This week’s caption contest featuring Terrell Owens

I’ve never tried my hand at modeling… with good reason. I’ll stick to watching Zoolander for my runway walk-offs. But some superstar athletes simply can’t stay out of the limelight.

Proving once again there is no such thing as an NFL offseason, Terrell Owens, the former Cowboys, Eagless, Niners and Bills wide receiver was spotted recently, not in the end zone (as he was only five times this season) but in a New York fashion show.

Seen here, T.O. is once again showing off his abs. He loves him some him. Next question! His headgear this time? Not a football helmet, but rather a wig, purportedly from his grandmother’s collection.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present the multi-talented, never ego-centric, Terrell Owens.

As usual, the winning entry earns peace of mind and honorable mention in the Hall of Fame.


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20 Replies to “This week’s caption contest featuring Terrell Owens”

  1. Ok… how about this one. Terrell Owens covers Right Said Fred when he sings…

    “I’m… too sexy for this league… too sexy for this league. Do you like my wiiiiiiig?”

  2. Chris

    If that doesn’t work out then he can always join the UFL or the Lingerie League. That’s if they go co-ed ?

    Dropped this on the Cardinals and Mark McGwire. Can anyone actually believe anything that now comes out of the motuth of Tony La Russa at this juncture ? He had to have known about Canseco’s and McGwire’s proclivities concerning the use of steroids ! No locker room is that closed that the manager doesn’t have an idea as to what’s going on.

    What Is It That Mark McGwire Is Said To Be Doing For The St Louis Cardinals …………?

    Alan Parkins

  3. This is late and might not get read but I was flipping channels and came across a Tina Turner concert and I said, “That’s right! Terrell Owens does have Tina’s wig!”LOL

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