Caption Contest celebrates Dustin Hoffman, Jason Bateman and the kiss that sent shockwaves through the NBA Finals

It’s NBA Finals time.  Basketball’s biggest stage featuring the league’s most storied rivalry.

And what is everyone talking about after Thursday’s Game One?  Not Kobe being only three wins away from his fifth championship.  Not Pau Gasol’s 23 points or eight offensive rebounds.  Not the fact that the Lakers led the Celtics from start to finish.

We’re talking about a kiss.  Yes, a kiss.

Apparently, during the game, as the Staples Center kiss-cam panned through the star-laden crowd, the cameraman found Dustin Hoffman sitting next to Jason Bateman.

And they kissed.

Needless to say, the online gossip publications had a field day with this one.  “Dustin Hoffman Swaps Spit with Jason Bateman at NBA Finals!”  “Lakers Kiss-cam Exposes Jason Bateman and Dustin Hoffman!”  So I thought to myself, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Are these two actually lovers?  Did “Tootsie” end up getting the best of Hoffman?  Were they researching for their roles in “Brokeback Two: Cougar Division?”

I’ll let you decide, sports fans, with yet another seedy caption contest.  Have at it.  Winning entry will receive a wet one from one of the two major motion picture stars featured below.

Pucker up!

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72 Replies to “Caption Contest celebrates Dustin Hoffman, Jason Bateman and the kiss that sent shockwaves through the NBA Finals”

  1. I for one am happy that Dustin Hoffman made his move for the camera. It took a lot of the post game heat off my Celtics. You know, in Hollywood, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  2. SD… I see Mr. Bateman’s been a little busy.

    Happy birthday, by the way.

    May you not receive a sloppy one from Dustin Hoffman for your 25th.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  3. Chris

    So there could be at least five or six Packers’ players implicated in a multiple sexual assault ? I wonder how Goodell will handle this piece of crap ? Much like he did with Big Ben running ’round like a headless chicken when he has it within his rights to suspend the players until there’s an outcome . But instead he continues to play the ass !

    Takes And Sporting Takes …….


  4. Chris H

    What is it now with law enforcement ? They’re now the Keystone Cops ?

    Chief: Prosecuting Packers player a ‘problem’

    MILWAUKEE—A Green Bay Packers player and two women who accused him of sexually assaulting them made such contradictory statements about what happened that it would be difficult to prosecute the case, the police chief overseeing the investigation said Monday.

    Lake Delton police Chief Tom Dorner said he expected to forward the investigation’s findings to the district attorney’s office by Tuesday, but that he would not recommend to prosecutors whether to press charges, as police often do.

    Dorner said he thinks prosecutors would have a hard time making a case against the player, who has not been arrested and who police have declined to name.

    “I think it’s going to be a problem because there’s too much information that contradicts between the alleged victims and the alleged suspect,” Dorner told The Associated Press by phone.

    Police were called to a Lake Delton condo early Saturday where seven Packers players were staying during a weekend charity golf event. Two Milwaukee women, ages 31 and 33, who had met the players hours earlier at a bar reported that they had been sexually assaulted by more than one man, police said.

    Police said all of the players had been drinking alcohol. The women and the one player were in a room together, but authorities said it’s not clear whether the women had been drinking.

    Click on link to read in its entirety.

    I’d hate to think what these morons would be doing had the victim been a minor ?


  5. Chris

    Ricky Martin wants to know when’s the next boys’ night out at the Staples Center and will Ru Paul and the Village People be in tow ?

    I thought that was a part of the selling point for the WNBA not the NBA ?


  6. Glad that “kisscam” did not hit us when you and I went to Celts-Magic Game One, as you may have been tempted to mimic Dustin and Jason !

  7. Chris

    The fecal matter coming out of the mouths of the Glazer family simply gets more absurd by the second.

    Report Glazer family $1.6bn in debt news services

    LONDON — The American owners of Manchester United are 1.6 billion in debt, leaving their control of the club in doubt, the BBC reported Monday.

    The BBC said its investigation found the Glazer family’s debts are $570 million greater than previously known. Malcolm Glazer and his sons also own the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    [+] EnlargeManchester United/Glazer Protest
    Andrew Yates/AFP/Getty ImagesThe Glazer family has been the subject of protests by a group of Manchester United fans who want it to sell the team.

    All the extra debt comes after the Glazers borrowed extensively against their shopping mall business in the United States. The extent of the debt could fuel a further revolt by a group of United fans who oppose the Glazers’ ownership.

    The Glazers took over United in 2005 in a leveraged buyout worth $1.4 billion.

    The BBC said it saw mortgage documents showing the Glazers have borrowed $570 million against shopping malls owned by their company First Allied Corporation. That’s in addition to $1 billion in debts tied to Manchester United and $95 million to the Buccaneers.


    Click on link to read the rest of the article in full.

    If their malls are 90% occupied then there’s got to be life on the moon .

    Most big commercial real estate and mall operators are hemorrhaging red ink. And the Glazers aren’t any different. They’re blowing smoke up everyone’s a_s !


  8. Chris

    Rick da Boss Ross is gettin’ Super High as am I !

    Super High

    So the Cavs want Izzo. What with Wooden going toe up I guess Izzo was their second choice then ?

    The problem with the Cavs wasn’t Ferry but the fact that the roster simply wasn’t good enough !

    It’s not damn rocket science to figure the s_it out !


  9. Chris

    Folks don’t be afraid as this isn’t the usual form of penetration undertaken between two consenting male adults. Here they’re merely swapping spit but in the world of the “alternative lifestyle” the body fluid that’s expelled tends to come from another part of the male appendage.


  10. Good thing the Glazers didn’t dump 100 mil on Albert Haynesworth when they had the chance, huh, Al?

    Hey, what’s Man U’s record since the Glazers took over? Any idea?

  11. Chris

    Vikings had Lk Minnetonka ? How many lakes are there in Green Bay much less the state of Wisconsin ?

    We be beatin’ ho’s and doin’ forty’s .

    Meanwhile Goodell remains ominously silent and you were trying to allude the fact that he’s inherited many of these problems ? Are you kidding me ? Goodell is softer than a baby’s a_s and he makes both Ricky Martin and Clay Aiken more masculine given his docile dumb a_s demeanor ! Wake up smell the coffee Chris ?


  12. Al…

    I’ll take that job for half a mil and I’ll personally guarantee a title.

    And I won’t resort to any of those cheesy “$100 in the ceilings” tricks Doc did in L.A.

    Like any of these guys give a damn about a C-Note.

  13. Man U have won the Premiership but this year they got blown out in the Champions League and they finished second in the Premiership to Chelsea.

    However they’ve got to get their financial house in order if they have any intention of playing in European competition . That’s one of the edicts that’s come down from UEFA the ruling body for the game in Europe. That’s where the money is to be made —– European club competition__________Champions League.

    That $1.55 billion debt will become a millstone around their neck. Banks aren’t going to want to renegotiate their financing deals. Not if it means them losing money having been bailed out by their respective sovereign governments. How’s that going to look to the taxpayer and government alike ?


  14. Chris

    You seem to forget that Chmura loves girls who are barely legal . The victims here are in their mid twenties.


  15. Are you suggesting the Vikings purified themselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, Al?

    Look, athletes are going to do what they’re going to do. They’re responsible for their own actions. There hasn’t been a commissioner in a sport to date that hasn’t had to deal with trouble.

    Players aren’t running around shooting up strip clubs because they think Goodell is any less of a commissioner. I’m sure he barely crosses their mind.

  16. Chris

    In Chumura’s case when the chick you allegedly wanted to have sex is barely older than your eldest child it gives credence that there’s something wrong with the guy’s psyche.

    The Bucs need a slew of things that money can’t buy and that’s ownership group that aren’t a bunch of friggin’ misers and cheap-skates !

    Athletes wanting to be held accountable for their own actions ? Isn’t that like a politician denying that he took a bribe when he’s been caught on camera in the act ? Speaking of which is GOP candidate for governor (Fla) Rick Scott blowing smoke up everyone’s a_s ?

    His company (Columbia Healthcare – for profit hospital group) that he co-founded gets fined $1.7 billion (yes that figure isn’t a misprint one point seven billion dollar fine) for Medicare fraud while he was CEO and he says he knew nothing about what was going on ? WTF ?

    I can only surmise that han still feels that Conservatives makes for the best business men ? I wonder if he admires someone like Rick Scott ?


  17. Chris

    Two years straight the Nationals have had the # 1 pick in the MLB Draft . Last year Stephen Strasbourg to which they signed him to a $15.1 million three year contract . And should be make his big league debut as anticipated then his arbitration clock starts ticking immediately.

    Now in this year’s draft it’s high school phenom Bryce Harper . And guess what both Harper and Strasbourg have in common ? None other than uber-agent Scott Boras. So get ready to see the Nationals get a severe rectal probe stuck into them as Boras looks for a boatload of money for his client.

    Five years from now neither Harper or Strasbourg will be with the Nationals as they’re still going to be a mediocre team that’s badly ran and managed.


  18. Chmura’s obviously paying for his mistake as we haven’t heard a peep from him since. Hopefully he sought counseling.

    I guess politics is the new way to get rich these days, huh, Al? And I thought Selig was the new Bernie Madoff.

  19. I don’t know about that, Al. I think that team is going to do everything it can to keep those guys and build around them.

    I do think Strasburg is the real deal and we’ll see how long it takes them to bring up Harper and where they play him. But those two are a solid foundation… as long as they don’t let Boras stick his greedy little fingers in the mix.

  20. Chris

    Boras’ fingers were all over the Strasbourg deal as he was the player’s agent . If you remember he was pressing for a deal as high as $30 million as a signing bonus for the kid . He’s now Harper’s agent so you can bet that the s_it will hit the fan before a deal is finally made.

    The Nationals will be bad for years to come as their farm system ain’t all it’s cracked up to be !


  21. I’ll quote Ace Ventura…

    “Your gun is digging into my hip…”

    By the way, look at the two guys in the bottom row… on the left side… guy on the far left looks disgusted and the next one in looks jealous… or maybe it’s just me.

  22. Chris

    The only thing Boras hasn’t been on top of is LeBron James’ mom as Delonte’ West beat him to it.

    As for Selig that was just my way of being sarcastic. As it was Obama’s way of stating that if he were in charge then he’d fire Tony Hayward CEO of BP. I think that the Prez should line his ducks up in a row first because so far he’s coming across as a bumbling ignoramus in dealing with this mess !

    And talking about mess …..I hear that music mogul David Geffen is seriously considering buying a majority stake in the Clippers from their dumb a_s owner Donald Sterling ? Geffen and LeBron’s agent are close personal friends and he’s stated that he’s prepared to do everything within his power to lure James to LA should he gain control of the organization.


  23. Why would Giffen, Al, or anyone for that matter, invest in that franchise.

    They’ve never done anything but lose and will ALWAYS play second fiddle to the Lakers in that town.

    Just doesn’t make any sense.

  24. Chris

    When you have more money than God a foible like buying the Clippers is mere child’s play to Geffen . He’s worth an estimated $ 2.5 billion.

    He’s quietly confident that if he purchases the team he’ll be able to lure LeBron to LA. He and LeBron’s agent are close personal friends. That being said that’s no guarantee of anything. However the lure of being in LA and sharing the same home venue as Kobe has its advantages. And not only that his profile will be more visibly raised in the country’s second largest ad-market after New York.

    So don’t bet against Geffen at this juncture. He Spielberg , Jeffrey Katzenberg are the guys behind the film studio SKG-Deamworks and the producers of the “Shrek” movies amongst other notables within their library of films.

    So USC may well have their 04 title rescinded and be banned from postseason play for two years and they’re also talking about the loss of scholarships and them being placed on probation. My question is why no financial penalty as well ?


  25. Chris

    It must be me but I still believe that the NCAA are playing favorites. They could’ve also fined USC but as usual being the cowards that they are they’re simply sackless ! No balls or intelligence for that matter !


  26. Al…. I just don’t see anyway that LeBron could conceivably end up in L.A. Why play second fiddle to Kobe on a team that already plays second fiddle to a team that plays in that same building.

    And poor Laney. No second thoughts about staying in Knoxville after receiving that blow at USC?

  27. I haven’t followed the details about USC, Al, but we both know the school is one of the NCAA’s biggest cash cows so it’s not surprising they didn’t get everything they probably deserved for their rules violations.

  28. Chris

    I don’t know why it is that everyone is in awe that there’s going to be realignment within college football. It’s not aabout to make it all the more competitive. It’s all to do with money. Any conference that lands the Texas Longhorns knows that a fixture against them guarantees a boatload of money. This is what this this all about from the beginning to the end. You’d be damn naive to think otherwise !

    As for USC what the NCAA at this juncture is mere supposition. But one thing for sure they’re getting off lightly when it’s all said and done !

    I know that there’s nothing that they can do to either Reggie Bush or O J Mayo . But hell there has to be some way that they can go after these guys ? They were both complicit in the fraud that’s been perpetrated. Both Pete Carroll and Tim Floyd knew the hell what was going on. But they’d both rather play dumb and make the school pay for their wantoned behavior. Neither of those coaches has any character or integrity whatsoever !


  29. Chris

    Clippers’ fans having landed LeBron for them it’d seem as Christmas had come early and everyday would be a holiday. And I’d dare say that Lakers’ fans would actually come and watch LeBron and his new found teammates . So don’t count anything out at this juncture not if Geffen can make this all happen.


  30. I don’t know whether it’s at all ironic that college football is driving the whole realignment, Al. Not even men’s college basketball is having a say in this.

    Hey, if they didn’t rescind OJ Simpson’s Heisman, they’re not about to take away Reggie Bush’s.

  31. Don’t know that I’ll catch a Marlins game this weekend… or maybe I will.

    Daddy Yankee will be playing at Jannus Landing this weekend so perhaps a post-Rays dance party at the new and improved Landing is in order?

  32. Chris

    The situation has impacted the recruiting at USC. Several signees have opted to leave. And Kiffin is none too happy with the situation. Those who’ve opted out will obviously have to red-shirt.

    As to the game in the World Cup. You can watch either on Univison or and stream it from there.

    I’m going to catch one of the games in this Marlins Rays’ series at the Trop .

    Who’s Kidding Whom Here? The NCAA Kisses A_s Just Like a Politician Loves Kissing Babies It Makes ‘em Look Good !


  33. This must all make Al Davis happy.

    And Al, I’ll go with Univision. The announcers are way better. Not to mention the occasional old Fuera de Serie ads.

  34. Chris

    Men’s college basketball is a pittance nay a drop in the ocean in terms of money when compared men’s football at the college level . Get with the program son it’s all about the Benjamins.

    Trojans’ fans are already crying foul after the NCAA sanctions to be imposed . Funny isn’t it when the shoe is on the other foot ? Now to me when I think Trojan I’ll think prophylactic as in “rubbers” _ condoms . USC has a major whole in theirs as of now . LOL, LOL, LOL !!!


  35. Chris

    There seems to be something amiss as the techies within wordpress are carrying out some work.

    Daddy Yankee I can give or take dependent upon my mood.


  36. Chris

    Trojans’ fans are bitching and moaning that they’ve been hard done by. I wonder why ? You’d have thought that they had Christ Almighty on their side the way that they’ve been carrying on ?

    Bush and Mayo now go together like Bonnie & Clyde don’t you think ?

    Now Carroll and Floyd get “a pass” and nothing is really said about their part in this all.


  37. Al… it’s not only college basketball that’s a mere pittance when it comes to college football, it’s college basketball combined with every since other athletic sport out there…. which is truly amazing.

    I like when Carroll says he’s shocked they levied such a penalty against USC. Anyone believe him?

  38. Bush and Mayo as Bonnie and Clyde…

    I like that, Al.

    Just let us not think those were the only two people involved in this.

    When will we start holding boosters responsible?

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