The differences between us and Brett Favre: A top ten list

Vikings Big Week Football10 ) Us: Most of us look better in purple than we do in green and yellow.

Brett: So does Brett, but when he changed colors, it upset an entire fan base.

9 ) Us: We all have moments of indecision.

Brett: Favre’s are moments of national security.

8 ) Us: Most of us work longer than we have to.

Brett: Favre works longer than he has to because people want him to.

7 ) Us: We all have aching bones and nagging injuries.

Brett: Favre does too but you’d never know it.

6 ) Us: We’ve all had disagreements with our superiors.

Brett: Favre does too but afterwards they drive him around in a brand new Escalade.

brett-favre-wrangler15 ) Us: We all wear blue jeans.

Brett: Favre wears his blue jeans in the yard while tossing a football around with a bunch of people he doesn’t know. Ours also don’t say “Wrangler”on the label.

4 ) Us: Most of us have called in sick from work.

Brett: Favre hasn’t missed a start in twenty years.

3 ) Brett: Was born and raised in southern Mississippi

Us: Most of us are scared to step foot in southern Mississippi

2 ) Us: Most of us watched and mimicked American Idol’s Pants on the Ground skit last week.

Brett: Favre sang it in a room full of 52 naked men then slapped them on the ass.

1 ) Us: We would all like to see the city of New Orleans finally play for a Super Bowl.

Brett: Favre can personally keep that from happening.

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30 Replies to “The differences between us and Brett Favre: A top ten list”

  1. Chris

    Chris to the guys over at ESPN Favre is Superman. The fact that he puts his pants on, one leg at a time doesn’t seem to make a difference to them at all.

    How strange is the news about former Bucs’ player Gaines Adams dying from a heart attack at the age of 26 ? I was completely shocked and taken aback. How the hell was it that he was able to play with such a disability of enlarged heart and aortic valve ? That’s friggin’ crazy to begin with !

    Gaines Adams remembered as a gentle and free spirit

    The St. Petersburg Times reports: Gaines Adams, the Bears’ defensive end who died of cardiac arrest Sunday at age 26, is being remembered by his former Tampa Bay teammates as an elite athlete who was humble, gentle and easy-going.

    “He was one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met,” said defensive tackle Chris Hovan, whose locker next to Adams’ in Tampa. “He was this gentle, free spirit. He could be friends with anybody. He was always happy, always grateful for his life.”

    Adams struggled with the expectations of being taken with the fourth pick in the 2007 draft.


    Click on link further to read

    Alan Parkins

  2. Bruce Dickinson also put his pants on one leg at a time, Al, but when he does so, he makes gold records.

    Awful news about Adams, Al. I had a thought about it yesterday while discussing Adams’ passing with a friend.

    May it wasn’t Adams’ desire that was keeping him from becoming the best he could be, but rather his heart. How is it that with all the poking and prodding scouts and teams do that before investing in a player we still can’t foresee medical problems such as these?

  3. At this point, Angel, I’m not sure that I’m pulling for any particular team.

    Even tho’ I’ve given Favre his fair share over the years, I wouldn’t mind seeing him win one more.

    I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing the Saints take home their first ever.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Peyton win another.

    And I wouldn’t mind seeing the Jets shock the world.

    The only question is… if the Jets knock off the Colts, will the mad young Mexican go all Broadway Joe on us and boldly predict a Super Bowl victory?

    I think on top of giving him a key to the city, they might just buy him a fur coat on top of that.

  4. Chris

    I can’t imagine how tough this loss has been on Gaines Adams’ family. 26 years of age and his life is now gone. Perhaps something good can come out of this all ?

    I see that the Mosley Berto welterweight title bout has been postponed . Berto’s family is originally from Haiti. And no doubt his concerns lay elsewhere at present. The family gym in Winter Haven is very popular amongst kids who are interested in learning MMA, martial arts and boxing. I’ve been there several times myself and have worked out with Andre and Adrian Berto.

    Alan Parkins

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  6. Here’s hoping Brett hoists the SB XLIV trophy, then slips back into the swamps of Kiln to gig frogs and such until his appearance at Canton in ’15. I dig his game but I’m so sick of his face!

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  8. Chris

    I’ve not read or heard that at all. What I do know is that Pacquiao is set to fight Paul Malignaggi. That kid is about to get his a_s handed to him on the proverbial silver platter. It’s a major step up in class for him altogether.

    Alan Parkins

  9. Chris

    A deal is being put together for Mosley to meet Mayweather in a welterweight title bout to be co-promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and Mayweather’s own company. If it happens then that’d be a fight well worth watching.

    Dropped this piece on the uber-kind Lane Kiffin and the ongoing fallout that still surrounds his departure from Tennessee. Were you aware as to the allegations concerning the vehicular accident that he had this past summer. He states that he fell asleep behind the wheel of the vehicle. But there are some who are saying that he was in fact intoxicated. The vehicle itself was a lease vehicle afforded to him by the university.

    The plot thickens just like borscht and goulash .

    Did I Miss Something But The Lane Kiffin Fallout Is Making The USC Trojans Look Bad That Being Said The Program Was Already Stinking Up The Joint To Begin With …

    Alan Parkins

  10. Yaz… I think your sentiments echo most of America’s.

    Even though we’re tired of all the press conferences, I bet the majority of sports fans (other than those who live in New York, New Orleans or Indianapolis) wouldn’t mind seeing Favre go out on top.

    As long as he goes out.

  11. Chris

    As you all like to say …..I’s keepin’ it real’ by providing you all with the latest updates on the fight game.

    I see that the Rays’ B. J. Upton has filed for salary arbitration ? I doubt he’ll get the sort of money he’ll no doubt be seeking. Lincecum is expected to get anywhere between $9-$13million for this tear. The Mariners’ Felix Hernandez got a 5 year $68 million plus deal . So what should Upton be looking for ?

    As to the Bills hiring Chan Gailey . I see it as nothing more than a last ditch attempt by them. The organization as it now is , is on a downwards’ slide into oblivion. They haven’t a quarterback worth a damn and their defense is as ‘porous’ as a used t_mpon. Need I say anything more on the topic ?

    Alan Parkins

  12. I’m gonna start calling you Scoop, Al.

    Upton might get a pretty penny. He can bring a lot to a team. I’m thinking Lincecum will get more than that 9-13 range you suggest.

    Buffalo is still living in the shadow of Marv Levy, Al. It’ll be a long time before they ever equal the success they had in the 90s.

  13. Chris

    The real problem for the Bills is that they haven’t a top notch personnel guy. And in terms of coaches in recent years they’ve kept on scraping the bottom of the barrel far too often.

    I don’t want to be seen as another Scoop Jackson much less a version of Stephen A. Those two are marginally up the charts in the evolutionary scale of things when it comes to sports journalism.

    Upton is earning somewhere in the region of $4 million a year. I certainly don’t think that he’s worth more than $ 6 million at best. He’s never been productive enough to be paid anywhere near that scale.

    Dropped this piece on the Blue Jays and their new young GM. Apparently think that Alex Anthopolous is the second coming of the Red Sox’s Theo Epstein.

    When You’ve Got Nothing At All Constructive Or Good To Say About Something Or Someone It’s Best To Say Nothing At All Or Merely Just Proffer Up An Opinion ………….

    Alan Parkins

  14. Chris

    I don’t know if he’s got the ‘chops’ to play Pendergrass. But should make for a pretty interesting biopic. Wasn’t L&O’s Jessie Martin signed up to do a pic on Marvin Gaye ?

    How about Conan O’Brien’s big payday from NBC ? He gets $33million while his staff share an additional $12 million in severance pay. Nice work if you can get it !

    O’Brien seals $45 million deal to quit ‘Tonight’

    Host walks away with $33 million payoff, staff splits $12 million

    NEW YORK – NBC said Thursday it has reached a $45 million deal with Conan O’Brien for his exit from the “Tonight Show,” allowing Jay Leno to return to the late-night program he hosted for 17 years.

    Under the deal, which came seven months after O’Brien took the reins from Leno, O’Brien will get more than $33 million, NBC said. The rest will go to his staff in severance, the network said in an announcement on the TODAY show.
    Click on link to read piece in its entirety

    And how about the Glazers ? Have you heard the latest about them issuing a bond placement in order to pay off part of Man U’s $1.1 billion debt. They want some of the players to buy some of the bonds that they’ll be issuing. That f_cking family couldn’t run a lemonade stand much less a sport’s franchise. Both United and the Bucs aren’t that far off from filing for bankruptcy. They’ve not been able to meet their financial obligations as to their creditors for Utd .

    Glazer family loans saddle Manchester United with debt of £716m

    • Interest rates on loans set to rise to 16.25%
    • Parent company made profit of just £6.4m

    Interest charges on loans taken out by the Glazer family and secured on their shareholding in Manchester United were this summer set to jump to an incredible rate of 16.25%, as the total debt now carried by the club stands at £716.6m.

    The accounts, which provide a more complete picture than the figures released last week, show that, even allowing for a profit of £80.7m on player transfers, the parent company made a profit of £6.4m due to the need to service that debt.

    The imminent hike in interest rates from 14.25%, due to take effect in August this year, would have further accelerated the rate at which the hedge fund debt – which has already swollen from £138m to £202.1m – “rolled up”.

    Under the terms of a £500m bond scheme, the Glazers have made provisions to channel up to £127m back into the parent company in the first year alone to start paying down that debt. The Red Football Joint Venture figures, filed at Companies House, are likely to be seized on by critics of the Glazer regime as evidence of United’s reduced spending power.

    Click on link to read article in its entirety

    If you don’t think that they’re now hampering the Bucs with this financial fallout. Then think again.

    So you’ve still got implicit faith that they and Bucs are heading in the right direction ? Sooner or later one boot is going to drop on this whole cumbersome mess. And the fallout will be catastrophic !

    Goodell and the NFL hierarchy had better keep a close watch on this all or else it just won’t be United that’s in trouble but the Bucs and their overall operations as well.

    Alan Parkins

  15. He actually sounded pretty good last night on Lopez.

    Maybe Conan can lend Lane Kiffin the 800 mil he needed to pay off UT.

    And to be perfectly honest, Al, I don’t follow the Glazer’s exploits with Man U. I just can’t comprehend all those zeros.

    Unless of course it affects how much they’ll spend on the Bucs next season.

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