Dunkalicious December featuring Corey Brewer, Ryan Hollins and Delonte West (video)

As football season unfortunately comes to another close, we still have the NBA and all its glory to keep us entertained. If you’re not a fan of the game, I highly recommend you check out what Kevin Durant, Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo and Brandon Jennings are doing this season. Every performance is a highlight reel.

In November, we celebrated some delicious dunks courtesy of Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Ty Lawson. These were the kind of dunks where one player elevates over another, then flushes the ball while his victim falls hopelessly to the floor, hoping the cameraman got his good side. But there is no good side to being posterized.

Such is the case again with these three jewels. December’s threesome offers up Corey Brewer dehumanizing Derek Fisher, Ryan Hollins channeling his inner Tom Chambers and all 180 pounds of Delonte West dunking over one of the league’s best defenders.

Enjoy and happy new year!

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16 Replies to “Dunkalicious December featuring Corey Brewer, Ryan Hollins and Delonte West (video)”

  1. proving once again that Delonte West is “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

    What is up with the Maryland Mariachi? Fines and community service?!

  2. Chris

    So what better way to start of a tremendous year in 2010 than with an NBA story that proves there’s no better way to solve that ‘brother love’ than pointing a weapon at each other in the locker room amongst at your fellow teammate.

    Never mind the fact the weapons in both of their possessions are said to be unlicensed . Good ol ‘Agent OO’ and Jarvis Crittendon of the Wizards. What they couldn’t throw down with their fists like ‘real men’ do ?

    Courtesy of Yahoo Sports and Associated Press

    Reports; Arenas, teammate pull guns on each other

    By Joseph White AP Sports Writer

    WASHINGTON (AP)—The investigation of Gilbert Arenas(notes) and the guns he brought to the Verizon Center took a much more serious turn on Friday amid a report that he and Washington Wizards teammate Javaris Crittenton(notes) allegedly drew on each other during a locker-room argument over a gambling debt.

    Arenas responded with a flurry of messages on Twitter, at times making light of the news but also making one tweet that read somewhat like a denial: “I understand this is serious..but if u ever met me you know i dont do serious things im a goof ball this story today dont sound goofy to me.”

    Arenas later tweeted he couldn’t talk about the report the way he wanted to. He did not respond to a text message left by The Associated Press. A message left for Crittenton’s agent also was not returned.

    Click link to read story

    Way to go guys , way to show the world what unintelligent putz’s you really are !

    I can see the Wizards’ title aspiration going up in gunsmoke ! Pardon the pun there.

    Alan Parkins

  3. Nothing like some dunk clips to get DJ Arthritic Semitic out of the woodwork. Welcome back from Mexico.

    Great win by the Crocs tonight.

    And if the Mariachi needs some community service hours, I’m sure our boy Tebow has some to lend him.

  4. Al… so what’s Stern’s action?

    Does the Power Jew have the cojones to suspend Arenas for the season?

    It might just do the Bullets… er, I mean the Wizards some good.

  5. Chris

    Power _ew ? That’s below the belt isn’t it ? Well Stern loves incidents such as this whereby he can marginalize the actions of Arenas and Crittendon , while at the same time garnering himself more attention in the public spotlight. It’s what he does best asides from bringing the hundreds of millions of dollars each year in terms of revenues for the NBA.

    Why doesn’t Mike Leach offer his services to Manny Pacquiao ? I mean Leach got his JD from Pepperdine Law School and a fat lot of good it’s done him at this juncture. And the same can be said of the idiot who’s offering Manny advice . Bob Arum shut the __ck up and let things be. You were the one who initiated this bull_hit in the first place. Rather than discussing the matter with Mayweather’s camp , you start to berate and deride the guy and his family ? And that was for merely suggesting that both fighters should be tested under WADA’s rules and regimen. What an ass !

    Last regular season of NFL games . Some teams’ll be going home happy and others will be going home sad.

    What is it with Broncos’ Josh McDaniels and Brandon Marshall ? One minute there as close as the two main characters from Brokeback Mountain. And the next they’re waging all out war against one another and accusing each other of lying.

    Alan Parkins

  6. Here’s the deal, Al.

    Stern has done everything possible to keep the league’s image squeaky clean, particularly after the Malice at the Palace. Guns are not allowed in the locker rooms or anywhere near an arena I would think.

    I’d be perfectly okay with suspending Arenas for the season just to remind him how stupid he actually is.

    1) I fully expect that to happen and 2) If I could get 4:1 that he never plays another game in the league, I’d jump on it.

  7. I think the fight’ll happen, Al. There’s just too much money involved for even your boy Arum to screw it up.

    I’m just not too sure it’ll happen at that original date.

    Gators looked pretty good last night, huh? Bearcat beatdown.

  8. Chris

    The Mayweather Pacquiao bout ‘has to happen’… the public demands it. Whether or not it will, is actually now down to Arum and Pacquiao. And being as Arum is said to be lining up a fight for Pacquiao against a lesser opponent in Paul Malignaggi (27-3, 5KO’s) . What does that indicate to you ? They’re either running scared or have given hope altogether of negotiating an amicable resolution in the end. No two ways about it.

    Stern is proving once again that he’ll let a situation foment before stepping into save the day . Whilst doing so it gives the image that he’d done something great ?

    Personally I’d like too see either ‘pistols at dawn’ at 30 paces between these too a_sholes in Arenas and Crittendon , with them just having one bullet apiece. Real men get it done with a single bullet , not firing off several rounds like pus*sies !

    Great wins for FSU , Florida and USF !

    Alan Parkins

  9. Chris

    You alluded to the fact that Stern wanted to keep the NBA’s image ‘squeaky clean’ ? Wasn’t their sales’ mantra during the mid nineties the use of rap music and the so called depiction of ‘thug life’ part of that pitch to lure young urban fans and rap lovers to the game ? Were it not for the pious types up on Madison Ave , Stern would’ve ended up shooting himself in the foot.

    And oh by the way there’s nothing squeaky clean about the image of the game when the game’s top player ,Michael Jordan , is known to be doin’ ‘weed’ and you as the commissioner continue to remain ominously silent.

    Alan Parkins

  10. Al… if that fight doesn’t happen, nobody will have a reason to watch the sport again for years. Not that anyone does anyway.

    I’m still awaiting Stern’s stern decision, Al. I know we have the right to bear arms but I think some sort of punishment is in order.

    And you’re right, great wins for Florida, Florida State and USF. The question is… which one of those teams, and Miami, will be the best in the state next year?

  11. Well, Al, I think Stern was fair.

    For example, he let the athletes have their dope. He never tested for it. Meanwhile, we know half the league was using.

    Perhaps Stern was known to partake himself back in the day.

  12. Chris

    The reason Stern never tested the players for dope was probably because NBP Director Billy Hunter probably blackmailed with the pics he had of him doing some ungodly things to farm animals. So there goes Stern’s squeaky clean image for a start.

    As for Arum he know his a_s is now over a barrel and it’s about to get ‘pounded and pummeled’ more times than a new inmate on lockdown.

    Alan Parkins

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