Chumpservations, Vol. 10: Donovan McNabb to the Redskins, Duke as national champions and the burden of Jason Heyward

Changing from Green to Red

As if sports fans weren’t already counting down the days until next football season, we were recently treated to news that yet another legendary quarterback was traded within his own division… and this time it’s not Brett Favre.

Wake up and smell the cheese steak, Philadelphia, because Donovan McNabb is no longer yours.  The Kevin Kolb era has officially begun.  And much to the dismay of Raider fans who desperately wanted McNabb in Oakland, the JaMarcus Russell era officially continues.

Donovan McNabb, the face of the Eagles franchise for over a decade, was traded this week for a second round pick, plus a conditional pick in 2011.  Philadelphia’s return on its investment doesn’t seem like much considering a) McNabb himself was the second overall pick in 1999 b) he is a six-time pro bowler and c) he’s a sure fire Hall of Famer.

Philly fans have had a love-hate relationship with McNabb since the day he was drafted but as soon as they discovered the deal was consummated, they all must have secretly questioned whether saying goodbye was the right thing to do.  Too late now.

Now comes word that DeSean Jackson, who caught 63 passes from McNabb last year, thinks it’s “a relief” that Donovan is gone.  So much for brotherly love.  We haven’t heard a wide receiver speak so poorly of a guy throwing him the ball since Deonte Thompson said Tim Tebow wasn’t a “real” quarterback.

Philadelphia head coach Andy Reid, who has veto power on all roster moves, endorsed the McNabb trade, calling it the best offer on the table, including deals that were offered for Kolb.

At his first Redskins’ press conference, McNabb, who turns 34 in November, downplayed the importance of playing the Eagles twice next season.  Yeah, and nobody watched Brett Favre’s return to Lambeau field as a Viking either.  An inspired McNabb playing against his former team is a VERY big deal.

Eagles and Packers fans now have something more in common than just their green uniforms.  They both know how it feels to be jilted.  It’s a good thing for Philadelphia that the Phillies will once again contend for a World Series because all signs point to a rebuilding year for the Eagles.

The Butler Didn’t

Congratulations to the Duke Blue Devils who returned to the pinnacle of college basketball Monday by beating the Butler Bulldogs.  The game was a thriller that went down to the final shot, a half-court prayer from Gordon Hayward that would have sent shockwaves around the nation had it gone in.  But it didn’t, bouncing hard off the backboard, rimming out and giving Duke their first national championship since Jay Williams, Carlos Boozer, Mike Dunleavy and Chris Duhon wore the uniform.

Kyle Singler won this year’s Most Oustanding Player but before you think he’s not worthy of the award, ask yourself who Kent Benson, Art Heyman and Arnie Ferran are.  Like Carmelo Anthony, Magic Johnson, and Patrick Ewing, they are all previous winners of the award.

Despite the inexplicable amount of Duke haters out there, a Blue Devil victory actually spared us the endless and uncreative “The Butler Did It’ headlines that would have littered newspapers nationwide, so for that, we should be thankful.

Monday’s victory gave Mike Krzyzewski his fourth national title, tying him with Adolph Rupp and putting him behind only the incomparable John Wooden, who has ten.  Two summers ago, Coach K also won a gold medal with USA Basketball.  Not a bad run.

Let the Coach K to the New Jersey Nets talk officially begin.

Play Ball

I have to admit, I’m actually looking forward to this baseball season.  Perhaps it’s because I recently moved to a town that has a really good team (Rays).  Perhaps it’s that I root for one of that team’s more bitter rivals (Red Sox).  Perhaps its because I recently witnessed firsthand how many fans traveled to Florida from all over the country just to see spring training.

Perhaps it’s because of rookies like Washington’s Stephen Strasburg or Atlanta’s Jason Heyward, who Hank Aaron publicly claimed has what it takes to single-handedly bring African-American fans back to baseball.  Nothing like having one of the greatest home run hitters of all time put the pressure of an entire race on you when you’re not even of legal drinking age.

Maybe I’m looking forward to this season because the steroid scandal is one more year removed or because Bud Selig is that much closer to retirement.  Or perhaps it’s simply that baseball was my first love and I still haven’t gotten over the cancelled World Series.  But I’m getting closer.

Either way, a new baseball season means all teams start out with a clean slate, that is until the Royals and Pirates are mathematically eliminated from contention in mid-June.

For some reason, I have a feeling we’re in for a special season.

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33 Replies to “Chumpservations, Vol. 10: Donovan McNabb to the Redskins, Duke as national champions and the burden of Jason Heyward”

  1. Duke Sucks
    And the game was a travesty. The officials officially ruined it.
    Not saying Duke was the sole beneficiary, but the game was inexcusably affected by the officiating, or lack thereof. Both teams “adjusted” and it got uglier to the end. Granted, Butler missed shots to win, but the game was a joke.
    This Duke team loses to any champion from the last decade. Mediocrity rewarded is still mediocrity

  2. It should be noted that Billy B is a Tarheel.

    Not that anyone would have guessed that by his opening statement.

    But I agree with you, William. The two Gator teams, the UNC team and probably the Kansas team would have taken down these Dukies.

  3. Chris

    I don’t know you’d read my piece on the Braves’ Heyward ? But this kid could be another Andruw Jones in terms of his potential and not his sexual proclivities.

    Wasn’t it Jones who had 3 chicks in his hotel room and he bragged how he’d nailed all three. Unfortunately the concierge/room service had to clean the room up afterwards ! Bodily fluids all over the place. Jones’ case he loves to use a big stick for almost everything ?

    Hornets’ George Shinn is selling the team ? Here’s my take on it all .

    It’s Time To Get Out Of Dodge You Simply Can No Longer Make Money In The NBA It’s A Sucker’s Bet ……….

    Alan Parkins

  4. Chris

    Campbells’ Chunky Soup isn’t going to quite taste the same anymore ! Well at least Snyder is going to pay him.

    Jason Campbell however gets someone whom he can sit down and talk and learn about the NFL. God knows the Redskins have done enough to screw with the guy’s head. How many coaches and OC’s has he had ? He’s only been with one team in his 5 yrs in the league .

    Alan Parkins 🙂

  5. The Eagles management seems to know what they’re doing. I agree with the move, because you can’t argue with success.
    I knew I should have went with Butler in my bracket.Damn, when am I going to start listening to those little voices in my head.
    The Rays look good this year. I’m hoping Niemann’s shoulder is allright, we need him.
    Watched a little fo the Cubs-Braves game on opening day. That kid Heywood looks like he could be a great player one day.
    Baseball man, you’ve got to love it.

  6. Again, Al. Athletes these days aren’t doing anything any differently than they were in the days of Wilt Chamberlain. I’m okay with them doing whatever they want behind closed doors as long as they’re doing it responsibly.

  7. I think the McNabb move can only be good for Jason Campbell as long as he’s not resentful and he’s willing to learn from one of the best quarterbacks in the game.

  8. Al… I can definitely see where the McNabb deal is best for both parties involved. It gives McNabb a fresh start on a new team and Philly will finally find out what they’ve wondered about for years… whether life A.D. (After Donovan) is all it’s cracked up to be.

    The voices inside your head told you to pick Butler? I’d bottle those voices and take ’em to Vegas, man.

    I like what I’ve seen from Heyward so far, Aer. Apparently so does Hammerin’ Hank.

  9. Chris Humpehrys

    Athletes doing their crap behind closed doors is one thing but when they get caught in a lie they shouldn’t to be treated with kid gloves ! As was the case with Tiger ! You’re going soft ! I doubt if your daughter were caught up in such intrigue you’d be at all happy. But it’s the norm with most to take the “attitude ———“NIMBY” as long as it’s “not in my backyard” !

    Alan Parkins

  10. Chris’

    So will you be going to Ray J to see McCoy, Suh and Berry perform for the Bucs ? They’ll be there I believe today and tomorrow .

    Should be fun watching ‘heem and Dominik figuring out what it is they’re watching .

    Campbell may well be a little miffed but resentful ? What makes you think he shouldn’t be resentful ? They’ve screwed the guy over more times than Heid Fleiss and Jenna Jameson have performed ! How many coaches and offensive coordinators has Campbell had to work with under in his five years in the NFL ? Figure it out and then get back to me ?

    Alan Parkins

  11. That’s why I said as long as they do it responsibly, Al.

    Cheating on your pregnant wife isn’t responsible. Running around sleeping with everyone in sight isn’t responsible. Forcing yourself upon women isn’t responsible.

    Having consensual sex is.

  12. Campbell’s still no McNabb, Al. If he’s capable, he’ll get his shot.

    Personally, I’ve never felt he was a Top 10 quarterback nor did I ever think he had the potential to be so.

  13. Chris

    Dogs with fleas get a shot. Campbell ain’t gonna get anything anytime soon ! Scratch that as the Raiders “still have” JaMarcus Russell ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Alan Parkins

  14. Chris

    You’re right about responsibility and today’s athlete. But since when have you known them to use any common sense away from the field of play ? Roethlisberger , Santonio Holmes, A-Rod & D-Wade. The list is simply endless .

    Some idiot rider in one of the local rags was trying to equate the attendance for Rays’ games against that of the Pirates, Royals and A’s. Never mind the fact was talking ’bout Opening Day. Did it not occur to him that the country is in the midst of an economic depression ? Where do they get these guys from to begin with – “The Jayson Blair School of Journalism” ?

    Alan Parkins

  15. Chris

    Butler’s Brad Stevens is going to “get paid” , as well he should ! He’s just signed a long term 12 year deal with the Bulldogs. Do you think he’ll have money to spare for his visits to the local strip joint ? I guess the do still have those Indiana ? In ’09 he earned a measly $750 K . Oh my it makes you wonder what these guys have got to to get ahead ?

    I don’t believe this article is at all up to date !

    Top 10: Highest Paid College Basketball Coaches

    Bob Knight, in his 2002 autobiography Knight: My Story, said his alma mater, Ohio State, “was being cheap with a great coach.” That’s because OSU was only paying his former coach, Fred Taylor, $17,100 — a slim reward, in Knight’s view, for a man who led the program to the 1960 national title and seven Big Ten championships. Adjust that salary for inflation, and it was worth a little more than $114,000 in 2006.

    Knight’s comment would no longer be valid as the Buckeye athletic department is paying current coach Thad Matta more than $2 million each year, a salary higher than a number of NBA coaches.

    We’ll look at what the top 10 highest paid college basketball coaches, out of those programs that made the 2006 NCAA tournament, were getting in salary and perks, and what they’ve done to merit that level of compensation.

    Click link to read
    article in full


    Alan Parkins

  16. Chris

    On one last note concerning consensual sex . Although I’m with someone at present she knows that what it is between us right off the bat was merely about the physical . She’s a great deal younger than myself and I wasn’t the one doing the chasing at the time. Initially was a FWB type of deal and that was it . We’ve moved on from there and have been together for close to 7 years now. Let’s put it this way “I don’t miss my ex” !

    Alan Parkins

  17. Sports is just a microcosm of society, Al.

    There’s people in every walk of life that lie, cheat and steal. It happens every day. It’s just that sports stars are in the media so their cases get highlighted.

    Plus they’re multi-millionaires and often less educated, although not necessarily less intelligent. They’re thrown into a situation as teenagers where they have tons of money and nothing to do with it but get into trouble.

    They have women throwing themselves at them everywhere they go. Match that with these guys are egomaniacs, the best in the world at their chosen craft. To be honest, it’s a surprise there’s not MORE athletes getting into trouble.

    I’m not defending them or excusing their actions. I’m just saying I can understand how and why it happens.

  18. As long as Selig’s not going to black out Rays games, Al. Although that wouldn’t surprise me based on his track record.

    Let me tell you something. This team will contend once again. They are good.

    I think fans in the bay area will start showing up eventually. Stadium’s just in a crappy spot.

    Your Tampa Bay Rays are for real.

  19. Al…

    No surprise on Stevens. When Billy Donovan went back-to-back, Jeremy Foley and the UAA made him the highest paid coach in basketball. As you suggested rightfully so.

    But Billy, what have you done for me lately?

  20. Al… I think you’re gonna see some of the veterans on that Redskins team, namely Mr. Portis, show up to play next year.

    In fact, I like the Redskins winning ten games.

    That’s right. You heard it here first.

  21. Al… like it or not, Shan has two rings and for that he deserves his respect.

    Keep in mind that’s one more than the rest of the NFC East coaches combined.

  22. Al…

    Last time I went to a Rays-Sox game, the Rays fans were considerably louder and made their presence known than they did back in the day.

    The Rays’ll be just fine.

    Like Big Papi said in his tirade lately, it’s still early, baby.

  23. Chris

    But since those two Superbowl wins Shanahan hasn’t set the world alight . But then again I would give more credence to Reid and his consistency.

    As they say however it’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

    So Lefty won The Master ? Great win for him ! El Tigre tied for fourth .

    Reasons To Be Cheerful ……… Tiger’s Back on The Tour …..Blah , Blah , Blah !!!

    I’m Not About To Lie Down And Take One For The Team ………

    Alan Parkins 😀

  24. Al… Elway retired. Hence the lack of rings for Shan. Now he has another solid QB. That doesn’t change the fact that he has more rings than the rest of those coaches.

    Incredible and emotional win for Phil. That’s the reason we watch sports, Al.

  25. Chris

    So you’re now making excuses for Shanahan ? You’re telling me that he and his coaching staff at the time weren’t good enough to groom a successor to Elway ? Well I never !

    Makes you wonder what it takes to be a coach in the NFL nowadays ?

    Phil rolled Augusta like he was lovin’ it ! Pity Tiger had to restrain himself as you could see that he wanted to drop more than a few F-bombs .

    Alan Parkins

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