Source: New Contributor Gets High and Mighty about ESPN aka The World Wide Leader

So when I first got the OK from Chris to start blogging on Friday, one would assume that I sat down at my computer and got right to work. I mean, if I’m going to be a legitimate contributor, I should show some initiative right? Wrong! Yours truly jumped ship to a wealthy friend’s house out East on Long Island for unlimited sun, swimming, food and booze. In all fairness, it was July 4th weekend and after starting a real 9 to 5 job, I needed a break.

But it’s pretty rare that I take a break from the wonderful world of sports. You see, I’m somewhat addicted to my Google Reader account where I have about 50 RSS feeds (sports, music, popular culture, etc.) that I monitor on a frequent basis. The fact that I follow so many blogs combined with a mild OCD-like desire to keep my “unread” count close to zero means that I’m checking in on a very, very regular basis.

The one time I did take an extended hiatus from Google Reader was during my most recent spring break trip, a week long cruise of the Caribbean back in March. When we finally got cell service on the last day at sea, I had upwards of 1000 unread posts. Now clearly I’m not that big of a degenerate that I sat there reading every single one. There was definitely a lot of skimming and a lot of “mark all as read.” But when I spent the next few hours at lunch, on the beach, and by the pool glued to my iPhone trying to catch up to a weeks worth of news, my brain nearly shut down. I don’t know what it’s like to have an aneurysm and would be more than happy never to find out, but reading a week’s worth of sports news in a few hours was pretty darn close to the real thing (note to sufferers of brain aneurysms: I am an idiot…please excuse my offensive analogy).

Anyways, shutting myself out of my Google reader account for the weekend to focus on an uncomfortably placed sunburn left me with one option for recapping a weekends worth of events free of slaving over hundreds of blog posts: watching SportsCenter.

After becoming more and more entrenched in the blogosphere I have begun to avoid watching ESPN. Considering the fact that I am a big sports fan and an avid television viewer, not watching SC would seem counter-intuitive. After reading so many blogs, ESPN just seems like a dumbed down redundant version of news that I can find on the web. They also fall into the trap that plagues other 24/7 news organizations in that they conform to a narrative and end up beating a dead horse on certain subjects simply because they need content to air throughout the day (see: Brett Favre).

So after 5 long-winded, holier-than-thou like paragraphs, I finally get to my point. ESPN has completely butchered their coverage of the NBA free agency week/month/whatever, most notably that of Lebron James. Maybe it’s because I’m a Knicks fan and have a biased view of where I think he’s going (New York), enough so that I even bought some shares in MSG. For whatever reason ESPN has been downplaying the Knicks chances for weeks. And I would have no problem with that (I’m hopeful, but obviously realistic) if they actually had some legitimate information on the subject. But EVERY SINGLE THING that has been reported in the last week or so has been from a source. Or from a sources’ source. Or from a sources’ girlfriend who overheard a conversation that two guys wearing Miami Heat jerseys in a footlocker had about (you guessed it) what they heard on ESPN from Chris Broussard’s source. The nonsense goes full circle.

I understand that this free agency period is arguably the biggest thing happening in the NBA in the last 5 years. But the lack of legitimate reporting has been an embarrassment. And do you know what the worst thing is? Once the dust settles and everyone lands on their respective teams, there are going to be reporters who will claim to have gotten the scoop. Guys like J.A. Adande, Marc Stein, Ric Bucher—analysts who I generally have respect for—that tweeted something last week from a “source” which by pure dumb luck happened to come true. And because of this, the cycle won’t end and ESPN won’t lose the credibility that they lack as a legitimate sports news organization.

/Source reports Lebron is leaning towards signing with the Knicks

/Forgets every gripe regarding ESPN’s reporting

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23 Replies to “Source: New Contributor Gets High and Mighty about ESPN aka The World Wide Leader”

  1. Chumpeteers…

    I would like to extend a hearty welcome to ACo,’s first ever guest contributor. Please don’t hold it against him that he has a few screws loose or that he hails from the University of Michigan.

    (Buckeyes, take a deep breath)

    ACo… Nice work. I will be back to leave my take on you bashing the only channel I ever watch.

    Until then.

  2. Speaking of the latest sources, ACo, here ya’ go.

    One of your aforementioned boys, Chris Broussard, is reporting that a ‘source’ tells him Chris Bosh will join Dwayne Wade in Miami. (Here’s hoping he doesn’t become Jermaine O’Neal).

    Now, what are we to make of this?

    I liken it to the constant bombardment of college conference realignment news where new rumors surfaced by the hour… or Mel Kiper suggesting this team might draft this particular player in the 8th round? How is anybody to know for sure?

    Well, for better or for worse, the media has changed. With more independent sources, often including the players opting to leak the news themselves, i.e., LeBron’s Thursday night press conference, outlets like ESPN are under even greater pressure to break a story.

    I’ve never been big on breaking stories but rather analysis of the situation once it takes place.

    Like it or not, ESPN owns a monopoly on sports television so I take the good with the bad and just enjoy the ride.

  3. I agree I think the analysis is much more important. And in that case I think ESPN has some duds, but definitely has some talent.

    My post made it seem like I avoid the network all together, but there’s no doubt I watch it everyday (it’s hard not to). All will be forgiven if Thursday night’s airing has Mr. James placing a Knicks cap on his head.

  4. Chris

    ESPN is the worldwide leader in sports much like Fox News has become the home for Fair & Balanced reporting ? Please give me a break !

    Now when it’s all said and done the four letter network will have bilked the LBJ story for all it’ worth and then they’ll move on to Brett Favre.

    What is it with the Magic’s Otis Smith is he trying to prove that he’s his predecessor’s equal when it comes to sheer stupidity ? Chris Duhon as Nelson’s back up ? It’s obvious that he hasn’t looked at Duhon’s career or season stats.

    This team won’t be going anywhere anytime soon not if these are the choices being made by the front office !

    Alan ……………….

  5. ACo…

    I’d like to introduce you to Al, a frequent reader and avid SportsChump supporter.

    He’ll keep you on your toes.

    I don’t mind giving Duhon a chance at back up guard, Al, but I do think we overpaid.

    Maybe we could land Brand and Battier too and just call the Magic Duke-Southeast.

  6. Chris

    Your girl La Lohan has to do some time in jail but she and her attorney feel aggrieved by the 90 day sentence. Funny I’d have thought that she’d relish being in a cell with a female cellmate ! I mean given her sexual preferences and all why brush it off and act sad ?

    Alan …………….

  7. I’m not in tune with Lindsay Lohan’s sexual proclivities, Al, but I’m sure she’ll be spending those ninety days in a Pete Rose/Martha Stewart-type prison.

  8. I couldn’t give a steaming crap about Lebron James. He’s even more boring than Brett Favre. I really hope that whatever team that douchbag goes to finishes in last place.

  9. Chris

    California State Penal system isn’t camp fed. And she’d already pis_ed the judge off so one ought to keep that in mind.

    Otis Smith still doesn’t get it does he ? You build a team to get better not regress . The Magic has gone backwards with this Duhon deal ! They ought to think about either getting rid of Vinsanity or Rashard > “Ghostman” Lewis.

    All Star Snub Or Just Real Common Sense ?

    Alan ………..

  10. C’mon, Al. You and I both know she’ll have it easy. That judge isn’t gonna be her cellmate.

    Again, I think Duhon’s capable, Al. I just think they overpaid.

    And I think both Lewis and Carter will be on the roster next season.

  11. Ah Chris Duhon. I can’t say that I’ll miss him on the Knicks. Maybe he just didn’t work for the system (to his credit, he was a serviceable backup for the bulls).

    I think he’ll fit better on the Magic since they don’t need his shooting as much as the Knicks did. As long as he doesn’t turn the ball over they might get some value out of him. Although, how he scores a 4 year deal after getting benched for the remainder of the season is certainly a valid question when money is thin in an economy like this…

  12. Well, ACo, maybe he’ll be one of the players that owners will cry foul over in the upcoming collective bargaining agreement.

    Seems odd, huh?

    That’d be like buying a car for a certain amount, then taking it back to the dealer a year later to bitch about how much you paid for it.

  13. Nice welcoming post. I feel your pain man, I’ve been a Warriors fan for my whole life… When the Knicks don’t get Lebron it sounds like you guys are trying to do a sign and trade with us Lee for Randolph. I’m not sure why you’d trade for another PF since you just signed Amare, but I guess this is how rumors stir up! Your thoughts?

    I too tire of the round the clock breaking news, but in the end I think I’ve come to realize I almost like the endless possibilities more than when something actually happens. I like thinking of the different scenarios, but in the end when all the chips are in place I stop caring… Weird I know… Anyways, looking forward to reading your future posts…

  14. I’m wondering, Chap, if they can just alternate Lee and Stoudemire at PF and C, that might work.

    And I welcome having a little Knicks bias on the website.

    It could make for an interesting NBA season if LeBron decides to go dancing in the Mecca.

  15. Hey Chris, As Johnny Most used to say, He’s a bum and a thug,but when he plays for the Celtics, he’s a star and a humanitarian.

  16. Chris

    $4 mil a yr even Betty White’d come out of retirement . By the way did she play any college sports ?

    Here’s a treat for you . Bubbles has been once again traumatized as one of Jacko’s siblings paid the chimp a visit . Have a guess which one without first viewing the attached video link ?

    Bubbles gets paid a visit ……..


  17. For your sake, Snake, I can’t wait for Shaq to wear Celtic green.

    I may have to pull up some of your old comments about him for the occasion.

  18. Have you heard that latest Betty White joke, Al?

    On her new sitcom, she tells someone she’s actually a great driver. She just drives slow to piss people off. I thought you’d get a kick out of that living in Polk County.

    And is former longhorn Dexter Pittman about to become the luckiest man in America? Starting at center in Miami, possibly playing alongside Bron, Wade and Bosh.

    Kid’s gonna have to learn how not to ask for autographs real quick.

  19. So Carmelo Anthony is a Knick…now if we can just get Kobe or Lebron we may be going places . I think that James Dolan and Donnie Walsh may finally be serious about turning this team around .

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