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    Thats all I heard…haha!

    Go USA!!

  2. Aer…

    Good point, man. Another bad call robs the US of a goal. Fortunately someone was looking down on us to even things out.

    The team did their best to put that past them.

    Hopefully, we’ll see some more consistent refereeing as things advance.

  3. I hate to be the voice of dissent, but soccer is the sport of the future and it always will be. I am sooo bored. Can’t wait until the NBA starts up again,and the Sox go up big in the AL East.

  4. It was an awesome game. I actually went to work late just to watch the end! I’m not sure I’ve seen this much American pride ever!

  5. Chap…

    ESPN kept showing those people in a Seattle bar, celebrating and toasted, which got me to wondering…

    Were they drinking at 7 in the morning? Now THAT’S commendable!

  6. I missed the match because some of us have a real job.

    Not on par with the Miracle on Ice, but it will go down as one of the best sports moments in Team USA history.

  7. Yeah, I was thinking that too! I guess the unemployment rate MUST be at an all-time high! Good to see those EDD checks are going towards supporting the country 🙂

  8. Not a huge soccer fan at all…but that goal in the 91st minute was exciting.

    I’m definitely Ghana jump on the USA bandwagon now. Sorry for that one, just couldn’t resist…even if my Sports Chump commenting privileges are going to be revoked for a week.


  9. Actually, Mr. Balzac, sir, some of us have FOUR real jobs and were still fortunate enough to watch the game.

    As you very well know, if we had resided in Brazil, nobody would have worked considering the World Cup means that much to them.

    Sure hope you had a good time at work though. And I know you had it piped through on your computer, so nice try.

  10. DJ AS…

    Enjoy your last few days as a Chris Pauleteer.

    Just joking, man. He’s probably not going anywhere. Promise me you won’t jump off the ledge if he goes to New York.

  11. WOOHOO! That goal was a thing of beauty from the moment it left our goalie’s hands to when it hit the back of the net. Textbook!

    The officiating is going to turn new fans off faster than anything – the sport suffers a bad rep for the flops already but to take away good goals time and time again is just gonna kill it.

    Makes you wonder if these refs are just taking out their hatred of the good ole US of A with the only power they have…

  12. Chris

    Now the fun and games begins as we now enter the knockout phase of the tournament. Now it’s everyman for himself .

    As for the bitching and whining over ther officiating . What’s so different from what’s happening here and what we see happen when it comes to a missed call in the NBA , NFL or MLB postseason ?

    As for the firing of Gonzales by the Marlins front office . This will come back to bite them in the proverbial a_s !

    The problem isn’t with the coaching staff or managing of the team coaching but Beinfest’s unwillingness to spend money. Owner Jeffrey Loria is one of the richest owners in sports as he’s a multi billionaire several times over. His art collection is one of the most lauded in North America.

    But then again I shouldn’t have expected anything different given the way he was allowed to acquire the Marlins on the cheap courtesy of Bud Selig and his “paeans” within the MLB hierarchy !


  13. You’re right, KL.

    Even though we know he’s the man, Howard goes a little unsung considering he’s the one who started that fastbreak. That first pass was Wes Unseld-like. (Did anyone get that reference?)

    I do think they have a problem with the refs but so do most other sports… except for maybe NASCAR, huh?

  14. Al… I like the US’ chances against Ghana especially considering this team was eliminated by them last go round. I also think the momentum of yesterday’s win will carry them through. I also think we have a decent chance against the Uruguay-South Korea winner. We’ll see what happens after that.

    I’m with you on the officiating. The only thing I will say is that we have now had two legit goals disallowed. Imagine if the Steelers had two touchdowns in the Super Bowl reversed due to instant replay.

    I guess Florida felt Fredi wasn’t getting enough out of their young talent. Still at .500, I think you and both expected this team to be a little better than that.

  15. Chris

    Don’t at all underestimate Ghana as they’re one of the better teams on the African continent. Many of their players are very experienced having played within various European leagues. The onus now will be very much upon the US to dictate rather than sitting back and waiting for their chances.

    Tremendous tennis match at Wimbledon between John Isner (US) and Nicolas Mahut of France don’t you think ? I thought that fifth set was never going to end !


  16. Chris

    It was Gonzales who’s scouted most of the talent on the Marlins’ team. So it just goes to show how good a manager he really is. Like the said the problem is him but the idiots within the front office . They will rue this day ! Now there’s talk of bringing in Bobby Valentine ? Why not ask Clay Aiken if he’s available for all of the good that’ll do ? Because Valentine couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag were he aided wit a pair of scissors !


  17. I’m not underestimating Ghana, nor do I think Bradley will. I just think this team is on a roll and has a legitimate shot to advance.

    Al, I was watching that tennis match for a while then took off to work out and run some errands. When I turned on my XM Radio on hours later to hear Gottlieb say the match was still going on, I couldn’t believe it.

  18. Bobby Valentine? Really? That team could go into a tailspin then, Al. I don’t see him as the answer.

    It’s not like that’s an easy division. Heck, pound for pound, it might be better than the AL East. The addition of Stephen Strasburg into that division means the Marlins will likely lose 4 out of every 5 times they face him.

    I don’t know what the answer is for your Marlins but I fail to see how Bobby Valentine will make them a contender.

    On the bright side, at least it’ll get him off ESPN.

  19. Chris

    I’m seriously thinking about switching my allegiance when it comes to the ,a href=”http://mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=fla”> Marlins ! As it now is if they do appoint Valentine to manage the team it is by no means a guarantee of success. I mean what the hell has Valentine achieved over the course of his managerial career ? Winning in Japan isn’t the same as winning here now is it ?

    The tennis match between Isner and Mahut was ridiculous in terms of its length. If nothing else having gone down in the annals of history as the longest match in a Slam event. At least the fans at Wimbledon were very appreciative of the effort.

    Even Queen Lizzie was said to be amused .


  20. Chris

    There are far better candidates than Valentine who could manage the Marlins. Need I say anymore on the matter ?


  21. Speaking of ridiculous in length, Al… surely I jest.

    Look, the Marlins have already written their season off. I see the hiring of Valentine as merely a band-aid… which is NOT what that team needs right now.

    They might as well have let Fredi finish the season.

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