Amusing Tweets from Game One of the World Series

On a wild Wednesday night in sports, I decided to spend the evening Tweeting.  (I promise, I have a life.)

It turned out to be a pretty good night to do so, however, as the Giants battered the previously unhittable Cliff Lee, Blake Griffin made his NBA debut, the LeBron-less Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics who had just beaten LeBron the night before and the New Jersey Nets won their first game of the season, something it took them nineteen games to do a year ago.

Here are some of the more creative comments from the wacky night that was.  If you’re on Twitter and not following any of these guys, you might want to consider doing so.

Benmorley1 – How Ozzie Guillen and Lou Holtz both manage to be completely unintelligible and yet riveting television I have no idea.

docfunk – LeBron James threw a spectacular mid-air turnover between a jumping Udonis Haslem’s legs. It was beautiful.

pourmecoffee – World Series on tonight. It’s some kind of experimental sports thing not involving Brett Favre or LeBron James.

nerditry – Badass. John Legend got his hairline done in the shape of McCovey Cove

freedarko – Why does a Sixers fan have a sign that says “Cleveland will never forget?”

dannyoneil – Impossibly funny: Tampa Police allege the 36.6 grams of pot found in Jerramy Stevens’ vehicle was found in purple Crown Royal bag.

mat – We’re not even out of the first inning and I’m already to drown McCarver in the bay.

KEYESportsBob – According to Tim McCarver, Mariano Rivera is the Yankees closer. Can’t get analysis like that on a daily basis.

JoshBerin – Dear Tim McCarver: You are the absolute WORST broadcaster in the history of spoken words & an enormous douche. Please retire

sportsfrog – John Kruk thinks Benjie Molina looks slow.

kevworks – I love that mccarver is already a trending topic and for all the normal mccarver reasons.

sportsfrog – Edgar Renteria with a heckuva play for the Marlins, er Giants. What year is it?

Phinisher – Can’t believe Shaq’s dad signed with Celtics. His son was an all-time laker great.

RedSoxRedShoes – Tim Lincecum’s face says it all, and it says, “I should’ve forsaken baseball and been in the X-Games.”

eyebleaf – The San Francisco Giants fear no pitcher. It’s really rather endearing.

AlexisGuerreros – Vlad Guerrero looks as comfortable playing right field as a hotel maid when Charlie Sheen walks in.

Tomas_Verde – So by the transitive property of the NBA, the Cavs are better than the Heat, right?

FootballExpert – Bigger shock: Raiders 59-14 at Broncos or Cliff Lee pulled after giving up 5 after 4 2/3?  Never thought I’d see either.

Bostonsbettah – I think this was the “Russian is cut!” moment of the World Series

tagtow22 – Huge rbi’s by two dudes who look like they belong on the show Ice Road Truckers – Cody Ross and Aubrey Huff.

SamahaCertified – Sincerest apologies to the person who lives below me. No, that was not a stampede of wildebeests you heard, that was a Juan Uribe moonshot.

kevinspaul – Did the Dallas Cowboys put on the Texas Rangers uniforms tonight? This is a beatdown

danielpunkass – Texas hasn’t lost this badly in SF since Bush ran for President

_BryanCrawford –  Apparently, “Kevin Durant has long arms” didn’t appear in Chicago’s scouting reports.

MattySlapHappy – As we watch Blake Griffin tear it up, it still feels like we’re waiting for Greg Oden’s career to start

RyanZumMallen – All the Clippers are standing around and looking at Blake Griffin like, “Why is this dude trying so hard?”

notmikedunleavy – Hey, for one night Dan Gilbert’s prediction the Cavs are closer to a championship than LeBron is technically correct!

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17 Replies to “Amusing Tweets from Game One of the World Series”

  1. Chap…..

    Remind me. I think you said you’re on and off that site. Are we amigos on there yet?

    I recommend you check me out, see who I’m following and follow them if it suits you.

    If you’re bored with nothing to do during a major sporting event, you’d be surprised at some of the things people come up with.

  2. Chris

    Should I actually clamor for there to be more minority representation on television when there’s already idiots like Juan Williams giving us his rendition of Bill O’Reilly because he’s said to be scared traveling on a plane that might happen to have a few Arabs on it ?

    Williams should count himself and his ass lucky that he wasn’t asked to sit at the back of the bus during the sixties ! The guy is a complete bigoted ass !

    I hear at his next meeting with the Nation of Islam Farrakhan will ask him to kiss his a_s ?

    tophatal 🙂

  3. Time heals all wounds, Al, except in Clemens’ case.

    I’ve actually heard some nice words spoken about Bonds recently, a far cry from recent years.

    Statistically, it’s hard to argue that Bonds was not one of the five greatest players of all-time.

  4. It’s a good thing we have our own venues to speak our minds, Al.

    How many reporters from various networks have lost their jobs from being such complete, insensitive and seemingly uneducated A-holes?

  5. I was on and off for a little while there, but haven’t checked it for a good four months. Maybe I’ll give it another try…

  6. Griffin might go for 35 & 20 against the Warriors…along with 4 blocks and 3 steals.

    BG is an absolute force. At least until the inevitable season ending injury…

  7. Chap…

    You should find it a good way to attract followers to your site.

    Next time you’re on there, do a search for all things Warrior to start. Find out who’s tweeting what, follow them if they interest you and go from there.

    You never know what you might find.

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