DVD Review: Prodigy: an unauthorized story on Tiger Woods

Last Thanksgiving was a holiday the Woods household would like to forget, for that was the night the life of the world’s most recognizable athlete was changed forever.

Immediately after an allegedly drugged and unfaithful Tiger Woods crashed his SUV into a palm tree in his front yard, the American public was exposed to a barrage of rumors, stories, photos and propaganda about the man we all thought we knew.  For months, we were glued to our television sets as waitress after porn star after model announced they had been intimate with the world’s most famous golfer.  To this date, we still speculate about the full extent of his extra-curricular activities.

Months later, Tiger came clean, apologizing to millions on national television.  He returned to the PGA Tour in April but has yet to win, something he did so regularly before his life was torn apart.

For those of you who didn’t get your fill of Tiger coverage over that time (how is that even possible?), now comes a DVD entitled Prodigy: an unauthorized story on Tiger Woods which does its best to capture the professional career of Mr. Woods and how it took a turn for the worse.  Unfortunately, it falls short.

Prodigy’s production value is pretty low-end, a low-budget, fifty-two minute expose, that comes off much like your random, late-night infomercial.  Prodigy’s flat, generally uninformative and doesn’t really tell the viewer anything we haven’t already seen on ESPN or CNN.  Like we didn’t know Tiger’s inability to keep his driver in his golf bag was a bad thing.

While watching it, I kept wondering who put this DVD out and why.  I looked up Infinity Entertainment Group online to see if they had some agenda other than just selling Tiger DVDs, but apparently they don’t.  I also kept waiting for the film to bash Tiger for his indiscretions but it never really did, remaining relatively neutral throughout.  In fact, it might have even been a little pro-Tiger.

Prodigy is chock full of Tiger interviews, sound bites and press conferences that I imagine the producers must have received approval to reproduce.  It chronicles his professional career, his marriage to Elin Nordegren, the birth of their children and the passing of his father who was a huge influence in his life, once again things we already knew, thus eliminating the need to spend $14.99 to relive it.

Prodigy also features interviews with other professional golfers, golf fans, pro shop personnel and for some reason, random Swedes (Elin’s country of origin) who share their opinion about Tiger’s career but again, the video fails to provide the viewer with any new information and does so rather uninterestingly.

Overall, Prodigy serves little purpose.  Now if Infinity really wanted to sell some videos, they should have scored an interview with Elin and spent an hour talking about what happened on the night in question.  I’m pretty sure that DVD would fly off the shelves.

Prodigy is set to be released August 17.

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18 Replies to “DVD Review: Prodigy: an unauthorized story on Tiger Woods

  1. I wouldn’t mind watching Elin talk about anything, although for $14.99 she would have to be naked.

  2. Aer…

    From the sounds of their potential divorce settlement, it doesn’t sound like she’ll have to take off her clothes for a mere $14.99 any time soon.

  3. Chris

    I don’t know that great many fans are still enamored with Tiger given his off the antics and problems for which he’s still in denial.

    His most ardent of fans my well turn out to see him but en masse most turning up just want to see a train wreck .

    His abysmal showing at The Open should be enough of hint to show far he’s fallen off the map in the golf world . His confidence is shot to hell and there’s no rel sign that it’s coming back anytime soon. His putting was way off to begin with !


    tophatal ……… 🙂

  4. Well, Al, time heals all wounds… except for maybe Mel Gibson’s case.

    I just posted a new poll asking whether people still root for Tiger to do well.

    Regardless, he’s still by far the biggest draw on tour.

  5. Chris

    Is there a Woods’ porn movie on the market as of yet ? I do know that one of the skanks he bedded is making her own version of something meant to be fictional but has a golfer bedding all of these females and showing off his sexual prowess along the way. Provisionally titled “How To Use Your 9 Iron In One Hundred Different Ways” . Neat …. no ?

    Will be shown in select theaters only .


    tophatal …….. 🙂

  6. Chris

    Cheadle has always been a terrific actor. Just simply watch him in “Hotel Rwanda” and you’ll understand the reasons why.

    Another very good actor is Chitewele Ejiofor who played Denzel’s brother and right hand man in “American Gangster” . He also played his (Denzel’s) detective partner in Spike Lee’s crime drama thriller “Inside Man”.


    Alan aka tophatal ………… 🙂

  7. Can’t say I’m interested in watching it. Good thing you wrote this review so I won’t waste my time!

    As to your poll, I’ve always rooted against Tiger. I guess I like seeing him around the top of the leaderboard, because it’s always more fun to root against him when he is “the man”…

  8. Chris

    Heat ? All of a sudden the SEC has become a bastion for everything that’s said to be wrong with collegiate sports .


    tophatal ……….. 🙂

  9. Billy B…

    What is it with you and your boy Jeremy? Next time you speak with him, ask him how he got one of his first internet AOL log-in names, ChickenLover.

    Let’s just say that when the internet first became accessible to everyone (yes younger readers, there was life before the internet), DJ Arthritic Semitic was reluctant to join the masses. After all, this is a man who still boycotts corporate bagels.

    When I told him he should get on because he could absolutely find ANYTHING on the internet, the first thing that came to his mind was well… a search for man fornicating fowl.

    That’s your boy.

    And don’t worry, people. I had to look up Chris Nieratko too.

  10. I fear you’re right, Chap.

    I actually tried watching the Ochocinco one the other day, made it through about five minutes and shut it off.

    Maybe I should start with a thirty-minute one.

  11. Seems like Tiger is such an easy target but on the other side of the coin anyone doing an expose’ better have their ducks in a row… Seems to me Tiger probably has a kennel full of attack lawyers ready to be released so they can pounce on anyone that gets outta line… The Infinity group undoubtedly thought this through and kept their gloves on.

    Tiger’s new found reputation could drive sales of the Prodigy flick to unsuspecting masses even though they play patty-cake with what everyone’s really interested in…

    Thanks for the heads up Chris!

  12. I’m assuming that’s what the video was all about, Dwin. He’s still marketable so maybe just his name on something will sell.

    And like I said, I kept waiting for them to take their potshots but it never happened.

    I guess we have the National Enquirer for that, huh?

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