Kite surfing by sunset at St. Petersburg Beach (video)

As I sit here writing this post poolside, I’m reminded of just one of the many reasons I live here in Florida.

It’s mid-October, sunshiny and 82 degrees outside.  I’d be sipping on frozen margaritas (raspberry or mango are my personal favorites) if I didn’t have to work in a few hours.  Basically, all is right with the world, except for the fact that the Gators suck at football, but that’s a conversation for another time.

On a recent trip to Saint Petersburg Beach, I encountered an activity the like I had never seen before.  Have you heard of this kite surfing?  Instead of flying a kite, the kite flies you.  Basically you hop on a wakeboard, strap on a harness with a huge sail attached to the other end of it and take to the water, letting the wind blow you around.

Of course, I wasn’t daring enough to try it myself (I didn’t bring my floaties), but as you can see from the videos below, it looks like an absolute blast.  Watch closely for hang time as some of these guys are pretty darn good.

So, this post is dedicated to all of you who have chosen to live elsewhere.  When the first snowflake falls soon, take comfort in the fact that you can always bookmark this page and return here for a warmer time.

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16 Replies to “Kite surfing by sunset at St. Petersburg Beach (video)”

  1. After our 50 degree flash hail storm monday, this is just plain wrong of you. Thanks for the reminder of what i’m missing!

  2. Chris

    How f_cked up must David Arquette be to go on the Howard Stern Show and then proffer up details as to the skank that he ‘nailed’ while cheating on his wife Courtney Cox ? Dumb ass !

    I hear Favre’s wife is sticking by him for now ? I guess when at least three more come out and tell their story then she’ll take a hint ?

    Goodell is delusional ….”we’re taking our time in going over the evidence before making a decision. I guess Brett’s weiner isn’t that big at all then to see what the fuss is about ?

    tophatal 🙂

  3. Saul…

    That was about a half a mile north of the Don Cesar. We’ll be sure to take a roadie over there if you’d ever get back on home.

    See you election night.

    No need to bring a jacket.

  4. I don’t listen to Stern, Al. Are Arquette and Cox splitting up?

    And speaking of splitting up, we’ll see what happens with Mr. and Mrs. Wrangler.

    I honestly look forward to the day we can all go back to talking about sports instead of penises.

  5. I hear ya brother. I’m on the beach every chance I get. Unfortunetly that’s not often enough.

  6. Aer….

    That looked fun as hell.

    And I’ll say this. There was just something inherently relaxing about watching them. I sat and watched for over an hour.

  7. My old college roommate from many years ago does this on the East coast. Got to watch for the wind though…Broke both ankles!

  8. Some of those guys were getting some nice air, K-Fed. But they were in shallow water so I can see the potential for injury.

    Looks like a blast to try if I knew what the hell I was doing.

    Congrats on that nice pickup at the casino the other night. I haven’t been in forever.

  9. Haha, I think that’s why I moved from the Tahoe area to socal! I’ve been surfing a bunch, but never kite surfing… Maybe one day!

  10. Chris

    What is it about Cliff Lee that the rest of the teams in MLB knew about that the Rays simply didn’t didn’t ? You go in with a game plan and stick to it or adjust as the case maybe . Oh not the Rays they tried to do something that simply was asinine from start to finish .

    Mr & Mrs Wrangler will no doubt go into counseling and then foist upon us the story that she’s forgiven him for his foibles.

    tophatal 🙂

  11. I’m a grateful Floridian too. The Family and I cook up bbq’s on 80 degree December nights while our friends up north are freezing their asses off. Enjoy the rays!

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