Comparing the greats: Dwight Howard versus Patrick Ewing

Most knowledgeable basketball fans agree that the five greatest NBA centers of all-time, in no particular order, are Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Hakeem Olajuwon and Shaquille O’Neal.  It’s difficult to justify any other center cracking that top five.

Numerous other Hall Of Fame centers hover around that second tier of career big men:  Moses and Mikan, Reed and Robinson and of course, Patrick Ewing.

Ewing is currently on the Orlando Magic payroll as an assistant, coaching young Dwight Howard who is commonly regarded as the best center in the game today.  Howard’s ascendance under Ewing’s tutelage begs the question… when it’s all said and done, will Dwight Howard have a better overall career than Patrick Ewing?

It’s a fair comparison.  Both big men were drafted number one overall, Ewing in 1985 and Howard in 2004.  Both shared the burden of bringing their franchises back to prosperity.  And both were the focal point of their team’s offense.

Despite never winning a title in New York, Patrick Ewing was dominant.  His Knickerbockers simply had the misfortune of running into Michael Jordan year after year.  Ewing averaged 21 points and 10 rebounds a game for his career.  He was on the original Dream Team.  The NBA voted him one of its 50 Greatest Players of All-Time.  Patrick was good.  Real good.

That being said, he never led the league in field goal percentage, blocked shots and rebounding in the same season.  That’s because no player ever had… until Dwight.  There’s no triple crown in basketball but that’s pretty darned close.

Dwight is currently in his fifth season.  Interestingly enough, Ewing’s best numbers also came in his fifth season when he averaged 29 points, 11 rebounds and 4 blocks.  This year, Howard averaged 18, 13 and 3, but he also shot 61% from the floor.

Comparing their first four years, Patrick outscored Howard while Dwight hauled in more rebounds.  Howard’s rebounding numbers may be slightly skewed as he never played alongside a power forward like Charles Oakley or Anthony Mason that could absorb some of his workload around the basket.  That doesn’t change the fact that Dwight is getting his rebounds rather handily.

Additionally, Patrick’s build was nowhere near that of the freakish Howard.  Howard outweighs Ewing’s playing weight by 25 lbs., 265 to 240.  It’s safe to assume that’s mostly muscle mass.  The rim can so attest.  Patrick had way better range (Howard has none) and could hit the occasional 17-footer, particularly late in his career.  It’s too early to see if Howard can develop that type of game.  Shaquille O’Neal never did and Dwight’s game is considerably closer to O’Neal’s than Ewing’s.  For now, Howard is more freight train than finesse.

To say with any certainty that Dwight Howard will be a better overall player than Patrick after only five years in the league is pure speculation.  Drafted out of high school, Howard entered the league much younger than Ewing, who won a national championship at Georgetown.  Assuming longevity, his career numbers may be better but Patrick played for 17 years.  Howard will be fortunate to play that long.  As he ages, he’ll have to adjust his game as Patrick did.  The human body can only take so much pounding, even if it is Superhuman.

Winning the first championship in Orlando Magic history, and perhaps a few more after that, would likely vault Howard into consideration as one of the league’s best ever centers.  Getting into that top five will be a tough nut to crack but passing Patrick might not be after a few championships.  Winning a title is something that Patrick could never do.  As sports fans, we’re fickle, often valuing the number of rings on a player’s fingers more than his overall contribution to the game.  And Patrick’s was great.

The debate makes for good fun.  The fact that we’re even having this discussion means Dwight Howard is doing something pretty special right now.  At this pace and with successful managerial decisions, Howard should have a long, fruitful career in Orlando.  It will be up to Magic management to surround him with talent and not lose him as they have past superstars like Shaquille O’Neal or Tracy McGrady.

Howard may or may not become the player that Patrick Ewing was.  We’ll see whether the student can eventually surpass the mentor.  One thing is for certain, however.  We’ll enjoy watching him tear down the rim in the meantime.  And so will Patrick.

After all, Dwight might be able to give Patrick something he could never give himself: a championship ring.

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92 Replies to “Comparing the greats: Dwight Howard versus Patrick Ewing”

  1. Chris

    If Ewing is Mr Myagi then Dwight is too tall and dumb to be Daniel san !

    Ewing would never get himself baited the way that Dwight has , by committing so many needless fouls. And you’re still of the opinion that he can play like that against the Cavaliers ? Get real ! Because if he exhibits the immaturity he’s showing then he’ll cost the Magic a chance of making it to the NBA Finals .

    Alan Parkins

  2. Al… keep in mind, Dwight was AWFUL in last year’s Finals. I blamed most of that series loss to L.A. on him.

    He had a fine season and he shouldn’t be judged by only his minutes in this series.

    I agree that he needs to play smarter. They’ll make adjustments.

  3. Does Howard get called for so many phantom fouls and is allowed to be mugged because of his reputation or the referee’s betting preferences?

  4. Until Dwight Howard learns how to NOT foul out of a game,he’ll never crack the elite. Wilt never fouled out of a single game in his very long career. You can’t put up numbers and help your team if you’re sitting on the bench. Dwight Howard is still just a man-child and that’s another reason for players to continue their sports education in college. 4 years, not 1 and done.

  5. This is one of the better articles ever written and so true. Cant see why SI or ESPN is not looking at you as a sport writter. Chump keep up the good work and more often.

  6. Chris

    We can apportion blame all we want. The significant thing here is whether or not Howard’s game has steadily improved since he entered the NBA ?

    Alan Parkins

  7. Aer…

    I’ll take a better look at the way they’re calling Dwight in the Hawks series.

    I’m not suggesting the refs are behind it all. He has made some bad, unnecessary fouls, overextending himself on plays when he hasn’t needed to.

    But by comparison, when Shaq was young and just larger than everybody else, he was refereed differently.

    Like I told Al, maybe Stan Van should just go ahead and publicly criticize the officials to get their attention in this Hawks series. It might just be worth the $25,000 fine.

  8. I agree that adjustments need to be made, Snake, and I think they will be.

    Impressive statistic by pulling out the ‘Wilt never fouled out of a game’ line. We learn something new every day.

    BUT he was also considerably larger than everyone else in the game at that point, the game was referred entirely differently and the game was definitely less physical back in Wilt’s day. (By the way, how did Russell never get him to foul out?)

    That being said, like I’ve told Al, we shouldn’t overreact to Dwight’s play in just this one series. Does he need to stay in the games? Yes (maybe). Gortat does just fine. In fact, you’d think opponents might want to keep Dwight in the game so that they don’t have to face Gortat!

    Wait, maybe I should have written a post comparing Gortat to Ewing.

  9. The return of the Salsero…

    Como has estado, ‘mano?

    Are you hitting any Magic games?

    I told Snake I’d come over for a Cleveland-Boston game. You down for some Crown?

  10. Okay, Al, let’s discuss whether he’s significantly improved since entering the league.

    A quick look at his numbers might suggest that they’ve stayed relatively constant over the past five years. The cynic might look at that and suggest that he hasn’t made any improvements. A cynic might look at the Charlotte series and say Dwight has reverted back to his older ways and that he hasn’t learned a damn thing.

    On the other hand, I propose that Dwight did something this year that no player has ever done before. I propose that even in limited minutes, he still made his presence felt in that Charlotte series by averaging 5 blocks and 10 rebounds a game in only 26 minutes.

    And despite that, Orlando dispatched of Charlotte rather handily.

    This Magic team doesn’t need him to score. They have plenty of weapons. They do need him to demand the ball and attract a double team but if he’s giving it up, he has the help he needs. Nobody is asking to shoulder the scoring load.

    It wasn’t too long ago that Dwight was pulling 20-20s in the playoffs. While his minutes are a concern, I don’t think we should overreact to this last series and say all is lost.

    If they lose that opening game to Atlanta because Dwight can’t stay in the game, then I’ll show concern.

  11. I think it’s awesome that Ewing is coaching Dwight. This not only helps develop his talent but I’m sure in a year or so, you will see Dwight’s easy smile and carefree nature replaced by the same focus and grim attitude that Ewing had all those years. I think I’ll miss the big smile.

    Sure Dwight is responsible for a lot of his own fouls. Maybe it’s because he IS so young that he can’t get away with whining the way that some centers in the past did. Don’t even try to suggest that Kareem wasn’t the world’s biggest whiner.

    Also, remember that Dwight’s scoring numbers are affected because of the importance of the three-point shot to the Magic. Orlando is one of the most profilic 3-point shooting teams in attempts and percentages. Dwight is often double-teamed, thus leaving at least one of his teammates (who are often just hanging around the 3-point arc while he is inside getting manhandled) wide open for the three. He passes out to allow the three-pointers to lift momentum. Plus this year they have Vinsanity. Yet DH still led in field goal percentage.

    Dwight gets plenty of help with rebounding from teammates, especially Matt Barnes this year who has asserted himself as a power player. I was rather hoping his aggressive nature would take the focus off Dwight as far as fouls being called. Maybe his biceps aren’t intimidating enough. He certainly doesn’t smile as much.

    Just listen to how coaches watch tapes to see how best to get Howard in foul trouble. And are these other NBA players so weak that they can’t avoid tumbling if he breathes too hard in their direction? Remember that one of Superman’s super powers was tornado-like exhales. Oscars should be awarded for some of the flops I’ve seen.

    All that being said, the Magic were the only team to sweep their opponent in Round 1. That shows the character and depth of the team. They win as a team and lose as a team, and not because Dwight had a good or bad day. How many of the superstar-led playoff contenders can say that?

    P.S. I scored lower level seats for Games 1, 2 and 5 at Amway! Woo hoo.

  12. Salsero… c’mon, bro. You’ve been gone forever. Your comments are always good.

    I’ll get with Snake. You alert los miembros del Rio and we’ll head out.

    I don’t think they’ve released the full Celtics-Cavs schedule yet but remember not to openly root for Lebron in front of Snake. You know how sensitive he is about his Celtics.

  13. Chris

    The Magic do have plenty of weapons but which of the other players can you truly rely on to bring it night in night out on a consistent basis ? C’mon now don’t take too long with an answer as times a wasting.

    Vinsanity ? Rashard ? Jameer ? Tick , tick , tick , tick , tick !

    And should the Mavericks fold like a cheap ……….see comments

    “If the Spurs Mavericks’ series goes to seven games and they lose that bi_ch . I’ll take up needle point and swear off sex for three months , I kid you not ! The girlfriend will have to satisfy herself with a set of size D batteries and whatever size sex aid she can find”.

    Alan Parkins

  14. Chris

    Was Dolphins’ GM Jeff Ireland trying to be funny when he asked Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute ? Last time I checked that was never a pertinent part of any job interview I ever went on ? And that included the original interview with the British military . And the countless others I’ve been on since then .

    Times must be changing or something then ?

    Alan Parkins

  15. Chris

    They win and lose as a team but who do they turn to if Dwight is struggling offensively ? Can Vince or Rashard or Jameer pull up the slack if things head south offensively for the team ? And if so who has been their most consistent scorer over regular season and playoffs ?

    Have you delved into that area also ?


    If we are going to debate this then let’s cover all of the bases possible !

    Alan Parkins

  16. I think he’ll make the second tier, and be in the HOF one day barring injury. He does need to learn to stay out of foul trouble, and that will happen eventually, you’d hope… I mean he’s pretty young so maybe he’s not in full control of his body yet. One of my problems with Dwight, is I don’t feel like he demands the ball. He’s not an Alpha. Even Ewing in his heyday, would demand they give him the ball every so often. Maybe I don’t watch the Magic enough, but a lot of times he seems like he doesn’t care if he’s getting the ball or not. I want to see him demand the ball more from his teammates and coach.

    That being said I’ll contradict myself a little and agree with Elizabeth that he doesn’t need to score a ton since they rely on the three so much, but my question for her is why doesn’t he have more assists? Shouldn’t he average as many or more than Gasol (3.8) if he’s always getting doubled and kicking it out to those open guys?!? He averaged a measily 1.8 on the year, and I know it’s not truly his job to facilitate the offense all the time, but it’s something he REALLY needs to work on. Even Shaq (not known for passing) averaged over three assists per game through most his prime! If he gets more hungry for the ball and learns to pass better, he will be a legend. If not, he’ll have to settle being an Ewing….

  17. C’mon, Al, think about it.

    Few teams have guys that can bring it on a consistent basis. Dallas doesn’t (Dirk). Even your boy Timmy scored two points the other night. But Orlando has enough guy son their roster that they don’t need Howard to score 25 a night. Heck, he only scored 18 a game this season.

    Personally, I think it might be better for this Magic team if opponents don’t know who to key on. On any given night, Nelson, Lewis, Carter and heck even Pietrus can go off for 20+.

  18. Chris

    But who on that Magic team can you rely on a night in night out basis to put up the points if Dwight is having an off night ? You’ve yet to answer that question. And don’t infer that it comes down to who has the hot hand.

    If it’s not Timmy at least Manu or TP is there with the Spurs and once in a while Bonner , Hill or RJ will chip in.

    I’m Not Dumbfounded But Thankfully I’ve Never Been Interviewed By Jeff Ireland ……………..

    You’re circling the drainhole by evading the question in terms of giving a full blown answer.

    Alan Parkins

  19. Chris

    On an off night Tim makes those around him still look good with his work ethic and leadership skills . Can you honestly say that about Dwight at this juncture ?

    Alan Parkins

  20. It was nice, and by nice I mean absolutely appalling, to see the upper crust of the NFL return to the 1950s with Ireland’s statements.

    I don’t know the context in which that question was uttered but I’m trying to find some way for that question to be justified… and I can’t.

  21. Al…

    Although I come from a great line of gamblers, unfortunately my grandfathers didn’t pass on the horse gene.

    I know very little about the sport. I just like to go for the long dogs.

    I generally let the Croshere brothers place my bets for me and hope they hit.

  22. Al… who was the Detroit Pistons most consistent scorer the last time they won a championship? One night it was Billups, another night Hamilton, another night Wallace and yet another Prince. That seemed to work for them pretty well.

    Howard’s not a scorer, unless he has the ball three feet from the basket.

  23. Chap… it’s late, I’m wiped and I want to see if the Nuggets can find a way to lose this game against the Jazz.

    I promise to get to your comments tomorrow.

  24. Chris

    Goodell and Parcells have remained ominously silent on this. So too have the Williams sisters, the Estefans , Don Shula himself as well Wayne Huizenga and the principal owner Stephen A Ross. The names mentioned here than Parcells , Ireland and Goodell are all part owners of the team. This reflects poorly on the organization in spite of Ireland’s lame a_s apology.

    About the only prominent NFL figure who has decried Ireland’s actions has been DeMaurice Smith the Exec Director of the NFLPA. How ironic that he hasn’t admonished Roethlisberger or Colts’ DE Foster for their actions as it regards women ?

    The Women Of Smooth Are So Friggin’ Fine It’d Be A Sin Not To Appreciate !

    Alan Parkins

  25. Chris

    You seem to be forgetting also that Pistons’ team went to 6 straight conference finals and two NBA Finals. Thus far what has the Magic achieved ?

    Alan Parkins

  26. Chris

    The favorite for the Kentucky Derby is out . So as such the event is a none starter as far as I’m concerned .

    Mayweather Mosley this weekend ? For $49-95 this fight had better be damn good !

    Alan Parkins

  27. Second tier, Chap?

    Off the top of my head, I’d throw in Patrick and Moses Malone and 6 & 7. Probably Mikan, maybe Reed and I guess David Robinson. But I can be talked in and out of those last three.

    Which means, as I suggested in the post, that it’s totally possibly Dwight to crack that list. But he has work to do.

    Silly fouls are unacceptable at this point. Yes he’s 25 and still learning but let’s adapt from game to game.

    You’re spot on about demanding the ball. Perhaps he should read Keyshawn Johnson’s “Get Me the Damn Ball.” Maybe I’ll get him that for Christmas.

    He doesn’t need to score but he does need to demand respect and at least post a threat, then be able to kick out of a double team before coughing it up.

    I’ll tell you one thing. If the Magic play the Bucks, they’ll destroy ’em.

    Like Charles Barkley said last night on Inside the NBA, the Magic definitely don’t fear the deer.

  28. I’d be hard-pressed to suggest that Dwight would ever be as good as Tim Duncan.

    Are you biting your fingernails yet for Game Six?

    I’ll be watching.

  29. Great point about the Williams sisters, Al. I totally forgot that the Dolphins were now under celebrity ownership.

    I’m hoping we haven’t heard the last of this.

    Trust me, I’ve been ragging my Dolphin fan friends about this pretty good.

  30. Al… My only point of comparison between the two teams is that Detroit didn’t have one steady scorer night in night out. Neither does this Magic team.

    There’s no Kobe, no LeBron, no Wade, no Melo, no Durant.

    But they have a number of people that can put the biscuit in the basket if their opponents aren’t careful.

  31. And I may find a local spot to check out that Mayweather Moseley fight.

    Should be a good one. Heck, it’s the best the sport has to offer right now since Pacquiao won’t agree to the drug-testing schedule.

  32. When it’s all said and done, Howard will go down as one of the three or four best centers to ever play the game. I don’t think there is any doubt. However…

    I just want to know why you didn’t include Dan “The Flying Dutchman” Gadzuric as one of the greatest centers of all-time. You simply can’t stop Gadzuric…but can only hope to slow him down.

    How about the Bucks winning three straight? I wonder if anyone picked them to beat Atlanta.

  33. Chris

    Stop quoting lines from ‘Silence of The Lambs’ LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Biscuits in the basket ….so where’s the lotion going then ?

    “Money” Mayweather is set to make a minimum of $40 – $55 million from this one bout alone . He’s co-promoter in conjunction with De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions Inc. Mosley is a minority stake holder there as well, in Oscar’s company.

    Now comes the hard part ……how many life times would it take you spend that sort of money ? And last but not least how big would your entourage be ? Anything like Vince’s in ‘Entourage ‘ ? At least in my case I know I’d want to get _aid as often as possible given the number of female groupies there’d be hangin’ around .

    Having seen the film Black Hawk Down repeatedly. One of the best factual war dramas ever made. Is what’s now happening to the Hawks akin to that ? If they’re (Hawks) meant to be the US Marines and the Bucks are meant to be the Somali militia . Then they’re getting their as_es kicked once again just as the Marines did in Mogadishu in the mid nineties.

    Can Mike Woodson coach or is he simply playing the role of one ? At the moment he’s hardly doin’ a good job never mind the fact that Scott Skiles is beginning to look like a genius !

    Alan Parkins

  34. Chris

    It’s not merely celebrity ownership with the Dolphins. It gives J-Lo and the Williams’ sisters another venue to ply their wares. I mean even Jimmy Buffett sell his own brew there Landshark beer ? I’m thinking we can join up and open up our very own escort agency and have both Ben and Tiger give us the ‘seed money . They could also come on board as not only co investors but also be given a seat on the board . And from there we could approach fins’ majority owner billionaire Steve Ross about buying into the team ?

    I mean when the players wants some extra female companionship they could come to us for that very same commodity. I ain’t scared I wanna live large and in charge like a pimp !

    So Tiger has worries about playing the PGA Tour event at Quail Hollow. Lefty’s confident and Tiger has worries ? Wow ! How times change when you’ve been nailin’ every chic with a heat beat and pulse that wasn’t mentally retarded ? Oh sorry a couple of this chicks must’ve been as they’d expected Tiger to leave his wife for them ? LOL , LOL ,LOL !!!!

    Alan Parkins

  35. That potential matchup ‘tween the Bucks and Magic won’t be the cake walk you think it might be. That Bucks team can run and gun with the best of ’em. Scott Skiles can flat out coach ! The problem with the Bucks is their lack of postseason experience and veteran leadership. But they will try and make up for that by simply showing sheer grit and determination . That if anything counts for a great deal !

    Alan Parkins

  36. Drew… I don’t see him being better than the Dream, man. Shaq, maybe, but he’d have to win a fair amount of rings. Neither of them have developed any sort of game other than power. And they’re free throw shooting is abysmal.

    Who’s to say Dwight will even want to play that long?

    And I simply cannot believe the Hawks melted down last night. Inexcusable.

  37. Mayweather stands to make that much?? Goodness. I knew he was partnering with De La Hoya and Golden Boy but damn! I’m looking forward to your breakdown of the fight. You’re always spot on.

    And I don’t know what to tell you about Woodson. There’s no reason Atlanta should have lost that game last night. Which is why I thought all along that they didn’t stand a chance against Orlando.

    It’s stop for you to stop hatin’ on the pinstripes, man. I know deep down inside, you’re secretly a closet Magic fan.

  38. Al… Jimmy Buffett is too busy polluting the airwaves with his music that has sounded exactly the same for thirty years. It’s the only bad thing about living in Florida. Cheeseburger in paradise, my ass.

    I would respect one of those minority owners (Williams sisters, Gloria E. or Jimmy B.) if they made a public statement criticizing the words of English.

    Did you happen to catch Matt Millen on ESPN today? He was getting drilled with tough questions about the English situation and fumbled over his answers, making him look more like an idiot than he usually does.

  39. Scott Skiles can flat out coach? What about Larry Brown, Al. He’s the only reason the Bobcats came as close as they did…. to winning a game.

    If the Bucks manage to pull this off, I expect the Magic to handle them in five games and have to wait ANOTHER WEEK before playing the winner of Boston-Cleveland series which should go seven.

    I say SMEAR THE DEER!!! I’m getting t-shirts made up.

  40. Chis,

    Right now, I’d call Dwight more Mutumbo or Ben Wallace than an all-time great. He’s great on the boards and on defense, but he doesn’t have a knack for scoring. Maybe he needs to have a sit down with the other Superman (Shaq) when he retires to figure it out. I really just want to see some of the post game that Ewing has been teaching him, because I’m sure he’s been working with him. When I watch the Magic games, I see him using poor footwork. Sure sometimes his athleticism can make up for it, but he’s just not fundamentally sound down low. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t demand the ball much, because he isn’t that comfortable when he has it… I agree the Magic aren’t worried about the deer! Atlanta would be much tougher on them, although the way they’ve played maybe not!

  41. Chap…. I’m gonna stick to my Shaq comparison. I think he’s way better than a Ben Wallace ever was. Wallace had no post moves whatsoever. I mean, the year he won Defensive Player of the Year(was there more than one?), he only scored 9 ppg. Howard’s nowhere near that number.

    Even Dikembe never scored more than 17 points in a single season. I don’t think Howard has ever scored any LESS than that.

    Mutombo’s was a respectable career. He led the league in blocks three times and rebounding twice. Dwight has essentially already done that in only five years in the league. (rebounding 3X and blocks twice).

    So he’s on the right path.

    I’d lie if I said I wasn’t entirely unconcerned with his minutes in the Bobcats series but I think they’ll make adjustments.

    I’d just like to see the guy shoot 500 jump shots from 10-12 feet in practice. And learn how to spin move in the post without barreling into his defender for the charge.

  42. Chris

    Skiles is doin’ more with less ! That’s not the case with Brown and the Bobcats.

    The piece that I’ve just completed acknowledges both Brown and Skiles.

    Mayweather has his own promo and entertainment company . It incorporates not only boxing but also MMA , music and films. The guy is no dummy when it comes to making money. He’s amassed a fortune close $150 million and counting through his business deals.

    Black Hawk Down ……..Black Hawk Down ……..Only In This Case It’s Not A Rebel Force That Have The Hawks On The Run ………..

    Alan Parkins

  43. Chris

    We can acknowledge that both Mike and Magic could play all 5 positions right ? But to my mind the best center I’ve ever seen was Hakeem . I’ve seen highlights of Jabbar , Chamberlain Russell and others. But to my mind “The Dream” was like watching poetry in motion. He was simply that good and a great deal more !

    Alan Parkins

  44. Chris

    I no longer take an interest in anything Millen has to say. It’s like when I sometime get a call from my ex wife. I acknowledge her but barely and it’s the same thing with Millen. How the hell could not admit to his mistakes in Detroit and still think he’d done a good job ? He cost the franchise millions of dollars that he’d wasted on talent. If he wanted such a job then why didn’t work for the government as a civil servant somewhere ? They put up with that crap continually on a daily basis. And it’s the taxpayers who in the end up paying for it all.

    Alan Parkins

  45. I love me some Hakeem, Al, even though he destroyed Orlando in ’96.

    Readers please note that the Dream is the only seven-footer not on that list.

  46. Chris

    chappy doubts that I can deliver on the celibacy thing. It’s obvious that a young kid like him doesn’t know that Marines are cut from the same cloth. Fighting men built with grit and determination. Royal Marines are no different from the guys of USMC . Somehow he simply can’t fathom that ? But then again he’s on the West Coast and wouldn’t know about the military to begin with having never served.

    Spurs drop a 20 pt lead and I’ll devote time to even sing show tunes.

    That ESPN 30/30 piece on Ricky Williams was blase` Failed to touch on the fact that the guy is still a deadbeat dad who still owes child support for his 6 or 7 out of wedlock his kids. And somehow fans are meant to empathize with his plight ? Gimme a break !

  47. Not sure, Al.

    I think that piece did a fair job of portraying Ricky Williams’ dad as a pretty despicable character.

    Up by 13, your celibacy pledge might be safe.

    Notice I said might.

  48. Chris

    About Williams being a dad they sugar coated it all. What they failed to tell you is that he still owes the mothers of kids several thousands of dollars in unpaid child support . And that’s something that’s meant to extol the guy’s character. It doesn’t take a man to father a child but it does take one to step up to the plate and be a proud parent ! So tell me if Williams meets either one of those criteria ?

    Well the celibacy thing is safe but I do believe that the Mavs and Cuban ought to now take a complete vow of celibacy and completely devote their time either needle point or checking into the alternative lifestyle ! Wha’ do you think ?

    So you gonna dole out $54-95 for the Mayweather Mosley fight ?

    Alan Parkins

  49. Chris

    Don’t get me wrong I’m all for immigration reform but what the state of Arizona is now doing is wrong and draconian. It’ll end up costing them far more than they could have ever envisaged in the end . Not only financially but also from a moral and legal standpoint.

    Courtesy of USA Today

    World Boxing Council: No Mexican fighters in Ariz.

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — The Mexico-based World Boxing Council will not schedule Mexican fighters for bouts in Arizona to protest what it called the state’s “shameful, inhuman and discriminatory” immigration law.

    Arizona recently passed a law that makes it a crime to be in the state illegally.

    WBC president Jose Sulaiman said in a statement on Thursday that the ban on Arizona fights involving Mexican fighters has also been approved by the Federation of Boxing Commissions of Mexico.

    The ban will start Saturday.

    Critics say the law will lead to racial profiling by police.

    Click on link to read further details of this story

    The ramifications for the state could go well beyond what most might have envisaged on a number of levels.

    If the WBC is willing to do this then expect other world bodies to follow suit. And it could well be that MLS will also be of the same mind.

    At the game between the Cubs and Diamondbacks there were protesters there debating both sides of the argument of the new state enacted law.

    This is going to end up costing the state from a financial and moral standpoint. It now creates the perception state run stazi reminiscent of Moscow at the height of communism !

    Alan Parkins

  50. Al… I think the sexual abuse of a young Ricky Williams is far worse than any failure to pay back child support.

    Congrats to your Spurs. Cuban needs a vacation. This team is always solid in the regular season but just can’t seem to get it done when it matters. He has some thinking to do this off-season.

    And Al… I think I might just find a spot in town that’s showing the fight.

  51. Racial profiling by police, Al? Don’t they do that over there already?

    Wasn’t it also Arizona that refused to celebrate Martin Luther King Day?

    What in the world is going on in that state?

  52. Chris

    Would anyone within the state of Arizona know who MLK was to begin with if they weren’t Hispanic or African American . It’s not as if the state is as progressive as they make themselves out to be to begin with !

    Alan Parkins

  53. Chris

    For $54-95 I should be able to get myself one righteous lap dance , sex in the champagne room and some other ancillary things don’t you think ? I’m not so sure spending that on a PPV event is actually worth it now !

    I’ll wait for the re-broadcast on either Showtime or HBO as the case maybe .

    Alan Parkins

  54. Ironically, I hear it’s a beautiful state. They just have a history of having some backwards politics.

    I know you remember Public Enemy’s track “By The Time I Get To Arizona.”

  55. From what I’ve heard, Al, such purchases will run you a little more than $54.95.

    Unless of course you’re getting them in Dundee. Remember, you get what you pay for.

  56. Chris

    I was a frequent visitor at the Rollexxx in Miami. Uncle Luke (2 Live Crew) would provide the entertainment. And you know with him it was ’bout gettin’ buck wild and the women of course get naked .

    Here (Polk Co) it’s all dives that not even a fly would be caught dead in. There are one two places of course in Orlando as well as Tampa that are most definitely fine gentlemen establishments that cater to the male needs.

    Below my thoughts on the ESPN Ricky Williams’ piece.

    Let Me Tell You A Story ………..

    Alan Parkins

  57. Chris

    I look at Arizona and I think Alabama during the civil rights era. They’re not as progressive as they’d like us all to believe.

    So Brett says he won’t need surgery and when he’s ready he’ll come to a decision concerning his return to the NFL ……..yawn ………yawn . Are we there yet ?

    If the Orioles win more than 50 games this season. Do you think KP would mind if I sent him a gift basket ? LOL,LOL,LOL !! He’s still under the impression that GM Andy MacPhail and owner Peter Angelos are ambitious enough to pursue excellence.

    How do you judge that when it comes to the Orioles and what’s the basis as far as they’re concerned ?

    Alan Parkins

  58. Chris

    Williams may well have been abused as a child and more likely than not help either wasn’t sought or provided because within the African American community it’s like a taboo subject. But him neglecting his children and not providing them not only financial support but moral support wouldn’t you deem that to be a form of abuse ?

    One hand can’t wash the other on this . It is what it is ! All he’s now doing is to profligate that cycle of abuse !

    And what he’s doing is most certainly no excuse. It’s a cop out by and anyone who uses that as an excuse for his laissez-faire behavior and attitude towards his own kids !

    By doing that he’s a poor excuse for a man and human being despite his now supposed deeds concerning at risk kids.

    Alan Parkins

  59. Chris

    Here’s breaking news from ESPN . Favre is still reiterating that he’s yet to come to a decision as to his return. Furthermore he’s refuting the claims that he needs surgery on his alleged injured right shoulder. That’s the breaking news coming out of ESPN.

    Now for more important new ………. the price oil went up 60 cents but there’s no truth to the rumor that war is now imminent in the Middle East just because the Israelis are said to be moving three brigades of infantry into the Golan Heights and their Foreign Minister called the Iranian President an anti Semite and a bigot.

    Kim Kardashian has now been seen with Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo twice within the last three weeks. Does that Bush is no longer her friend with fringe benefits ?

    More breaking news to come which’ll be far more interesting than anything ESPN has to offer.

    Kiper is apparently so p_ssed that he’s no longer prepared to offer up his insight on the NFL Draft. He’s unhappy because Tebow was taken higher than his boy Jimmy Claussen , who he apparently has a huge man-crush on. Doesn’t ESPN have a “don’t ask don’t tell policy” ?

    Alan Parkins

  60. Looking forward to reading your take on the Ricky Williams piece, Al.

    And I remember when Luke was putting that stuff out back in the day. Pretty racy.

  61. Al… I would think that Favre’s decision to undergo that surgery would mean he’s leaning towards coming back. Big surprise.

    Leave it to the Mississippi Kid to have the surgery so he’s healthy to come back on Week 1 and miss all of training camp.

    And you’re right, KP is still in denial about his Birds. Hey, at least I can admit the Red Sox stink out loud.

  62. I’m not sure I can explain Kiper’s mancrush on Claussen but he does love the kid.

    And Favre Favre Favre. Here comes the constant coverage. Should make for a Wranglin’ summer.

  63. Chris

    If Kiper is that much into Claussen then why doesn’t he become an advocate for LAMBDA ? I hear it’s all the vogue for guy of Kiper’s discerning and delicate tastes ?

    As for KP I can only offer my condolences and a gift basket. Anything more and it’s liable to put him into a catatonic state concerning the Orioles.

    So Kim Kardashian wants to get her hooks into Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo ? Does that mean that Reggie Bush is no longer her BFF who can offer extra fringe benefits ?

    Alan Parkins

  64. Chris

    I can only assume that ESPN and Mortensen will keep us abreast of things concerning Favre. I mean Mortensen has to be dumpster diving into Brett’s garbage just to make sure that Brett’s wife Deanna uses feminine hygiene products .

    Alan Parkins

  65. Al… I just got a visual of Clausen rocking the Kiper hairdo.

    Imagine what that thing would look like after an hour of wearing a football helmet.

    Probably wouldn’t move one bit, huh?

  66. And Al… this is why neither Atlanta nor Milwaukee fear me as a Magic fan.

    I think the Hawks will obviously be the tougher match-up but D Howard and his teammates are currently sipping pina coladas at an International Drive pool bar waiting for their next test… which won’t come until the winner of the Boston-Cleveland series.

  67. Chris

    Somone’s paying me to dumpster dive through Brett’s mess ? No thanks ! Pay me to dumpster dive through Halle Berry’s knick knacks ………priceless now that she’s dumped her fella !

    Magic Bucks should make for an intriguing match-up !

    Don’t underestimate the Hawks at all. They’ve learned their lesson from the Bucks’ series .

    Alan Parkins

  68. Actually, Al, it was the second round where Moseley stood a shot, landing that one nice shot that wobbled Mayweather. Mayweather won every round after that.

    I actually got the feeling that Mayweather just didn’t want to hurt the guy.

  69. Sure Howard puts up good numbers, but he’s simply not the player Ewing was.

    As far as I can tell, the only thing Howard has over Ewing is FG percentage and rebounding. Well, as mentioned, Charles Oakley was one of the best rebounders in the biz, so Ewing had competition every night from his own teammate.

    And the only reason Howard’s shooting percentage is better is due to the fact Ewing was a more aggressive scorer. Ewing went out and TOOK games (remember the first round win against Boston in 1990) on Knick teams that didn’t have anywhere near the offensive talent Howard has around him now. Howard’s team can win the occasional game without him, Ewing’s team couldn’t.

    One more thing. Ewing was a far better defensive player. The fact Howard is considered the best defensive player in the NBA proves defenses ain’t what they used to be. While Howard blocks 2 or 3 shots a game, Ewing, Hakeem, Mourning and Robinson blocked 3, 4, 5 shots a game on a regular basis. And when Ewing wasn’t blocking shots (or breaking NBA Finals shot blocking records), he was intimidating them. I just don’t see Howard as dominant defensively. It’s truly no contest between Howard and Ewing.

  70. Thanks for reading, Griff.

    Stay tuned for my Magic-Hawks recap coming up soon.

    I agree and disagree with you.

    I don’t think Howard will ultimately be the player Ewing was, simply because I don’t see him ever developing a jump shot like Pat’s.

    Dwight’s a better rebounder merely because he takes up that much more space.

    But I do think he might be a better defender. Remember, blocks alone do not measure good defense.

    Howard is simply impossible for anyone right now to score upon. Sure, there were better centers in the game when Patrick played, but there’s not a player in the league who can consistently score against Dwight. I don’t remember Pat being that much of a shut down defender.

    Either way, Dwight has a long career ahead of him. The question is, how much of that career will be in Orlando?

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