Fifteen burning questions surrounding Game Seven of the NBA Finals

At, we strive to ask the hard-hitting, pertinent, analytical questions other independent sports sites won’t dare to ask.  In keeping with that theme, we hereby present several burning questions that surround the final game of the NBA season…

What is up with Andy Garcia’s mustache and if it’s for a movie role, why would I want to pay good money to see that?

How will Doc Rivers adjust to life without Kendrick Perkins?

Will this be the last time we see the Big Three in a Celtics uniform?

In victory, will either Kobe Bryant or Paul Pierce lead his teammates in his own rendition of “Pants on the Ground?”

Will this be Phil Jackson’s final game on an NBA sideline?

When will sportscasters stop asking what winning, or not winning, another NBA title will mean for Kobe Bryant’s legacy?

Where will I watch the game, how much will I pay per refreshing Jack Daniels cocktail and how many will it take before it’s clearly unsafe for me to get behind the wheel?

Are Tiger and Elin finally splitting up?

Which team wants it more tonight?

Will Game Seven go down to the wire or will it be another blowout?

Speaking of blowout, if someone farts during L.A.’s pre-game, meditation session, will the locker room break out into laughter and if so, which player is the most likely to break wind?

Which team boasts the more obnoxious fan base?

What’s the most someone paid for a court-side seat and by any chance is this person hiring a personal assistant?

Who will be the next same sex couple to make out on camera?

Finally… who will win and what will be the final score?  Guess both correctly prior to tip-off and become the proud owner of your own SportsChump t-shirt.

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64 Replies to “Fifteen burning questions surrounding Game Seven of the NBA Finals”

  1. LA Lakers, fast break makers, kings of the court shake and bake all takers, back to back is a bad ass fact, a claim that remains…intact, 98.

    Celtics, 91.

    I’ll take an XL.

  2. Tough call. Smart money picks L.A . Suckers go with Boston. Celtics 101
    Lakers 99. No one is perfect! Best B Ball ever. Magic who?


  3. Partykiller droppin’ some Red Hots on us. Very nice!

    Did you catch Keidis sitting in the stands with Rick Rubin the other night?

    Oh, my bad. You don’t watch NBA.

  4. Of course Pops needs a new t-shirt.

    The one I just sent him for Father’s Day, he shredded trying to open the envelope.

    You’d think I never send him anything.

  5. I don’t see Boston being able to defend the paint tonight without Perk. I think the Lakers will efficiently close this one out early, and cover the -7 spread… 105-91 Lakers, unfortunately.

    I hope you don’t have too many JD’s, because I’m going to want my T-shirt!

    Oh and I think Kobe’s legacy get’s hurt in the game winner category. Kobe is clutch, but not for the last shot of the game in the playoffs. Missed two this year (Pau and Artest tip ins). His most famous play was probably the oop to Shaq… He needs a couple of game winners in the finals before I put him up there with the same legacy as Jordan and Magic…

  6. LA 111-108, in OT. I donate my extra XL Tshirt to Bro. Bill. Phil Kisses Jack. 🙂

  7. Chap is in!

    I don’t know, man. That score sounds a little high to me. I think both teams will come out a little tight and that’ll effect the total.

    We’ll see if Kobe hits that game-winner tonight.

  8. Tight game throughout…and Boston might win it on a buzzer beater. However, I’m going to go with the following: Lakers 93 Celtics 89 (great minds think alike)

  9. NBA got what it wanted, Cs and Lakers, seven games. Time to let them play now….



    At least one overtime!

  10. Game is about to start, better get some kind of prediction out there…

    Lakers 94, Celtics 87…

  11. Chris

    Posted a comment last night on this topic here . What happened to it ?

    Anyhow the Lakers won so there’s not much more that can be said on the matter !


  12. Geno…

    Proud of you for watching, man. Looks like the majority of us were right.

    Lakers won it by four in a game that has to have Celtics fans incredibly hungover.

  13. Eddie…

    It was a good scene in the bar I was in last night.

    It was pretty much a house divided, with half the fans rooting for Boston and the other half rooting for L.A.

    Who would have thought Adam Morrison would already boast two championship rings. Kid can ball.

  14. Thanks to all who offered up scores.

    With the exception of Weird Al, who submitted his final guess only minutes before the game ended, I do believe I was the closest to getting the final score right.

    Props to one of Shawn Kemp’s kids who I believe came second closest. He wins himself a US loss to Slovenia.

  15. Chris

    Some of us have to work and unfortunately I was one of those waiting on information from abroad.

    Ah well, the Celtics we know in all probability will lose one of the “big three”. All things point to Ray Ray . Also if as has been wide reported Rivers could take a one year Sabbatical to spend more time with the family. His eldest son is now a sophomore in college and plays ball on the team.

    Lakers can feel proud in their achievements this season . Now will Phil return for the 2010-11 season ?


  16. Chris

    If the Bucs are going after Haynesworth let’s hope that they’ll have a gastroenterologist on call for his fat a_s ! Furthermore two knuckleheads on the same team ?

    Haynesworth and Clayton and less you forget that contract he signed with the ‘skins is still valid. Bucs don’t pay as they’re too damn cheap !
    But then again they’re paying Clayton to swat flies because he can’t catch s_it or a cold !


  17. Well it looks as if it’s lights out for the US in the World Cup . They needed a win rather than a 2-2 draw and with goal differential coming into play it doesn’t bode well for the team.

    Now I for one am praying that it’s not Green in goal for England or I’ll be the one to actually carry out the “hit” on his a_s .


  18. Damn right you should take that back. USA! USA! USA! Would have been a victory too…if not for a phantom call by the ref.

    No shirt, huh? You know all of us (Kemp kids) share one shirt right now, don’t you?

    Oh well, I guess we can wait for the next contest…

  19. Chris

    How can a game where there’s been 25 turnovers considered to be great or even good ? Because that was what we all witnessed last night between the two teams .

    Some of the comment aren’t registering on your site at all.

    Posted one earlier this afternoon and it has yet to show up.


  20. Chris

    England draws 0-0 with Algeria and USA 2-2 with Slovenia . Real humdinger of a group is that Group C isn’t it ? England is a really poor team which I alluded to in my piece and the US team isn’t fairing that much better. So much for the Mizzou student regaling on the greatness that is the US team. Time for him to put down the crack pipe and go about his work with the team in NL Central .


  21. Al…

    I think both teams can feel proud of their achievements. Tough loss for the Celtics but they can hold their heads high. Those two teams, I felt, were pretty evenly matched.

    Think Garnett’s got one more season left in him?

  22. Al…

    I’d say Haynesworth is only a solid pick up if we can get him for pennies on the dollar.

    How much of that huge salary would we have to eat?

  23. England’s performance has been pretty lackluster, Al.

    Their second tie in the tourney looks pretty good for the U.S. Now all we need is a win and we’re in.

    Likewise, England needs to take care of their business.

  24. Drew…

    One shirt and a cardboard box under a overpass right next to JR Richard.

    Oh well.

    Great soccer match and I’ll be watching Wednesday for sure.

  25. Al…

    Are there still comments not showing up? Let me know and I’ll get webmaster Eddie on it STAT.

    I had a feeling both teams were going to come out pressing and that the defense would be stout.

    In the end, the Lakers just had a little more left in the tank.

    What was your take on Kobe’s comments that he now had one more ring than Shaq.

  26. Al…

    The US team is playing well… when they need to.

    If they can just not let up some early goals and always have to play from behind, they might actually be on to something.

  27. As you predicted, Al, the race is tightening up.

    We’ll see how the Rays can handle that pressure. Not just the players, but owners and management as well.

    Think they might hit the panic button a little early or ride it out?

  28. Chris

    I’m more liable to vest my monies in BP than I am a bum like Albert Haynesworth. An alleged $100 million player who’s not even worth 15 cents on the dollar !

    Woods scores a 66 at the US Open so does that mean Devon James will still be want her cut of the prize money ?

    The Rays like I alluded to Chris would come back to the pack. If they fail now then it will be a definite shame.

    I’ve pis_ed off so many English supporters by simply stating the obvious that the team is overrated and not good enough to win the World Cup. It’s proven fact given their poor performances so far. They couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn much less find the back of the net to score a goal.


  29. Chris

    For the US they need to win and big . In their final game they need a margin of victory of two goals or more and that’s predicated upon Slovenia beating Algeria or losing. If that doesn’t happen then they can’t make it to the second phase of the tournament.

    As for England they’re paying a coach $6 million a year and this moron can’t decide upon his best options on offense. Not that there’s much to begin with because all he’s got is Rooney and a bunch of ol’ farts. He left his best attacking midfielder back in the UK saying that he’d not done enough to deserve a place. To my mind Theo Walcott is a better option than Ledley King or Emile Heskey. Two guys between them who’ve over 80 appearances but have only scored 12 goals for the country, total.

    That team could be coached by an orangutan and it’d fair better ! England’s coach Fabio Capello is an as_hole ! He couldn’t spot talent let alone spell the “word” if you spotted him the letter ….T L E N T.


  30. Chris

    Tiger’s back in the hunt at the US Open having scored a 5 under par 66 . Five shots off the lead of Dustin Johnson. Does that mean baby mama drama and porn star Devon James (*) is entitled to a cut of the prize money if he wins ?

    She’s claiming that our boy Tiger is the father of the child . How can she tell ?

    As 50 cent says…….” have a baby by me and be a millionaire “.

    Check out the video of it ? Baby by Me

    Don’t hate appreciate ………well at least the finer things in life . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!


  31. Personally, Al, I never understood why Haynesworth’s market value went so high as to warrant him getting 100 mil.

    Woods was fun to watch on the back last night. The gallery was definitely in his favor.

    One game separating the Sox, Rays and Yanks, Al? Things are about to get interesting.

    Al, what I’ve heard about the English team is that individually, they’re superstars, as a team, not so good.

  32. The US will definitely need a strong effort, Al. Here’s hoping they can put it together for ninety plus minutes.

    And I can see why you’re upset. I can’t even imagine how England is getting panned abroad.

  33. Chris

    Well things aren’t as bad for the English team when measured against the meltdown within the French camp ! Their coach is on his way out once the tournament is over.

    As for the English team there’s only two three major stars on that squad . Rooney , Gerrard , Lampard and that’s essentially it ! As I’d stated in my piece the team was overrated to begin with and simply didn’t warrant being made third favorites amongst the oddsmakers.

    Pis_ed off an Italian fan because I mentioned that they’d been pi_s poor in the tournament. He’s calling me a wanker (someone who likes to mas__urbate). I called him out by saying his mom was keen to taste some _ick especially one that’s of ethnic origin. Since then I’ve not had a response from him. I wonder why ?

    The truth cuts like a life as they say !


  34. Chris

    Plainly put the English team couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn were they given laser guided technology to assist them.

    And the coach Fabio Capello is being paid $6 million per year and he can’t even decide on what his best attacking options are much less what’s the best team he can’t place on the field . That’s how bad it has become for them as a collective unit.

    Bring on the NFL please , as the season can’t come around fast enough as far as I am concerned !


  35. Chris

    Le Tricoleur (French national flag) will be flying at half mast down the Champs Elysee’ and Arc De Triomphe. Personally I think that they ought to completely redesign the the French national flag and place a yellow streak on it to show the team’s cowardice. I mean it’s ingrained within their psyche to begin with isn’t it ?


  36. Chris

    I don’t know ’bout you Chris but the World Cup merely now because one or two of the more widely known teams have embarrassed themselves. Well it’s now added that comedic value as far as I’m concerned.

    If I were an NBA executive I’d have some serious misgivings concerning the Wildcats DeMarcus Cousins . Great basketball talent but serious character issues and someone who isn’t always willing to listen to an authoritative figure. Guess that’s why he and Calipari had one or two many dust ups during practices.


  37. Chris

    Don’t deride the French Chris as one is now sure to derive a great deal of pleasure from watching the team. All we need now in what could turn out to be their final game in the competition. Well it’s for team captain to head butt an opponent much like his predecessor did in the ’06 World Cup. Zinedine Zidane having apologized for that can never escape the incident .

    Round Up And Sounding Off ………….


  38. Actually, Al, I’m pretty impressed with some of the South American teams to date. Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay have all been solid. And then there’s Brazil.

    When is the draft, Al?

  39. Chris

    BP’s Tony Hayward still wants his life back but he competes in a sail boat race round the Isle of Wight in the UK. That bastard does that and the PR machine from BP states that he needed to get away from things.

    Unfortunately for the shrimp boat fishermen in the Gulf they can’t afford that luxury at present as their livelihood has seemingly gone up in smoke !


  40. Chris

    Does Reggie Bush really now need to get the IRS involved in his ongoing problems ?

    Reggie Bush Could be Running From IRS on Gifts Allegedly Received at USC

    Good thing Reggie Bush is a fast runner, because the IRS might be chasing him for back taxes, penalties and interest on the estimated $300,000 worth of luxury gifts he allegedly received while playing football at the University of Southern California. And if they catch him, Bush could end up writing the government agency a check on the high side of $150,000.

    “If the entire $300,000 is determined to be taxable,” Los Angeles-based CPA Mark Greenberg said, “about 50 percent of that would go to the IRS and Franchise Tax Board. And with penalties and interest, it could go up to 60 percent since it’s going back a few years.”


    Click on link to read article in full .



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