killed you myself, bitch’.

    Nino Brown ‘ Well, that’s the difference between you and me. Don’t get mad, Tito. It’s the *law*. Sucks, huh? Well, maybe when this is over with, you can come and work for me’.

    New Jack is one of my favorite movies of the nineties. It had a bangin’ soundtrack to boot ! And the cast wasn’t bad either . Who knew Chris Rock could act ?

    And long before L&O , Ice T actually played a cop. How ironic ?

    Alan Parkins

  13. Chris

    After ‘New Jack’, every of other film of that genre paled in comparison. Mario Van Peebles never really got enough credit for directing and co starring in the movie to begin with. And even with the movie ‘Posse’ , still no respect !

    Alan Parkins

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  15. Shaq..”Sure that works for you but my head is so big, my eyes have to cross to see straight ahead.”

    Jeter..”Ya might want to back up, I think I sharted.”

    Farve (to himself)..”This kid wants my job so bad he’ll even show up for training camp.”

  16. Conflicted? Have you ever been there? Houses are painted green & gold, children and pets are named after former & present players. Rumor has it that a special purple toliet paper is sold in stores! The list goes on.
    I work with a guy from Minnesota and his wife is from Green Bay. I could make a sitcom out of some of the stuff I’ve seen them do. She currently is taking anti-depressents because Farve has beaten them twice this year. (true)
    So conflicted probably is too soft for what I term as “nuck’in futs”.


  17. Chris

    Hindsight may well be 20/20 . But how’d you expect them to keep ahold of 2qb’s and still pay them in excess of $ 20 million annually ? In keeping Favre they’d had to have cut Aaron Rogers at some point. It’d be financially irreponsible to keep them both . Afterall they’re not the Bucs.

    Have you heard about this alleged punch up that took place between the Bucs’ Raheem Morris and Aqib Talib ?

    Link here provided .

    Tampa Bay Bucs coach Raheem Morris denies report of confrontation with cornerback Aqib Talib

    By Joe Smith, Times Staff Writer
    In Print: Wednesday, November 4, 2009

    TAMPA — Bucs coach Raheem Morris downplayed a radio report that CB Aqib Talib cursed him out after missing curfew following the Oct. 25 loss to the Patriots in London.

    Morris said Talib was one of a few players who missed the after-game curfew by going out for dinner with their wives or teammates, adding the situation has been handled internally. According to the 620-AM report, Talib directed profanity toward Morris when the first-year coach confronted him in the hotel.

    Morris emphatically stated: “I’ve never ever once been disrespected by Talib — in life. Never.

    “Myself and Talib, we have a great relationship. I don’t think we’ve ever had an argument. Now I’ve yelled at him before, but I don’t know that we’ve had an argument before.”

    Visiting teams normally return home immediately after a game. In London, the Bucs didn’t depart until Monday morning and set a Sunday curfew. A number of players admitted they planned to go out and risk the fine for breaking curfew.

    As for the report that Talib cursed at him, Morris said, “We use swear words to each other every day” on the football field.

    “It’s just a form of communication of some sorts,” Morris said. “He’s never disrespected me. He’s always been as respectful as you can be to a coach, to a brother figure, a father figure, however he looks at me.”


    Morris has far too cozy a relationship with the Bucs’ players and if anything it signifies a complete lack of discipline. In the end it’ll become his own undoing. If it hasn’t done so already. One only has to look as to how ill disciplined their play is.

    And then to listen to the players on WDAE say how hard it is that they’re all working. There are probably kids in pre-K working harder than these Bucs’ players at present ! Who the hell are Morris and his players think that they’re kidding ? Not I said the fly as I know a hell of a lot better than that ! I know *hit when I see it !

    Alan Parkins

  18. PD…. talk about a House Divided. That’s Hysterical!

    Tell that couple that Pumpdude and Sportschump want to put their demented minds together to write a mini-drama about their Sundays.

    Big things, brother.

  19. Oh, I know a decision had to made, Al. I’m just wondering whether that right one was.

    Or maybe they don’t draft Rodgers as early as they did. I mean, it’s not like he was a guarantee or anything.

  20. And re: Talib and the coach, hmmmm.

    I don’t know whether this is true or whether it’s just an example of another reporter is trying to put crap out there, just like the alleged misunderstanding between Myers and Hamels.

    I will say that a player’s respect for a coach in the NFL is crucial, particularly for a young coach.

    Ya know, the Bucs loved Morris because they thought he would emulate Mike Tomlin. Hopefully they didn’t just assume that because they’re the same skin tone.

    Tomlin, although young, is as no-nonsense as it gets. You can just tell he is not the kind of man you want to cross. Morris, on the other hand, is the anti-Tomlin. While we’ve yet to see Tomlin crack a smile since taking over at Pittsburgh, Morris is considerably more cheery. Maybe a few more lumps or a 2-14 season (at best) will shelf that smile just a touch.

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