celebrates first birthday!!!

“Our little boy’s all growns up.”

Vince Vaughn, Swingers

Stumbling upon craigslist one afternoon a while back, I happened upon an advertisement looking for contributing writers.  The unique thing about this particular ad, unlike others I had encountered on that site was that a) the person who posted the ad actually answered, b) he ran a legitimate sports website and c) he actually paid his contributors.

Our relationship soon became a match made in heaven.  I began contributing to his website, The Red Zone Report, on a semi-regular basis.  However, its designer, webmaster Eddie Griffin, soon discovered that I liked to write about more than just football.  At that time, his site was strictly football-related.

After several continuing conversations with Mr. Griffin, the concept of was born.  One year later, I’ve put up 140 posts, had 4,500 comments, 55,000 visits and 85,000 page views. has been featured on ESPN’s SportsNation,, Creative Loafing and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Not bad for a site still in diapers, huh?

In celebration of our one-year anniversary, there are a lot of people I’d like to thank, first and foremost my readers, those who don’t miss a post and those who have stumbled upon us by accident.

I’d also like to thank my proofreaders, advertisers, commenters, subscribers and blogroll brethren.  I’d like to thank those who have agreed with me and those who have not, fueling healthy debate about the hot topics of our day.  I’d like to thank my family and friends for their encouragement as well as those who have allowed me to share our stories, no matter how embarrassing.

As the medium continues to evolve, has several surprises in store in the months and years to come.  Video, blogcasts, internet radio.  As Eddie wrote in an e-mail recently, “the sky is very much the limit.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Once again, a sincere heartfelt thanks to you all.  As I said from day one, this site is as much me as it is all of you.  I hope you all feel the same way.

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44 Replies to “ celebrates first birthday!!!”

  1. Chris

    Congrats on reaching that milestone and obviously there’ll be more to come ! So keep up the good work and I’ll continue to show up and chime in with a comment or two or three as the case maybe. That’s not too much is it ? LOL, LOL, LOL !!! I mean who the hell wants to listen to some boring old English fart who knows absolutely nothing about the American sports landscape ?

    Here’s something to keep the fires burning. An English rose by any other name than Lucy Pinder just wouldn’t seem to be worth it at all !

    Cheers bro and like I keep up the good work and long may you reign

    Alan Parkins

  2. Happy Birthday, SportsChump! You’ve stayed the same and shown integrity and because of that, you’ve been respected by all these loyal readers. God bless you another year, my NBA playoff teacher of 2009!lol

  3. Happy Birthday Mr. Sportschump! You don’t look a day older. Thank you for all the insightful, interesting, and touching posts.

  4. (in my spot on bill murray imitation)
    “happy bithday to you, happy bithday to you, happy birthday you crazy knuckelhead, happy birhtday to you.
    i have to go now it’s time for my medicine.

  5. Congrats!!!

    Now that the Chump is one and is slowly getting out of the thumb-sucking phase, it should be easier to type the blog.

  6. Ath… thank you very much for the kind words.

    I’ll have an NBA playoff preview for you coming up in the next few weeks.

    And I’m in fifth place in my NASCAR Fantasy league! I know you’re proud.

  7. Feller…

    Oh, I’m still sucking the thumb.

    And it’s only a matter of time before the Brysonnaires are celebrating their first birthday.

    Assuming we’re not thrown out of his studios by then.

  8. I believe it was Marky Mark as Dirk Diggler in “Boogie Nights” who, upon winning his first annual screen award, said “I’ll promise to keep rockin’ and rollin’. I’m gonna keep tryin’ if you guys keep tryin’.”

  9. Happy Birthday SportsChump. Your blog is fun to read and informative. Good Job! I cant wait for Gator Football season to begin again.

  10. Well if it isn’t my favorite pornographic material distributor from Jacksonville.

    What is up, man?

    Check with our boy McQueen, find out the next time he’s coming down here and I will be there with poker money to spend.

  11. Dude, you get paid?!!!
    Well that’s just the tits.

    Seriously though, big congrats. Posting have been fantastic and those are numbers reflect it.

    Play on, Chump. Play on…

  12. It’s only been a year man……! I enjoy reading this. I like that you keep your articles current, relevant and not too long winded. We need to get together soon brother! Good work.

  13. Chris

    We’re both boxing aficionados as such but why the hell is there a fight going on Saturday night between B-Hop and Roy Jones ? Both are simply aging relics and I’d have thought that Roy’d have learned his lesson by now given the a_s whupping he took at the hands of the Australian Danny Green ? Knocked flat hell out that he didn’t even realize he was down under , let’s say ?

    This fight’ll be like watching the mating ritual of two pachyderms on the Animal Planet tv station. I’ll wait til it’s rebroadcast on either HBO or Showtime .

    Alan Parkins

  14. Happy Birthday Rev, as you will always be The Reverend to me. However, in honor of your acheivment, I will bury the Rev forever and refer to you as Mr. Chump..if that is desirous on your behalf??

    BTW, where is that PSU chump KP?? Isn’t this like the 3rd anniversary of that ass-kickin I gave to him in your Blog-Off March Madness Tourney?? You know I would have won that thing if you declared a winner! It’s ok, the other finalists knew it too…you were my only real competition and you did not participate.

    This site is better anyway…nice job and keep it up.

    Oh yeah, and GO MOUNTAINEERS!!! Mrs. Nice needs some Easter shoes!

  15. Congrats Chump…and a sincere Happy Birthday wish to you from me and the rest of Shawn Kemp’s Kids. All of us will be life long readers!


  16. Hey congratulation Buddy. Now I think Corona Beer should pay you for the advertised you gave them on your picture there ha ha ha . Saludos Hermano.

  17. DJ Arthitic Semitic…

    Thanks a ton, man. Wait til I start working for the Billy B., aka the Big Finger Roll. We’ll be expecting many call-ins.


    Good to hear from ya’, man. Hey, I’ll be attending and covering a 1010 AM Buccaneer protest tomorrow. You should show up and speak your piece to those guys. I’m sure you’d have plenty to say. The response piece will be up shortly after that. Stay tuned.

  18. Al… Professional boxing has no infrastructure. The sports belt expansion has left all fans in confusion. While I wouldn’t mind watching that fight, I’m not gonna pay 50 bucks to see it. The whole sport needs an overhaul.

    I say we put our heads together and come up with a valid suggestion to revive it.

  19. Awww, Petey….

    You’re gonna make me cry… or maybe that’s the Zimas talkin’.

    Your boy Kev has been asking about you. Here’s the link to his site.

    He and I have things in the works. Big things, man. We can always use the Scarlet and Gray perspective so let me know when you find your creative influence again. We don’t have to wait until football season, do we?

    Ya’ know what’s funny. When Kev and I spoke this week, he recalled your banter from that bracket contest.

    Good times, man.

  20. PJ… It’s been a pleasure having you as a blogroll brother. Let’s see what the next year brings. I’m always open to suggestions.

    BryBrack… don’t tell anyone I actually paid them all for showing up.

  21. Bustelo and Salsero…

    Two Puerto Rican comments back to back.

    Nice to see I’m finally reaching out to my Caribbean contingency.

    Ahora si solamente podria bailar la salsa.

  22. Chris

    There are now five international organizations at the top of the sport. And they all lack consistency in almost every part of their structure and rankings’ system. Never mind the fact that you have both King and Arum at the top of the heap as the major promoters dictating to those bodies as to which fighters ought to be fighting for the various titles. Nothing is done by merit there at all. It’s all graft and corruption !

    I hear that Dez Bryant is in need of agent ? Got any spare time on your hands to represent him ? The money is good based on whatever your commission rate would be. Between 3-8 % take on any endorsements , never mind a cut of the initial contract negotiated in terms of his salary. All you have to do is to make sure he gets up gets dressed and make sure that he’s on time for his appointments. LOL,LOL,LOL !!! He turned up at one of the Pro Days without his equipment and he’s blaming the press for saying he’s got character issues and being too hard on him. This is the same kid who lied to the NCAA and Oklahoma St about his involvement with Deion Sander who’s also not an NFL analyst but also a sports agent with his own agency and sports marketing firm. A ‘no no’ as far as the NCAA is concerned , concerning contact between student athletes and agents while they’re still in college and playing ball.

    Dez Bryant Ain’t Too Stupid Though He Might Be A Tad Forgetful ………. That’s All ………..

    Alan Parkins

  23. Revy rev….

    Happy 1st…. here’s to one and many more to come, my friend. Congrats and keep up the entertaining reads as always.

    Hope you didn’t have a big party, invite Urban or Billy – and that they didn’t accept at first, then change their mind…

    couldn’t resist… later

  24. Too many cooks spoil the broth, Al. Particularly if they’re incompetent and corrupt.

    And with Dez, it sounds like the same old story. What is it with the wide receiver position and prima donnas?

  25. Congrats to and to you personally Chris!
    As you and I both know, websites are not an easy task, 20 times more difficult if you try to have a regular life and need to support a family.
    Your posts and contributions have been proof to the internet world that you DESERVE and will continue to be a success!
    Thank you for your contributions to SRM and we look forward to growing with you!

  26. Chris

    Bryant isn’t all that bright from the get go . If he were then he wouldn’t have created the problems that have troubled for his entire collegiate athletic career. Carry on like that and he’ll begin to make Maurice Clarett and Lawrence Phillips seem like acolytes and choir boys. Perhaps that wasn’t an apt comparison given the plight of the priesthood at present ? Come here little boy the ‘Father’ wants to play and lay his hands on you.

    Alan Parkins

  27. Chris

    This may well be the fight B-Hop choose to make Roy his ‘prison bi_ch’ ?

    Given the fact Jones’ chin is as soft as a box of Charmin I don’t expect the fight to go the distance !

    Alan Parkins

  28. Al… let’s just say it’s unlikely that Dez will get paid like his namesake Kobe just did with the Lakers giving him a 90 million dollar extension. I wonder is Jerry West gets a cut.

    And speaking of getting paid, did you see David Lee’s line against the Warriors last night?

    37 points, 20 rebounds, 10 assists. I wonder if the Knicks are going to cough up the money to keep him around. He won’t come cheap.

  29. Chris,

    I know I’m late on this one, thanks to the Census Bureau! I have watched your website grow from the day you created it. Even though I am not that big of a sports buff, I do love your writing and thoroughly enjoy reading your stories. You have done an incredible job and you should be proud! Love the stories!

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