Raving about Rondo: Our newfound obsession with Rajon Rondo and why it is justified

Rajon Rondo is slowly becoming a household name.  While doing so, he might just land himself another NBA championship.

Rondo, the young, Celtics’ point guard, is taking these playoffs by storm.  So far, he’s averaged eighteen points, eleven assists and six rebounds, including a eye-popping 29, 18 and 13 performance against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  As we inch closer to the NBA Finals, Rondo continues to rise to the occasion.  Prior to Game Four, Rondo had outplayed his opponent, Jameer Nelson, in every facet of the game.

Rondo’s impressing even the most skeptical of critics.  I’ve had a number of friends, well-versed in all things basketball, text me lately, calling Rondo the best point guard in the league.  Not Steve Nash, not Chris Paul, not Deron Williams.  Rondo.  I even had a hardcore Celtics fan tell me he’s one of the greatest Celtics ever.

Read on…

Brotha E: “Best guard in the league PERIOD!”  (E must have temporarily forgotten about Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade)

Croshere: “Rondo has become ridiculous.  If he can start hitting 18-footers, he could be the best player in the game.  I said it.”

Snake: “I’ll say it again.  Rajon Rondo will go down as the greatest point guard EVER!”

*Hopefully putting my friends’ texts on the internet for all to see will not dissuade them from texting me in the future.

Now clearly my friends drink a lot but it’s nice to see they’re as prone to exaggeration as your average television sports analyst.  Heck, even Magic Johnson called Rondo the best all-round point guard in the league.  Last time I checked, Earvin knows a little something about the position.  But that’s the kind of response Rondo elicits from the basketball community.

As a college athlete at Kentucky, Rondo could fill a stat sheet.  He averaged eleven points, six assists and five rebounds his sophomore year.  But nobody, other than maybe Rondo himself, expected this kind of production.  He’s a scrawny kid from Louisville, 190 pounds soaking wet, who has become the leader, dare I say best player, on a team that features three, perhaps four, future Hall of Famers.

But why all the love?  We’ve seen point guards dominate the post-season before.

Then it hit me.

At the risk of sounding either cheesy or overly patriotic, Rajon Rondo’s style of play embodies the American spirit.  Think about it.  Rondo outhustles.  Rondo outworks.  Rondo outsmarts.  Rondo gives it his all.  Rondo sacrifices for the greater good.  Rondo came from nowhere to exceed all expectations.  He makes those around him better.  Rondo represents everything that should be on a basketball court.

One need only look at a pivotal point in Game Three against Orlando, when Rondo, like Cowens and Bird before him, dove after a loose ball that his opponent was clearly in better position for, then not only recovered it, but scored.  If these playoffs are remembered for one play alone, that will be the one.

The irony of Rajon Rondo is that he demands your attention as a fan, yet continuously loses those assigned to defend him.  He’s flashy in an unassuming way, completing no-look or behind the back passes only as needed.  He’s the most frail of his teammates yet plays larger than them all.  He directs traffic and dictates tempo.  His effort is contagious.  He’s the hardest-working guy on the floor and that’s what America loves.

Rajon Rondo may or may not be the best point guard in the league but he’s definitely in the conversation.  One thing, however, is indisputable.  At 24 years old, he already has one more ring than LeBron James and maybe more than that when it’s all said and done.

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28 Replies to “Raving about Rondo: Our newfound obsession with Rajon Rondo and why it is justified”

  1. It does the heart good to watch the next great NBA superstar from his rookie year to the point where everyone is acknowleging his greatness. I could see it from day 1 just looking at the size of his hands. He reminded me of a tree frog. If stealing in the NBA was a crime, he’d be doing 25 to life in some maximum security prison. Rondo has the skills of the best of the point guards. He steals like Gary Payton. He passes like Steve Nash. He drives to the basket like Cooz. I’m certain that he’ll be working on his mid range jumper over the short Celtics summer and return next season with another weapon in his arsenal. Oh, not to make excuses, but the reason Rondo had a poor game 4 against the Magic was because of the jammed right middle finger he suffered in game 3. He should be back to form in game 5.

  2. Funny, Snake.

    I was talking with Croshere the other day, also quoted above, and he also brought up the Gary Payton comparison. I wonder if Rondo talks as much trash. He doesn’t seem to say much out there. He just kills with a silence.

    Oh… and you remind me of a tree frog too. Text ya tonight.

  3. Rondohhhhhh! What’s amazing is that he assumed a leadership role on a team full of leaders (and a thug or two. His quiet confidence has bloomed these past three years and he’s been a joy to watch. While I do not appreciate how he has made my Magic look like a middle-school second string team, I agree that he is a great point guard. As Rondo goes, so the Celtics go. The greatest? Not by a long shot…not yet. And you cannot compare him to LeBron. Different position, different expectations…..different everything! A ring comes from a team’s effort! All of Rondo’s success is due to the fact that he landed on one of the best coached and talented teams in the league.

    If you watch any tennis coverage, you will see a Longines commercial with Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf with groups of kids drawing pictures for them. Watch for the Rajon look-alike…his doe-like eyes too big for his head and eyelashes that Brooke Shields must envy. I know, I know…but I’m a female tennis player and everything has to relate, lol.

    Going tonight to the Magic game without my Buck Foston shirt! It didn’t help out the Rays this week. Where did I pahhhk the cahhh?

  4. I’ve loved Rondo’s game for three years now…but he’s not the best point guard in the NBA. At best he’s third or fourth. Still young though and a consistent 18-20 footer (along with a higher free throw shooting percentage) could vault him into 1st or 2nd.

  5. Chris

    Rondo’s game is fundamentally sound in all aspects and now people are simply finding out that he’s for real.

    Consider this , Ainge was on the verge of trading him less than 18 months ago .

    Alan Parkins

  6. Hey Chris, A tree frog? I didn’t know that they were well hung.
    Rondo doesn’t talk trash. He does all his talking telling his team mates where he wants them.

  7. Remember when Rondo used to slice the Florida Gators up a couple of times a year? Even then, I think we knew he was a capable point guard that could handle the rock and distribute but I could never have guessed that he would dominate the league the way that he is right now. He didn’t have a jump shot then and he doesn’t have a consistent one now. Mind boggling that he can dominate like he does now without one. Like your boy said, once he gets one (which is going to take a LOT of work judging from his form)… DAMMMNNN!

  8. Have a great time at the game tonight, Elizabeth. I expect the Magic to come strong with a VERY loud home crowd.

    I often wonder if Rondo could do the things he does if he didn’t have Allen, Garnett and Pierce to play alongside with.

    He certainly fell into the perfect situation. That being said, he’s definitely making the most of it.

    And I think I have a new favorite female tennis player. Didn’t catch her name but she was on today, wearing soem gold and black top. Let’s just say she wasn’t unattractive.

  9. Drew… what are we going to do about a reactionary media that repeatedly makes bold statements just to sell air time?

    Do you think Rondo could carry a team on his own like Paul? Could he lead a Utah team by himself and nothing but and underachieving Carlos Boozer by his side.

    We won’t know until the Big Three are gone what he’s capable of. But as for now, his stats cannot be argued. He’s shooting 47% from the floor in the playoffs even though part of that is skewed by torching Mo Williams and shooting 54% in that Cavs series. And he is averaging about 4 assists to every one turnover.

  10. Chris

    Your guess is as good as anyone’s but I hang well and the lady loves it at the moment so that’s got to be good !

    Duane Bowe says he doesn’t want to be thought of as a pimp or a poor role model. He was really just wanting to entertain his teammates. Hey Duane next time just buy each teammate a bottle of cognac and leave the “hookers” and ” ho’s” for another day. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Alan Parkins

  11. I still can’t get over what a bargain he was. Just think if he didn’t work out his contract a month into the season. He might be right up there with the top free agents in 2010!

    If he keeps it up, he could be an all-time great! I think he has a better jumper than people give him credit for, but it still has some work to go.

    I do like your comparison to the American Ideals!

  12. Chris

    The Magic are fighting for their dear lives at present. 91-78 with 10:33 to play in the 4th qtr. They’ve actually come to life. But I guess Van Gundy still has the defibrillator on hand ?

    This series is turning out to be somewhat intriguing after all !

    Alan Parkins

  13. So the Magic are one game away from evening the series after last night’s impressive showing. Now comes the hard part winning out the two games left in a demanding fashion. The ball still remains in the Celtics’ court but things suddenly have become that little bit more difficult for them.

    Alan Parkins

  14. Thanks, Chap.

    It was the political science major in me coming out.

    He’s got a nasty tear drop and even nastier first step.

    But his team needs him now more than ever.

  15. Man, you must be fired up after last night. I know I would be if my team did that! They truly do need Rondo more than ever now, we will see if he can deliver now that he HAS to!

  16. Chris

    Duane Bowe wants to become someone’s assistant as he won’t be having much success a Chief.

    It wasn’t Pierce who made the call to league’s executive offices. It was LeBron’s mom.

    What did LBJ ever do to deserve this ?

    Are We There Yet ……….?


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