Tweeting for the Super Bowl

Since I couldn’t make it to either Miami or New Orleans for Super Bowl XLIV, I decided to hunker down in front of the laptop and Tweet the night away. I was curious to see a) who else was doing so and b) what they were writing about during the most watched television event in history. It was like one huge Super Bowl party where all you needed to get in was your laptop.

skip-baylessThe first stop of the night brought us to Skip Bayless, lightning rod analyst for ESPN’s First Take. RealSkipBayless let us know he’s “Not a huge Who fan. Not in same league with Beatles, Stones. Very surprised getting halftime stage. Guess some sponsor CEOs must love ’em.”

As if the world revolves around the musical taste of Skip Bayless. How could the Super Bowl not have consulted him? Not in the same league as the Beatles/Stones? Who is? Last time I checked Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and James Brown were unavailable. Unlike Skip, I was actually looking forward to the Who. I was just hoping we weren’t going to be subjected to a Pete Townsend nipple sighting.

Minutes later, Bayless blessed us with more brilliant insight. Peyton Manning must play at an extremely high level.” It also helps to score more points that your opponent.

ray-allen-boston-celticsIn response to the Celtics loss to Orlando earlier that afternoon, HPbasketball wrote It’s Lord of the Flies in the comments of the Celtics blogs right now.”

He’s right. I’m not one to write off the Celtics just yet but I can understand why their fans are concerned. The C’s are 1-7 against Orlando and Atlanta and odds are they’ll have to play at least one, if not both, of those teams in the playoffs. The Celtics start a five-game west coast road trip on Wednesday. We’ll see if Ray Allen is still wearing green when they get back to Beantown.

steve-winwoodIt’s always nice to see Rich Eisen of the NFL Network online. Of the pre-game festivities, RichEisen asked Since when did Steve Winwood morph into Don Imus?” Ouch! I wonder how Winwood feels about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. ESPN sorely misses Eisen’s brand of humor. I’m happy to say I missed most of Winwood’s performance, immediately hitting the mute button after realizing he hasn’t put out a song since “Higher Love.”

There was a lot of pre-game hype discussing what the game meant to both the city of New Orleans and the career of Drew Brees. JerodMSF wrote “The whole ‘did you save New Orleans or did New Orleans save you’ thing with Brees should seem really cheesy/contrived…but it doesn’t.” As an impartial observer, it was hard not to root for the Saints in this game.

emmitt-smith-dancing-with-the-starsBillPlaschke of the Los Angeles Times and ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption wrote Saw Brad Pitt and John Travolta outside press box at Sun Life Stadium…neither was greeted by as many fans as Woody Paige.” I believe it. I’m currently on my 23rd straight day of not missing a single minute of either Around the Horn or PTI. Does anyone else suffer this same affliction?

In reference to Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith being honored pre-game for their recent Hall of Fame induction, LVAngel04 wrote she was waiting for them to dance…is that bad??” Classic that LV was first to pick up on this. Rice and Smith would probably both make Dancing with the Stars Hall of Fame too!

pat-tim-tebowConsistently one of the funniest tweeters out there, sportspickle wrote There’s your Tebow commercial, America. Glad everyone freaked out over that.” I didn’t find anything overly offensive about the ad. Did you guys? In fact, I love doing video projects with my mom. Who do you think produced the Tiger Woods video?

Actually, the SklarBrothers found fault with the Tebow spot. If we take anything away from Tim Tebow’s pro life commercial where he tackles his mom, it’s that his technique is all wrong.”

sean-paytonWhat’s a Tweetfest without a word from the Kansas City Star’s controversial Jason Whitlock. After the Saints failed to score an early touchdown after a first-and-goal, WhitlockJason wrote Four plays and not one pass into the end zone. Sean Payton is a real genius.” I failed to read what Whitlock said about Payton after the onside kick. Personally on 3rd and short with time running out in the first half, I would have pounded the ball up the middle twice but I watch SEC football.

After a low-scoring first half, GatorBenPBP wrote I have a friend who almost always bets the first half ‘under.’ Now I see why.” The over/under (58 ½) was lofty but that’s what most people expected out of the Colts’ and Saints’offenses. With the score 10-6 at halftime, it looked like the under would hit and it did.

Similarly, stephenasmith wrote I’ve got to admit I’m absolutely shocked. I expected a shootout. But give the Saints’ offense credit. They’ve kept Manning off the field.” Good points from Stephen A. There were only ten possessions in the first half, eighteen in the entire game. Both teams controlled clock well. Saints led first half time of possession by four but were also losing by four on the scoreboard.

the-who-roger-daltrey-2007About the Who’s halftime performance, J_Live3TP wrote Cmon The Who. Do a new song. I double dare ya!” Hey, at least they’ve put stuff out more recently than Steve Winwood. And dylan20 wrote “The Who’s drummer looks like Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap. Maybe he will explode at the end.” Dylan was right, he did look like Nigel and reminded me I’m due for another Spinal Tap viewing. But that drum solo at the end of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” was pretty sweet.

J_Live3TP also couldn’t “help but wonder if the NFLs interest on expanding into the UK had anything to do with The Who playing at the half.” Interesting concept although I don’t know how many Brits are still rocking to the Who. They might just hold that against us.

Mom’s not on twitter but she did text in “these aging rockers depress me. Daltrey looks like he’s going to pass out.” Little does she know that a) Daltrey has looked like he’s been going to pass out for about 40 years and b) I recently bought her some Beatles paraphernalia.

new-orleans-saints-accept-super-bowl-trophyIn response to Sean Payton’s decision to go for an onside kick at the beginning of the second half SportsCenter wrote Onside kick was a gutsy call but wow has it shifted the momentum towards the Saints.” notmikedunleavy wrote If we ever run out of steel in this country, we can always melt down Coach Payton’s balls.” This is why more people are looking to Twitter and other social networking sites for their news. Which statement is a more accurate depiction of perhaps the boldest call in Super Bowl history?

As we all know, that call changed the game. When Tracy Porter jumped in front of a Peyton Manning pass and returned it for a touchdown, that was all she wrote. Ironically, it was Porter who ended the Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre’s season with an interception two weeks earlier. mysportsrumors wrote “Get ready for the biggest Mardi Gras party in history.” That might be the understatement of the century.

Oh… to be in the French Quarter. Mozel tov to DJ Arthritic Semitic, the city of New Orleans and Saints fans everywhere.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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38 Replies to “Tweeting for the Super Bowl”

  1. Chris

    Well I invited several of my closes colleagues and workmates to my humble abode. No pre planned celebratory stripper to start things off. But we did have someone later in the evening who got drunk and went out unto by back porch and urinated on my plants and vomited all over the floor there . That asides the evening was somewhat uneventful. LOL,LOL ,LOL !!! Cleaning up afterwards was a bi_ch !

    Great win for the Saints even if it meant that idiots are now questioning Manning’s resolve as to how not to act under pressure.

    All Good Things Must Come To An End ……. So Did Superbowl SBXLIV ……………

    Alan Parkins

    Alan Parkins

  2. Chris

    Is it me but are the adjudicators of the NFL’s Hall of Fame completely without an ounce of knowledge ? How the hell can they still continue to overlook both Tim Brown and Cris Carter for induction there ? They’ve (Hall of Fame adjudicators) no real legitimacy as far as I’m concerned ! Just look at the two guys’ bodies’ of work and you can see that they ought to have been enshrined already. They each meet the criteria.

    Alan Parkins

  3. It sounds like you worked through the game. I hope you enjoyed the after party.
    I’ve gotta tell you, I’m getting a little embarrassed by my fellow AARP members doing the halftime show. Don’t get me wrong I love the Who, but the times they are a changin’.
    I’m very happy the Saints won and not only because I won money on the game for a change.
    Football is over. When do pitchers and catchers report?

  4. The Who? What? Early line on next year’s halftime show is AC/DC even money and Elton John 2-1.
    Have the Who put out anything new since 1980?

    I try to catch Around the Horn if I’m around. Love Wilbon on PTI, but how has Kornheiser written about sports for 40 years, and still knows less about them than my great-aunt Tillie.

    SRM playoff results will be up soon. You got me by one. I wish I had of known that the Colts’ coach would be doing his Bobby Bowden impersonation on the sideline. Clueless!

  5. My man! Nice post as always!! You know if I chime in … More later.. Just left 3rd place catch up later .. Just had to say Sweet! Ps: top hat lololol

  6. KP… you’re probably following most of those guys already but if you’re not, I highly recommend doing so.

    Yeah, I was looking for you in the Twitosphere. I just figured the wife hated Twitter too.

  7. Elton John I could see, Han, but I’m not thinking AC/DC will ever get the nod.

    Why didn’t they choose the Black Eyed Peas? Have they done the Bowl before? Everything Will.I.Am touches turns to gold and they are hardly controversial.

    I don’t mind Kornheiser and I don’t mind any of the guys on ATH. Although I’m not as familiar with their writing as I should be.

    Lisa always sends me links to Platschke articles when they’re good.

  8. I wish Danica would take advantage of a chance to be a role model to our young girls.

    Your Mom did something right in raising you to show such respect for her and other women.

    Bob Seger, pleeeaaaasssse!!!

  9. Chris

    Like I’d already mentioned, if both the NBA and NFL have labor unrest and there is a lockout. Then I for one will turn my attention to the women who play in the professional Lingerie League (LFLUS). I hear that ‘their brand of football’ can be quite stimulating and uplifting for a very good reason ?

    It’s about time there’s more attention women’s sports. I mean the Wet T-shirt contests on South Beach. Mud or jello wrestling and their professional leagues.
    I mean what else could a guy genuinely wish for ? And then we could have the women on the Naked News Network report on it for us all.

    Click here to see some of the many wonderful virtues of the LFL.

    Alan Parkins

  10. <strong Chris

    Anyone that both you and I know in ‘nawlins has not got to be at least ‘two sheets to the wind’. Plastered and joyous, not knowing when they’ll return to being sober.

    Alan Parkins

  11. I suppose I will eat some crow!!! Since the entire country was rooting for NO I guess I will take one for the team and be happy for them.

    I can’t believe The WHO is taking so much grief. They are probably a Top 5 rock band of all time. Seriously…I had to sit through Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake and people are complaining about The Who…amazing!!

  12. Chris

    Tell him to watch himself as I believe that former action star Steven Segal is a cop down there. No one messes with Segal and his fat a_s ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    So tell me why is that Theo went after Adrian Beltre’ ? I no you lost Bay to ‘free agency’ but Beltre’ ? C’mon man !

    Alan Parkins

  13. Chris

    If your friend isn’t pacing himself in ‘nawlins’ then he’d better watch himself. As Steven Seagal is a certified and bona-fide cop in the ‘Crescent City’. He’s liable to ‘chop suey’ your friend’s a*s if he steps out of line.

    Alan Parkins

  14. Chris

    Which of these is said to be more appropriate in terms of etiquette ? Texting or sex-ting ? Inquiring minds need to know !

    Alan Parkins

  15. And re: my New Orleans friend, he’s of my age, but considerably more fragile.

    I hope he’s pacing himself.

    He’s been reporting in every so often… from his sofa… recovering.

  16. Chris

    Given Van Damme’s chemical dependency problems. I think he now spends more time playing ‘with himself’ rather than portraying himself on or off the screen. He’s said to make Limbaugh’s Oxy-contin addiction seem like child’s play.

    If your ‘nawlins’ boy is still pacing himself. Then tell him that the world won’t end if he wakes up with Ru Paul lying in his arms and with him having a smile on his face. These things have been known to happen when one drinks excessively and then you’re unable to differentiate between the sexes.

    Alan Parkins

  17. I had heard that Van Damme was supposed to be playing himself in a movie about his life, then never heard anymore about it.

    And I think my boy is still on cloud nine sitting in his living room staring at his Drew Brees fathead.

  18. I guess the real question is, Bill, would the Covered Dish ever have booked ‘Tebow and his Mom?’

    Would they have been a headliner? If not, who would they have opened for? And what kind of music would they play?

    I’m thinking some Carpenters covers or something.

    Could draw a crowd there, man. I hear Timmy’s kind of a big thing in Gainesville.

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