Cuban Heats Up Miami

It’s a tough world for Mark Cuban. Not to knock anyone who made a fortune in excess of two billion dollars. But to go from computer ubernerd into the NBA with a revamped image of an engaged, tough, devil-may-care persona and actually keep it on overdrive has to be hard work.

To that end, Mr. Cuban has never lacked in the controversy department. This time, however, he’s not just going after NBA officials or throwing Avery Johnson under the bus. Cuban has decided that the Miami Heat didn’t play by the rules in their recent free agent super spree.

The always outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner claims that the NBA should probe exactly how LeBron James and Chris Bosh ended up in Miami, implying that James possibly tanked Cleveland’s series with Boston and even that Pat Riley was up to no good with the utter annihilation of his playoff basketball team to make room for the signings.

Cuban, never one to hold his tongue, is no stranger to complaining. But to some people, this seems more like a personal vendetta. Cuban once had an NBA Finals squad in Dallas. That squad lost to the Miami Heat in 6 games. Any possible motivation there?

It’s a gamble for Cuban to speak out about this. Stern thinks any such talk is a bad reflection on the league. And like an older, visually impaired version of Fidel Castro, Davey boy quickly swoops in with punishment to put a sock in it.

Of course, Cuban probably blows more money at an online casino every week than what Stern could fine him in a year. So Mark’s certainly not shy about voicing his opinion.

But this one may be a bit of a stretch, even for him.

If Miami is investigated, it’s still unclear what could possibly be found. Perhaps a revelation that LeBron James did intentionally give 80% instead of 100% during a few games because he was sick of Cleveland? If this is true, it does nothing but tarnish James’ reputation.

Cuban isn’t stupid by any stretch. He has to know this. And if that’s all Cuban is after, it’s fairly obvious that this is a personal beef he has with Miami.

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18 Replies to “Cuban Heats Up Miami”

  1. I love the fact that Cuban is calling out others . But here’s a guy who recently escaped the claws of the Justice Dept for essentially doing the same thing as Martha Stewart with insider trading deals. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black then what is ?

    What he ought to be concerned is that his Mavericks’ team are about as masculine in appearance as Clay Aiken or Ricky Martin could be deemed to be .

    Ah too bad so sad !

    Alan aka tophatal

  2. Got to be going now as I’m accompanying Jesse Jackson on a visit to a slave owner’s plantation ……. before that we’ll also visit the White House where I’ll remind him that the edifice was also built by slaves less he forgot that as well ? The guy is a dumb a_s !

    Alan ………….

  3. I don’t see where Dallas has gotten themselves any better this off-season, Al.

    Jefferson would be a nice pick-up but it sounds like he’s Utah bound, meaning Dallas will have another successful regular season and then come up short in the playoffs.

    Book it.

  4. Chris

    The day the Mavs improves as a team will be the day either Britney Spears , Ashleee Simpson and Heidi Montag stop lip syncing on camera whilst on stage !

    Jesse does work extremely hard but he’s afraid to lift a hoe and plow the fields. That’s one n_gga who doesn’t like hard work but however loves the sound of his own voice. Wilbon agrees with him but low and behold Whitlock writes that Jesse is wrong. Who’d have thunk that ?

    I guess Jason Whitlock does have a brain after all ?


    Alan ……………..

  5. I’m a huge Cuban fan, but think he does step across the line from time to time. I wonder how crazy the media would’ve been about Steinbrenner doing what he did during the 70’s, 80’s and even early 90’s. He would’ve made a guy like Cuban sound soft spoken!

    I will always root for the owners that put their team and winning above fines any day of the week. I’m sure you’ve seen this one by now living in Florida, but it made me like Dan Le Batard just a little!

  6. By any chance could this be contributed to the believe that any publicity is good publicity. In other words who is the heel and who is the baby face, because it’s starting to sound a lot like professional wrestling.

  7. Al… the Mavs are a solid regular season team. That’s about it.

    I’m kind of surprised that Cuban will just run with that team again as is. I expected them to make some sort of moves this off-season.

    Just keeping Dirk should not be seen as a Dallas victory.

  8. Whitlock’s been one to play the race card. This time out he called out Jesse for doing so.

    Maybe he’s just upset Jesse beat him to the punch.

  9. Chris

    You know how I feel about the Mavericks . And when you say solid what do you mean ? They’re soft one minute tough the next and then they periodically slide in between the two. That’s not solid that’s inconsistency. Wanna know what’s solid ……… s_it coming off a shovel !

    Keep On Moving

    Did this piece concerning The Boss’ death ……… Steinbrenner that is not Bruce Springsteen.


    Alan ……………

  10. Chap…

    I think those are fair comparisons. Back in the day, when media scrutiny wasn’t what it is today, Stein still made constant headlines.

    I’ll be right over to check out Work.

  11. LT’s lawyer says that the size of the condom found in the room where the alleged rape took place wasn’t his client’s as he only uses a Magnum size. I guess you’ve got to acquit if the ____ doesn’t fit ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!


    Alan …………………..

  12. Chris

    Didn’t Drew Carey in an episode have a “wet dream’ ’bout laying the “wood” to that fat chick Mimi ? Well I guess there is more to Cleveland than first thought then ? Ugly fat chicks also need love I presume ? And they don’t come any uglier of fatter than in Cleveland do they ?


    Alan ………….


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