Presenting the 2009 McChumpies: The best and worst of the year in sports

After seeing Tiger Woods win AP Athlete of the Decade in light of his recent controversy and seeing Serena Williams win the AP Female Athlete of the Year with images of her berating a line judge still fresh in our minds, I thought to myself, why not have my own awards ceremony. After all, my selections seem just as credible as those of any other sports organization.

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I proudly present…. The 2009 McChumpies! Tuxedo not included.

plaxico-burressThe Fleet of Foot McChumpy – Plaxico Burress

Guns don’t kill people, stupidity kills people. Stupidity apparently kills careers too. For some reason, a handful of professional athletes still feel the need to carry around heavy artillery in order to defend themselves. Insert Delonte West reference here.  In Plaxico Burress’s case, someone should have protected him from himself. In August, the former New York Giants wide receiver was sentenced to two years in prison for criminal possession of a weapon in a state that does not look kindly upon such activity. No word about whether Plax will star in the The Longest Yard III or better yet, a remake of Leonardo DiCaprio’s 1994 The Foot Shooting Party.

mark-manginoThe Chinese Phonebook McChumpy – Mark Mangino

At the end of the college football season, the University of Kansas parted ways with the architect of their modern football program amid allegations that he verbally and physically abused some of his players. Mangino’s 1-7 conference record didn’t help his cause. Two years ago, Kansas went 12-1 and played in a BCS bowl but Mangino had difficulties sustaining that success which ultimately led to his demise. Buffalo’s Turner Gill has been named as his replacement. Considering the circumstances amid Mangino’s departure, it’s unlikely fans will see him on the sidelines of a major program any time soon.

Florida LSU FootballThe Anti-Tiger Woods McChumpy for Abstinence – Tim Tebow

Sports journalists have never been known for their couth. Questions are often asked that have absolutely no relevance to the game itself. That was evidenced in a pre-season press conference when one reporter asked Tim Tebow if he was “saving himself for marriage.” So much for a person’s right to privacy. No player’s sexual activity, or inactivity, should be fodder for public consumption… unless of course, he crashes his car into a fire hydrant Thanksgiving night. Tebow fielded the question with class, admitting that yes, he was in fact saving himself for marriage, as opposed to Tiger Woods who’s marriage seems unsavable.

mike-wallace-catch-pittsburgh-steelersThe Golden Gloves Bookends McChumpy – Santonio Holmes and Mike Wallace

The Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII on a last second, end zone catch by Santonio Holmes. Soon afterwards, he was awarded Super Bowl MVP. In week 15, on the tail end of a five-game losing streak and their playoff hopes hanging by a thread, Mike Wallace caught a Ben Roethlisberger pass as time expired to best the Green Bay Packers. The Wallace grab might not go down as the biggest catch in Steelers history but it may have saved their season, keep their playoffs hopes alive for one more week.

76184544DV012_DETROITThe Happiest Feet In Town McChumpy – Peyton Manning

Sometimes we’re unaware when we’re watching greatness. As sports fans, we’re skeptical of proclaiming anyone the best, yet most of us knew when the Colts drafted Peyton Manning with the first pick in 1998, they were getting a sure thing. Even at number one, sure things are hard to come by these days. Not so in Peyton’s case. Not only has he been to more Pro Bowls (9) than any top draft pick other than Bruce Smith (11) and John Elway (10), Peyton appears to be just hitting his stride. Will he go down as the greatest QB to ever play the game? He might not have the rings of a Montana or a Bradshaw… yet. He doesn’t have the records of a Marino or an Elway… yet. But as Herm Edwards once said “That’s the great thing about sports.” It’s up for the fans to decide who’s the best and many of us think he already is. If he’s not the best to ever play the game, he’s definitely in the conversation.

bob-arum-manny-pacquiaoThe Honorable Don King How Not To Promote A Fight McChumpy– Bob Arum

Many boxing fans (those that still exist, that is) blame Don King for the demise of modern pugilism. The man, perceived by many as greedy and self-serving, essentially became a parody of himself. The sport is in shambles, now challenged for its dominance by mixed martial arts. Once again, we fans are left wanting more. On the verge of a fight that could bring millions of fans, and dollars, back to the sport, the most anticipated event of the past two decades, Pacquiao vs, Mayweather, once on, is now reportedly off. With this, they don’t know how to kill the bunny. Like the baseball strike of 1994, when a group of millionaires could not agree on how to divide a billion dollar pie, the Pacquiao and Mayweather camps are at an impasse. If this fight fails to take place, fans will be robbed of the opportunity to watch one of the greatest fights to ever happen. Will the last boxing fan please turn off the lights on their way out.

penn-state-womans-volleyballThe Mercury Morris McChumpy for Rapping Perfection– Penn State Woman’s Volleyball

This year’s award could have gone to multiple winners: The UConn woman’s basketball team who ran the table, Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox for throwing only the 18th perfect game in major league history or the Indianapolis Colts who are still in pursuit of a perfect season. But what Penn State’s woman’s volleyball has done is unprecedented in major college athletics. They have won three straight national titles, 102 consecutive matches and have not lost since September 2007. Unfortunately, the Penn State girls don’t play in the NFL to drown out the incessant rapping of Mr. Morris. Hopefully I didn’t give the Penn State coach any ideas about starting a career in hip-hop.

Was2401064I Wanna Be Like Mike McChumpy – Kobe Bryant

While the debate rages on over whether Kobe Bryant or LeBron James is the best player in the game, one thing can not be denied. Kobe has the hardware, Bron Bron doesn’t. This year, Kobe’s more assassin-like than ever. He’s averaging 30-5-5 but most importantly, he’s shooting a career high in field goal percentage at 49%. His more refined shot selection is a big reason the Lakers are a whopping 23-5. Kobe has always lived in the shadow of Michael’s six rings, but at 31 and with a solid Lakers nucleus in place, passing Michael now seems attainable for the man who calls himself the Black Mamba. As sacrilegious as this might sound, if Kobe ends his career with more rings than Michael, Kobe-lovers might actually have a case when they argue he’s the greatest player ever. Plus Kobe never knocked out Steve Kerr.

58828828The Back Where We Belong McChumpy – New York Yankees

In a year where some of the most storied franchises in sports all won championships (Lakers-NBA; Steelers-NFL), the New York Yankees once again reminded the Boss who’s boss. After what appeared to be a troubled spring training with A-Rod steroid allegations hogging the headlines, the Yankee clubhouse rallied around their superstar and proved to be the best team in baseball by besting the Philadelphia Phillies in six games. A Yankees title is bad news for the rest of the league who already can’t compete with the Yankees payroll. Now they might not be able to keep up with the pinstripes win total either.

stafon-johnsonThe Only The Strong Survive McChumpy – Stafon Johnson

In a sports world measured by only wins and losses, we often lose sight of true success. USC running back Stafon Johnson proved to be one of the year’s toughest and most courageous athletes. During a routine midseason workout, Johnson had a weight bar fall on his throat, crushing his larynx and ending his season. Since then, his recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. He’s even been talking lately. He’s served as an inspiration to his Trojan teammates who had their string of six consecutive Pac-10 championships end this season. Whoops, there we go again, measuring sport in wins and losses. Johnson’s full recovery would be the greatest Trojan success of all.

bud-seligThe Needle In The Haystack McChumpy– Bud Selig

Most major sporting outlets agree the story of the decade was the steroid scandal that marred Major League Baseball, yet Commissioner Bud Selig still wants us to believe that his has the most stringent drug testing in professional sports. Odd considering a professional basketball player being busted for steroids is about as common as the Cubs winning the World Series. Time will tell how baseball will remember Selig’s reign but it’s safe to say he won’t be mentioned in the same breath as either Pete Rozelle or David Stern.

manny-140The Midol Man Of The Year McChumpy – Manny Ramirez

Speaking of drugs in baseball, at the beginning of the season, Manny Ramirez was suspended 50 games for violating baseball’s drug policy. Andro? No. PEDs? Tampoco. Manny was reprimanded for having traces of a female fertility drug in his system. In yet another black eye for the sport, Manny’s failed drug test gave baseball fans another lady-like reason to chuckle.

rick-pitino-2The Pasta Putanesca McChumpy – Rick Pitino

I’ve always contended that garlic is an aphrodisiac. Apparently Rick Pitino and his lady friend agree. Earlier this year, we found out that the Louisville basketball coach had a one night fling in a local restaurant after hours. I know Brenda and Eddie were the popular steady, but I don’t think this is what Billy Joel sang about in his Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. The news of this event slowly died down as basketball season started and as Tiger Woods’ infidelity made Pitino’s one night stand look like a peck on the cheek.

espn-rush-limbaugh-chris-berman-tom-jacksonThe Money Can’t But Me Love McChumpy – Rush Limbaugh

Like Pete Rose before him, Rush Limbaugh was denied entry into a sport he once analyzed. The conservative radio shock jock was part of a consortium that wanted to buy the St Louis Rams. Rush was disallowed, largely because of the shockwaves that still ripple from his comments about Donovan McNabb. In his now famous ESPN broadcast, Limbaugh suggested the liberal media wanted McNabb to succeed because he’s black. He was summarily dismissed from the network. Upon denying Limbaugh’s desire to become an NFL owner, Commissioner Roger Goodell said he strongly disagreed with Limbaugh’s ‘divisive’ comments and preferred such statements not come from anyone in a position of power in the NFL.

bill-parcells-miami-dolphinsThe Midas Touch McChumpy – Bill Parcells

If you’re not yet convinced that this man is one of the greatest minds in the game, then you haven’t been watching football over the past thirty years. Parcells took a Miami Dolphins franchise with only one win in 2007 and immediately made them contenders once again. The Dolphins went 11-5 last season and won the AFC East, a division which has recently been dominated by the New England Patriots. This year, even after losing their starting quarterback to injury, the Fish are once again competing for a playoff spot. While so many other franchises take years to turn things around, if they even do, the Fish got the job done by letting a Big Tuna shop for their groceries. Perhaps we should nominate Coach Parcells as the next baseball commissioner.

you_stinkThe We Stink Out Loud McChumpy – Multiple Winners

With so many bad teams out there, who could narrow the dreadfulness down to just one? We hereby award the We Stink Out Loud McChumpy to the Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, St Louis Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Timberwolves and New Jersey Nets who are a combined 16-99 this season. They have 99 problems and win ain’t one. In simple math, these six teams have combined to win a woeful 13% of their games. While we graciously give the We Stink McChumpy to six of the worst teams in professional sports, we concurrently give their fans The Glutton For Punishment McChumpy for still attending the games and believing their teams need just one more season to turn things around. Nobody spoil their Christmas by telling them it ain’t gonna happen.

jimmie-johnson-lowes-48The Usain Bolt Catch Me If You Can McChumpy – Jimmie Johnson

For my NASCAR readers, how can sportschump host a year in review ceremony without mentioning a stock car driver who is revolutionizing the sport. And no, I’m not talking about Danica Patrick. Not only was Jimmie Johnson the man this year, he became the first driver ever to win the AP Male Athlete of the Year, which I’m sure pales in importance to his McChumpy. Not that people can actually sit and watch NASCAR anyway (just kidding, guys), Johnson made a mockery of the sport this year, the points race essentially a foregone conclusion for much of the season.

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46 Replies to “Presenting the 2009 McChumpies: The best and worst of the year in sports”

  1. DB… We’ll see how many of the younger generation, non-Jews, or people not from Jersey get that reference.

    After all, someone I work with had never heard of Hall and Oates.

    I’m just proud of myself for finally writing about NASCAR.

    Baby steps.

  2. I would also like to commend myself for writing a year in review post that does not mention either Brett Favre or Michael Vick.

    I figured we were all a little tired of that talk.

  3. To be perfectly honest, I thought about putting them in the Stink Out Loud section but they have won two straight, making it three wins on the season.

    They still stink but they did recently land Holmgren and appear to be on the right path.

    I’m not sure the same can be said about those other six teams.

  4. Yo Chumpster, thanks for a great read as always. In fact thanks for keeping me posted on all the real worthy events all year! While your taking “baby steps” maybe I’ll talk you into a blurb on my favorite aka” the most physically demanding sport on the planet” in 2010…MX!! So, till there’s something in this arena worthy of ” The Chump” as always I’ll continue clicking in. Merry Christmas! Chris M

  5. Martina Claus… what is UP?

    I tried checking that online article I wrote about the biggest BMX star I know. Kid Martin!

    Unfortunately their website is no longer active.

    Hope you got everything you wanted for Christmas.

    Now get your butt on down to Tampa so we can play somer poker!

  6. Chris Humpherys

    What does it tell you ’bout the voting in the AP Female Sports Athlete of The Year, when the person that came in second was in fact a horse ? Zenyatta . Is that meant to be a reflection women in sports and in particular the dominance of Serena Williams


    As to the mess of boxing , well you know exactly where I stand on that particular subject. Bob Arum and Don King have literally brought about the almost complete demise of the sport.

    And with regard to your nominees , can’t say at all that I disagree with any of them at all !

    Alan Parkins

  7. Chris

    I hear that your boy Charlie Sheen is in trouble once again ? What no tail ? Hookers , ex wife Denise Richards and now his current wife . What gives ?

    ‘Two And A Half Men ‘ gone bad. That is in essence is what Sheen has now become.

    Charlie Sheen Arrested For Attack on wife ….

    New York, (ANI): Actor Charlie Sheen has been arrested on charges related to an alleged case of domestic violence in the Colorado resort town of Aspen. According to Aspen police spokeswoman Stephanie Dasaro, the ‘Two and a Half Men’ star was arrested Christmas Day on charges of second-degree assault and menacing, both felonies, along with criminal mischief, a misdemeanour.

    Click here or above link to read in its entirety

    I’m assuming that he’ll explain it all away as nothing more than a misunderstanding .
    After all no money exchanged hand , nor was there allegedly any alcohol or drugs involved.

    Alan Parkins 🙂 = 🙂

  8. A late Christmas present for a sports writer who may or may not just be winging it!lol – A NASCAR GLOSSARY!

    Here’s some help to better understand NASCAR:

  9. Well, Al, considering Penn State’s dominance n volleyball lately, you think they could have gotten one of the stars from that team.

    I mean, I don’t have a problem with Serena winning it. She was dominant last year.

    But as I suggested, I have the distinct feeling remember her tirade this year more than her two major titles.

    He he, thanks, Al. I figured you’d get a kick out of the McChumpies.

  10. Sheen back in trouble with the law, huh? Why doesn’t that surprise me?

    I mean, he stalks MJ in those Hanes commercials. Think MJ will want to be on the same set as him now?

    Personally, Al, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer spoiled kid. Wasn’t it Sheen that suggested that 911 was a conspiracy?

    For that statement alone, he should be pelted with rocks by every single person that lost a friend or loved one in that incident.

    Thanks for reminding me never to watch that show again.

  11. Ath… hey, I knew Johnson won, right? That should at least get me some brownie points.

    I gotta do something to keep you lugnuts coming back, even if it’s giving you all the chance to ridicule of me

    Take Martina and his daughter above, for example, making fun of me for not being able to differentiate motocross. Little does she know that I still use training wheels when I ride a bike.

    I’m obviously going to have to have a sitdown intervention with you all to discuss the finer points of all things speed-related.

  12. It seems any sport figure has it’s shenanigans going on. The Jimmie and Chad show has the points racing mastered on how to win championships. Sadly not any other racing teams have a clue on how to do it.

  13. I beg 2 differ dear Sportchump… How can U b ok w/ Serina winning ” best female athlete of the yr” after her televised outburst & public bullying of that poor linesman? Serina verbally threatened her for a call she didn’t like… Twice or 3X !! It was horrible! And her behavior ( on court) was dispicable! Why should that be rewarded? Really!!??

    And Uknow where I’m going next…. Tiger? R U kidding me? OK so Tigers bad action(s) weren’t televised ( as far as we know to date) BUT his countless affairs show , like Serina, verrry poor judgement!!

    Neither deserve ” awards” … because with skill & celebrity comes responsibility! I’d rather look up at someone who wins an award… & not down on them.

    Obviously their spin dr’s/ agents have clout & think we all r stupid. Shame on them.

  14. Well… nice to see the good folks from Ridge Manor in a not-so-Christmassy mood.

    I know the mere mention of Serena just sets you guys off, fake boobs or not.

    Keep in mind, the awards they won were for ATHLETE of the year/decade. Not role model of the year. Not good person of the year. ATHLETE of the year. Nothing more. They’re not applying for sainthood, obviously.

    It’s hard to argue that anyone dominated his particular sport in the 2000s more than Tiger although names like Federer, Armstrong and Phelps were all mentioned.

    As I mentioned, I’d be perfectly okay with one of the girls from the Penn State being named athlete of the year but they chose to go another way. Serena did win two majors and made the Finals of another. But like Al mentioned, the only other serious contender was a philly. Not the kind from Philadelphia, the kind that neighs.

    I don’t disagree that athletes shouldn’t be punished or held accountable for their actions. Technically they are in the court of public opinion.

    For example, you don’t like either of them and that means that they’d have a tough time getting a seat at the Ridge Manor Beef’s…. not that they’d ever go there.

    Awwwwwww…. they don’t know what they’re missin’.

  15. Ha.

    Based on yr logic Pete Rose should be in the hall of fame ( ok maybe I agree with that?).

    I’m just saying that “best” is all or nothing. It’s BEST! 

    Serina was ON COURT when she threatened someone who’s call she didn’t like! She showed total disrespect to the sport. This is totally sports related & not something U want yr children to see or do ( not that mine would, of course 🙂  )

    And Sportschump please don’t be blinded by the effort here to try & rectify their damaged reputations this year by giving them these ( bogus) honors!!   
    I thnk it deflates the credibilty of AP & others to try & pass off these people as the ” best.”

    One last thing SC… today’s athletes aren’t just about the sport & everyone knows that. They r celebrities & kids look up to them & want to b like them, etc etc.

    With celebrity & titles come responsibility …  I don’t think U can conveniently redifine or pick & choose pieces of ” the best”  …u either are or yr not.

    And BTW … Sportchump & this blog site are the best.  

  16. Um…. I’m not exactly sure how you arrived at that Pete Rose correlation but any faithful sportschump reader would have read this post…

    and realized that I do NOT think he should be allowed in the Hall. He cheated by gambling on games in which he could have directly affected the outcome.

    Neither Serena nor Tiger went to that extreme. Serena just lost her cool in the heat of the moment. I’m not justifying her actions. McEnroe did that all the time. And don’t forget about Roger Federer’s little tirade at a line judge. When athletes don’t get their way on calls, they bitch. Happens in baseball, football and basketball as well. It happens in your local pick-up games. Serena’s just happened to be on a championship point in a major.

    Tiger screwed up as well, no doubt. He’s paying and will continue to pay the price for that. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s still the best golfer in the world. He has an attribute that people pay to see and no, I’m not talking about the nude photos one of his lovers allegedly took of him.

    I didn’t give Tiger or Serena honors in the post. I merely found it ironic that the AP honored them. That’s what inspired the McChumpies.

    Charles Barkley was the first to say he was not a role model. Is it fair to hold these athletes to a higher standard just because they can hit a golf ball 350 yards or serve a ball 110 miles an hour?

    They’re human. They screw up. It happens. Rest assured both Tiger and Serena will end up in the Halls of Fame of their respective sports. Unlike Pete.

  17. Excellent awards, SC, and I agree with most of them.

    Especially Peyton Manning and Bill Parcells. I’ve had the “pleasure” of watching P Manning decimate the Jags’ defense on too many occasions. He is like a surgeon as he slices up any defense. And, he may be the smartest QB EVER.

    Parcells… everywhere he goes, he turns the team around in a season or two, tops. He is an old school bad ass. I would have loved to see Favre tell the Tuna that he wasn’t coming out of a game. Good luck, Wranglerboy.

    Thanks for including a little NASCAR love, bro. The way that the point system is contrived now, so that you only have to go all out for the last 12 races, kind of takes some luster off JJ’s feat. It’s still pretty strong though.

  18. The debate between M and SC was just as awesome and entertaining as the post. Hard to jump on a side with this as you both have very valid points. Even though athletes are “human” and can make mistakes, kinda lean more on M’s side with this because greatness should be measured by the whole picture. But as we all know, the world we live in is far from perfect. After all, Michael Vick got an award for courage!!!???!!! He really is deserving of the McChumpy EGO award. SC, you left Vick out, so I had to throw my 2 cents in.

  19. Han the man…

    As I told Ath, I know I gotta throw in a little NASCAR love at least one in every hundred posts to keep you lugnuts coming back for more… and to remind you that I know nothing about the sport.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to mourning the loss of Urban Meyer.


  20. Chris

    Sheen is the type of guy that it’s nice to hang out with at a bachelor party. But to have him date a female relative of mine ? That’s where I’d have to draw the line , consenting adult or not.

    Shame ’bout Vince Young and the Titans missing the playoffs. But the drubbing at the hands of the Chargers simply put the final nail in their coffin as to their postseason aspirations.

    We know that Serena was dominant but the voting for the AP awards had already taken place by the time of her infamous tirade.

    And though Penn State women’s volleyball team were dominant. The vast majority of the nation would be hard pressed to name a player on the team. And other than Maya Moore on U Conn’s championship winning NCAA basketball team. There was as such, little to go by in terms of dominant homegrown female talent. I guess that’s why Zenyatta (filly) came in second to Serena. So now they’re comparing Serena to a female race horse in terms of athleticism and dominance ? My oh my !
    LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    What happens next year in the men’s AP polls if we have a stallion coming in second to LeBron or Kobe. Is that meant to be an indictment of men’s sport in the country ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Alan Parkins

  21. One of those AFC teams had to drop, Al. Titans shot themselves in the foot too early to recover.

    I’m currently getting my resume together for the vacant Florida head coaching gig.

  22. Chris

    So Urban isn’t in fact stepping down. He’ll take a leave of absence it’d appear so that he can get over his health issues . So that’s what a lot to Tebow loving can do to your health ? Who knew ?

    Ah those incalculable Bucs ! One minute they’re looking as if they’re left for dead and the next they’re making the aspirations of the Saints seem somewhat asinine. And now with the Colts being beaten also. I guess it’s time for Morris and Buoniconti to hold their swagger over the rest of the NFL ?

    Alan Parkins

  23. Chris

    So when did the Giants become everyone else’s bit_h to slap around the NFL ? That was an unsightly loss. Their defense makes the Rams and Bucs’ defensive presence seem god like.


    Alan Parkins

  24. Great win for the Bucs today, Al, but as usual, the sharks…. er, sportswriters are circling the waters, not congratulating Morris on a well-coached game, but rather asking him about the Cowher speculation.

    Classy profession, huh?

    As for Meyer, I’ll have a piece up shortly. You knew I would.

  25. Chris

    There were gaps in the Giants defensive line that were almost as wide as the gap between Strahan’s two front teeth , top row, center.

    As to the Bucs , Morris’ll continue to get no love while the likes of Shanahan and Cowher are still out there on the ‘open market’. It wasn’t a great game by any stretch of the imagination by the Bucs. They merely persisted because the Saints became far too complacent having gone up by two scores.

    Urban , Urban , Urban . If there’s one thing that you need to be taught . It’s that when you hold a press conference of that magnitude at least make the statement be on appearance somewhat believable. I mean after four torturous years , now you’re coming down with some serious health issue ? Me thinks it could be a touch of the Tiger Woodsies. I wonder where might’ve been dipping the company pen shall we say ? Merely speculation on my part , though !

    What In The Wide World Of Sports Is Going On Here …..Hey Urban ‘Lean Back’ And Do The Rockaway …..

    Ten Things In Ten (2010) That I’d Like To See Happen In The World of Sports ………

    Alan Parkins 🙂 – 🙂

  26. Giants are gonna have to go back to the drawing board.

    I’m perfectly okay with giving Morris the chance to see what he can do next year.

    And Urban? Ya’ think? Nah, man. He’s a man of faith. He’s not goin’ there.

  27. Chris

    The Giants going back to the drawing board ? I heard that it has gotten so bad that they were thinking of hiring back the ol’ ‘Tuna’ himself , Bill Parcells.

    But from what I understand Bill doesn’t like the cold winter months in New York. ’cause he’s got goin’ on in dowtown Miami and South Beach.

    Would it be remiss to add both Dez Bryant and Joe McKnight as nominees to your McChumpies’ list ? I hear also that upon the awards’ night Kanye’ll be making a guest appearance to question the authenticity of the adjudication and the fact that neither a nomination or an award will be given to Beyonce’ ? Surely you could’ve arranged something there ? How ’bout a category titled women that Tiger hasn’t nailed especially those of an ethnic minority ?

    I think I pis_ed of a work colleague when I suggested that Tiger isn’t down with nailin’ a sista’ . Somehow with him being an African American he took affront to what I said. So I asked him point blank did his wife happen to be Caucasian ? To which he replied ‘ yes’. There you have it case closed !
    I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to the females , as I like ’em in all differing shades , just as long as they’re look good physically and have intelligence and intellect about them . That’s all I really ask for at this stage of my life . The rest I usually play by ear !

    A Year In Review Hits And Misses In Sports Thus Far …………..

    Alan Parkins

  28. No way Parcells is leaving Miami until he brings them a title. Nor will he hire any high profile coach that will challenge his authority.

    At the McChumpies, Al, we have strictly underground hip-hop, funk and of course, a tribute to James Brown to keep people dancing in their seats… and eventually the aisles.

    And Al, I believe it was Phife Dawg who agreed with you when he sang, I like ’em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian.

  29. Very comprehensive list, SC…enjoyed it immensely. Yes, you do deserve major props for leaving Mr. Favre & Mr. Vick out of the post. Looking forward to checking out more Sports Chump posts in 2010.

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  33. Oh dear…Charlie Sheen has smashed up a luxury room I’ve seen today. It’s his own fault. Why does he surrounds himself with folks that dont really love him?

  34. Mary…

    I’m assuming this is spam but I let it slide only because I had to respond.

    Are you really trying to absolve Charlie Sheen, who I don’t believe I even mentioned in this post, for his actions?

    Last time I checked, he was a grown man and can be held responsible for his own actions? Personally, I think he should be strung up for his comments about 9/11.

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