Weekly caption contest celebrates Nolan Ryan, George Bush and the Texas Rangers

It’s not very often that we here at SportsChump.net get to poke fun at former presidents.  As a bartender, I learned early on to avoid heated conversations about either politics or religion.

But when an avid reader sent in this photograph, I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

Seen here at Game One of the American League Championship Series, ex-president and former owner of the Texas Rangers, George W. Bush is seated next to former pitching great and current Rangers president Nolan Ryan.

Their team had just relinquished a cushy, five-run lead to the New York Yankees to lose the opening game of the series 6-5.  Their expressions speak for themselves.  The Rangers have since exacted their revenge, winning three straight and forcing the pinstripes to the brink of elimination.

So, readers, have at it.  Unleash your presidential creativity.  As usual, the winner of this caption contest will receive total consciousness.  So you’ll have that going for you.. which is nice.

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33 Replies to “Weekly caption contest celebrates Nolan Ryan, George Bush and the Texas Rangers”

  1. Aer….

    At 33 mil a year, with two hits and no homers in 15 at-bats in this Texas series, I’m pretty sure Nolan isn’t the only one who wants a piece of A-Rod these days.

  2. Brett’s refusing to answer questions concerning Sterger.

    Revenge is a meal best served cold and laced with arsenic … how nice it is that the Yankees now appear to be getting theirs served up in their home venue ?

    If the Phillies’ offense is said to have a b avg of .194 then should I be surprised ?

    When is a hit not a hit in the NFL ? Cause I’m somewhat perplexed at what Goodell and his grunts are now trying to do . Deacon Jones believes that today’s NFL players are a bunch of wimps.

    Never mind what the late Jack Tatum would think but how about the late Darryl Stingley as well ?


    tophatal 🙂

  3. Al…

    I would imagine Brett’s attorneys, as well as the NFL, have asked him not to comment, so to me, his silence is not surprising at all.

    Yanks are still alive but have to face Cliff Lee in Arlington in Game Seven. More must see TV.

    Baseball’s G-Men are taking it to the Phillies hard! Don’t believe the hype, I guess. Think Selig’s happy about a Texas-San Francisco World Series?

    And I suggest you listen to what Schlereth has to say about the NFL’s new policy. He’s been quite vocal.

  4. It’s not about Brett making as ass of himself, Al. He’s proven he can do that all on his own. It’s about him not publicly saying anything incriminating.

    I’m not, nor have I even been, a Dubya fan, although I’m assuming the answer to your question would be a resounding ‘no.’

    I agree with you that Goodell did overreact, particularly when it came to levying those fines against Harrison. He’s starting to make my boy Stern look like the good cop.

  5. Chap…

    In addition to our NBA brawl bet, I guess we need a side bet as to who will be the next sports star to show his johnson.

    I’m gonna go with Tom Brady who might have one of those provocative GQ spreads where they intentionally show a litttttttle too much skin.

  6. Chris

    He said nothing incriminating other than the text messages and pics of his shlong . So to my mind that says all we need to know !

    Brady’s advantage he gets to bed Giselle Bundchen.

    Lakers’ Sasha Vujacic is engaged to Sharapova ? So does that mean her tennis career is now over and she’ll join Kournikova on the sidelines ?

    At least Common is keepin’ Serena Williams on her toes .

    tophatal 🙂

  7. Chris

    Billy ‘Boy’ Clinton is alleged to have lost the missile launch codes at the time he was said to have been in the midst of his sexual trysts with Lewinsky. Where’d you think he may have lost them then ? He had the Secret Service looking all of the White House for it apparently and in the end new codes had to be installed .

    Good to know the nation is being kept safe by one mishap at a time from the current and former President .

    Who needs Al Qaeda or the Taliban when we’ve got these schmucks ?

    tophatal 🙂

  8. This country was still better off when Clinton was putting his pecker where it didn’t belong.

    Maybe that’s all Brett Favre was trying to do, Al. Jumpstart the economy.

  9. Ughh…what a rough way for the Yanks to go out. I’m out of commission for the weekend. Here are my picks:

    Pittsburgh (-3) over Miami
    Atlanta -3.5 over Cincinnati
    KC -9 over Jaguars
    Philadelphia +3 over Tennessee
    Washington +3 over Chicago
    Cleveland +14 over New Orleans
    Buffalo +14 over Baltimore
    San Francisco -3 over Carolina
    Tampa Bay -3 over St. Louis
    Seattle -6 over Arizona
    San Diego -3 over New England
    Denver -8 over Oakland
    Minnesota +3 over Green Bay
    NYG +3.5 over Dallas

  10. “”How about this one, guys?

    Seen here, Nolan and Dubya do their best Brian Cashman and Hank Steinbrenner impressions.

    Ooooooh, that was low.””

    We have a winner!

    Stumbled out of your place a couple weeks ago after discussing Rays baseball for a couple of beers or five. Finally found my way here. Damn dude, you’re famous. Nice site.

    And all along I thought your name was Monica.

    Anyway, the only banner the Yankmees will be hanging is a kleenex. Rays starting pitching will be as good if not better than this year. Only one playoff team wins their last game, but somebody has to do it.

  11. Dave…

    Thanks for stopping in. It was great talking with you the other night.

    And famous? I wouldn’t go that far. Maybe just in the minds of a few sports junkies with nothing better to do that surf the ‘net and argue sports all week.

    There’s only one die-hard Yankees fan that visits the site quite regularly (I try to maintain a quota; I prefer my visitors be able to form complete sentences). I’ll sure he’ll appreciate the Kleenex line.

    And stay tuned, I actually mention our conversation in an upcoming post I’ve got in the works about the Rays and their fans.

    Hope to see you again soon. Don’t let the lack of Rays baseball keep you out of Tampa.

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