Weekly Caption Contest NBA Playoff Edition celebrates the elbow of Kevin Garnett, the chin of Quentin Richardson and the bloody nose of Ray Allen

It’s the NBA playoffs and sometimes, elbows are thrown.  Just ask Quentin Richardson’s chin.

In a brief sideline skirmish this weekend, Richardson was treated to Kevin Garnett’s elbow as he walked to his bench to check on Paul Pierce, who had just tumbled to the ground.  Apparently Garnett didn’t take to kindly to Richardson checking on his fallen teammate.

Garnett was subsequently suspended for one game by Commissioner David Stern who doesn’t take kindly to violence of any sort in his game.  Richardson was also fined $25,000 for his role in the altercation.

In that same game, Garnett’s teammate Ray Allen, seen below, suffered a bloody nose, which was not caused by Garnett’s elbow.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I once again proudly present your NBA Playoffs Caption Contest: Bloody Nose Edition.  The winner will receive the actual Kleenex seen in this picture.

Have fun.

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12 Replies to “Weekly Caption Contest NBA Playoff Edition celebrates the elbow of Kevin Garnett, the chin of Quentin Richardson and the bloody nose of Ray Allen”

  1. Chris

    I hear that after the elbow from Garnett . Q went and got on the phone with his ex Brandy , to find out whether or not Ray J could get some of his homies to together so they could whup KG’s a_s ?

    NBA players can’t mix it up at all ! Even a fat ol’ fart like Shaq !
    They’re just a bunch of pretenders !

    I can still remember a couple of years back Kobe wanting to throw down with Kenyon Martin. Kobe would’ve had to have gotten out his handbag to throw down with K-Mart. K Mart would’ve had him for breakfast, lunch and dinner !

    Alan Parkins

  2. Al… we both know NBA players can’t throw a punch anyway.

    Kobe vs K-Mart? I don’t remember that one. See if you can find a video link.

    I agree. That one’d be a little one-sided. Imagine if Kobe had just hot butter popcorned Martin’s SUV.

    It’d be ON!

  3. Ray, what’s happening man? You look like you just snorted up the Pillsbury doughboy.

  4. Chris

    It was a Lakers Nuggets’ game from some years back . Kobe started jawing with K-Mart and may well have said somethin’ ’bout his mama ? All hell broke loose and the refs had to intervene.

    NBA players when they tend to start a fight. They couldn’t swat a fly much less knock one another flat on their own a_s !

    Thanks for the heads up on the TO McNabb reunion. As that’s now the subject of my latest piece.

    You’ve Got To Have Friends

    What is it with MLB ballplayers wanting to take female hormone steroidal medication ? Cincinnati Reds’ pitcher Edison Volquez is the latest to have been caught and will have to be suspended the league minimum 50 games. It’s the same drug used by Man-Ram ? Menstrual cycle not working OK for these guys or females then ?

    Alan Parkins

  5. Great Lakers-Thunder game, Al. That’s a nice young team they put together and Brooks is hands down Coach of the Year.

    I heard that about Volquez. Why is it that players think they can get a prescribed drug from some Dominican doctor and think it’ll pass a drug test?

  6. What do you mean by saying that NBA players can’t throw a punch. You’re obviously too young to remember when Larry Bird decked Bill Laimbeer and wasn’t even thrown out of the game. Those were the days.

  7. Ok, Snake….

    CURRENT NBA players can’t throw a punch.

    Sorry I missed you guys the other day.

    Let’s definitely do a Cavs-Celts game when that series start.

    Stock up on your Crown.

  8. Noseplugs, KP. Interesting.

    Is that to stop him from smelling the stench of their performance in Game One?

    Hey, they’re still up 2-0, right? Snake won’t get worried til Miami takes the next two in South Florida.

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