Weekly caption contest celebrates Philadelphia Phillies fans, Taser guns and the use of excessive force

Philadelphia fans are at it again.  You’d think there was nothing to do in that town for entertainment.  Apparently the Liberty Bell isn’t the only thing in Philly that’s cracked.

Last Monday night, at Citizens Park, smack dab in the middle of a Philadelphia Phillies game, 17-year old Steve Consalvi took it upon himself to run right onto the baseball field.  Prior to hopping the fence and springing into leftfield, Consalvi allegedly called his father and asked him if he should.  His father said no. Consalvi did it anyway.  Kids these days, huh?

Since the incident, sportswriters nationwide have debated whether police officers used excessive force in apprehending the teen by using a Taser to bring him down, however, I can tell you that if someone illegally trespassed onto the hallowed grounds of SportsChump.net, a good tazing would be the least of his concerns.

So, sports fans, here’s your latest caption contest.  In the photograph below, Consalvi is seen being chased down by officials only moments before being tasered and hitting the ground.

Winner of the caption-contest will go Taser-free for the rest of the week…. Maybe.

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31 Replies to “Weekly caption contest celebrates Philadelphia Phillies fans, Taser guns and the use of excessive force”

  1. Interesting enough, another Phillies fan rushed the field the following night, with drugs in his pocket.

    Somebody call MENSA.

    Friday, another drunken fan was tasered at TPC Sawgrass so apparently it’s working its way south.

  2. Why didn’t I listen to my Dad???

    Finally get to use this thing!!
    Run Forest, Run!!! lol

  3. “I’m sorry I slept with your wife , daughter and your son but please don’t hurt me ” !


    Alan Parkins

  4. Al… the Orlando Magic have officially tazed the Atlanta Hawks.

    This series has been a bloodbath in every respect.


  5. And Al… if that were the case, Consalvi probably just thought he was your average professional athlete since most of them are doing that these days.

  6. Chris

    I’m not saying the Hawks are bad but even the rats aren’t liable to be seen as in bad a light as they’re now being seen ! The stink from Phillips Arena and within the whole organization is so disgusting that even the vultures want no part of it !

    Pop and the rest of the Spurs are heading to Middle East to be become eunuchs once this series is over against the Suns. They’ve become completely emasculated .

    Alan Parkins

  7. Al… it looked like fans were leaving in the third quarter and I heard Game Four isn’t even sold out yet.

    I don’t think they should blow up that Hawks team next season but maybe they can steal one of the centers over in Dallas that isn’t doing a damn thing.

    Moving Horford to the four-spot, Smith to the 3 and Williams to the bench might do wonders for that team.

    And yes, the Suns seem to have an answer for everything San Anton has sent their way. I don’t think they can get past L.A. though.

  8. Chris

    I’ve read where they’ll definitely implode the team and build around Horford. Joe Johnson has no cojones !

    See my comment on your chatroll concerning Rajon Rondo . I do believe at this moment in time he’s better than the Jazz’s Deron Williams and he’s showing it by far. And it’s not just simply ’bout scoring with him but his mental attitude and the fact that he’s prepared to lead by example and get everyone involved in the game.

    Well the Suns hammered the final nail in the Spurs’ coffin ! Damn that Eva Longoria . Why can’t she just lay off puttin’ out on game day ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Hypocrisy Is The Norm Nowadays …..

    Alan Parkins

  9. Chris

    When LT’s lawyer Thomas Aidaila says ‘my client never had any contact with the alleged victim ‘ What does he actually mean ? Was LT using the old trick seen in the Jane Fonda movie ‘Barbarella’ . Where they first took a pill and then each grabbed a hold of machine simultaneously that’d give ’em each sexual gratification ? Because from what I understand that wasn’t in the DA’s evidentiary findings. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Rays are beginning to look sloppy on the offensive side of things ! Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come ?

    Alan Parkins

  10. Al… I’ve never understood teams’ love affairs with Joe Johnson. I just fail to see where he brings any consistency to the table.

    My Celtics homer buddy Snake, who will comment on the site every so often, sent me this text yesterday, which he’s sent me before.

    “Rajon Rondo will go down as the greatest point guard ever.”

    Now, while Snake has watched a LOT of basketball over the years, I do feel he’s exaggerating a slight bit. Let’s just take a look at today’s game and leave guys like Magic Johnson out of the argument.

    You have your Deron Williams, Steve Nash and Chris Paul to contend with and Rondo undoubtedly ranks right up there with them. Let’s keep in mind, Rondo has a championship ring and those other guys don’t.

    That one behind the back move he had to fool LeBron yesterday might have been the play of the playoffs so far. And I love his knack for getting to the basket for boards. He’s tough to constantly put a body on.

  11. And I don’t know what to tell you about your Spurs, Al.

    Nash and the gang were not to be denied. They simply had no answer for Nash and Amare’s pick and roll.

  12. Al.. my LT take should be up today and what’s to make of the Rays?

    Being on the losing end of a perfect game in less than a year?

    They were getting some wood on the ball yesterday but nothing was landing.

  13. Chris

    I’m not saying that the Rays are complacent but the repeated statements by Madddon as to what went wrong have become completely asinine ! If he can’t get his team to apply themselves to the task at hand then he ought to kickin’ them in the _ss rather than being all cutesy with them. They’re friggin’ grown men and not a bunch of pre-schoolers !

    Who’d you rather be at this moment in time ? TP ? of the Spurs or D-Wade ? Parker no matter what he now does he’ll get some from Eva and he’ll be happy. In the case of Wade he got far more than he bargained for the moment he started to do the horizontal mambo with actress Gabrielle Union.He’s ’bout to see his bank balance cut in half. Hence the reason he wants sole and full custody of his kids amidst his acrimonious divorce. What’s the ol’ mantra …..you don’t s_it or eat where you sleep. I thought that D-Wade would’ve learned something from his buddy Tiger , bulging disc and all ?

    Alan Parkins

  14. Chris

    That clanging sound you hear are all of the Spurs’ fans take out their pots and each of us pi__ing into it and then using it to shower ourselves. We were absolutely pitiful and played without a sense of purpose or pride. I hear Ms Jefferson (Dick or Richard as he’s known around the NBA ) could well be jettisoned by the team in the offseason. Hopefully that’ll be the case as I’ve seen paraplegics give more effort than this damn moron !

    Alan Parkins

  15. Well, I’ll withhold judgment on the Rays and Maddon. They’re still one of the best teams in the majors and I think Maddon gets a bad rap. The local radio bashes him pretty consistently but as I’ve said, I’m still in total NBA mode right now.

    I just heard on ESPN today that Common is seeing Serena Williams. Say it ain’t so!

  16. You take that Pro-McNabb line back right now, young man! No? That’s it… get back here….

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