NBA Block Party starring LeBron James, Manu Ginobili and Nate Robinson (video)

There are few plays in sports as exciting and momentum-changing, yet unfortunately underappreciated as basketball’s blocked shot.

Many current NBAers have mastered the art of, not only the block… but keeping it in bounds.  Bill Russell invented that technique decades ago and finally, some of the better defenders in the game today have learned to appreciate its value.

As Russell will tell you blocking a ball out of bounds, while emphatic, still gives your opponent the ball back.  Gaining possession after that block, however, is not only game-changing, it’s emasculating.

Dunks are glorious but blocking a dunk is even nastier.  This year, we’ve seen some beauties.  LeBron James has developed into one of the game’s best weak side defenders, rejecting your shot attempt quicker than a hot girl does to a drunk at closing time.  But he’s not the only all-star honored below.  We also have San Antonio’s Manu Ginobili and the miniscule Nate Robinson.  This might not be a complete collection of the best blocks of 2010 but they’re the ones that have caught my eye.

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21 Replies to “NBA Block Party starring LeBron James, Manu Ginobili and Nate Robinson (video)”

  1. Chris

    There’s great deal of finesse and it has now become an art form. Blocking now has to become one of the prerequisite skills of a very good defensive player.

    Unfortunately that’s not something that one could say ’bout your boy Artest ! Age has already caught up with and has slowed him down considerably.

    Alan Parkins

  2. Nate putting lard butt on his can was well worth the price of admission.
    Do you know if the two guys that helped him up received hazard pay.

  3. Artest is more of a steals guy anyway, Al.

    Nice to see he’s officially in Al’s Roethlisberger doghouse.

    Careful not to hate on him too much before he shuts down Richard Jefferson in the playoffs.

  4. Chris

    Once Parker is back that’ll be more than ‘Ron-Ron’ can handle. If he couldn’t handle Manu on Sunday then what makes you think he’ll be able to do it in the playoffs ? That’s unless he’s got something hidden up his sleeve ?

    Puttin’ a diuretic or some sort diarrhea suppository in an opponent’s drink isn’t allowed in the NBA. It’s one of Stern’s unwritten rules . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    I see D-Wade’s divorce is gettin’ rather acrimonious ? He’s fightin’ for full custody of the kids, claiming the soon to be ex , is an unfit mother and that she has psychological problems. She must’ve been fit at one time to have to bore his kids. What if she brings up the fact of his relationship with Gabrielle Union ? What then ?

    So LeBron’s pants are in a twist because Jerry Colangelo (Director of USA Basketball) says that players unwilling to participate in the warm up games prior to the FIBA World Championships mightn’t be given full consideration for the USA Team for the London Olympics. Whoa is me ! What does that mean for LeBron ? I thought he’d changed and wanted to be seen as a ‘team player’ instead conquering the world and becoming a marketing global icon ?

    Just like Tiger when you talk out of both sides of your mouth you tend to look the complete a_s to begin with !

    The More Things Change The More They Remain …..The Same ………..

    Alan Parkins

  5. What’s the latest on TP, Al? That will seriously affect San Anton’s playoff success.

    And I think something will have to give between Colangelo and LeBron.

    I can understand that BronBron hasn’t had a summer off but I’m currently reading a book about the Redeem Team now and Colangelo has been serious about the players’ commitment to the team.

    I will be interesting to see how this turns out.

    Not sure his starring in “Space Jam 2” carries more weight than another gold medal.

  6. Chris

    Parker has been the go ahead to resume light training by the team doctor and he’s also seen an orthopedic surgeon who’s stated that the fracture is almost complete in its healing. I for one would rather see him close to 70% fit than not at all !

    LBJ may well be having problems with Colangelo and USA basketball. But he was fully aware as to the commitment that was being asked of them.

    D-Wade has his personal problems to deal with and he’s unlikely to participate in any of the pre tournament games leading up to the FIBA world championships. I guess when your divorce get acrimonious and messy then the s_it begins to fly and all of the allegations are then made. Never mind that a former associate and business partner now wants to sue him for $90 million for reneging on a business deal.

    Alan Parkins

  7. I saw that about Parker, Al. That’s huge news for Spurs fans everywhere.

    What’s up with the Nuggets? I know Karl is sick but that team is melting down. They gave up their division lead!

    Maybe they should trade Adrian Dantley back to the Pistons. He’s been unable to lead that team from the bench.

    It’s too bad if Wade and LBJ can’t commit to team USA. Does that mean Kobe’s out also? We’re gonna need those guys if we want to win once again.

  8. Chris

    I think that many of the Nuggets’ players have grown up working alongside Karl . And the mere fact that he’s undergoing chemotherapy for throat cancer and how acute the situation is. Well, let’s just say that basketball is of the utmost importance at this moment in time .

    Dantley is doing his best but I look at this way. The moment that the players know that Karl is out of danger then perhaps they’ll raise the level of their play.

    It’s now down to the likes of ‘melo and Chauncey to lead by example.

    Wade I can understand given his ongoing personal problems . But LBJ seems to forget were it not for the likes of Krzyzewski and the coaching staff , his game wouldn’t be where it as it now ! There has been a marked improvement by all of the players who were part of the roster prior to and including the run up and during the Olympics. It’s all being borne out by the play of those individual today in the NBA.

    Alan Parkins

  9. Chris

    Another moment of unrest is approaching between MLB and the MLBPA (union) ?

    The newly elected Exec Dir Michael Weiner is looking for a showdown with the league hierarchy over the ‘free agency collective bargaining agreement’ ?
    Once again overpaid executives and players arguing over who’s got the biggest pot to pi_s in but simply are ignoring the ongoing reality of the economic woes that the country is now facing .

    Let me get back to the NBA and MMA . At least there , there’s no sign of unrest on the horizon I hope !

    I’ve given you a shoutout in my latest piece.

    Who’s On First ? Better Yet Who’s Minding The Business ? And Who’s In Charge Of The Asylum ?

    Alan Parkins

  10. I know they’re all praying for a speedy recovery for Karl. I haven’t heard how he’s doing but they’ll need something positive to come out of that camp or they might just mail it in.

    You think D Wade’s got personal problems. How about your boy Tiki? Leaving his wife who’s eight months pregnant for another woman?

  11. Chris

    Tiki’s problems may not pale in comparison to D-Wade’s . But his soon to be ex has said this about the Heat player. He gave her gonorrhea having slept with countless wh_res in around the Miami Ft L’dale area . Forced her to have sex in alley way in a notoriously unsafe area of Miami. Is Star Island that unsafe now ? LOL,LOL,LOL

    Now that’ll be the last time I’ll got to the Rolexxx in Miami. I don’t want to ‘catch cooties’ if D-Wade’s been trollin’ for skanks there !

    He’s said this about her ….. she’s an unfit mother. She spends too much money on herself and doesn’t devote enough time to the kids.

    What did Wade expect ? One of those parochial virgins ? They simply don’t exist anymore ! He’d have been better off gettin’ a male order bride.

    Tiki on other hand is now doomed as he’s gonna have to pay thru’ the ying-yang ! Wife’s expecting twins and he goes off to ‘knock boots with some young chic’ that throws out the ‘pootie-tang’ as if she’s throwin’ away a piece of gum. Was it love or he just needed an itch to be scratched ?

    He (Tiki) punks out on the Giants and soon after they win a Superbowl . He now looks like a real as_hole ! Ronde’s not that far behind either. But in his case he’s probably keepin’ business on the down low ! Does he still have his morning gig with NBC ? He and Kathie Gifford must have a great deal to talk about ? Either that or he and Al Roker play dice or and talk about their days in da’ hood ?

    Alan Parkins

  12. I hadn’t heard that about Wade, Al. You have a knack for digging up that dirt, man. Stay out of those Dundee alleyways.

    I wonder if Ronde’s got Tiki’s back on this one.

  13. Chris

    It’s common knowledge that D-Wade was and still is a ‘playa’. When I visit in town, in Miami and I use to hit some of my ol’ haunts. There he was with his clique/entourage. And it was quite clear what was up !

    The thing with Gabrielle Union was either serious or they were as they say ….” friends with fringe benefits “.

    As Favre has now become a grandfather for the first time. He’ll return to the Vikings on one condition. The front office has to build a creche in the locker room for the kid.

    Now because of that he’ll put off retirement ’til 2032 at the earliest. That way when his grandson is on an NFL roster he can either be on the same team as him or be on opposing sides.

    Alan Parkins

  14. Al… it’s perfectly okay for these athletes to use their fame and fortune to do as they please, as long as they’re responsible when doing so.

    Good point about Favre, Al. He and his grandkid could be the first grandson-grandfather combo to ever play in the league at the same time.

  15. Chris it would definitely be the first of its kind to happen in the league .
    But that’s predicated on Brett being around and still playing twenty plus years. What are the chances of that happening ? Middling to none or evens favorite ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Tiki and a 23 yr old intern from NBC ? What is it about female interns and older men ? Clinton didn’t at all set the bar high did he ? I mean she was something special with a cojibar but what else could she do beyond that ?

    I’m No Glutton For Punishment But I Needs My Fix ………. What’s Happening With Brett Favre ?

    Alan Parkins

  16. Personally, Al, as you’ll read soon in my next Chumpservations, the McNabb deal is just as big as Brett going to Minnesota. Let’s not underplay the importance of this.

    At least we now have the opportunity to see another QB have a chance to win a Super Bowl against the team that scorned him… and I can’t wait.

  17. Chris

    I think that McNabb is Favre’s equal in terms of their passion ! In terms of their abilities ? Well who’d you want with the game on the line ? In that context they’ve similar characteristics. The only thing that separates the two are a ring and the stats amassed by Brett.

    Vida’s Got A_s And I Like It !

    The above piece should brighten up your day .

    Is it something in the water ? Tiger ? Tiki ? Jesse James ? What gives ?

    Alan Parkins

  18. Chris

    It’s hard to believe that between 2003-08 the Pistons went to six straight Eastern Conference Finals . Won two of ’em and then blew out that star studded Lakers’ team that had Malone , Payton, Shaq and Kobe .

    Hard to believe that they’ve now fallen so far so fast.

    It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here !

    Here’s my take on it all !

    Alan Parkins

  19. Al… when it’s all said and done, Favre will likely go down as the better quarterback. After all, who’s got the ring?

    But let’s say Donovan wins one. Then what?

    And where do they each rank against Marino or Jim Kelly who don’t have any?

  20. Al… I think we both know Chauncey was a key part to that Pistons run. Losing him was a huge loss to the franchise.

    We’ll see if he can keep up his run of conference Finals appearances this year. Right now, the Nuggets aren’t convincing me they’re up to the challenge.

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