Instant Reaction to LeBron and Miami? Not Speechless…

I couldn’t have been more giddy all throughout Wednesday. MSG stock was flying, celebrities were rushing to their Twitter accounts to brag about knowing Lebron was choosing the Knicks, and everyone and their mother was reporting that Lebron was either having dinner with Allan Houston, staying at his house or watching Avatar on Blu-Ray with him on his couch.

I woke up this morning at 6:15 and read an email that my friend sent out at 2:30am. Apparently, Chris Broussard (ughhhh) was reporting Miami was nearly a done deal. I shrugged it off. Clearly it was misdirection. Nobody wanted to spoil Lebron’s 1 hour special a full 12 hours early. Denial summed up my day. The reports kept coming in saying Miami was his destination even reports about parties booked in South Beach.

Maybe it was because I was surrounding myself with material that kept preaching a chance for the Knicks. Tommy Dee from the Knicks Blog couldn’t have been more on the same page as I. Plus, has there ever been a free agency selection like this. So much flip flopping, so much denial, so few legitimate sources. There was something fishy going on and I kept thinking in the back of my mind…

Miami makes no sense. That’s Dwyane Wade’s town. Where’s the competitive spirit? That’s such a cop out! Miami is a football town, nobody cares about basketball there. Where is that team’s legacy? Making the conference championship a few times in the 90s? It just seems so “not-Lebron”

So I held out hope, and frankly was quite anxious when Lebron started talking. I didn’t expect to react like that. Why get my hopes up when everyone was counting the Knicks out? Thinking back (to 10 minutes ago) it had less to do with thinking that the Knicks had the best shot and more to do with the fact that MIAMI MAKES NO SENSE.

So I’m sad for the Knicks. I’m certainly sad for Cleveland. But honestly, I’m more sad for the NBA. I don’t think there’s going to be competition for this team. Sure, there’s the argument that they’ll be stuck with a bunch of D-Leaguers, but it doesn’t matter! These guys are going to make everyone around them exponentially better. That’s not even considering the veterans that are going to sell out just to win a championship. Heck, what if they score a late round steal in the draft, someone that matures like Rajon Rondo. They’ll be absolutely unstoppable.

Yea, the Lakers can probably match up well, and I’m sure the Celtics or Bulls will put up a decent fight in the playoffs. But do you realize what this means for the future? What NBA superstar is going to remain with his own team (paging Dr. Durant) to sign a big contract unless he’s got massive help around him. Guys are going to have to abandon their competitive spirit and team up with other superstars simply to have a chance to beat Miami.

So I’m bummed, yes. But there are definitely some things to look forward to, both as a Knicks fan and a basketball fan in general.

For all of you NBA fans out there…We can all hate Lebron now!

Going back to Cleveland: Righteous move, trying to win with the hometown team.

Chicago: Still close to home, ready to win now, can’t blame him for seeing an opportunity to carry on Jordan’s legacy (a player who he has adored forever)

New York: There’s nothing like winning in the Garden and I’ll argue to the death that although they didn’t have the best shot to win next year, they were by far and away the team best set up for the future.

But now that he’s moved into Dwyane Wade’s garage everyone can team up and hate Lebron. No more cheering MVP when he comes to the Garden! The only thing left in the NBA will be a general consensus of “Down with the Heat!”

As for us Knicks fans, there’s one move that needs to be made. Plan B is in place, and sounds like a done deal. A sign and trade with David Lee to Golden State for Anthony Randolph, Kelenna Azubuike, and Ronny Turiaf. I think Randolph (who isn’t even 21 yet) can and will be a superstar. A guy that, a few years down the road, could be better than Chris Bosh. As for the other two, they have manageable contracts and give the Knicks much needed depth and a legitimate chance to make the playoffs. I don’t expect them to win anything, but getting to the playoffs could be huge. Carmelo knows that he can’t compete with the new powerhouses in Denver. The Knicks are his team and I’m sure he’d love to show up Lebron and bring a title to the Garden. I hate to start thinking about free agency next year, but what else is there?

It’s a very scary possibility that the Miami Heat could win the next 5 NBA titles. I’m disgusted, frustrated, sad, optimistic, and surprised all at once. But mainly, I’m glad this stupid thing is over with. Bring on the 2010-2011 NFL season. I need to beat up on some freakin’ dolphins quickly!

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49 Replies to “Instant Reaction to LeBron and Miami? Not Speechless…”

  1. My service hasn’t listed O/U numbers on wins per season yet, ACo, but what’s your take on what they’ll have the Knicks at?

    Is this a playoff team as it’s currently surprised?

    Not to piss in your Wheaties but I think there’s a lot of hype surrounding Amare.

    I think only Knicks, and Gators fans, know for sure what they’ll be missing in Lee. Is that ultimately a fair trade-off?

    Let’s look at last season’s numbers.

    David Lee: 20, 12 and 55% FG
    Amare: 22, 8 and 54% FG

    We shall see.

  2. He’s already got a key to the city, Al, but then again, so do I. It’s just old and rusted.

    I would expect Miami to do nothing less. After all, they landed the grand prize.

    I just read they took a combined $15 mil less to be able to fill their roster.

    I’m waiting to see if they’ll steal D Fish away from the Lake Show.

    Kobe better step up his campaigning.

  3. Chris

    He may well have a key now he’s got to find one of those foreclosed mansions on Star Island to live in.

    I’ve not seen so much a_s kissing since the night Obama was elected .

    🙂 ***** 🙂

    Alan ………..

  4. Hmmm, I’m not sure I’m sold on your theory that Melo will jump ship. I think he will take his extension in Denver, because the new CBA is going to screw the players over. He will take his garuanteed money, and stay. It’s crazy how much the power has shifted to the East. Boozer, Amare, and Bosh are all out of the West making teams smaller… I hope it’s not too easy for L.A. next year…

    You’re going to like Buike, he’s one of those guys you don’t notice, but does everything well. Low turnovers, can rebound his position, plays good D, and can shoot threes. Him and AR are a great pickup for you guys. Turiaf is good for effort and hustle too…

  5. Chris

    Few Caucasians will want to forget this moment a Cuban American politician kissing babies and now kissing three black men’s a_s . Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado certainly knows how to shovel the fecal matter in all directions and in whatever form he wants it to take.




    Alan …………

  6. Chris

    It appears that Riles wants to stock his cupboard .

    Heat meet with Derek Fisher

    MIAMI (AP)—Derek Fisher(notes) might be why Miami’s new trio of superstars left money on the table.

    Fisher met Saturday with Heat president Pat Riley, one day after the team lavishly introduced LeBron James(notes) and Chris Bosh(notes) as Dwyane Wade’s(notes) newest teammates. James, Bosh and Wade all will make less than the $16.6 million they could have commanded next season, giving Miami the chance to lure other players.

    Riley declined comment Saturday.

    Fisher has been part of all five Los Angeles Lakers championships in the Kobe Bryant(notes) era. After the Lakers won their second straight title last month, Fisher said he would return to Los Angeles, and Bryant insisted he wouldn’t allow Fisher to play anywhere else.

    But after Fisher reportedly received a $2.5 million offer for next season from Los Angeles, he listened to other possibilities, including the chance to play in Miami, which had enough cap room to not only keep Wade and add James and Bosh, but could lure a slew of other talented players as well.

    “It’s about sacrifice now,” Wade said.

    James, Bosh and Wade all signed six-year contracts. The value of James and Bosh’s deals is nearly $111 million, while Wade took around $107 million. They could have received about $125.5 million apiece if they had taken the maximum value allowed under the current collective bargaining agreement.

    “What we signed for is not important,” James said Friday night at Miami’s welcome celebration. “One thing that is important is we all sacrificed money, sacrificed a lot of things to be a part of this. But what we signed for is not important. What we’re going to do this coming fall is what’s most important.”

    Click on link to read 🙂

    Now what ?

    Alan …………..

  7. I’ve always liked Turiaf, Chap, but I’ll admit to not knowing Buike’s game all that well.

    But here’s why I think ‘Melo will ultimately leave.

    a) Karl’s health is in question b)K-Mart just sucks and c) Billups will likely retire soon.

    I don’t know what sort of relationship ‘Melo has with Amare (missing an accent somewhere) but that would be a formidable 3-4.

    With Kobe retiring in a couple of years, if ‘Melo leaves, would there be ANY decent teams left West?

  8. Al… I think Kobe will lobby hard for the Lakers to keep D Fish. Keep in mind, he hasn’t won a ring without him.

    I would be inclined to believe that Fish would take LESS money just to stick it to L.A. if they don’t give him what he wants.

    Then I’d fully expect Kobe to throw a public hissy fit.

  9. Yeah, I guess I wasn’t factoring Karl in the equation, but I don’t think he’s going to pass up three extra years at the max. Kenyon only has one more year, and they have a lot of money coming off the books after next season. If he trusts them to build something around him after next year, they aren’t in bad shape…

  10. Well someone eventually has to go to the Knicks, don’t they?

    Amare could be a nice fantasy pick-up and someone on that roster has to fill out a box score.

  11. I decided to beat the rush and started hating Lebron long ago.I think it was the talcum powder thing(what a schmuck).

  12. Chris

    After the Elian Gonzalez saga let’s just say that African Americans and Haitians sided together while the Cuban American spewed their venomous hate over the affair . Not much has really changed since then other than the level of political corruption down there .

    ‘melo got married over the weekend ….. next stop a new NBA home. New collective bargaining agreement or not their window of opportunity was slammed shut last year and their front office knows it. Time to start rebuilding for the future. Billups is old and K-Mart is about as quick as a guy suffering with hemorrhoids and flatulence problems. If you can’t see that then you’ve got problems .


    Alan ……………

  13. Chris

    The Lakers want ‘Fish’ to take a pay cut from his $5 million of last year down to $2.5 million. The Heat swoop in and offer him $3 million where do you think he’d go ?

    It’s not rocket science is it ? After all he’s won five titles and if he’s with the Heat then presumptively they’re favorites to win him his sixth wouldn’t you think ?

    And besides with the Lakers having signed Steve Blake does anyone really believe that Fish is still starting material ? He’ll more likely than not be a backup to Blake anyway.

    Kobe may well have a friendship with Fish because they joined the Lakers at the same time and were drafted the same year . But the bottom line is Kobe still wants to win and he knows that the best team possible has to be on the court. Does Fish make the Lakers better would Blake make them better as the starting PG ? That’s the question one needs to ask !

    Winding Up Or Winding Down As The Case Maybe ……….


    Alan …………..

  14. Chris

    The backlash that LeBron suffers what are they ? Let’s see he gets to cruise South Beach in a vehicle of his choosing courtesy of any of the numerous dealerships down there. Gets to hang at Lenny Kravitz’s pad or with some Hollywood A lister namely Matt Damon or anyone else of his choosing. Meanwhile Cavaliers’ fans are burning the jerseys that they paid in some cases close to $150 for . Do you think LeBron is now concerned in the slightest especially given Gilbert’s moronic statements. All that Cleveland has to offer are the Bungles and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame . Given the choice where’d you rather be ? And it’s not as if the Cavs’ front office went out and did their best in putting a real team around James to begin with. An aging Shaq is about as reliable as counting on Britney Spears not to lip sync while performing on stage.

    Alan ………….

  15. What’s Denver gonna do about a coach this year, Al?

    Are they still waiting on a recovery for Karl? Because Dantley, as we both know, was not getting it done last year.

  16. Well, Al, D Fish, as we both know, is a different kind of cat. He’s not all that vindictive and I think that if Kobe told him what it meant for him to stay, he would.

    But if the Lakers don’t step up to the plate, then he’s gone, as he should be.

    Kobe was complementary of Blake but I still think he wants Fisher by his side.

  17. Speaking of moronic statements, Al, did you hear what Jesse Jackson said about the Gilbert-James breakup?

    Talk about perpetuating racial stereotypes.

  18. Chris

    As far as Jesse Jackson is concerned he’s not gotten off a plantation in years . Or at least in his own mind he hasn’t . I think he’s of the opinion that the massa’s are still impregnating the young slave girls . Little does he realize that the girls are now doin’ it to get paid. Jackson much like former UN ambassador Andrew Young their time has past.

    Fish stays because Kobe wants him to …… me the money please ! Why should he take a 50 % pay cut when he can go elsewhere and make equal if not more money and be guaranteed a shot at another title ?

    Darkness Once Again Falls Over The Game

    Alan ………….. 🙂

  19. Miami will be strong, but plenty of other teams will be as well in the East (Orl, Chi, Boston, Atl and maybe even Toronto after today’s deal!).

    Love all the wheelin’ and dealin’ this summer. Hope it keeps up for another few weeks…

  20. Al…

    I was waiting to hear Wilbon’s response on PTI. I was surprised to find he backed Jesse’s comments 100%.

    Look, I don’t know Gilbert and I acknowledge wholeheartedly that racism exists in this country. Maybe he is a racist but I didn’t find anything overly racist in his statements.

    Yes, they were strong, reactive and definitely sore. But shit, man. He just lost the greatest asset that franchise had ever known. Under his watch.

    I’d be upset too.

  21. Chris

    The is one time when Wilbon came off his meds (oxycodone). Gilbert is at fault but not being a slave owner but if anything for showing benign stupidity along with the rest of the front office of the Cavs. They couldn’t spot talent if it were handed to them on a napkin. They knew at the time when they drafted LeBron it was a “no brainer” but since look at the moves that they’ve made. Should anyone be surprised that he left that sorry a_sed team ?

    I’ll take Jesse on a plantation excursion then I’ll take his friggin ass to the Gambia let him know what real degradation now looks like . The guy is a complete as_hole and a moron ! Way to go Jesse create the premise that not all men are created equal ………in terms of your intelligence it borders on being that of a gnat !


    Alan ………..

  22. Chris

    Let me ask you this what does Jesse Jackson know about sports much less practicing being a good Christian ? This is the same guy who whilst in New York defamed the Jewish community and never apologized for it. And and now he’s calling Gilbert a slave owner with a slave owner’s mentality ?

    Wilbon in his support of Jackson comes off looking like a buffoon. Had it been Jason Whitlock then I’d have said oh well just another dumb a_s ! But Wilbon is now showing me that he wants to viewed as a marginally better version of Whitlock.
    But is there such a thing ?


    Alan ……………..

  23. Al, it’s awful, but you saw that video of Karl during the playoffs.

    He looks feeble, man.

    I don’t see how him returning to that team is even a remote possibility.

  24. Chris

    Karl’s illness has taken a turn for the worse. I don’t expect him to return to the game for the foreseeable future. He might as well now spend what little time he has left with his immediate family.

    Is it me or is Riley intent of making it all now do or die when it comes to the embodiment of this Heat team ?

    The last time a team had this many stars on it____ it was that Lakers’ team that got blown out by the Pistons 4=1 in the ’04 Finals . And we all know how things went down after wards with Karl Malone , Payton and Shaq don’t we ?

    Not saying that couldn’t happen with the Heat but it does bare thinking about doesn’t it ?


    Alan …………

  25. Chris

    Jesse loved the tour of the plantation bur he feels that it’s now time for him to get back to God’s work. I guess that means he’ll attend a mosque p_ss off a few Muslims and then denigrate a couple of Jews along the way ? Good ol’ Jesse only he could be the embodiment of dumb a_s African American male whose time has come and gone. Civil rights leader my a_s he can’t even spell the words much less equate its meaning !


    Alan …………….

  26. Chris

    The whole baseball world is mourning the loss of George Steinbrenner . Man I wasn’t taken aback but boy oh boy it was amazing to see how much he meant not only to the Yankees but also here within the Bay area and in particular to the city of Tampa.

    He’ll be sorely missed by all who knew him.

    So finally the NL have come around to winning the All Star Game after 15 years of futility.

    I see also that LT’s lawyer Thomas Aydala is willing to let his client plea his case in front of a jury ? Well given LT’s demeanor it’s going to be a tough sell. In all honesty Chris , Aydala is looking for an offer of a plea deal from the DA’s office there over this. That way if he does any jail time it will be minimal. Too much of the evidence there doesn’t support what the defendant alleges happened.

    One of the claims originally being made was that the condom found wasn’t the defendant’s but that of the previous occupant. What sort of s_it-hole was LT spending the night in ? I doubt that was the case and I seriously doubt that the concierge service leaves a used condom in a guest’s room. I know that in the swankier hotels they leave mint chocolate on your pillow but a used condom ? Oh please ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!! LT’s lawyer obviously isn’t that bright and he must’ve got his law degree from a night school being ran out of some city in Pakistan or India.


    Alan …………….

  27. I know your and my thoughts are with the Karl family, Al.

    I’m really curious to see how long Spoelstra will last on the sidelines…. AND… if the Heat manage to win five straight titles, will we all of the sudden rank him with the likes of Phil Jackson?

  28. By comparison, Al, Payton and Malone were really on their last leg.

    I’d be more apt to compare these three with Garnett, Allen and Pierce, who as we both know, did win a title.

  29. I reposted my take on Steinbrenner, Al.

    As you might imagine, it was big news not only nationally, but here in his hometown of Tampa as well.

    And I haven’t followed the details of the LT case. At this point, nothing about it would surprise me.

  30. Chris

    We all know how much Steinbrenner means to the Yankees’ fans in NYC. But in the Bay area also he meant a great deal and he’ll be missed within the community.

    As for Jessie and Stern I can’t wait to see their new buddy movie ……”Son of A Slave ” . It depicts the story of an elderly Caucasian on his travels to find his ancestral roots and in doing so he’s finds that he has an African American cousin who’s a race baiter and bigot. That role will be filled by Jackson of course.

    They come to terms with each others differences and learn how to get along even if at first it’s done incrementally.


    Coming soon to a theater near you “Son of A Slave” starring Jesse Jackson and David Stern . Co starring LeBron James, Spike Lee , Al Sharpton , Rush Limbaugh , Don Imus , Anne Coulter , Sean Hannity and George Allen .

    Directed by Tom Tancredo Produced Louis Farrahkhan & NOI . Distributed by Tewnty Acres & A Mule Prod Inc in conjunction with the American Jewish Congress Properties Inc.

    Scheduled release August 2010.



    Alan ………………..

  31. Chris

    Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water a shark rears its ugly head in the form of Rush Limbaugh.

    See link provided and he maintains he’s not a racial bigot after such an insensitive remark on the day Steinbrenner’s death ?

    He states the Boss fired a lot of white guys but he hired a lot minority players and made millionaires out of them .

    In his case he sees it that the likes of Jeter , Posada , Cano , Rivera and Mitre didn’t get their on merit or talent but solely because they’re minorities ? What an as_hole this guy really is ! And to the idiots out there who take delight in his drivel then there’s not much to say concerning their intelligence to begin with !

    Mother #_cker claims that he knows Steinbrenner as a close personal friend . I’d sincerely doubt given this remark .


    Alan …………… 🙂

  32. Chris

    See link provided

    Limbaugh rips Steinbrenner, draws ire

    NEW YORK — Rush Limbaugh had his own view of George Steinbrenner.

    “That cracker made a lot of African-American millionaires,” the radio commentator said Tuesday on his show after the New York Yankees owner died at age 80. “He fired a bunch of white guys as managers left and right.”

    Rev. Al Sharpton called Limbaugh’s statements “repugnant and offensive whether they were intended to be facetious or tongue and cheek.”

    “For the last 20-years I have known George Steinbrenner and we have quarreled over diversity and community programs but I always found him fair, direct, and genuinely prone to do what he felt was right,” Sharpton said in a statement. “He generated a lot of money for a lot of players as well as for baseball as a whole. … Mr. Limbaugh and his broadcasters owe his family an apology.”


    Of all the things to say on the day that the guy dies. This bigoted as_hole makes a statement like that ?

    It’s reprehensible to say the least. Limbaugh has not one common bone of decency in his entire frame.


    Alan …………

  33. I’m looking forward to seeing Rush’s cameo in “Son of a Slave,” Al.

    And to be perfectly honest, I think that’s probably the funniest thing Rush has ever said.

    It was clearly a shot at Jesse and I didn’t think he had it in him.

    Leave it to those two to start long-awaited race riots in this country.

    Why don’t we just put those two in a ring and put it as the Pacquiao-Mayweather undercard, although on second thought, more people might be interested in that as the headliner.

  34. Chris

    It may well have been a shot at Jackson but that wasn’t the time or place and why mention Steinbrenner’s name in the midst of it ? Especially on the day his family is mourning his death.


    Alan …………..


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